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Bloomingdales customer service is ranked #404 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 53 ratings. This score rates Bloomingdales customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


49 Negative Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 92.45%.


4 Positive Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 7.55%.

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    • 34.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 49 negative comments (92.45%)
    • 4 positive comments (7.55%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Sherri

I have been trying for weeks getting on the live chat.
I have been emailing, no one getting back to me on this issue. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
LOYALIST. Saying this!!
Status: Canceled
You have been removed from the queue. Please contact us by email.
Please address issue.
Thank you,

Posted by Sherri

I am getting this message from
Chat. WHY? I have been trying for weeks
Thank you,

Status: Canceled
You have been removed from the queue. Please contact us by email.

Posted by CB

Bloomingdales cannot fill an order to sell their soul, let alone their products. I have spent over 4 hours trying to place one online order. Twice, I got through the nightmare to get a confirmation, only to get another email saying there was a problem and to call customer service. The nightmare began again, transferring me to tech reps then back to sale reps to completely re-do the order. Each transfer involved at least a five minute wait. Half the time they lied and said I would not have to re-do the order. I redid all of my personal info four separate times and with the last order they put someone else's email and phone number on the order and told me I made a mistake. CARD is CUT UP - I give up on Bloomingdales forever.

Posted by Anonymous

I should have learned my lesson from my experience last year when they completely screwed up an order - double charged me, and never delivered anything... took me forever to get them to fix it, and the service people were ignorant and rude. But I apparently failed to impress upon my wife and daughter how horrible the experience was because they went shopping at Bloomingidiots for a prom dress.... and of course, it became a fiasco. They found a dress they wanted, in my daughter's size, but when she tried it on, they discovered some bad staining on it - so the sales clerk told them they could order her a replacement and would ship it to her immediately. My daughter used gift cards she had received to purchase the dress and went home thinking all was good. Of course, as you might guess, nothing was good. No receipt ever came via email as promised - no package arrived - ... so my wife called customer services - got routed around 3 times, spent 20 minutes on hold, finally got someone who said "thank you for calling Macy's, how can I help".... and then told my wife that the order had been cancelled. My wife said "give us our money back" .... and of course they had no idea how to do that because it was a gift card. Don't be tempted. There are serious management issues at this store - they can't do anything right

Posted by Anonymous

There is no customer service! This was the worst experience of my life! I tried five different Bloomingdale's phone numbers to talk to a person because I have a specific question and I couldn't get through to anybody. It was completely automated. So now I'm just not using my Bloomingdale's credit card anymore!

Posted by Anonymous

Since You Switched Over To Your New Credit Card Service, You Have No Customer Service. Unable To Reach Any Live Person Regardless Of Which Phone Number I Try And I Tried Every One I Could Find On Line And Through My Account Management. I Also Posted Messages To Customer Service And Get Only Robotic Responses With No Info, To No Avail.

There Was A Fraudulent Charge Made To My Account On Line Using In The Amount Of $549.99 On January 2o,, 2016. I Did Not Make This Charge And I Did Not Authorize It. It Uses My Older Nj Address ( Which Tho I Still Own) Is No Longer My Primary Address And The Person Used A Modification Of My E-mail Address And Yet, Bloomies Still Allowed The Order To Go Through. It Shows A Delivery Date Of Jan 25 To A Person In Ohio And Also Shows On Line That The Person Cancelled The Order On The Same Day But The Item Shipped Out To Him Anyway.
I Want This Charge And All Interest That Applies To It Removed Immediately From My Account. How Do You Allow This Kind Of Internet Fraud To Happen? What Kind Of Security Do You Have That Is Definitely Not Effective.

You Must Know Something Is Wrong As I Was Asked To Change My Password To My Account Which I Did, However I Get No Response And There Is No One To Talk To. Worst Customer Service Ever! Bloomingdales Was Once A High Reputation Store And Is Now Downgraded To A Low Level Service!

Shame On You. Please Rectify This Matter Immediately Before I Go Further...

Posted by Lamel

the worst service having a hard time speaking to a live person been on the phone for 1 trying different number to speak to a live person

Posted by Anja

I ordered an expensive silk shirt. It arrived packaged very poorly and incredibly wrinkled and crumpled. My Amazon deliveries of 10 dollar undershirts are packaged more carefully than this. SHAME ON YOU, Bloomingdales.

Posted by sickOFbloomies

Bloomies ruined our Christmas. I gave a present to my GF for christmas and she wanted something else, so she returned the item by mail. It took them almost 1 and a half months to send us another gift card.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Zenia Chernyk. I have been trying to pay my bill and called the customer's service multiple times on 11/13/2015 and not able to connect with the service. I'll try again tomorrow. I hope I will not be charged a late fee as I attempted to pay on time. My tel. is


OMG !!! this is the worst company I have ever shopped at. On Nov 3, 2015 I visited the store located in Potomac Mills, Virginia. I found the most fabulous boots I had ever seen. I asked the sales associate to verify the size for me (as I forgot my glasses and was unable to verify for myself). She confirmed that both boots were sized at 7.5. When I got home to wear the boots, I found that the left boot was a 9-1/5 and the right was 7-1/2. I called and spoke with the manager and the shoe department lady. I was informed that they knew the sizes were mixed matched, but that was the way they came into the store. However, they arrive is how they are placed on the selling floor. I asked were they kidding and they said NO. This is the 3rd and final time that this has happened. I bought a pair of shoes to wear to a wedding only to find that they also were mixed matched. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN NOR WILL I RECOMMEND THE STORE TO ANYONE . It was 80 miles total to buy the mixed shoes and then have to return them. Worst corporation I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an evening gown on May 17, for my daughter's wedding at the NY store. I wore the dress for 45 minutes and the beaded straps both broke!! Obviously very disappointed and unhappy about this experience. I paid $309 for the dress which was labelled Ralph Lauren and had a "Laundry" label by Shelly Segal. I feel I should be compensated for the dress that I had to pin to hold it up!! I am not happy about this experience with Blomingdale's products!

Posted by vivian webb

Dress that i ordered was poor material and wrinkled in the packageing I would have to have it presses before wearing it I am returning it on the day of delivery

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered three dress shirts for my husband, and three times you sent me the wrong shirts. Each time I called I had to wait 30-45 minutes to talk to a manager to correct the problem (which they never corrected). After the third wrong shipment, someone figured out that the item numbers did not match up with the correct shirts, and offered to call stores directly to insure I got the correct shirts. Unfortunately the shirts I wanted were no longer available (information the person helping me did not provide, she never called me back. I had to call customer service once again to find this out). This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I can't believe you consider yourself a high end department store. You're customer service is a joke. I will never shop here again. The last offer the customer service agent made to me was a $50 gift card to make up for the hours I've spent on the phone and running to ups. What a joke. This would not even cover the cost of ONE of the shirts I was trying to order.

Posted by Anonymous

REFUND on a returned item has been still not processed after they received the item 6 weeks ago. They tell me it takes 7-10 days and nothing ever happens. Then told it was processed wrong so will do it again. NOT!! Resolution Department told me I would receive INSTANT CREDIT that day and NOPE, it has been over a week . Guess WHAT??? NO CREDIT!!!

The WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE department I EVER experienced. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company if you expect credit for returns or competent people handling your order. SHAMEFUL!!!

Posted by winterwoods

I ordered a Philip Stein from Bloomingdales back in October. The stainless steel bracelet is sold separately so I paid for the watch head as well as the bracelet. Two months later, the battery was dead. I called customer service and told them that I paid for a brand new watch and expects the battery to last at least a year. I was then instructed to return the watch. I told the representative that if i will return the watch head, i will also return the bracelet since i cannot use the bracelet without the watch head. I was sent an email giving me instructions on how to return both items. The email also included a shipping label which i used to return the package. Bloomingdales warehouse received the package Dec 17th. I kept checking my emails, waiting for them to confirm the return but nothing. I thought, maybe they are very busy with the holidays. I then decided to contact them on Jan 2nd. I gave them all the details including the tracking information proving that the package was already received at the warehouse. It was then confirmed to me that they did receive the package with both the items that i returned. I was assured that the refund will be reflected in my account within 4 business days. I was shocked to receive an email telling me that they are crediting my account back for the amount i paid for the watch head but nothing for the bracelet. I called customer service again asking them what happened and why am i only getting the refund for the watch head. After over an hour of back and forth (being put on hold several times), i was told that i needed to wait until they locate it in the warehouse. Are you effing kidding me?!?! What is there to locate? The watch head and the bracelet came in the same box. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, which didnt do any good. The supervisor just kept assuring me that they will process the refund for the bracelet but it will take 7-10 business days. I told her to send me an email confirming that. She said she just did but it might take few minutes to an hour before i get it in my inbox. Hours later, still no email confirmation. Arrgghh!! Nightmare!!!

Posted by Coutinho

I ordered one item that was in stock on December 12th. It was supposed to ship on the 16th. It still hasn't been shipped as of today the 17th. Called their horrible customer service number and they have no option to speak to a human being if you have already placed an order. So you have to act as though you want to place an order by phone, in order to get a real human being. Finally get through and these idiots tell me that my order has been delay because the item was being shipped to an address that is different from my billing address, and that they need to verify the order. I asked them what steps they took to verify the order and they said that hearing from me is enough. Which means that if I had not called, who knows when they would have finally shipped the item? Every other similar instance with a different retailer, one normally gets a call or an email from them asking one to call and verify or whatever. Not Bloomingdales... they expect you to guess that there's an issue with their order, and call and fix things yourself.

Posted by SJG

Bloomingdales has the worst attitude to customer services in North America, in my opinion, in that they don't respond. On the website it claims they will get back to you within 24 hours but 48 hours later I am still waiting.....

Posted by MO

I tried on a jacket at the Blomingdale's in Santa Monica, but it was too small and they didn't have the larger size in store. The sales person offered to order it online for me, which I agreed on. Bad idea:

They charged my credit card twice for the same purchase. It took me days and multiple calls and emails to resolve the situation, essentially thanks to my bank (not to Bloomingdale's).

Their 800.777.000 customer service number is a nightmare, and their customer representatives do not seem capable of transferring customers to the right department.

When ordering the jacket, I was coerced into getting a store card, which required giving a lot of my personal data. Even before receiving the jacket and succeeding in having the second charge off, I was harassed by the sales person on the phone, even though I had specified to her that I did not want to be contacted by phone.

To top it off, the $760 item I ordered online arrived all crumpled, and I had to take it to the cleaners before even wearing it for the first time.

When, upset with my disastrous experience, I attempted to cancel my store card, Bloomingdale's gave me additional hell, and I still haven't been able to cancel it.

This is a rogue and thoroughly dysfunctional company, with a subpar customer service compared to even the cheapest merchants.

Needless to say that I will never shop at Bloomingdale's again.

Posted by vicky1424

I always wanted to love BMD the stores and the rep there are so nice. But every time, every time I purchase things online, there's always problem. The number one problem is that they cancel your order without telling you. I have had that multiple times. But today, something worse happened. I got an email saying that I need to verify info about my order. I called, was on hold on and off for half an hour until they found the issue. Deena was trying to be helpful but apparently sometimes she just zoned out when I was telling her the information so she asked me the same questions multiple times. Her supervisor Rachel suddenly picked up the phone and basically was saying that this was all my fault and she cant help me. Not sure how she got the supervisor position because she is just as bad as the others if not worse. There are no friendliness in her tone of voice and I already told her that I didnt want to be difficult just want to fix my order... NEVER BUY VIA ONLINE AGAIN!

Posted by Pat

Ordered a gift card via telephone. it was to be sent via e-mailto the recipient. Never received. Called. Told it would be sent via Fedex. Never arrived. Called. Told it was sent via email. I was sked to check gmail spam filter/trash bin, etc. Not there. Called again. This time they had no record of the transaction. After half hour, they found the record. This time I asked for a refund. We'll see if they foul this up as well. The most screwed up operation I've experienced. They define inept customer service.

Posted by alisonrg82

Do not try to order an egift card online. They cancelled my order 4 times claiming the billing infromation was incorrect. I order from them all the time and never had a problem. I called 3 times and continued to get the run around. I will no longer shop at Bloomingdales. I then ordered the ecard form Nordstrom and had no problems at all. I wrote an email to bloomingdales asking for an explanation nd they still couldnt tell me what happened. They offered me 15 percent off my next order but that doesn't resolve my issue.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in Bloomingdales product. I placed an order online because I want the convenience of browsing through items on the website instead of going to the mall. I made a purchased for Tory Burch amanda mini chain and it was shipped to me a few days later. I was excited to receive it. However, when I open the box, I found the purse cheaply wrap in paper. I was not in plastic bag like from the manufracture. There was no cover bag included for the purse like I would normally get. Furthermore, there was black stain and dirty spot on the purse logo. There was dent and bending on other part of the purse. Basically, this purse seem to be used already. Bloomingdales includes a card that said "Your package was packed with pride" by associate name DW from store in Century City. Yeah right, so much pride there. I can not believe Bloomingdales have the nerve to send me a used item. How does Bloomingdales expect me to do business with them in the future? I completely lost my trust in the company. I did not buy the item on sale or on clearance. I paid a lot for the purse and I expect it to be in brand new condition. Not some dirty old bag that the Bloomingdales wants to get rid of and ship it to me. Bloomingdales just lost my future business. I am very unsatisfied and disappointed in Bloomingdales services and product.

Posted by josephcee

My overall experience with Bloomingdales has been horrible. I will never order products from such an incompetent company again. They advertise great sales for products, but have no ability to follow through. I ordered a pair of shoes that was advertised decrease 70% in price but they rep that there is no shoes in their shop. I tried to order a bottle of perfum on their catalog but the same answer to me. I wonder that Is bloomingdales a fake shop? perhaps a number of clients will say "yes".
So long with trying to save a little money, I'm going back to Fsession.

Posted by Judith Small

Horrible experience with Bloomingdales online. Clearly they do not want my business. They emailed me a friends and family discount code for 20% off, valid only on Oct 1st. When I added my items to the cart (2 sets of sheets) the discount displayed correctly, but when I went to check out, the discount was cut in half. I tried their online chat option and the agent told me it must be a glitch in their system and she'd recreate the order manually. I gave her my billing address and shipping address and she processed the order, and quoted me $386 as the cost she'd be charging. Then, I receive an order confirmation in my email. Both my addresses we're switched, and the charge was $394. I re-contact them again to ask them to switch the addresses and they indicate it's impossible. The whole order must be canceled and recreated....again. (Which they said was no problem since their policy is to cancel the order without any charges if you place the request in the first hour after the order goes through) I finally decide to cancel without renewing the order because of the hassle, and then find out they placed a $394 hold on my account anyway for the order, even though it was canceled immediately, and was a higher charge than I agreed to. They indicated they hold funds for 72 hours following cancelation. The girl that told me that ended the conversation with thanks for calling Macy's....oops, I mean Bloomingdales. Not the professionalism you would expect for a place that charges $200 for a set of sheets.And on the other side is excellent!!

Add your review!

Posted by Amy

I had a wonderful experience at Bloomingdale's 59th street in Manhattan when I shopped for a long evening dress. A few of the sales ladies were extremely helpful walking with me on the floor to find options and then cheerfully reviewed the options with me until we decided on the best option. Then it got even better when Elena came to take care of the necessary alterations. She was amazing: Professional, efficient and kind. She quickly understood what needed to be done and completed the work beautifully and on time. I was very pleased with the experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a great experience at Bloomingdale's in short hills new jersey . The very nice lady that went above and beyond for me works in the kids department . Her name is Grace Abitino. I hope you appreciate her. Grace was attentive, caring and very friendly. These are qualities that are hard to find now days.

Sandra R.

Posted by lynn

I was recently in the bloomingdale's store in the Walt Whitman Shopping center. I was helped by Jessica Restrepo a sales professional. Ms. Restrepo created such a pleasant sales experience that I returned a few days later to seek her out. She is highly professional,knowledgeable about the products on the floor and patient. I observed her helping other customer and was so impressed that i wanted to inform you. I am a college professor in a school of business and have the opportunity to meet many students. I think Jessica's interpersonal skills are exemplary and she is enthusiastic about her career and your company.I wish all your employees had her energy and positive attitude. She is exceptional.

Posted by Anonymous

Comment re employee Laura Esposito - dresses @ 415 Conroy Rd, Orlando, Fl store. She was very helpful, honest and knowledgeable assisting me in my selection. I purchased two dresses. Not sure of my final decision. The one selection wasn't available in my size at that location. She ordered it for me. She has continued to assist me re the UPS shipment of the second dresss. Actually, I think i will keep both!

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