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Blackberry customer service is ranked #736 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.52 out of a possible 200 based upon 449 ratings. This score rates Blackberry customer service and customer support as Terrible.


435 Negative Comments out of 449 Total Comments is 96.88%.


14 Positive Comments out of 449 Total Comments is 3.12%.

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    • 24.52 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 435 negative comments (96.88%)
    • 14 positive comments (3.12%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by blackberry z10 stl100-3

I have BB z10(stl100-3,model RFH121LW,)i got it in 2016 i have been using it until 2017 when some one told me that he can upgrade it its OS but it never completed it stopped on BB id username when putted the one i used before it refused email:i opened anew one email:[email protected] still its not working help to over come this problem

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Just trying to get to LIVE TECH SUPPORT or CUSTOMER SERVICE REP and the VM system just loops continuously without allowing me to connect. AWFUL SERVICE!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My phone will not make calls or receive calls I've been buying black bear since 05 please contact me immediately if possible Jesse Davis

Posted by jack mccratic

trying to reach blackberry support is a joke, there is no support, gonna throw this in the trash

Posted by Annoyed

Called to ask about the Stub Hub app that does not seem to work on a Blackberry. Was told I needed to call ATT, then they would call Blackbery who would then call Stub Hub and in the end I would be charged $35. Was also told the reason the phone doesn't communicate with Mac Sierra OS is Apple's fault. And let's not forget their Facebook app doesn't work and that is Facebook's fault. The customer service reps were no help, rude and ready to charge me. I have been a Blackberry user for the past 10 years, but soon I will not be and there will be no looking back. Sad they do not care about taking care of what customers they have.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible! THE WORST! I have never been so pissed off with a company in my life! i sent my phone in for a cracked screen repair (easy fix) and almost 2 months later i said hell with it just send me a new one. Huge mistake i forgot i had an sd card in there (64gb) and asked for it to be sent to me. Then im told they cant find it and basically too bad so sad. I am beyond dissatisfied with my entire experience.

Posted by CLIFF

Horrible customer service at I ordered a Passport and it was defective, so I returned the phone at my shipping expense, and the defective phone arrive the next day at Blackberry. I waited for my refund for 5 days so I called Blackberry customer service and they said the package was received at the warehouse but was not entered in the system, so they can not issue a refund. Now it has been 10 days and everytime I call customer service I receive the same reply. I opened a case at Blackberry via email, and nobody replies to my emails. STAY AWAY FROM BLACKBERRY.COM

Posted by Anonymous

Why is customer support not available at 11 am Sunday morning

Posted by Anonymous

My BlackBerry stopped receiving emails ... so how I can reach technical support ???

Posted by bob

After over NINE hours of "support help"from Blackberry, my issue was NOT rectified. When I received my PRIV phone absolutely NOTHING worked except the phone (which received calls but I couldn't call out). Two hours of support in Madrid, one hour in Seville and two three hour sessions at home and the phone STILL cannot interface with my Lenovo computer through my Outlook 2010. I also spent hours on line and in person with my phone service (Verizon) and my e mail server (Charter Spectrum). They, too, could not help me. It is obvious that Blackberry, in its rush to go into production of newer models of their devices, DID NOT work out all of the bugs inherent in any new product. Is it any wonder that Blackberry - once a trusted leader in the cell phone industry - is on the verge of bankruptcy? With service like this, their demise cannot come too soon!

Posted by Ms Cheng

Their products are terrible and their customer service is even worse. The team has no ability to service the product and can not simple answers (i.e. when you will get a replacement product). Do not do business with this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for over a year to figure out how to sync my BB Classic contacts and calendar with Windows 10. WHY ISN'T RIM WORKING ON A SOLUTION - YOU'VE HAD OVER A YEAR???

RIM's complete lack of responsiveness to this ongoing issue is unacceptable and I will likely never buy a BB phone again.

Posted by PrivSale

Very poor customer service. Delays in getting back to you, unable to answer questions and unable to resolve problems or issues. Unwilling to assist with shipping delays and returns.

Posted by Woogie

I have had two Blackberry phones. Both have died completely. My service provider told me that they dont repair mechanical faults. The phone was then still under contract with Vodacom, so I had to continue to pay for a phone that I could not use. The phone is in excellent condition and has not been damaged or dropped. I then had to buy a new phone (not a Blackberry). My friend has the same problem. It is disgusting that no-one takes responsibility for a defective device.

Posted by judy

Got a blackberry leap str100 for 4 months now, now im getting popups saying that whats app and some other apps wont be supported by this phone after desember 2016, why are you still selling phones thats not gonna be worth R500 in a little while, paid over R4000 rand for it??? What are we gonna do after desember????

Posted by pushpak rajesh soni

i purchage a blackberry passport on 25.03.2015 from kheteshwer mobile mumbai since a 8 month its cause a screen problem and i submitted my phone at surat service station on janvary and phone replaced by blacbery company on 25 feb 2016 as a faulty piece such as a sensor problem .then i again submitted my phone at redmox service station surat on 30/05/2016 but no responce from your service station proper .today redmox person say this handset send banglore and it takes 15 days .why its delaying and why company givinig me a faulty piece in replacment.i think blackberry cooperate me to send my handset as possible as fast

thankig you

pushpak rajesh soni

note i submitted all bills in this email

Posted by CHris

Please tell me, why can no one fix my blackberry passport?????

Charging block broken and every one tells me sorry no parts in south africa?????????????

Posted by No name

First off, I've been a blackberry user since 2002.

I am, I was a very loyal customer. I would always promote how incredible the blackkberry devices in comparison with other phones. I've seen friends, family, and colleagues leave the product for another. it wasn't until the past two weeks I've been dealing with a hardware issue which blackberry admit that there is a hardware issue and would not help me with the one year warranty. Now I am ready to leave Blackberry! I've been a supporter of blackbery for over ten years and probably through 6 devices/upgrades. And this is how they treat their customers!

The service/warranty behind Blackberry as a company SUCKS!

Posted by Sunkeeper

I have been working with customer service for 8 days now attempting to have my phone unlocked. Still no resolution and none in sight as no one will call me back. They not only don't seem interested in resolving the problem, they just don't give a darn.

Posted by Disspointed BBuser

Turned in my Leap for warranty - found out that my issue (non working Sim card slot.)was not covered under warranty. I will say - They did send me a replacement while they checked my Leap out. When I found out that it would cost $169 to fix it - I said it was not worth it. A new Leap cost only $199. I then sent them their replacement FINALLY after they sent return box and labeling. I contacted them a few times regards them returning my original Leap. Poor response. Took them 2 weeks to return my phone. I've asked repeatedly for management contact information - AGAIN no response. UNBEIEVABLE!
I've finally given up on Blackberry. They don't care so why should I? I will sell my T Mobile classic and move on! I really had hoped Chen would have put more effort into the mobile hardware business - but I, like many others, were fooled.
No more!

Posted by Anonymous

How can this company do like this customer money is a waste for them or enjoy their lifestyle. How can they not think for customers so bad bad people working in blackberry company this company wants to take the customer money only only backup for customers

Posted by Anonymous

Bad company can't take care of their customers I buy Blackberrys passport 1 year back but now no facebook support no one wants to resale this set is my money wasted on blackberry passport very bad of company they don't value customer my email so bad company just want to make profit for themselves. Don't want to think for customers

Posted by Anonymous

I just whane now hou can I repot sum1 on bbm he got a broblim whit evry1 chanels he tink he can do wat he whants with girls he is a bick broblim on bbm he pin is name is brandom lots of bbm sups wud like the help to get rid of the problim pleas help

Posted by karen

Good day

Can you please assist me.

I have bought a blackberryz10, it fell on the ground. The touch screen is also not working.

I went to Vodacom outlet to get it faced but they advice me to not fixed it because it will cost me more to get it fixed than to buy another one.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Karen Wagenaar

Posted by Mariet

This is my first blackberry and defenitly going to be the last!! Blackberry link?? What's the use?? I can't even update the os!!

Can't see why you get a program to do the update, since the phone NEVER have enough space, although it does. And still you can't get to update. Now the phone doesn't want to open apps, very slow and useless!! Doesn't even have it a year... still have to keep it for another year before I can upgrade and that sux!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a BlackBerry user for years. I will no longer use the bbm feature that I used to like because it constantly asks you to upload various apps and I can't get into it without ignoring offers.

Posted by Anonymous

The Classic has been a great phone so far. The only suggestion I would have to make is to add the option to always show the percentage on the top task bar. The LED customizing is great, and this is clearly a company who listens to their customers for once. Keep up the great work!

Posted by s

I am a great fan of blackberry handsets and z30 is d best ! Sum1 had stolen my phone . Evn if I want to go for a new handset . Pls do release a second version of z30 more slimmer and with a bigger screen And processor

Posted by garry

best company ever solves issues of your phone within 24 hours of complaint those having problan should contact their customersupport email present on their site the surely will reply within 24 hours
this is my experience

Posted by AckNak

Have bought 3 z30 and a passport in the last year. I set up BES 10 and bought 5 Perpetual licenses. Their sales and support directly from BlackBerry went above and beyond for a small customer getting me setup and going even without the service contract. Highly Recommended

Posted by Ajay

HI, am user of black berry 9320 cell phone, last month my phone was getting problem like heating & battery discharge. I had submitted phone at blackberry authorised service centre, they were told me that your phone will take 20 days to repair. Then after 20-25 days my phone have been got back but phone is having still same problem & its yet unresolved. If i will again gave my phone at service centre they will take another 20-25 days to repairing the same. Team pls suggest, how could i get rid from this problem. I did not expect these kind of services from brand like blackberry. Regards Ajay

Posted by Crotalus

I purchased my 1st Blackberry in April, 2011, and since that time I have been ENOURMOUSLY PLEASED AND HAPPY with my Blackberry 9330.
I just ordered my brand new Z10 from my phone company and can't wait.
I like the memory system on these phones and I especially like being to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere I want to.
I am a Blackberry customer for life.
Keep up the good work Blackberry---YOU ROCK!!!!!

Posted by mike

The phone looks nice, but;
1)Cannot set ring tone volume separately.
2)Bluetooth system very poor compared to the Bold 9900
3)Cannot "teach" voice controls
4)Near impossible to get custom ringtones
5)Programming locks up and requires a hard reboot often
6)Applications such as weather channel sometimes work most times do not. Bold 9900 never had application running issues.

Posted by adamstreet09

since the server crashed ma blackberry protect wont work and a member of staff from rim tryed chargeing me 50 pound to talk to someone to sort it out

Posted by Boris

Personally I do not have a problem with my blackberry, it has treated me well in every aspect. What I do want to complain about is the fact that broadcasting a major irritation is for 95% of the people who use blackberry's. I strongly recommend we either add an option to block BC's on BBM or we remove it completely. Please take this in to consideration and spread the word if you do feel the same way.

Posted by BlackBerry curve 9300

I have just a 2 months and 15 days old blackberry curve 9300 and since the day of purchase i have been to the customer care unit for 3 times.The main problem in this set is continuous hanging,you would be using and suddenly the phone freezes,i would request blackberry if it could change my phone so that i could go for some higher versions of blackberry that may be helpful for my work.

Posted by shanna349

On a more positive note: I have been with the T-Mobile network for over 5 years. I have owned a Blackberry device for over 4 of those years, and I couldn't be happier with the service. Sure, I've had devices that have crapped out, malfunctioned, gone haywire, balls popped out, and so forth- but I have ALWAYS maintained my purchase protection plan insurance. It's worth the $5.99/month charge. Anytime I have an issue, I call T-Mobile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (and I'm a nightshift nurse, so I have frequently called at 3 and 4am) and the T-Mobile representative has always transferred me directly to a cheery, helpful Blackberry RIM representative without a hold time. I don't usually call tech support unless I have a problem I have researched thoroughly on Google and attempted to fix the problem myself. And every time I have called, without fail, Blackberry has issued me a new phone of the same model and it's been at my front door within 3 days.

I AM A BLACKBERRY CUSTOMER FOR LIFE because of the excellent customer service I have and continue to receive!!! :)

Posted by Anonymous

Sprint Blackberry Customers call 877.654.9111. This is a DIRECT line for support for Sprint BB users only! They are awesome in this department.

Posted by dejeans

I bet you people are to stupid to know the difference between blackberry customer support and your carriers customer support. I have had better experience with BB support than almost any other manufacture. 24/7 support located in Canada. They even called me to follow up and make sure everything was working.

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