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Blizzard customer service is ranked #91 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 59.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 184 ratings. This score rates Blizzard customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


147 Negative Comments out of 184 Total Comments is 79.89%.


37 Positive Comments out of 184 Total Comments is 20.11%.

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  • Blizzard

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 59.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 147 negative comments (79.89%)
    • 37 positive comments (20.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 3.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
    • 3.7 Cancellation
    • 4.5 Friendliness
    • 4.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

On 1-29-2018 I made a ticket out support help saying I needed to change my e-mail address from and something happened for I get message account not found what can I do I don�t have the email address blizzard is using to get support help they really messed up this time and are going some play time

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot log in, account was hacked and phone # and security question changed. Emailed and had to provide photo ID to ticket. GM sent no reply email saying info was fixed. All they did was unlock the account, but nothing has changed still can't get in. Can't provide feedback on ticket since I can't log in still. Submitting ticket #2.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't like being forced to get online just to get someone to answer my questions... That was what customer service numbers are for... For the folks that would rather wait on hold than be ignored

Posted by MADGAMER

The Worst Customer Service Attention
I Try To Change My Password (too Many Attempts) The Livechat Person "game Master Suzaminies" Did Not Help Me, Close The Conversation, After That She Send Me An E-mail (of Course I Have To Log In In Order To See The E-mail) They Are The Worst! No Respect!

Posted by Dafny, I think

It is impossible to find a "live" person to talk to. When you call the 'customer support' number, often you can not get through. And when you finally do get through a pre-recorded voice tells you to seek help elsewhere.

Now if you are inexperienced with computers, an older person, or just a 'computer dummy' like me, THIS IS NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!

It would be more helpful if when a person does call the number, a live person could be reached, EASILY.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service for Blizzard is a joke, they link you in an endless loop and force you to deal with people via email instead of talking to someone on the phone, they ignore tickets, and treat you like garbage and just want your money.

Posted by Anonymous

cant log in code dosnt work cant open new acount tells me my email is all reddy in game that is imposible never played this game befor who is using my email ? wy require me to sighn on to get suport if sighning on is what i cant do try security code tell me code is no good?

Posted by Anonymous

nothing more than an automated message that directs you to the website that provides no assistance at all.

Posted by Peppermintjd

Hello, so I recently got a new phone and redownloaded Heartstone. But when it opened, all of my data was gone and it treated me like a new player. Can I get my data back ?

Posted by Anonymous

Just reporting my performance problems with latest update in overwatch.Get answered by their techmaster and just blame my latest drivers that compatible with overwatch itself and recommended me to download old drivers and feels like I must try old drivers one by one and report to them frequently.

Posted by Anonymous

Very frustrated. Opened two tickets and no response. My son can not remember his security question. This company has made it very difficult to receive help. Poor customer service.

Posted by Norwaaaaai

Legion has hands down been the expansion where I actually needed to make tickets. Probably made 5 unique tickets since launch, and the thing with Blizzard is that they actually lack empathy and dont see the problem from the customers point of view. Out of those 5 tickets, I probably had to re-open 3 of them MULTIPLE times. Only to get the same answer "Cant help with this issue" or "if it does not work after that, make a new ticket, then we will definately help"

And also, why would you even have the option to appeal bans or suspension, when no one reads the plea for mercy. First I got a automated response, which I of course had to re-open as I didnt feel like I was being heard, only to have another support staff member close the ticket. I am a employee at a ISP and I find Blizzards way of handling their customer atrocious.

But I guess, with the downfall in subs, they dont care about trying to keep a few when they ban thousands for botting. Good luck staying whole, its time to adapt to 2016.

Nice arrogant attitude.

Posted by Gildrog

Just Attempted the new raid Trails Of Valor With My Guild We defeated Odyn but Some Of who had died so we relaeased only to be ported to the next stage of the dungeon and when we were brought back by a warlock summon we couldnt open the chest that drops the loot so submitted a ticket were i had to argue for nearly 2 hours with a GM (Game Master Yeah Right) to be told tough luck but thanks for telling us so we can fix the issue when i asked what would happen to my chest loot they told me because there is no record on the logs of the loot (because the chest wasnt opened which i confirmed by asking how loot is generated and they told me that its when either a boss is killed or a chest is presented for loot) finally i gave up after them accusing me of trying to get gear from them and saying i lied about my ticket

Worst customer service ever

Posted by Oznah

I played with a game mechanic that changed during patch 7.1. Just 3 days prior to the 7.1 patch I purchased a character boost ($60) for a character I intended on playing. After the 7.1 patch the game experience changed so much for me that I decided I no longer wanted to play the game, and discontinued my subscription. I requested a refund for the character boost based on the unanticipated change in the quality of my game experience and my consequent interest in cancelling my subscription. The refund was denied, they stated that their policy is not to refund electronic transactions.

If you are looking for an MMORPG, I encourage you to look elsewhere first! This was a disappointing experience in several ways.

Posted by Anonymous

Got my accont silenced in overwatch for harassment, except I play with the in-game chat muted.

Tried to contact the support for an appeal, the answers clearly come from people who didn't even read what you wrote and just crt+c crt+v an answer, on top of that, they instantly close the ticket.

Every answer was done by a completely different person, none of them could even begin to grasp what I was saying. To make it worst, they all repeat the same thing "we reviewed your case and decided the silence will remain", except I don't use the game chat, meaning, it's a phony system designed to trick the consumer.

If someone who never used the in-game chat cannot get an appeal for a silence punishment, then the system is fake, it's phony. Probably why they won't even bother reading what you wrote.

Posted by Throne

i wanted to disable my parental control account but my email is blocking it when we contacted blizzard to change the parental control email they did they template that says how to disable parental controls

Posted by Past Customer

I've been a loyal Blizzard fan since Warcraft 2. I've played all of their games. Customer support didn't even need to exist for me until I started playing World of Warcraft when it was first released. For years it had been top notch support. After the Activision merger things started going downhill. I haven't been able to logon to battle net in over a year because I lost my physical key (which Blizzard strongly suggested and makes you pay for). After dozens of tickets and emails I'm still unable to logon. Bottom line is that Blizzard is now just a money making machine. The human element and commitment to excellence is now gone. Blizzard is no different from EA now.

Posted by Anonymous

Blizzard support is the worst! Problem I have is reported a million times on the forum and the only response from Blizzard is to please stop reporting it! I tried to get technical support and you have to set up an account but after many many tries it will not let me create an account so there is no way to submit a ticket. I will never ever buy another guy from this creator for my kids again!! Game won't play, money totally wasted!

Posted by AliyaHanes

Console player can't even post in the forums, and when someone submits a ticket they are told "go to reddit." I have been told that it has been changed recently, but I am still unable to post in any forums(and my posts are being taken down now, too) Someone gave me very poor directions to fix the problem, and asking them to elaborate received no response and the post being removed.I thought I had figured it out at some point, only to be very disappointed when nothing happened and I am still as constricted as before.

Posted by Crysicko

Support gone to utter, you the customer are just a number and they could not care less these days.

Bad decisions on top drove alot of passionate workers away from blizzard alot of them went to other company's like Riot and such.

I know this for a fact cuz i know not 1 not 2 but 3 people that been there and done that.

The whole new support is utter copy paste answers in tickets to do as many a day as they can they just skim over the ticket and give an answer that has nothing to do with the real issue at hand.

Blizzard support used to be great now its the wort om the market, WoW is a sinking ship they are milking out the fan base with little to no brains. ( easy targets )

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to a live person, my bank account has been hacked I did not authorize any payment to blizzard entertainment. Three transactions of $80.00 and one for $40.00 was taken from my bank account and I want put back. I don't play games at all on any website and I have any children that would do this, because I have any. Please call me

Posted by Gunnyrock

I have tried for 2 days to get a callback from them with no luck. they will not let me log on or answer any tickets. They make me sick Customer support has gone way down hill over the years.

Posted by Dervishes

Blizz phone support representatives just repeat off of a flow chart, ignore what you have to say and hang up you.

Absolutely abysmal.

Posted by X

Have 2 accounts 1 for stream and the other for personal w/my friends and family. Registered a game to friends/family account when i meant to register to my stream account. Blizzard rep response was we are unable to deactivate the key with your current account go buy another copy.

Like players just burn money like that?? Its not an iphone or a pair of shoes it's a digital key registered to a server.LOLLL

Posted by Maraviroc

Very poor customer service. Any suggestions you have to improve the game are directed to public forums where you get slammed with thumbs downs so that in the end you have to accept that no one cares about your issue.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutly awesome, Ive never come accross a problem that they have not at least attempted to fix or change in my favor. Not saying that there HAS been any problems in the past that they hgavent been able to repair because it seems as if every time that I get ahold of someone through a web ticker or phone call or chat live they always seem to get the job done in a great manner of time.

Posted by Anonymous

Very satisfactory service as a long time customer of Blizzard, there may have been times that I have been let down by Blizzard, but the majority of the time I have found they have come through for me whenever I have needed an issue resolved.

Posted by Vincexx

Amazing customer service! 100 times better then the crap Valve has. I got a resolution same day in regards to a problem I had. I have a ticket with Valve that is a week old already. Friendly, professional and helpful all around.

Posted by blizzcustomersupportisgood

Blizzard customer support is the best in the industry. It's easy to get a hold of someone and they are friendly and professional.

Posted by marcostudios

I love Blizzard Customer Support, is one of the best out there!

Posted by Krystalblood

I am an old WoW vet from 2007 who was returning to play Legion with new friends. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that 12-year old me had put my old WoW account on a different account that I couldn't remember the name of. Dreading that I would not be able to get my old account back, I contacted support (accidentally contacting EU as an NA player, oops!) and was greeted almost instantly. After some confusion of countries, data lookup, and an ID picture, I had my old account transferred to my new, current account and my erroneous purchase of Legion refunded so that I could buy it for my old, now current account.

All in all the process took less than a half hour and was quick and painless. I couldn't be more grateful to BLIZZ support for getting me my old, nostalgic account back with all of my characters, and for refunding my wrong purchase right away. Thank you so much, Blizzard!

Posted by CosmicCrisis

They were friendly, knew what they were doing, and fixed the issue fairly fast! Im impressed

Posted by Thehillarch

very nice and accessible but there are many stages involved in reaching it but the support team are very nice people and are always willing to try something to help out.

Posted by The Animator Rebooted

While the representative was not able to do anything about an issue with adding a credit card to PayPal, they at least treated me like I was a person, and not a number, and even told me a cheesy, yet funny Hearthstone joke. (Since it IS Blizzard.)

Posted by Anonymous

...Amazing they always get back to me super fast and make me feel like a real person not just a bag of money keep it up blizzard

Posted by Dwreck

Since only the people that are angry at blizzard will come here and write bad reviews and hardly anyone will go out of their way if they are satisfied.. I just want to share my good experience. They are fast, friendly, and reliable. They serviced my ticket by the next day. Completely resolved my issue.. And gave me extremely good advice that they aren't required to give (I was required to give them a picture of my state ID and they recommended that I delete any pictures off my phone and such so it does not get stolen.) It was very kind and thoughtful of him and you can tell he cared.

Posted by Anonymous

The service was flawless. After inputting my details and description of problem I only had to wait a measly 8 minutes before I got the phone call. When I answered, the server was already up to the stage of solving my problem. The server was very helpful and nice. I would recommend this service to anyone who has a problem with blizzard content.

Posted by Naelavok

I had an issue with my SMS Protect and the authenticator on that phone, so I went to a live chat. The estimated wait time was a bit over 4 minutes, and it took about 10 to get connected to someone. It was over the estimate, but still not very long in my eye.

I was connected to Zwagilo who was friendly and just asked a few security questions to verify that I owned the account, and he quickly fixed the issue.

Blizzard's live chat support, at least, was exemplary. I would definitely recommend it if someone is having an issue with actual tickets.

Posted by Anonymous

Best customer service I've seen, people are friendly and you don't have to pay a penny for an issue to be resolved, with their callback support. If there is an issue they can't solve, they offer a refund. The time it takes to reach them is very short, considering over 100 million players just in WoW. There never was an issue they couldn't solve or I didn't get a refund for. Anyone complaining about their support has never seen a really bad one.

Posted by Holyknight

I just want to Thank Blizzard... not for super awesome customer support... but for NOT BEING MICROSOFT. I hate them. If Blizzard made computers, and operating systems I'd buy from them exclusively. Every time I've had a problem Blizzard Customer Service has handled it.

Posted by iridane

Wow looking at all these bad customer reviews, I feel like we're rating a completely different company, but this is indeed the Blizzard that does World of Warcraft. My experience has just been amazing. There's lots of information in the support section to help you self solve common problems (typical and useful feature of any big software product) but it was also easy to just open a support ticket. Then within two hours a GM contacted me in game and he was super super nice and fixed my account issue in minutes. Blizzard has the best customer support of any company, up to and including Amazon! Thank you! I love you Torrencius! *kiss*

Posted by Ryso

Were helped by Nythillium from blizzard, great support!

Posted by Anonymous

untill now i only used the customer service two times. with both those issues i got help the same day within a few minuts!!! the helpers are very friendly and they fix the problem right away. i never have seen that good service to the customer.

(sorry for my bad english im from holland:D)

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Blizzard customer service has been excellent. The last time I contacted them, I had lost my account credentials as well as the email I originally used to register (StarCraft II). I simply went to their website, clicked on "LIVE support chat" and waited some 10-15 minutes until a GM (support person) was ready to help me out. He was very friendly, very professional and got my problem solved in a matter of minutes.

I don't understand what some people here are moaning about. One click to chat with a real customer service employee is the easiest way I can imagine for a customer service to work.

Posted by Anonymous

At first I had an extremely difficult time getting in contact with any real support person, but after calling this number I waited about 1 minute the first time I called and then 7 minutes the next time I called. My account had been locked since I was playing the game on a new WIFI that they did not recognize, and after explaining the situation to an associate they unlocked my account immediately, and even sent me an authenticator for free! It's frustrating since we all want instant gratification, but just a little bit of patience will get you through it.

Posted by Anonymous

i have never had a problem... every time i call i get someone within 30 minutes which is a resonable timeframe when you have people from the entire world calling in to the same number. i just think you guys can't wrap you head around how many people call in every day or use the support line on here. go read some buisness guides on how to run a buisness and quit patronizing them. if it were a company like bank of america i couldn't blame you but blizzard is not that bad. get over it and no life your games....

Posted by gamermom

From my experience the majority of support issues can be resolved without calling. For example, SMS protect lets me remove my authenticator without contacting a rep. Any tech problems I had with a patch were due to my computer security software or settings that I was able to figure out on my own by reading support articles. The one time I really needed to speak to someone was to get a refund on an unauthorized charge. After giving the rep my full card number on the phone they found the charge and refunded it. It appears now that the fastest way to get in touch with a real person there is by live chat.

Posted by MavG

Okay after Yahoo support, I've been inspired to write JUST how amazing Blizzard support is. (Yahoo support is not support but a harmful horror) Every call i made to blizzard, despite a ~long (10-20 mins) but very accurate wait, they resolve issues brilliantly! Great listeners. Recovered 2 of my accnts by getting proof of my info. Very very helpful, understanding and humane. 9.5/10 honestly.

Posted by NoradIV

I had my account hacked.

I called their 24/7 customer service, got someone on the line inside 5 min, including their pretty simple menu.

Had someone who was properly speaking english who asked my personnal info. Forgotten some of it, that's what happen when you have a 10 years old account, but they still found a way to get my problem solved.

Posted by Al

Had to contact Blizz support several times, nearly always get a useful and helpful response within a reasonable time period. There's tricks to reaching their support quickly which help, but still, it's good.

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