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Posted by Kris

Good evening,
My husband and I are clean eaters eating only plant based food and wild caught seafood.
Because we have been able to get wild caught fish along with sweet potatoes and spinach, we eat at Bonefish a minimum of 2 times a week and often times 3 times a week. We were MORE THAN DISAPPOINTED to learn tonight, after making a 2 hour one way trip to eat at Bonefish, that you no longer offer spinach or sweet potato mash. I certainly hope you will reconsider this change for if not, it will definitely stop us from frequenting Bonefish as often.
You will see from the rewards program, we are very frequent diners.
We have expressed our disappointment to Dave, your managing partner here in Knoxville Tennessee, who by the way, is an amazing and very knowledgeable gentleman.
Thank you for hearing our concerns.
Kris and Dr Fulton Johns

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I sent an email over a week ago regarding a resent dining I had in the Orlando bonefish and never got a response from anyone saying they got it. Just wondering if it was receive. I'd like to know that tje situation was taken care of. Thank you

Posted by Annabel Granda

I sent this comments to let you know that I went to one of their bonefish restaurants located in Winter Garden Village. I wanted to eat something fast since I'm working, and I only had a few minutes to take to go, so I went to the bar to order. So waiter gave me the menu, I checked it and remembered that I only have a few minutes, and that my order would take its time so only I asked the waiter that I would order some bread with aoli ââto go that's it. the waiter went to the kitchen I thought I would bring the bread to go immediately, but I only brought the empty bread bag with aoli, I asked another waiter to charge me until my order arrived and she did not want to take my payment, I left my card in the counter so they could take my payment, After that first waiter who takes my order previously leave the bag, and started to take care of other people. I felt ignored, I waited a few more minutes, but unfortunately I had to go back to work, and I could not get what I wanted to buy. maybe because I only asked for a small order I did not have interest for them, but even if it's a $ 1.07 it's money, and I am a bonefish customer who is going to spend her money in your restaurants, even with my family when I'm not workking, and spend more than $1.07
Thank you !

Posted by [email protected]

I have tried to contact corporate and tell them their music is awful. Your employees agree but corporate is not getting the message. Please consider a change.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently had a 1:00 reservation on Mother's Day at the Bonefish in the Avenues of Viera.....waited 2 HOURS to get in!!! Clearly they way overbooked the day. Also sat people before us with no reservations. Once we finally did get seated we lucked out with a great waitress and the food was good BUT never once did we see the manager to offer anything as drink, free appetizer, free dessert.... NOTHING !!! We asked to see him twice...never showed!!! If I had to rate our visit I would give it a POOR rating. Very unhappy customers !!! Will be a long time before we return

Posted by Anonymous

it said I would talk to a live person - there was not even a message that said they would call me back. It is 12:30 EST. on a Wed

Posted by Anonymous

March 5, 2018

Party of 7 people visited Bonefish Grill in Skokie, Il #7404, Sunday, March 4, 2018. No alcohol or cocktail drinks ordered before or during the meal. Two guest ordered the Sea Bass. Within 20 minutes after leaving the restaurant, both guest who ate the Sea Bass were vomiting and had diarrhea. They were sick with diarrhea throughout the night. Called the restaurant and spoke with the general manager on Monday. General Manager said he didn't know what the dinner guest ate and it couldn't have been the sea bass that made them sick. Said he'd complete and submit contact information for insurance purposes in case was medical attention needed.
Always eat at the Tinley Park, Il restaurant. Excellent service and excellent customer service! Expected the same from Skokie but VERY DISAPPOINTED with tone of general manager in Skokie.

Posted by 10513 Clyde Moore blvd

We had dinner at Bonefish in Naples, Fla. I orders the scallops and shrimp. They was so dry. Almost tasted burned. Waitress was so busy and she couldnât have cared less. Hates we spent 72.00 and the food wasnât good and well prepared

Posted by Anonymous

I need a card to shown when we buy inany of the co�s that are part of your reward program . We sometime forget to tell them we are members of the award program. W David wehr. 147 eagleton ct. palm beach gardens, Fl. 33418,Thanks dave wehr

Posted by Ain't Going Back

My husband and I have had many great experiences at Bonefish Grill, but the last few times we've been, expecting a nice, quiet, enjoyable meal, we were sorely disappointed. Our prior visit, we were seated at a corner table with HIGH traffic, loud obnoxious children, and waiters constantly bumping us from behind. Next visit was worse. Seated immediately across from the kitchen entrance. We had reservations and were told no booths or tables along the perimeter were available. We WILL NOT be back. I refuse to pay nearly $100 for a great meal in a horrible atmosphere! The kitchen was extra loud, dropping dishes, yelling, LOUD laughing, and was bumped more times than I can remember. VERY disappointed!

Posted by Anonymous

I go the to Midlothian Bonefish frequently
just asking to please bring back the oysters Rockefeller.. I really miss it, as it was one of my favorites.
Also love the crab cakes- why are they so small now? not even worth getting anymore. not acceptable.
wait staff is always great- no complaints at all there.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Venice Bonefish Monday evening. Has a very friendly, helpful and knowable server. I believe her name was Donna. We go regularly my husband loves the pork chop. So when we say whats for dinner we say Bonefish. Because Donna was so helpful I wanted to complete the Bonefish experience surgery. Survey code from 2/12/18. When trying to complete the surgery the site sent me to a page of ads that the .coms had nothing to do with bonefish so i did not go any further. I feel our server for our table for 4 deserved recognition for her service. We live in Naples and were visiting friends in Venice. Have been to our Bonefish several times and enjoy it also but felt Donna was above and beyond customer service.

Peggy Johnson Naples Florida.

Posted by Anonymous

If there is one thing that most people detest, it's feeling as though the party which they're dealing with isn't being on the "up and up," or is lying by omission. It seems that every time our party of 4 leaves Bonefish Grill, we all feel like we've been "had" on some level. None of the servers ever tell us when, say, a salad that they mention as a potential side dish is $2 more than the other side choices or that there will be an up charge if we order, say, asparagus over broccoli (just an example; not literally). Every single one of us feels this way. At first I thought it was the one waiter we had. Then we realized that they ALL neglect to add in this pertinent information. 2 bucks is 2 bucks. The point is feeling as though the restaurant is being sneaky. NOT.GOOD. Other than that, we have enjoyed the food as well as the wait staff. We feel it's something that corporate must perpetuate.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with the person leaving the review on December 7, 2017. Had a like response today with the 2- $10.00 Bonus cards with each $50.00 gift card purchase. Must be on line where you find, must be shipped which estimated mailing 10-12 days, (after Christmas). The customer representative, read me the guidelines (as if I can't read) and bluntly informed me the card cant be used until Jan 1, 2018 (again as if I cant read). Miss English Lessonk! In short, she said, "well, that's the way it is", " I don't understand your question" but I could pass this on to management. Yeh, like they care. NOT good advertising for a struggling location here in WA. Your local staff are very vague about the rewards, cant tell you anything about it, don't know anything about it and now this. I called there today and he suggested I call Corporate. Not sure what you pay Customer Service Representatives, but whatever it is, its too much. They just read their dialogue to you.

Posted by Rudy

Having been to your establishment in the past we looked forward to an enjoyable evening and good food. We were half right. There were 4 if us visiting the restaurant in Belleair Bluffs, FL. Seating and overall service was fine. However upon coming home later that evening I had horrible stomach pains. My wife did not. I contacted the other couple to find they both had become ill as well. The thing that the 3 of us shared in common was the bang bang shrimp. The lettuce bed that it sat upon was soaking wet with water not sauce. I believe it was tainted and gave the three of us the food poisoning. If my condition (feeling like I have been kicked in the stomach) does not improve I will have to visit my doctor later today what should have been a great experience was ruined by poorly served or prepared food.

Posted by N/A

My Wife And Myself Are Avid Customers Of Your Restaurants- Bone Fish And Out Back For Several Years. On 10/23/17 Our Diinning Experience At Bone Fish Was A Disaster. The Two Bartenders/ Servors Were So Busy Cleaning And Restoring Bar Stock They Overlooked Asking Us If We Wanted Dinner.. Entering The Restaurant We Adked If They Had Stone Crabs, We Were Assured Yes. We Were Ready To Order, No Stone Crabs.we Are Dinner Reward Customers.i Highly Recommend Pay Less Attention To Cleaning And More Attention To Service To Customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been eating at Bonefish for years in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Fl.locations and never had a disappointing meal or experience. I have a Diner I have been there twice in 2 weeks and the first time I was there, I only had 1 visit recorded on the card, so that night I should have had 2. The following week, I should have had 3, however, the server told me I had 1!. Are they counting backwards? I know its not their fault, but they did tell me a lot of customers are complaining about the fact that this does not register on the card. So, how is this going to be resolved? Whats the purpose of having a Diners Card if it is not going to register?

I look forward to a timely response.

Ida Rome

Posted by [email protected]

Been going to your store on jones bridge in ga since it opened. Have watched it decline in both service and quality. I would say the last 8 times I have stopped by on the way home to get a to go order they always get something wrong with my order. For example I stopped it last night at 5:30. I was the only person at the bar. Orderd a bang-bang, Cesar salad and bread. Pretty simple. Bring me out a bag with bang-bang only. The place was empty and they couldn't get that correct.

Posted by Lorrainemomma

I and my husband was at your establishment on Sunday on July 30, 2017. And our server, was a young man by the name of Aaron Williams. He was a wonderful server and a complete gentelman, the food he commended was delicious, it was on time and wonderful. We also had the pleasure of meeting one of your manage's by the name of Robin. Who made sure that everything was ok. We look forward to returning to your restaurant. Good service, good food and wonderful people. Again we look forward to returning.A1 service!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Went To Bonefish In Boca Raton With My Husband And Had A Very Poor Experience. Food Came Out Cold. My Steak Was Cold Did Not Want To Send It Back Did Not Want Is Well Done. My Husband Always Gets The Crusted Fish Which He Said Tasted Very Different. Was Not Satisfied. We Always Go To Bonefish But Was Extremely Disappointed This Time.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited Bonefish Grill in Cary, NC (Restaurant #9404) the day before Mother's Day. Both the food and the service were wonderful. Unfortunately, the next day (Mother's Day) I discovered that I had misplaced my credit card. Since Bonefish was the last place I remembered using my card, I called them to try to determine if I had left the card at the table. The person with whom I spoke on the phone was extremely rude. She told me that they were too busy to check on my card and that I should call back in 2 to 3 hours. I explained that I didn't feel comfortable waiting 2-3 hours to determine if my credit card was secure, after which the person with whom I was speaking abruptly ended the call.

While I wasn't in the restaurant at the time, I am a customer, and I do not think that I was treated with respect. I understand Mother's day is a very busy day for restaurants like Bonefish, and that my call was inconvenient, but I do not think it was too much to quickly check to see my card had been turned into the staff there. Further, I do not believe that I deserved having the representative hang up on me.

What would have been a short inconvenience for the folks at Bonefish turned into a weeks long inconvenience for both my wife and me since I was unwilling to wait to 2-3 hours they suggested and ended up reporting my card lost.

It's easy for restaurant staff to treat customers with respect on a slow night when everything is running smoothly. I think a true test for a restaurant is how they treat their customers when things are hectic. Unfortunately in this instance, Bonefish failed that test.

I should note that I reported this incident via their contact website and received no response whatsoever. It is because of that that I've chosen to share my experience here.

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday April 27th I received a call from your customer service representative regarding my issue about not having received a complimentary appetizer or dessert for my birthday which was on March 21. After giving her all the information she requested she said that there would be something in my email to that effect. I looked for it yesterday after her call and again this morning but there wasn't anything. Unfortunately I didn't get her name.

Judith Gans

Posted by Anonymous

I left two messages in your customer service voicemail. They were regarding an understanding that when signing up for the Bonefish Club, on my birthday I would receive a complimentary dessert or appetizer. But I never received one. My birthday was on March 21. Will it be forth coming?

Judith Gans

Posted by Blondie1

Two nights ago a friend and I had dinner at the Bonefish Lake Grove location-- terrible!! Food was awful, even the ice tea was tasteless. Everything was cold, tasteless, etc. . The fish dry, vegetables tough and I ordered stuffed shrimp, you should offer rewards if anyone finds a piece of lobster in the stuffing, it was all breadcrumbs. The menu stated two sides came with my meal but according to the waitress the shrimp was served on a "bed of creamed spinach", that consisted of possibly a teaspoon of spinach and no second side--even though the menu said there should have been one. First and last time we will go to that restaurant!!

Posted by Theopersian1

I had a wonderful experience celebrating my 75th Birthday with 7 friends at Bonefish Grill in Naples, Florida on 2/21/17. I'm told that Tuesday is the busiest night of the week (probably because of dinner specials) yet we were graciously accommodated with a reservation outside enabling us to enjoy the view and each other in a more tranquil setting as we celebrated. The food, drink, and service was exceptional!

All thanks and gratitude to Assistant Manager Kieth Priemer for his role in orchestrating my 'event' so beautifully!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I was just had a bone fish grill and it was a hostess named chayane in Lakeland Florida
Just want to give a shout out for her very professional mannerism
Usually these things are to complain about people I thought it was only right to give a shout out to a very very pleasant experience
Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

We visited the Pok NY restaurant(#9351), and had a great experience. The server Diane R is fantastic! and the manager (dont know his name ) is always very pleasant. We are regulars there, and most appreciate the dinner experience. One comment is that there should be a sign on the highway indicating the entrance. It is poorly lit and w/o nany sign, and is easy to miss.
Regards, Ben & Margery

Posted by Anonymous

We went to the Ft Lauderdale Bonefish Grill on Wednesday evening, November 23, 2016. The food was excellent, and even though they were crowded, the service, (our servers name was Alex) was fantastic. he was very neat as he sered us (4) and asked many times if there was anything we needed. Prompt and politeness does count. Out of a possible 5 I would give him a 10. Please see that he gets some reward for being a gentleman. TY
Vincent and Marilyn Cardillo
2650 S Course Drive, Pompano Beach, Fl 33069

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent food and well trained servers~
Always a DELIGHT

Happy hour is one of the best in the area~

Posted by Matthew

On August 9th my partner and I were married after being together 18 years. Finally "love won" and we were able to celebrate! When planning the small intimate dinner we immediately thought of Bonefish Grill at the Polaris Location in Westerville Ohio. We planned out the meal with the Manager Jeremy Gross before the event. Jeremy's excitement and enthusiasm made us feel very special and honored. We send out a 'big Thank You and Bravo" to Jeremy as he and his staff helped us to celebrate a very special occasion. Thank you Jeremy Gross....Bonefish should be very proud to call you as one of their own!! Sincerely, Matthew Ring & Gregory Woods - Westerville Ohio

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