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Black & Decker customer service is ranked #34 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 82.92 out of a possible 200 based upon 16 ratings. This score rates Black & Decker customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


15 Negative Comments out of 16 Total Comments is 93.75%.


1 Positive Comment out of 16 Total Comments is 6.25%.

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    • 82.92 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (93.75%)
    • 1 positive comments (6.25%)
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    • 5.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Breezypointway

I have a problem with a Black and Decker coffee maker I've had for 2 mos. It is model CM2036.
The carafe isn;t glass, it looks like stainless steel and I was very happy with it so far. Yesterday, I noticed as I was cleaning the carafe that the inside bottom of it was peeling or scratched off and I was amazed. I can;t imagine how that happened, and how much of it went into the coffee, and we ingested. I went to the Walmart where I bought it to look for a replacement carafe which they did not have. That was an expensive coffeemaker, it shouldn;t have happened. Very disappointed, $50.00 out the window.

Posted by Anonymous

I am searching for a 40 volt chainsaw. After reading almost one hundred review of B&D, I have chosen not to buy a B&D. All reviews mention the oil dripping and spilling all over. Some say to buy stock in the chain oil if you purchase these products. As an avid environmentalist I am forbid myself to knowingly contribute to poisoning the soil for generations to come. Really! You should take steps to improve your product's carbon footprint. After all isn't that why the majority of people purchase these things.

Posted by Anonymous

No One Answers Phones Been Trying To Get A Service Rep For 3 Days And When I Finally Left My Phone Number No Has Yet To Call Me Back This Company Is Horrible To Deal With

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to contact you by phone the number advertised on line dose not work

Posted by Jake

I have a Leaf Hog Vortex Modle VB400 Type 3 and I need a new bag for it. It is oval shaped and slides on with two snaps that secure it. Where can I find one? B&D parts lists it as # 38 but the numbers only go to 32. If it's obsolete what am I suppose to do buy a new machine because no bags are available? If that's the case you can res assured it won't be a B&D.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a combination battery operated leaf blower and trimmer from Home Depot on 4/16/16. After using the blower 5 or 6 times the on/off switch does not work. I returned it to Home Depot yesterday and they told me they couldn't do anything about it because the product has a 30 day warranty. I couldn't believe this. Do you manufacture a disposable product so they can sell it for a special price? Is this indicative of the quality of this produce? If so why would a reputable company even manufacture this product?

Marge Bykowski

Posted by Anonymous

I was put in a queue for a return phone call 3 days ago. This was in lieu of staying ON HOLd.
No return call yet.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Black and Decker Lithium trimmer (LST420 Type 2). The battery holder is cracked and the switch has to be held very hard to make it work. We bought it at a Lowe's store June 28, 2015. Lowe's said we have to take it to one of your repair centers to have it fixed. Every one we try to call is either out of business or doesn't do this kind of work any more. We love the trimmer but are getting frustrated trying to get it fixed.

Donald Watts,

Posted by Anonymous

bought a black and decker combo of weed trimmer and leaf blower about a year ago. the weed eater stopped working, was going to buy another one and now you can not buy one that takes a 18 volt battery.I now have about $200.00 wrapped up in batterys and chargers that are now useless. Not a happy black and decker customer.

Posted by Anonymous

please help me, i have just purchase a blender and the bottom of the glass part brokern the plastic part, how can i purchase another without buying a entire new blender.

Posted by carpenter cat

I have a workmate bought just after they came on the market (1973/4?). We had just bought our first home and were planning to marry the following year. Meanwhile I had designed various fitted bookcases, kitchen cupboards etc. No longer having access to the college workshop, the workmate looked a godsend. It has been and it still is. Not only did I did I do the work on my own home but in later years I worked for other people, designing and making furniture and whole rooms for various clients. In the course of this work it has travelled down to Cornwall and across to the Lake District. It is currently helping to make a small cupboard and plant pot stand for my backyard, and new doors for my front garden shed. As you can imagine it carries a few scars, but it is still far superior to the newer model I bought a few years back for my attic workshop.

Posted by [email protected]

Rice makers - my 1st one just stopped working. Wasn't very old. I bought another. Had a birthday dinner and counted on my rice maker for my gumbo and couldn't get it to work. I only used it about 4 times. What's going on??? Are they made in China??
Should I take it back to Boscov's or mail it to you. I am totally disgusted and will not buy another for $29.00

Posted by ltrman

Your customer service is terrible. Trying to get a replacement part and have been blown off the first two attempts. Now have to ask a company named bond for answers. Big fat F for support wont buy your products again.

Posted by Anonymous

battery life is 30 minute 40 volt 1 year old this not right last bought it lasted 1 hour tom very unhappy will not buy black decker again .....

Posted by Anonymous

A few years ago I purchased a B & D coffee maker. While I was completely satisfied with the product, I wrote a comment on the water level indicator which I felt should be transparent and not opaque as you couldn't see the water level. I recently purchased a new B & D coffee maker, and to my surprise, the water indicator was transparent. I thank you for that. However, I was disappointed that you did away with the beeps after the brewing cycle and also after the automatic shut off. I called and was told it was because people were complaining it was waking them up. That has to be a joke. I assume if you are making coffee, you are already awake. if someone else is making the coffee, yell at them, don't blame B & D. My suggestion is give the consumer the option of whether they want the beeps or not by programming it into the coffee maker. Then the consumer can use the beeps if they want. Thank you for your time and cooperation. I look for ward to your response.

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Posted by Sherry Kessel

I have purchased at least three Black and Decker hand vacuums over the years. When I had a problem, this company could not have treated me better. Having an issue I wrote to Customer Service asking where I should ship my vacuum back for repair or if they could tell me where to take it locally to be fixed. I had not filled out any warranty card. To my total surprise, they e-mailed me back saying that they were sending out a brand new one. What a class act! It arrived today and I am a happy camper.

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