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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida customer service is ranked #761 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 149 ratings. This score rates Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida customer service and customer support as Terrible.


147 Negative Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 98.66%.


2 Positive Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 1.34%.

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 23.74 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 147 negative comments (98.66%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.34%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Teri

Florida Blue over charged my account 3 times the amount on January and February. Just waited over an hour to have someone pick up the call for service. Have spoken to supervisors who said I would have a refund within 3 days..well it's been nearly 3 months. Stopped automatic payment and they owe me over $2100. Delay, after delay and no service.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst insurance!!! So desappointed!! Never answer the phone they charge my bank account 3 times my premium in a month had to stop automatic payments. My plan doesn't match what I've been told . No one to talk to get the right answers . Very bad, incompetent and untrained customer service
I here stuked with a very expensive plan that don't match my request and that I paid 2286 $ per month for 2 people it's outrageous
Can't wait 2018 to switch to insurance

Posted by Alex

Florida blue has the worst customer service possible. I called them as I have an issue to log in their website as I'm requested to call them to fix the problem. Unfortunately, when I speak to a representative they bounce my call to several people or even hang up. Best answer I got is "we have a server problem", but it's been several months now...and I can't still log in. No one takes the responsibility to solve issues.
AVOID Florida Blue!

Posted by Hillary

I need a breast biopsy and still don't have my ID card and can't print them from their web site bc they have last years policy on there. Many problems with this company and their customer service reps don't seem to want to help you at all.

Posted by Carol S

This is the worst healthcare system. I have an emergency and my new plan is not on line yet so I don't have a number. There is no 24 hour line. This is ridiculous. I will be changing as soon as I can.

Posted by Shafted

Florida Blue is a composite of the most incompetent individuals I have ever encountered. I used the healthcare Marketplace to select an insurance plan for 2017 and as far as I knew everything was fine. Florida Blue procedded to enroll me in the wrong plan and charge me for the wrong plan. After numerous phone calls and visits to Florida Blue office locations my case has still not been resolved. I am being charged for a health plan I am not registered for and nobody seems to be able to correct this at Florida Blue. I have all my documentation and insurance cards for the plan I selected but am unable to pay my premium because of the incompetence of Florida Blue employees. They acknowledge that I am correctly registered in the plan I selected but Florida Blue is charging me for a completely different plan. They are unable to change, correct, alter in anyway the mistake that they made. As a result I will not have health care coverage due to the incompetence and totally unhelpful attitude of Florida Blue employees. This is the worst organization I have ever had the misfortune to experience. Customer service is useless and is completely unable to help or assist with solving my problem. It should be relatively simple to correct their own mistake that they acknowledge that they made but they are unwilling or unable to do so. I have been trying to get them to correct their mistake for a month without any success. This is a completely useless organization.

Posted by Carla

What absolutely RUDENESS when calling their 800 number. You get through their questions in order for the automated system to direct you to the proper department, but then all of a sudden, you get informed of their office hours and immediately get disconnected. If only the recorded voice would add "for this department, please call us back during our office hours. We apologize for any inconvenience." I have been a member for awhile, all the while paying TOP DOLLAR for medical insurance each month. At least be courteous....what a horrible taste in my mouth from a supposed professional company. And of course I first attempted to solve my issue using their website but there is so little that you can do with your account that the entire site is pathetic.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely the worst customer experience I have ever had. I have called 5 times and still no resolution. They reversed my first and last name and thus my membership card is not accepted my doctor. This has been going on for over 4 weeks. In addition, they illegally ACH'd my account twice for the initial payment. They said they would refund it and then after I called again after I did not see the refund, they told me that they had applied the over payment to the following months bill which was not due for 3 weeks and with no notification to me.

I would absolutely avoid using this company; "FLORIDA makes you BLUE"

Posted by Anonymous

Really, closed on holidays and updating website on holiday SO NOONE CAN VERIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Hope the Florida BCBS employees get sick and need service on a holiday so they will feel the pain as I have today! So paid out of pocket for office visit and Rx as the only pharmacy on my plan are closed for the HOLIDAY! I wonder if I call the police department if they are closed too?

Posted by Anonymous

I called re: eomb received was put on hold 50 minutes for claim specialist. I hung up & called back using the # from Availity. Right now it has been 20 minutes on hold & still no answer. You cannot be transferred to the USA so someone could help you that understands. I know the people are told to deny claims from a reliable source at BCBS.

Posted by notgettinganyyounger

I made the mistake of enrolling in Florida Blue's HMO from's website. I have called and emailed Florida Blue several times but no one can give me a straight answer on what constitutes an acceptable referral or precertification, and the doctors offices don't seem to know either. This is a game where the insurer wants to find ways of denying claims based on not following their rules, yet when I ask for guidance from them on the proper procedure, no one gives me any information. I chose a primary care physician ss directed, but his office referred me to an out of network specialist so I had to cancel the appointment. I really need medical care but don't want to have to shell out thousands of dollars after Florida Blue denies the claim for not having a proper referral to an in-network provider. I hope Bernie Sanders wins in November and guts the health insurance industry entirely with "Medicare for All".

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Florida Blue member. I have been experiencing a horrific time trying to contact you regarding my updated checking account information. Your representative yesterday said my account was current and fine. Today your representative said I only have dental insurance coverage and could not forward me to someone who would help me. I NEED MY AGENT, KATHE CLARKSON IN SARASOTA, FL, TO CALL ME ASAP. I AM GETTING NOWHERE! I NEED HELP NOW! NAME IS DONNA J. BORON. PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!

Posted by kenner

We have had BCBS for more than 25 years. In Michigan, we had no problems. In Florida, it is beyond frustrating. When my wife's monthly premium was increased to more than $1750.00 per month, we switched to a cheaper plan, staying with Florida Blue. We did so on January 9th of 2016, with coverage beginning 2/1/2016. It is now 2/21, and she has no ID number, no proof of insurance...effectively no insurance, although they keep telling us it will be retroactive. We applied at a Florida Blue office, and everything was supposedly OK. When we asked why no card, no welcome notice, they told us there was a mix-up. That was on 1/28. Since then, I have made 12 phone calls, and visited the offices myself four times. They are very polite, but don't solve the problem. No one seems to have a #%%$^ clue. Now they say it has something to do with the Health Care Marketplace. SO I've called them myself, and they say it has nothing to do with them. I have spent about 20 hours on this, or about 40 times as much as anyone at the office. It is beyond frustrating, and while they pretend to care, the results say they don't give a rat's A$$. They offered to call our doctor to explain the situation. So I gave them the number. Think they made the call? No. So who do I contact now? I've asked the local people to give me the number they call, but in fact all they do is send emails with expediting numbers back and forth. SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR THIS DESPICABLE LACK OF SERVICE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm from Illinois and now live in Florida. This insurence has to be the worst in the country. Have this through work,got injured and Dr orders MRI to make sure of injury and it was denied. Now I have no insurance and no job because of these money hungry animals. Thanks, hope you sleep well tonite. Hopefully your kids, don't go to bed hungry.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible. Just horrible. Seems they kept my old account from 2014 so when I switched back to them in 2016 signed up and made the first payment all this information was only for the first payment. Had to speak to 4 people to get access to my old account logins in 2014. They obviously go through this all the time, but don't explain what's going on. What a nightmare. If they make if this hard for me to make a payment I hate to think what will happen if I actually get sick and need them to do something like cover me.

Posted by alba

Terrible company. been on hold for 90 min

Posted by Jason

Florida Blue uses a company called Prime therapeutics. Every 6 months I have to have a prior authorization form. And in compliance I submit it a month ahead of time. And every time after fax the info more than once and multiple phones they take two months to get it to go through. So instead of covering my medicine for 12 months they get away with only having to pay for 10 because I loose out fighting with them. They are thieves and crooks

Posted by Anonymous

1/20/2016....I have been on the phone with blue cross blue shield for 4 hours trying to cancel a medicare flan f policy which I applied for on 1/19/16, within 24 hours. I have been unable to reach anyone that knows what to do, been transferred multiple times, placed on hold for 45 not recommend this insurance company to anyone.

Posted by StPeteGal

One of the worst customer service departments I've ever dealt with my entire life. Absolute idiots every time I've called. I've been a member since 8/2015 and every time I call no one can answer a question- from claims to sales. They all say, "We've put in a request and please call us back in 2-3 weeks to follow up". Really? Don't ask to be transferred to a rep who can help with mail order pharmacy - you'll get transferred to a dept that helps you obtain a breast pump instead. I'm not pregnant and I have no kids. I don't need a breast pump. Sigh. Good luck trying to get through during the last week of the year. I spent 4 hours trying to reach someone in billing last week. I was on hold for over 45 min on one attempt. Then I finally hung up, called back and kept asking for a service rep and got a "person" on the phone who told me their computers were down and to try back later. Still, 3 hours later... no luck. Not to mention they are uneducated about policy law and I was misinformed about my plan when I first signed up leaving me with plan where I have no access to my PCP and other doctors I frequent. Be wary. Very wary. It keeps getting worse every time I call. Good luck getting through online. The website is constantly down and shows erroneous or is missing information- like last night it said I had no claims since 2014. Be sure to call your doctor to verify they accept the insurance BEFORE you believe what is posted online at BC/BS too. That information changes and isn't updated in a timely fashion leaving you to sign up for a plan that doesn't have the right networks.

Posted by LauraJ

We suddenly saw a $400 increase per month in our monthly premiums.

Called the 1-800 customer service number on the back of the are and W=waited on hold for 30 minutes only to be told I don't know why your monthly premiums increased by $400, don't know why you weren't notified. I was transferred to CLAIMS & BENEFITS DEPARTMENT to "see if you can get the monthly premiums back down to the amount before."

The prompt asks me to enter member ID, then ignores. I am put on hold for another 20 minutes before informed that I have been directed to the wrong department. I need to actually speak to the BILLING DEPARTMENT (855-520-5737) about premiums.

This time I can't even understand prompt. A woman's voice loops over itself so you hear two prompts at the same time. When I finally get a live person, it rings twice, so now I have two reps trying to assist. Hilarious, but I'm not laughing.

She tells it it *could* be cost of living or a tax credit. Clearly she's guessing and ultimately I get another "I don't know why."

Am told I now need to speak to the SALES DEPARTMENT (800-876-2227) or the original agent who sold us the plan. N

NEXT DAY, because I cannot spend an entire afternoon and evening on the phone. I have other obligations called life. I call the number I was given to reach the Sales Department, but am told it is actually CUSTOMER SERVICE, so they transfer me to SALES DEPARTMENT.

Finally I get someone who can give me an answer. Turns out our Platinum Plan increased substantially in 2016 and members of these plans were supposed to be notified, however there are many who have called to complain that they were not, just like me. He apologizes (NICE, THANK YOU) and tells me that he can switch our plan to a lower one. Luckily, we are switching insurance plans.

What a horrible experience to spend hours on the phone and go through each department with no one really knowing what they are even talking about. They obviously have a disconnect between the departments. $400 a month increase for an already crazy expensive plan is absurd. Shame on them.

Posted by Debbie

I signed up for Florida Blue and paid the first month's premium on 12/07/15. It is now 01/08/16 and I still don't have a member ID card, nor an Evidence of Coverage. I called last week to request it. The man I spoke with gave me my member ID number but couldn't tell me when my card and EOC will be sent. I know the Insurance Commissioner requires insurance companies to provide this within a certain timeframe. Florida Blue has failed.

Posted by reddog350

The worst, I have been trying to pay online for 4 days web site down, waiting over a hour only to be told computers down call back in an hour only to wait over another hour and get cut off more than once.

Posted by KatFur

I recently purchased a policy with you and I wish I had known how poor your customer service was before I bought it.
There is no where on your website for contacting customer service. I have been on perpetual hold for over half an hour
Several days now. Nobody answers the phones! I would like to set up a debit payment but I refuse to sit on hold forever.
Would you please have someone contact me to set this up?

Posted by JohnB

Terrible company. The on-hold wait time is insanely long. Plus, I've had to call multiple times to get an old plan stopped and a new plan started. Total chaos there. The billing department is probably the worst of all, although I'm guessing that part of the problem is an inadequate automated system. Two thumbs down. Find yourself another provider. It is just not worth working with BCBS (now Florida Blue). I will be switching...definitely.

Posted by NotHappy

Customer Service? What friggin customer service?!? I have been a member my whole life through parents, and now the past few years on my own plan. I am NEVER able to get into contact with an actual person in less than 30-45 minutes time and I almost always end the conversation in tears. Florida Blue does not care about its customers and I am ready to start shopping for something different (is there any insurance company that actually cares about customer service? because this company doesn't.)

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Posted by Atef

Just an hour ago, after readıng the complaıns of customers, I called the customerservıces and my call answered rıght away by Debra H. She was so helpful, patıent, and very well prepared for all my questıons and her Englısh was excellent. I felt lıke wrıtıng thıs because I was really ımpressed wıth the servıce I got specıally after readıng all those negatıve comments.Thank you Debra...

Official company reply

Atef, Thank you so much for the comment on the service you received last week. Our sincere wish is for all our members to receive excellent care from our team. We'll continue to work towards that goal. Our best to you! ~Kate with the social media team

Kate W. 9/16/13 10:30AM

Posted by Simone

In my experience (a lost card) they helped me soooooo much was was great appreciated. Thanks.

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