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Bing customer service is ranked #833 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.90 out of a possible 200 based upon 143 ratings. This score rates Bing customer service and customer support as Terrible.


140 Negative Comments out of 143 Total Comments is 97.90%.


3 Positive Comments out of 143 Total Comments is 2.10%.

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    • 20.90 Overall Rating
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    • 140 negative comments (97.90%)
    • 3 positive comments (2.10%)
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Posted by Anonymous

You are the dumbest people I know. You have a major waterway missing off one of your maps and there is no way to contact you about it. Your phone tree lacks that option. So if someone there will pull their head out of their and look at the map for Kings Creek SC you will note the entire river is missing from you map.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Madam/Sir.
I got a pin # to verify my business:MIA -Make It Accessible and the email address is wrong. It says In** instead of In**

Could you please solve this issue.
Thank you

Posted by Elleart75

I have had nothing but issues with bing since I started my business. not only do they make it impossible to verify your business with them, but they have made my business unsearchable with bing ads. I was given a %100 coupon to try out their ads, but when I signed up they didnt tell me that when I did that I would then be unsearchable from then on uless I paid for it. I tried to cancel it all and go back to where I was but after spending hours on the computer trying talk to one of their reps and getting nowhere (all he wanted was for me to top up my budget and refused to listen to anything else even though I explained I couldnt afford to keep it as Im about to have a death in the family and have to pay for that) I then spent more time speaking to the manager. And still got no where. Warning to all. Avoid bing. They will screw up your business. Im still waiting for someone to get back to me fix this issue.

Posted by Anonymous

[email protected]

Having been in business for over 40 years it is sad that BING has our business as CLOSED and a phone number from 40 years ago. Guess we need to tell customers not to BING Dunn & Co., Inc. Nice that Google has it correct though,

Dave Dunn

Posted by Anonymous

My current events classes can no longer use due to your blantant bias for Hillary Clinton. You bash Trump everyday while adding one short story and never too "damaging" on Clinton. My classes can no longer be part of your bias.

Posted by No More Free Porn

Please block all Free Porn. Online Porn is destroying families and impressionable children of all ages. Filter are not the answer. Do you want your adolescents learning about sex from the internet?

Posted by Anonymous

If you forget your login they can NOT help you... If your question is about why the search engine pulls up bad information (addresses specifically), they can NOT help you either. I was told by a "manager" that I would need to research search engine optimization to correct the (address) problem. Customer service is batting ZERO!

Posted by djdpostman

I have 25 NEW RESIDENTIAL addresses that need to be entered into your data source for BING MAPS. Whom can I contact about getting these new addresses entered into your data base?

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to purchase A 1/32 scale Nakajima kate model Airplane appears U have'em but can't appear to BUY ONE! CALL lf l don t p/u please leave call back # and confirmation of ltem T.U.

Posted by Fed Up

Please tell me how to PERMANENTLY remove Bing from my PC .. all my settings choose Google, I want Google and Google only, yet I am constantly being harassed by Bing. I have never given permission to install Bing. I want it off my PC and never to see it again. Please confirm how I can do this.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not sure why but the last 3 times when i go to redeem my gift card from points it says my account is under review and does not allow me to get my gift card. Why am I going under review almost every time i go to redeem my gift card. I am doing everything i am supposed to do that bing asks of me for the bing rewards i search every day pc and mobile devise, I participate in the the quiz's, but the last 3 times i go to redeem they freeze my account and not understanding or knowing why. I have only ONE Account and give no explanation of why. This last one stated that my phone number was not a phone number and stated basically was a landline. I do not have a landline only a CELL phone. I recommended Bing rewards to many people but not sure why I am being treated like this all of a sudden. If you could please help me to understand why BING is doing this to me.

Thank you Very Much ...

Posted by Anonymous

BING, you are utterly POOR in the undertaking of Results! I really can`t Stand you for the Briefest of Moments & ALWAYS have to Switch to Google for easy Navigation of the Internet! I don`t know whether its your Prescribed Monopoly on the Internet, the insistence to use poor providers/sponsors or your complete ineptitude but I wouldn`t recommend you to a dying Relative whom I always hated!

Completely POOR Service, Loath everything that you do or advise & I wish you would eradicate yourself from the Service Platform & give Space to someone who could!


Posted by [email protected]

I'm angry. Yesterday, May 4, 2016, every time I hit a link (ANY LINK), a BING page popped up with search options. IF I WANTED TO SEARCH, I WOULD HAVE SEARCHED THROUGH GOOGLE. I return to the link and the second time I am linked. This is a huge waste of time to me...and with hideously painful arthritic more hit! one more bounce to the bones! and one more source of major frustration. I've become furious. My Senior citizen sleep gene has been kicking in at 3 am. So, this morning, the g-damned BING started again. I have gone to setting and done what I understood to get rid of it. PLEASE GET RID OF IT NOW. GET IT OFF MY COMPUTER. I DON'T WANT BING. I HATE BING. I HATE THAT YOU JUST INTERFERE WITH MY PEACEFUL LIFE. IF I WANTED BING I'D ASK FOR BING. I DON'T WANT IT. GET RID OF IT. GET RID OF IT. GET RID OF IT. IMMEDIATELY. BONNIE HILL, ITHACA, NY

Posted by Anonymous

What on earth is a company / service like Bing doing providing a NON service. Your NON search engine hardly provides an efficient search that dosen't find any thing. Your radar weather maps only seem to show anything at all if there is no bad weather in the area. If there is any sort of bad weather moving through the area the map is blank. I wish for once in a life time competent business and services would stop being taken over by incompetent bumbling so called services that don't do a dammed thing for the money that people and companies pay for. Bing, why don' you just go away, sell your company to people who really know what they are doing.

Posted by Anonymous

The lane I live in was reinstated by the council one year ago leading to a new postcode. People using bing maps are unable to find the people living here. Are you able to check and update your map?
Old address - 2a Cossham Road BS5 8FS
Now - Wicket Cottage Wicket Lane BS5 8FS

Posted by Anonymous

bing search has been collapsed for more than 4 hours. This never happened to google search. Long way for bing to catch up google

Posted by Ardis

Please :CNACEL" my website and delete my credit card numbers (old and/or updated) from ALL Team National records and documentations ASAP!

Please send confirmation to my personal email, that you have deleted my credit card numbers intirely



Posted by Johnson

Absolutely appauling map program,constant crashes, constant fail to load on excellent broadband.overall absolutely disgraceful map program, multimap went and bing came, just terrible


On Your Bing Maps/driving Directions, You Need To Correct And Submit The Proper Spelling
For A Street Name In Asheville, N.c. The Street Name (which I Live On) Is Fremont Road
(with One "e" Only) In Asheville, N.c. I Tried To Submit My Address On Your Bing Maps
Web Page But It Would Not Allow Me To Do So. There Is Only One (1) Fremont Road
In Buncombe County In Asheville, N.c. According To The County Maps Department;
An Incorrect Spelling Of Freemont Rd. (2 E'e) Does Not Exist! Please Make This
Correction Now. I Have So Informed Gps Companies: Mapquest, Tomtom, Garmin, Mapquest,
Google, Yahoo, Etc. And They All Made This Correction And Submitted Fremont Rd. (one 'e'
Only) In Their Driving Directions And Maps. Thank You For Making This Correction.

Posted by crime check

Bing is promoting malware which i thing is unethical i was going through some ads and i found that when i searched bing search engine for news i gor some irritattion malware sound saying my computer is infected with virus so what i realised tht the campaign of youtube, news and many other who run eith bing campaigns they have malware and virus links

Worst part is Bing is not checking the ads they are running and resulting in lowering down the reputation of bing

Posted by Chris1983

Bing will never be able to compete with Google!customers service rep are operating like kinagardens.I told them cancel my account.they lied and said my campaign was up and running I caught them in a lie it wasn't then they offer me a 20$ credit for my inconvenience never got it!! Then he went up to a 100$ for his mistake you think I got?no!!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Bing,

As an Artist you have put Artwork upon your webpage, it belongs to me and you do not have permission to put my artwork out for the minnions to copy and use as there own...I am advising you that you need to take the Afghan Hound Artwork off your page or I am going to sue you for art theft. You may contact

Mrs. Nibarger

Posted by Anonymous

When you search for Westminster Council a box appears to the tight with THE WRONG INFORMATION which need changing immediately. It says that the phone number is (this is wrong, that number belongs to a small arts charity called Westminster Arts that have nothing to do with the council and are merely based in the same borough) and as the address Council House which is where some elements of the council used to be based several yeast ago, but which is now a building site in the process of being restructured for a college. I am the Director of Westminster Arts and if you need to contact me to verify any of this please call 020 7321 2702, leaving your number if you get the answerphone. We do not have the resources to continually answer the phone for Westminster City Council and I am sure you can understand this is very annoying. Thank you for your attention in this matter

Posted by Anonymous

I really don't like Bing Maps format, why did you change it it is horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't appreciate the message that unless I tell you my feelings on ads I will be terminated. James cannon Quite frankly it is none of your business!

Add your review!

Posted by anonymous

Someone had fraudulently altered my Bing search engine business listing to show "location closed". Very damaging for my business. Although it took two frustrating days(not bad in real terms)once the message got through to the tech department via a long process through the advertising department....they fixed the problem! Rupunsel (well it was 0400 my time)did a great job and I am very grateful.

Posted by Anonymous Male

I selected german, then started to type 'die andere hauptrollen' but when i got to 'die andere hauptro', it came up with 'the other' and the '1' was bold. this is a silly error. but otherwise brilliant translation- better than Google, save for this.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say 'thank you' to the people at Bing for the excellent screen saver photos and the comments attached. I never want to miss a day of checking to see what photo is there and to read about it. Kudos on the selections and on the clarity of the photos.


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