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BitDefender customer service is ranked #725 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 160 ratings. This score rates BitDefender customer service and customer support as Terrible.


155 Negative Comments out of 160 Total Comments is 96.88%.


5 Positive Comments out of 160 Total Comments is 3.13%.

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    • 24.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 155 negative comments (96.88%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.13%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Michelle B

Bitdefender will abuse their customers trust when they have received your credit card details. I bought their product in 2015 and before the subscription was finished I purchased the Norton product instead because I felt Norton provide a better quality of product.

In 2016 without my permission, Bitdefender automatically renewed my subscription. I received a refund after a long period of time and was assured that they would not automatically renew again. Fast forward to today in 2017 and Bitdefender have automatically renewed my subscription again, I have once again had my credit card charged by Bitdefender, without my permission and for a product that I do not want. Do not give these people your credit card details, they are running a scam by doing this, I have used many different pc security software suites over the years and no other company has done this!

Posted by Avnish

When i dealt with Bitdefender support regarding my order issue in Aug 2015, it was a pleasant experience.
Unfortunately, in Jan 2017 my experience made sure that this is the last time i bought anything from them. They are manipulative cheats. When I bought Total Security and completed payment, it took me to a page which had a button saying download and install. Turned out it was a manipulation to sell another product. Since they had my card information already, all i got was the order confirmation notification rather than asked to confirm purchase. I raised request to cancel that within few minutes. Even after 16 days, no action or response. Intentions are clear.
Shame on these guys. Just Pathetic.

Posted by Anonymous

Someone needs to contact me immediately regarding 2 invoices, neither of which are the correct amounts

If I don't receive a reply within the next 24 hours, I will contact Visa to reverse these amounts as someone screwed up on your end.......offer was for $29.98

Patty Stuart

Posted by Ben Scammed

As others have reported BitDefender customer service may as well not exist. I received several auto-reply emails when I asked for help, and one email that assured me that help would be forthcoming. Nothing ever materialized. I have requested a refund, but I don't expect to ever receive it. Don't buy from this company.

Posted by Tom

Bought antivirus for Mac. Would not work. Absolutly NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, After several emails and tryinfg to get answers I gave up and went for refund. I paid with paypal so will get refund. I have used bitdefender for year with no issues. But now that I have an issue I cannot get an answer from customer support. THey have no customer support and do not seem to care. Needless to say will never buy bitdefender again

Posted by Anonymous

This company should be rated a zero! I read reviews and believed it to be reputable. The product would not install and then help ignored me. They give you a link that does not work for refunds and they do not answer the phone.I've spent two days dealing with this. I hate this company!

Posted by Anonymous

Pop-ups are driving me nuts. Bitefender's pop-up blocker doesn't work. I can't use the Yahoo Finance sites because of the pop-up appearing every 20-30 seconds.

Abysmal product. Don't buy it.

Posted by Randy

I'm reposting what Nancy stated...the exact issue. I've been in the IT field for 30 years and they by far are the worst I've had to deal with. They over charged and I can't get a refund. BitDefender uses a go-between company, Avengate, to handle billing and license renewal services. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU RENEW YOUR BITDEFENDER LICENSE ONLINE. YOU WILL BE SIGNED UP FOR AUTO-RENEWAL, CHARGED FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF SERVICE WITHOUT PROPER NOTICE FROM BITDEFENDER, AND THEN SEE YOUR TIME WASTED TRYING TO GET THE REFUND YOU DESERVE. BitDefender customer service is terrible. They give you the runaround about requesting that you be issued a refund, instead of just giving you your money back for the unwanted and cancelled service. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E way to treat customers and do business.

Posted by Nancy

BitDefender uses a go-between company, Avengate, to handle billing and license renewal services. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU RENEW YOUR BITDEFENDER LICENSE ONLINE. YOU WILL BE SIGNED UP FOR AUTO-RENEWAL, CHARGED FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF SERVICE WITHOUT PROPER NOTICE FROM BITDEFENDER, AND THEN SEE YOUR TIME WASTED TRYING TO GET THE REFUND YOU DESERVE. BitDefender customer service is terrible. They give you the runaround about requesting that you be issued a refund, instead of just giving you your money back for the unwanted and cancelled service. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E way to treat customers and do business.

Posted by Big mouse

Used it a while back and every thing we fine until the 2016 edition, could not get in to install on Windows 10, error after error on the download. After spending more time on it than paying xcom2 for the last week gave up decided to cancle my subscription, took another two weeks with emails back and forth with avangate to stop the auto renewal.i then installed Norton with no isues whatsoever.

Posted by Ryan

Do not use Bitdefender. They will charge you for auto renewal at full price without telling you and they will not refund you. They claimed that they sent me an email telling me that my account was set up for auto renewal but I did not read this email. Terrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been using Bitdefender for at least 6 years and at first I was very pleased with their products and service. But it has become obvious over the last 2 years they are declining in every aspect of their business. The most frustrating is the language barrier. If a person pays for a service/product, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect decent customer service in return. They have become increasingly rude and inpatient as if I am the one with the accent. When I downloaded their total security last year it changed the resolution on my computer. They also set me up, unknown to me, with autorenewal. I could go on and on. It is too bad. But this lack of work scruples and ethics seems to be the norm these days. I will be going with another virus protection next year. Avoid Bitdefender!!!

Posted by WishingForQuailtyService

I purchased two different life time subscriptions for Bitdefender Internet Security that I had installed and were working well. The 2016 version of the product required me to have bitdefender convert my license to a service called bitdefender central. When they did that they changed to license from a lifetime licesnse to a 5 year license with the clock set back to date of the original purchase. I have been in contact with customer service for over a month now. They make a promise that a supervisor will contact you in 24 hours, but they don't. I have waited 2 weeks for a call back and have not gotten a single call back.

They make personal promises that are never delivered. I have been told many times that my ticket is being escalated. I have been told many times it is being escalated to the highest level.

Front line support has not ability to make changes. They are in a bad place in the company. Their management hides behind the call takers.

Worst service I have ever experienced. Buy far!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Sadly I have encoutered many of the problems found in these reviews. I purchased Internet Security including Optimiser with 3 years license and when I updated to 2016 I found that they have removed One Click Optimizer in Internet Security. You can only get it with Total Security. I complained because I paid for it. Their answer was go back to 2015 version. They said I could get Total Security 2016 using 60 days off my registration. Being frustrated by their business ethics I agreed but will change provider once my currrent license runs out. It is a week and I am still waiting for Total Security. There have been numerous quiestionable issues with Bitdefender ethics since I began using them.

Posted by techhead

Useless customer support - still waiting four days later for help and this is the second time this has happened - It took three weeks the last time and they still did not sort the numerous issues that occured when I installed their product - pathetic!

Posted by Anonymous

Lousy customer service, Cannot access link in your letter to me. As I have stated several times, I DO NOT WANT BitDefender. It has been removed from my computers. I was forced to take it three years ago. I will not pay for it again. There will be letters sent to every officer of the company I can find. Very, very, dissatisfied. Had to have both of my computers worked on to resolve virus issues. My name is Nancy Chisholm, e-mail address Please let me hear from you only that I will not be billed involuntarily for the software and that I will not receive any further e-mails from this company. Thank you,

Nancy Chisholm

Posted by chosen1

Had Bitdefender for two years and the day before it was to auto renew I cancelled the auto renew function. It then proceeded to offer me a discounted price which I took. I was emailed key but it said it had been used already. Since then I have tried to contact them about 8 times I think 3 times I have had a reply but when they can't fix I get told it will go to the next level. Well after wasting hours on writing I can see they have ripped me off Stolen my money just like they have done to most here. Perhaps it's ok to take peoples money and give nothing in return. I wonder what the penalty is for stealing? or is it ok? wonder if it would be acceptable to them?

Posted by oldman42

After nearly 30 emails and 'offers' Bitdefender would not install or run even basic system protection.

Each query I made was answered, and I use the word loosely, by a different person, the English was impeccable but avoided all the questions and problems I had but offered me some different price.

I have asked repeatedly for refund and no answer .. so I guess I can kiss $85 AUD good bye .

This company definitely has issues with honesty and customer service .. avoid it all costs.

Unfortunately I didn't pay through PayPal so this is obviously some sort of scam they're running!!

Checked again this morning and still no more information than .. Please accept our apologies etc., etc., this time from Mohamed Mahmood.

At least I'm getting a list of their employees

Posted by SanFranDude

Horrendous customer service experience, the worst I've ever experienced...and all for the dumbest-simplest thing you can imagine! I noticed my new BD anti-virus program didn't include Firewall..Duh. Okay, I'll call for and get an upgrade. Sure, no problem, the lady said. That was 30 days ago. Since then I've engaged in chat 3 or 4 times, emailed over a dozen times and called their Romanian service center 3 or 4 times. Each time they said "We're working on it," We'll get back to you," "I will make to escalate this," etc. Are YOU KIDDING ME? Just give me an auth code for INTERNET SECURITY 2016 and charge/credit the difference...or after 30-days just give me the auth code and say "Sorry we weren't able to..." I'm scratching my head. I could have dumped my Antivirus 2016 and plopped down another $50 or so for IS 2016, but why would I want to give this company any more of my business! I have now asked for a REFUND, guess what...very loud crickets! BitDefender ain't worth it if they can't support it!

Posted by Monaco1984

Response times are terrible, be prepared for an extremely long wait if you have an issue, boring but fairly timeline below:

+ 4th Dec - renewed subscription - product key would not work
+ 11th Dec - opened a ticket after realising it was not just a delay
+ 13th Dec - generic auto response from support
+ 20th Dec - email 'within the next 24-48 hrs your subscription will be updated'
+ 23th Dec - still not fixed - another generic auto response from support
+ 31st Dec - Messaged them stating my trial subscription I used in the interim was due to expire, demand they solve the problem before this happens
+ 4th Jan - still not fixed computer unprotected - demanded refund and installed Avira!

I don't know how they get away with it as such a popular product

Posted by Sonnym

Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. Worse than even MagicJack and that is saying something. The software is problematic and customer service is about as close to useless as they come. I just removed it from my computers and purchased a different brand. Had Norton for years. Excellent! Do not buy Bitdefender!

Posted by Anonymous

I fully agree with how bad their service is .. I have been without any virus protection for 14 days now.. They cannot help

Posted by Cisit52

I have been a bitdefender user for several years now. If you can check on my purchase history. I've been buying bitdefender products and manages the keys with mybitdefender portal.

Last year I purchased a 5pc 1 year license and a 3pc 1 year license...and I added my all my computers without a problem. This year I purchase a 5pc 1 year license and another 5pc 1 year license because I have 10 computers. Instead of letting me add computer #6 it added the second 5pc 1 year license to the 5 computers I had already installed.

After a week I still have no response to my problem. At present time I have 5 unprotected computers because of Bitdefender.

Posted by Anonymous

Bitdefender automatically renews itself and charges your credit card. Does not make refunds without weeks of persistently requesting. Very, very poor customer service. Do not give them a credit card number, ever.

Posted by Mike D.

Decided to try BitDefender after reading the reviews. Purchased the software on November 14th 2015 and could not get it to activate. Contacted the company numerous times and finally ask them to cancel my subscription and close my account. Still no response and cannot get in touch with the company directly. Beware, the newest scam may actually be from the companies you think you can trust to protect you.

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Posted by Anonymous

I do not know what the negative comments are talking about. I had absolutely no problems contacting customer support. When it comes to recurring payment/auto renewal, there was an option before payment. I contacted support to make sure it was not set to auto-renewal. I got through quickly and was greeted by friendly, yet professional customer care.

Posted by JoeG

I have to rescind my earlier negative rating. (See JoeG, Oct 10. The phone number I called for support came from a screen which appeared when I was logging on to Bitdefender's site. They were obviously NOT Bitdefender, as I found out later. Today I was able to contact Bitdefender and they resolved my issue in minutes. Great product and superb customer service.

Posted by Cain

I've been useing Bitdefender for years and I can tell you it is my best friend. You can surf the worst russian doubious sites and it would still clean any leftovers at any scan. I've read the complains, they seem hilarious except the auto-subscriptiton and customer service who is best to be used via email.

Posted by robert

if you have a tech issue with BD first look if you have other security solutions installed cause they come in conflict ex windows defender mcafee uninstall them guys...look at the system requirements you have wheelbarel pc's and you complain of slowdown...i have seen many reviews i have BD installed and had some issues and after contacting tech support they explained all I needed and it is running ok

Posted by Anonymous

Great software, prompt and friendly customer service. I've never had a problem..knock on wood!

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