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Bissell customer service is ranked #76 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 64.61 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Bissell customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


23 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 85.19%.


4 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 14.81%.

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    • 64.61 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 23 negative comments (85.19%)
    • 4 positive comments (14.81%)
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    • 5.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

They do not answer their emails or provide any reasonable support through their customer service area.

Posted by anon.

The pro-heat revolution lasted 1 use(1hr.). Now brush is shot and belt also.Bissell
Couldn'tcare less. One of the biggest pieces of trash made. Please don't waste any of
your money--it won't last. They also charge(cheat you)sales tax which they keep them-
selves. Jesse James took a chance and used a gun to rob people.Disgusting outfit!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Bissel products are Chinese junk: they barely last a year. SHAME ON THESE TRAITORS! We just threw away our third Bissel steam claeaner, purchased from the equally treasonaous Walmart's. in less than 2 ans a half years.

Posted by Sheldon

I purchased a BISSELL PRO HEAT rug cleaner, which failed after about 5 uses. The service centre kept the machine for 3 months, "waiting for parts" before they told me that BISSELL was going to replace the machine. When that didn't happen, I attempted to resolve the issue with BISSELL, however was told that I was misled, and the machine would NOT be replaced. 5 months later, and I still haven't resolved the issue, or used my rug cleaner. I wouldn't recommend BISSELL to anybody.

Posted by Glitter1976

I purchased the Bissell proheat revolution 2x and it lasted 30 minutes when the belt broke which left me with no way to extract water from my soaked carpet. I called customer service and they still have not sent a replacement belt and it has been 10 days. Bissell is junk!I only got a total of 30 minutes out of my machine and hate it.

Posted by rjb8336

The 2nd time I used Bissel Proheat 2X Revolution, the brushes would not spin. Called customer svc, took 30 minutes to convince person on the other end of line, that I would not be driving an hour to a supposed repair shop and "NO" I will not fix it myself. Finally was given RA to send back for replacement. Just rec'd replacement and it is not the model I originally ordered, it is a lesser model and on top of that, it is refurbished.

Posted by Living near Bissell

Another dissatisfied customer. Thanks Bissell. I even live in Grand Rapids Michigan and am ashamed we produce such a poor product and follow it up with poor customer service. Bought a 75B2-1 and it lasted less than year. Brush seized up, belt wore out. Went to the service center. Would have cost more to fix than buying a new one. No trade in value. Employee at service center acted like it was a normal occurrence for them to fail this quickly.

Posted by Angry

We purchased a Bissell Machine and a Rug Stick at the same time. It was a new product launched in South Africa and so we tried it. It was great - then we had to try and get a refill. After many attempts we finally contacted the agents in South Africa to be informed that they had discontinued the product! I can get it in the UK for 10 pounds but the agents are not prepared to help! What a crock!! When I try to contact Bissell Head Office I get automatically directed back to the South African website! Not Happy!!

Posted by Unhappy chappy

We purchased a Bissell Cleanview Reach (model# 37Y8-F) from a store, believing we would have good customer support. Not the case. We were directed to the Bissell hotline, where we were questioned regarding all manner of use to void our warranty. Through using a non-toxic natural cleaner instead of their products, we have voided our warranty. Once this precursor to customer support was established, we were given minimal support, with no real interest. Very disappointed in the machine ($330 AUD) and customer satisfaction, having a broken tank receiver, which causes it to leak everywhere... The parts for this are impossible to find anywhere and we are directed to an "authorised Bissell service centre"

Posted by EByrd76

Do not buy any Bissell product! They do not honor Warranties. I have a 9 month old Vacuum cleaner that is still under factory warranty. It has not been abused or misused and the filter has been cleaned and the canister emptied after every use, the brush & belt are turning just fine yet it has no suction whatsoever. i contacted Bissell's customer care line, once again no help. They asked me to take the bottom of the Vacuum off and remove the brush & belt myself while i was on the phone with them. I informed the man at customer care that i was not a vacuum technician and did not want to attempt this fearing i would only make the problem worse. At which time i was told there was nothing Bissell could do for me, even though it has not been a year since i bought this machine. Bissell has bad customer service and will not honor factory warranties. im stuck with a vacuum that is useless junk. i would not recommend them to my worse enemy!

Posted by Anonymous

my bissell picks up great with the hose. but dont work with the main bottom of floor part. have checked the belt and replaced the filters and checked for clogs and found nothing that seems to be wrong.

Posted by Nigel Kuzimski

I purchased a Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop about 18 months ago and have used it a maximum of twice a month during that period in our very moderate sized home (a total of approx 36 times). A month ago the trigger broke as I was about to use it. As per the instruction manual, I contacted the New Zealand agent. I left a message with them (as it was over the Christmas period), but they never replied. I then contacted them again and I was advised that the product 'wasn't worth repairing' and that I should buy a new one instead. I find it quite disconcerting (and frankly very annoying) that I paid a lot of money for a so called 'top of the line' product-only for it to fail after such a short period of time and limited usage. It has always been my philosophy to buy the best possible products (despite their more premium costs) to ensure that I am assured of high quality and 'post purchase' care. However I believe that I have been badly let down by Bissell and their New Zealand represntative in this particular instance. Obviously I would appreciate feedback on this, so that I have some form of faith in Bissell when coming to buy other appliances.

Nigel Kuzimski

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT BUY any Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner!!! I bought a Proheat 2X at WalMart in january 2013. After 2- 3months, they quit spraying &/or picking up water. WalMart replaced it within theirr 3 month warranty p teriod. Within 3 months I took it theit warranty service repair, they couldn't fix it so. Bissell sent a REFURBISHED DIFFERENT Proheat model in a box without styrofoam or any packing protection & FOUR parts had broken off by the time I got it. 2 months later it was back at warranty service shop, same story - the refurbished.model tbey sent worked 2 week. They won't refund my money & want to send a new & diffetent model that sells for $60 less than I paid for my first machine & they won't pay ne back the difference. I'm tired of the hassle!

Posted by upset

My bissell caought on fire and Bissell manegment told me to take them to court so i did and I won but can not get bissell to talk to me or pay me. Nice Company!!!!!

Posted by suzanne

I rented a steam cleaner from Lowes, and the suction did not work, leaving the filthy water on my carpet. It ruined the carpet, and smelled absolutely horrific. I had to pull up the carpet, and relpace it. Lowes was kind enouth to give me the carpet at cost. It was still $768 out of pocket, and two days off of work. After numerous calls, emails, and such, to a rude staff member, she contacted me and said that Bissell's mechanics had inspected the machine, and that there was nothing wrong with it. I guess it's their word against mine. However..when the carpet guys came to measure and replace, they could not believe the mess.
This company is deplorable. I will never use another one of their products, and will continue to alert people of their bad products, rude employees, and lack of customer service.

Posted by Barbara S.

I purchased a Bissell "Lift Off Floors and More" cordless electric broom several months ago. It is really a terrific product. After three months I purchased one for my daughter. It would not accept a charge and the charge light would not illuminate. She returned it to the store and they sent her a new one. After one day of charging, according to the instructions, it would not take a charge. Several days after that our own stopped working. I think you may have an issue with the batteries or the charging units. It is a shame because it is really a terrific product, when it works.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my Bissel for 7 months. I emailed customer service and finally got someone to send me replacement parts after 3 days of one email response a day. Two weeks later I get a belt I didn't need and am still waiting for the brush that broke to ship. I called a very rude customer service person named Lucy. All Lucy could tell me is I had to wait and they would ship it to me eventually. NO DATE NO APPROXIMATION OF WHEN IT WOULD GET HERE.... Just wait for them to have the time to help me. So almost three weeks with no vacuum and I am going to have to go and by another vacuum while I wait for the parts for my old one? Asked to talk to a supervisor and was on hold for thirty minutes for them to tell me a supervisor would call me back. Guess what? NO CALL BACK! Never again will I buy a Bissel!

Posted by Anonymous

I have never experienced such a dreadful and a wasteful customer service and sales fulfilment. I do not understand why Walmart should selling these products, when BISSELL can not give product support. BISSEL executives either sleeping or just too sure of themselves. I will never buy from BISSELL again.

Posted by kdean0809

This was one of the worst customer service i have ever had. I ordered a $230 machine online. One the order confirmation number came up i realized i ordered the wrong machine that i actually wanted the more expensive one. I called their customer service and they would not cancel or change the order i just completed 5 mins before. Needless to say bissell policies are terrible. I have never had a company tell me i could not change or cancel more item unless it was already shipped. Woooooorst customer service and policies i have ever dealt with. Granted it was my fault but why cant anything be changed if i just ordered it all i have to say is wooooow.

Posted by Jill

I have a Bissell Vacuum cleaner still warranty- that is a word Bissell does not honor.
My vacuum cleaner is less than 6 months old- well taken care of and it has broke. I called on Jan 14 to Bissell Customer service where I was told the part could be replaced and ordered- after a week I called to check the status of my ordered part and i was told it was back ordered and would be in on 1/26- something I was never told originally, so today i call because my order still shows not yet shipped, and I am told the part did not come in and would be in on Feb 5- I have now been without my vacuum cleaner for 3 weeks- i am very disgusted with this company- if you can't get the part then replace the machine- isn't that what warranty means? I will never use another thing with the name Bissell on it and I will make sure anyone I come in contact with will know how little this company is concerned with it's customers or their products. And i will make it a goal to put tjhis message on every blog, review any way for to get this word to the piblic- DO NOT BUY BISSELL PRODUCTS!

Posted by Rbyrum

Been on the phone for over an hour with Bissell> I have a carpet cleaner (still under warrenty) that will not spray soap. Took to Abbey Lane autorized by Bissell to fix tier machines. What a joke. They replaced all kinds of stuff and it still has the same problem. Called to tell them and was told by the tech I didn't know how to use my machine that it was working fine and I should bring it in for him to show me how to use it. I told him that I had to drive all that way again(I live on the westside they are at Montgomery and Eubank) He tells me he has to drive all the way from Bernalillo. I said you get paid to do that if it bothers him so much he should change jobs. He hung up on me I called and ask to speak to the owner he got on the other line and was a total jerk and laugh and told me he is the only one to work onit and to call bissell. Which I did and spend forever on the phone with no help told to take it back to the jerk even talked to someone named MIca at the corp office and he said I had to take it back to the jerk or mail it to them and they would check it and decide what to do that would take at least a month.I have to go pay for a box and ship it (have no extra money or take it back to an A$$hole. This is what kind of company Bissell is. Take your money and screw you! Please pass this on so people will know not to buy a bissell. Thank all have a great day!!!!

Posted by JMBdw

Customer service is worthless. I called because the new filter I purchased ripped within 3 months of purchasing. But, since this was outside of the 30 day return time, they could not provide any replacement for the part. My previous filter lasted some 7 years and never ripped. I am very disappointed that I finally purchased a new filter, only to have it rip 3 months later and the manufacturer cannot do anything to help. All the customer service rep could do was order a new part for me- no discounted price, no discounted shipping! I can do better ordering a part myself online!

Posted by EGNU

I have bought three years ago a 1970 Series Bissell Quickwash Carpet Cleaner I have now a leak of cleaner solution and I am unable to find who is in charge of the Bissell Customer Service in Argentina.

Please advise asap name and Phone number of Bissell representative in Argentina.

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Posted by Anonymous

Fantastic customer service, customer care and customer satisfaction. 100 percent

Posted by Monica customer service amazing

Best customer service that l have experienced, staff friendly, knowledgeable, warranty approved almost immediately, the most easiest process I have experienced thanks Bissel and Monica from customer service and the young ladiy in store at Scoresby, sorry forgot your name, great job Bissel .

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and myself have received excellent service from the first call we made to Bissell Consumer Service to the delivery of our new Bissell. Our support operator was very helpful and courteous(Paul). We called in to state our problem 7/9/13 and received by Fedex 7/11/13 our new Bissell. We were very surprised in the fast delivery of our Bissell. We will highly recommend your Company to our friends and will use you again in the future.


Posted by kdean0809

After i posted the negative response on this i received a call from bissell corporate office with a sincere apology. They made up for the hassle i had to go through. I am very satisfied with the end result. :-)

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