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Bojangles customer service is ranked #601 out of the 939 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.17 out of a possible 200 based upon 84 ratings. This score rates Bojangles customer service and customer support as Terrible.


81 Negative Comments out of 84 Total Comments is 96.43%.


3 Positive Comments out of 84 Total Comments is 3.57%.

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    • 28.17 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 81 negative comments (96.43%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.57%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Melissa

Went thru the drive thru at bojangles #1256 in Morristown TN, we ordered the 8 PCs tailgate meal with 2 sides which were Mac and cheese and slaw,got home and the only side we had was mashed potatoes and gravy,didnt even receive what we ordered, got ripped out of both sides and still charged the full amount,this isn't the only time this has happened, I called to complain and was told that if I came back they would give me what I ordered,shouldnt I have got what I ordered the first time?,this place is a joke, we will not be going back again,looks like they would hire someone who knows what they are doing or at least can read the order right!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Bojangles in Lyman SC. Kristin with a "K"as she stated was very rude...She has long hair.I asked if she could pull her hair up where it is not slinging everywhere...she said u do have it pulled up and said can u see..she had it pulled up in money tail where everyone she moved her head it was still slinging everywhere...she asked me if I wanted her to put it in her shirt demonstrated it and I told her that is unsanitary to have her hair down like that slinging her hair like that and she was unprofessional..she said having her hair pulled up was unprofessional....I will never go back to that Bojangles again!!!!! She had a attitude also and she was very rude!!! I will be following back up on this situation!!

Posted by JPC

Great food, but your service at the 16th Street Huntington location is below par. There should be no reason why the person ordering should have to wait until the car at the window has cashed out and left the lot. We eat there literally every day for the past 3 months and nothing has changed. The person at the window can only service one car at a time from start to finish before even taking the next order. Get it together Bojangles because what you are serving is not called fast food it is slow service!

Posted by Anonymous

I agree that because Bojangles is close by but need to get them some cooks 1.order xx pay wait for awhile for a biscuit that's raw inside trying new things will loose it all,ham barely warm and tuff now in order to pay for $3.73 worth of food you got to take home and cook you might have well cooked at home

Posted by Anonymous

I am a local resident of North Myrtle beach. This was the first time I visited your store franchise here. I went through the drive through and ordered. Female employee read back my order to me which was incorrect having doubled up on one of the two 2 piece dinners. She corrected and read it back which was fine. I'm the only one in line sitting at the window. Only took about 5 minutes for her to hand me the bag of food, look me dead in the eyes, and walk off. I rudely said "You are welcome" once I realized she had no intention of saying "Thanks" or "Come Again" or "F you" or something, ANYTHING". Drove off and pulled over to check my order. No BISCUITS in the dinner boxes. Just thought you might like to know what kind of employees you have there. I was in business for 45 years. Customer service is KEY. I'm sure you already know that though. Thanks for listening

Posted by Nikki

So I go to Bojangles at 9:47 p.m. and they said it was closed how's that when the door says 10 when the drive-thru says 10

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jasmine Chung. We are driving back from Florida to NC and the kids wanted to stop at Bojangles. We searched on googles for the Bojangles so we can stop and eat there. When we got there, there are no sign no pet allowed or service dog only on the door. We brought in our new teacup Maltese puppy in (weighted 1lb). I am not being racist but I think that the employee there are because at the time that we are in, there is no other race beside Africa American employee & customers and we the only Asian. There is only one older lady she is about 80 years old, that was questioning is "dog allow in there?" While the other customer was asking about the puppy and commenting how tiny the puppy is. The manager named Bridgett at store #000952 located at 3624 St. Matthews Rd
Orangeburg, SC 29118
Instead of coming to us and say "nice excuse me can you bring the dog outside because one of our customer did not like it in here." She said "no dog allow, take the dog out." My husband and I are pissed. My husband said "sorry, there is no sign on the door say anything no pet allowed or service dog only" she manager Bridgett said " I'll inform someone on the sign service dog only," no apology or anything. So rude and racist the way all the employee and the manager responded and stared at us. By the way after my husband paid he went outside with the teacup puppy and did not get to eat. They are being nice to other customer of the same race. About 5 minutes later that is when I saw few customer that are difference ethnicities beside us.

Posted by Anonymous

How can a chicken restaurant not have enough chicken to serve during the dinner hour, absolutely horrible service evening manager not well trainedhad to leave without dinner location of the restaurant is in Versailles Kentucky 40383

Posted by Anonymous

I had been going to Bojangles 7-10 times a week. I go, or went a couple of times for supper. I was getting a biscuit on my way to work in the mornings and on the weekends I was getting breakfast for an elderly gentleman and his overnight help when I go to relieve them on my morning shift on the weekends. The last 4 weekends that I went there the breakfast was wrong when I got to the man’s house. I can’t leave once I get there or the person that gets paid for their nightly time will have to get overtime. I have called numerous times to the Peach Orchard restaurant. I left 3 messages for the store manager to call me. ( I didn’t want morning manager or evening manager ). I was finally able to catch her there and tried to talk to her. She was talking to other people while on the phone with me, and really didn’t seem to be interested. I now go down to McDonalds.


Posted by Roxanne

Hi. I recently sent my husband to your bojangles store off of Carolina beach broad in Wilmington N. C.. The manager there showed poor customer service and was very rude. We don't deserved to be treated that way. This was a place of convience for us, as we are visiting our family member whom is very ill. I will not go to this bojangles again. Teach your manager customer service skills.

Posted by Anonymous

The Bojangles in Columbia, SC off of Killian Rd. has a problem with customer service. I pulled up to the window and sat there for 10mins. Once the girl responded, she asked me to hold again. I waited for about another 10mins. Once I was able to order she stated, that I would have to wait another 6 mins for chicken. I said ok, I will wait, paid for my food and then she asked me to pull up. I waited for another 15mins. I finally got tired of waiting and started to walk to the door. A employee or a friend of an employee walked out of the restaurant and said they are closed. I said what? They have my money. I had to knock on the window for someone to let me in. A older lady open the door and said that they were closed. “I paid for my food and never received it. I finally got my money but I also emailed corporate and I have yet to receive a response back from the corporate office. I will never go back there again.

Posted by Anonymous

Someone needs to teach the Bojangles in Mauldin South Carolina how to mop the floors without leaving the oil all over the floors it's very slippery sometimes somebody's going to get hurt

Posted by Derek

I ordered 12 piece tailgate special. When I got home there was no biscuits and they gave me personal serving instead of picnic size. It is a 30.mile trip

Posted by consern

I visited your store in Manning SC today the ladies bathroom was dirty with french fries across the floor, paper on the floor in the lobby, tables in the dining area needs cleaning,soft drink wasted and on the counter along with the floors need moping.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Bojangles in Creedmoor NC at 3:45pm on 2/14/17. The young lady in the drive thru window attitude was horrible she acted as if she didn't want to be there. I had to ask several times for different condiments that she did not give me when I ask at the window. She was huffing and puffing, rolling her eyes and smacking her lips. I ask for the manager. Mr Lee Byrd came to the window and as I was explaining to him, he cut me off to explain to me that she was overwhelmed of all the cars in the drive thru (it was only 3 cars including me). I tried to explain to him how nasty her attitude was and he yelled at me telling me not to raised my voice at him. ????? I never raised my voice. He preceded to ask me if I had all of my condiments and if not he could give them to me. He miss the whole point, it wasn't about the condiments it was about the nasty attitude and piss poor customer service I was receiving and WOW I got the same piss poor customer service from him. Mr Lee Byrd. I guess we can't expect GOOD customer service when the manager do not exhibit good customer service.

Posted by MS

The Bojangles in Morrow Ga was not frendly nor did they provide custermer service. The sad part was that this is a new store that recently opened.


Posted by Hank

What happened to the UNC 100 point challenge. UNC scored 100 points this past Saturday and I went to the local Bojangles (Graham NC) and they said it didn't apply since it was a "remote" game in Las Vegas. They kept advertising it on line as well as on TV/Radio but it "didn't apply"? I bought the biscuits anyway but I doubt I'll be back for more bait and switch tactics.

Posted by Chapin

Bad service, Chapin, SC., was asked to pull forward at drive thru,food would be brought out in 2 minutes, 8 minutes later no food, had to go in, staff had forgotten about my food and forgot I was waiting. Staff did not seem concerned. NO FOOD OR MONEY BACK, left before I lost my cool.

Posted by Bojangel

Used to stop in one in upper Marlboro to and from nc for over 18t years always found management professional quick last visit found supposed store Mgr very unkempt rude cashier give you cup without gloves on floor sticky and when contact corp office complaint no response

Posted by Anonymous

We love bogangles chicken but 9 ones out of 10 every time we go we have to wait on chicken Friday night we got there at 6:17 no chicken it was 6:40 before we got it and was on the way to take to someone there were people coming in and drive thru no chicken or veggies by then people were asking for money back and leaving terrible help and management this is Athens Lexington road the manager said no communications with help

Posted by Oliviacamron

Ate a French Fry from Bojangles and it tasted like poison and smelled like vomit and dung. I started vomiting in my car. I almond wrecked. I felt bad all night. I could not get the bad taste out my mouth. My stomach hurt. I was going to go to the emergency room. Then l looked on the internet and found out this can happen from a rotten potato! A rotten potato produces chemicals that can actually kill you if you ingest like a whole potato that was rotten. I will never order potatos from a restaurant. It was a really traumatic experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing about a local Sports Program that is Sponsored by Bojangle's. WBTV in Charlotte airs a Football Show spotlighting local high schools, with both video and score updates. I have complained repeatedly this season and during the 2015 season about score updates that are not CLEARLY shown on my TV screen. I have recently purchased a NEW "Digital" ready TV that has the latest features and during the Friday Night Football show, I continue to be unable to "watch" or clearly see scores shown during Friday Night Football on WBTV. WBTV makes a point of telling viewers that scores are "brought to you" by Bojangle's, so I wanted to let you know that these "scores" are NOT watchable and thus are not providing viewers a way to see how their high school team did on that particular Friday night, especially if those viewers are unable to attend and watch games in person. I have continued to get ignored and treated in a manner that "We don't have time for you" so please stop bothering us. Is this effective advertusing on the part of Bojangle's ? Why do you allow your name to be associated with people that carelessly fail to provide viewers with something you as a company sponsor and pay for, and something vital to this process ?


Richard Garrison


I just purchased a Cajun Fillet combo. Half way through my son realizes that the bread is molded. I took pictures and returned the sandwich to the store to show your manager on duty (The Emergency Room hotline is telling me to bring him in. I can be reached Mr Frederick Sumpter

Posted by Anonymous

I received very poor service during my visit to store 103on Oct.30,2016 in Richmond VA. Without any reason I had to wait for my order 20 minutes while another customer behind me received a larger order than I had ordered. Poor business ethics need correctimg

Posted by falechia

very bad service cold food want my money back very unusual for bojangles. please check this place out my # is .the yahoo is not active

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Posted by Anonymous

Very pleased with store at 4621 New Bern Ave Raleigh NC. We were there tonight and staff was very friendly and helpful and the store was the cleanest Bojangles we have been to. We travel a lot and are in a lot of Bojangles, this was one of the best.

Posted by Anonymous

The Bonjangles on Montclair Rd in Bham is awesome. I went there on Friday morning about 8:15 am for a sausage biscuit and coffee. The Manager Tasha and her staff was very friendly, they showed me great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Me and My Wife Went To The Bojangles In Pembroke NC.And The Manager Mary Was Very Nice To US And Her Service Was On Point...We Will Return!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

My child works for Bogangles in NC and repeatedly have a schedule given to us then I have to go right back after two hours and pick up my child because it's slow. Then after asking about it and scheduling outside of the available times on the initial application the managers retaliated by doing two write ups and less hours. Then just today my child worked 10 hours straight without a break. This Bogangles is a let down for myself and my child to be a first job.

Posted by Rather not say

My daughter worked at the Bojangles in Cherryville. The owner needs to be removed from this location. He doesn't pay the staff on time. people complain their hours are changed either by him or the mangement.this is not the way to run any business.People in the community told us this would happen. How sad is this? He made a suggestive comment to my daughter.that we found highly offensive. I thought about going to labor board, and still may
She has been very upset and the fact she is
Young enough to be his daughter makes me mad as hell.. just thought someone should know what is going on at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

My comment is one of the managers at the Bojangles in Durham Nc on Fayetteville no good he allows other employers the curse other employers out my daughter walked off the job tonight cause it seems as though that let anything happen at this job instead of handleing things as a manager. his name is Donaven Edwards and something needs to be done cause my daughter goes to work and does her job and for him to stand by and watch this occur is wrong.Now iam coming to you as a customer as well as a parent of and employee and her name is Candace Brown and she should be respected as everyone else.THANK YOU MRS.TAYLOR


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