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Big Lots customer service is ranked #172 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 280 ratings. This score rates Big Lots customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


241 Negative Comments out of 280 Total Comments is 86.07%.


39 Positive Comments out of 280 Total Comments is 13.93%.

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    • 48.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 241 negative comments (86.07%)
    • 39 positive comments (13.93%)
    • 14 employee comments
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    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Disappointed customer

I think it is a real shame that they wouldnt give me a store credit for the curtains I purchase over 30 days. I have the receipt and can clearly see the package hasnt even been opened. Plus they still carry in the store.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a sectional couch in July, its now Feb and the frame has given out ( from normal sitting, no kids for heavy wear!) Cannot return .. $900 for 6 months NOT WORTH IT!

Posted by Anonymous

Do Not Purchase Anything Online From Biglots You Will Not Recieve Your Item I Ordered A Bed From Them 4 Weeks Ago And Never Recieved It. When I Call I Get No Response, The One Time They Did Answear They Said They Would Have The Manager Call Me And I Have Yet To Hear From Them.
So I Then Called Corporate And They Said The Bed I Ordered Is Actually Coming From Another Store That They Dont Sell Beds They Just Basically Advertised It On Their Site And Purchased It From Another Company Store To Get Their Greedy Hands On Part Of The Money. I Missed A Whole Day Of Work Because It Was Going To Be Deilivered Between 830am To 1030 Am Just To Be Told 4 Hours Later That They Lost My Bed. Not Once Did They Notify Me To Tell Me It Wasn't Coming I Had To Call Them To Find That Out.
For One They Shouldn't Be Advertising A Product They Dont Sell To Beging With And I Do Beilieve That Is False Advbrtising, And 2 Iselling Other Peoples Products Just To Get A Cut Out Of Their Money, Should Be Illegal. But If They Will Do That Then It Is No Suprise That I Dont Have Bed Because Basically They Are Thieves And I Will Probably Never See That Bed That I Paid %858.00 For. So If Your Thinking About Purchasing Online With Big Lots Don;t Do It
They Will Take Your Money And Give You Nothiing Except A Run Around

Posted by Buckhead Lawn Design

I have shopped at Big Lots for many years as of tonight they have lost my business forever. I went to the Big Lots at 3479 S. Cobb Drive in Smyrna Ga with some battery powered seasonal lights that did not work and wanted to exchange them for the same lights. I did not keep the receipt as they were only $12 and did not expect them to be inferior. The girl at the register told me to go get the same lights since it was an exchange for the same lights. Then the event turned into a nightmare because she could not exchange the lights without the receipt. She called the manager and he claimed the lights were past season because of some code on the box when I had just purchased the lights at the end of October. Our company decorates mailboxes with battery powered lights during the holidays and this had happened before but thankfully I had kept the receipt as the lights were made in China. Without the receipt they would not allow the exchange for the same lights .. I was so angry I left the lights and walked out and I will not ever purchase anything from Big Lots again. If the store can not stand by your product they sell with their logo clearly on it don't sell it and Big Lots was clearly on the box. I was even more upset with the half hour drive in rush hour Christmas traffic to exchange them and experience this nightmare. Customer service MANAGEMENT skills at this store is terrible but if anybody buys anything at this store keep your receipt as they do not stand behind their products.

Posted by Acat7

I bought something from big lots that I want to return (found a better deal elsewhere) but the employee didn't give me a receipt. Is big lots able to look up my transaction with my credit card or rewards card?

Posted by Anonymous

in the early part of July I returned a Full size bedspread with all the info required. To this day I have not received a credit on my credit card. Could someone please help me.???
I do like to shop in your store.

Posted by Poke 111111

Were glad that the workers at big lots lisen only to the lose prevention and not the customers because they determine if they lose there job are not. However without making your customers happy you will have no company at all who do you think really determines if you lose your job so stupid morons watching a camera all day r customers cause you can stay in business if you have no customers and big lots and there greedy attitude about keep the gift r give it away no reciept no return policy is ludicrous the company is just greedy and thats why walmart will shut you idiots down sorry the shirt i got for Christmas didn't fit big lots don't worry i threw it away for you you happy. Hey

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a couch recliner in July 2016. One of the worst investments I ever made. Mechanics are bent and don't work. Side falling off. I will never purchase anything of value at big lots.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Vtech phone from Big Lots Clarksville Indiana. I have not even had it a good month yet. It was bought between December28 to January 12. Today is January 28,and it is not working. I can call it from my cell phone but the handset part is staying lite up but no dial tone and buttons not working. I will try take it back this evening and see what I get. I cannot find my receipt and I have the papers from the box but not the box. I had no idea I would be needing to return it or any type problem for thst matter. I will report the out come of my return attempt

Posted by Anonymous

I just brought a vacuum and my daughter misplace the receipt and can't find it when i open the box it's not even new it's been used and not working properly and i can't return it without receipt it's just the feeling that i throw money it stressing me up i need money and the same time i need a vacuum not stepping in biglots again

Posted by CRYIN 1

I paid for furniture at big lots had it a year got in 2013 did not last a year i call them they would not refund us OUR MONEY BACK

Posted by Rosie

St. Augustine FL: In order to get heavy items put in my car at the curb I attempted to pull up there but several delivery trucks and cars were taking up most of the available space. The Big Lots manager started yelling at me loudly togetmycar out of thereand gesturing wildly to move. I turned around and when the other cars moved was able to pull up to a spot away from the place he'd told me not to park.i got out of my car to open the trunk, whereby the manager starting berating me about how he noticed I didn't like what he'd said to me. I said it wasn't that, it was the nasty way he yelled at me. He got madder and a steady stream of loud angry words were directed at me in front of a female employee(who looked scared to death) and customers. He shoved my chairs in the car and slammed the door. What a horrible experience w a very unprofessional and abusive manager. I hope I never have to go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to get in touch with you to file a fraud on a card issued in my name. I haven't applied for any cards in my name. I've filed a police report for identity thief and identity fraud and elder abuse too. I need someone to contact me or my fiance Demika Powell about any information containing this case. Her phone number is and my number is I look forward to hearing from someone soon and please put a stop hold on this card. Thank you so much Bertice Edwards

Posted by BIG LOTS sells very bad quality

I bought a queen size Emory mattress. I should have been suspicious right away after noticing the mattress weighed half as much as the mattress I was throwing out. The Benson lasted two months before the sag was intolerable. There was the only one person sleeping on the mattress, but the wide sag also made the other side unusable. The springs where poking through and the sagging where hurting me. Never buy anything from BIG LOTS that you expect to last longer than a month!!!! Also most of the food is bad for you too.

Posted by Three1

Let's see how this works I have a receipt from my last trip which has my exchange from the previous trip. Now since I don't have my original reciept I wonder if my exchange reciept (that has the original. Reciept number on itwill work

Posted by Anonymous

I am very upset that the couponsame that I received the weekend after thanksgiving only lasted as long as they did. I went to use them on Saturday the 3rd and they were already no good. I guess I should return some of the items I purchased to make sure I had enough to get the coupon. It just really can make a person who loves the store upset that you are not appreciated enough to get something that last more then a couple days.

Posted by Anonymous

My question is how can you adjust the terrible attitude of the store manager here at 785 North Hacienda Boulevard La Puente California. I thought this would be the best way to contact the main office because apparently the phones are never answered and you can wait 30 or 40 minutes and no one takes your call hopefully this problem is solved

Posted by tweedbrothers

Dissatisfaction pretty much sums up my experience at Big Lots. On 11/26 I purchased $190.00 of merchandise.After paying the clerk handed me a voucher for $10,$20 and $40 if total was over $200.00. On 11/27, when voucher was valid, I spoke with the store Mgr. at 10:00 a.m. I want to use the voucher purchase an additional $10.00 to max the eligibility for the $40.00.The store Mgr. insisted he would not do that. I explained I could return the merchandise and repurchase it to day, but I don't think I or you should go through extra steps. He insisted I could return the items, but would not resell them to me. I said this make no sense at all, he responded "that's the store policy", I asked to speak with the store or regional Mgr.,I can't give you his number, call the corporate office at the bottom of your receipt.I don't understand why he wouldn't resell me the merchandise.

Posted by Scotty

I am so disappointed this year. I have waited along with many others to see what that pretty lady for the past several years that has starred on the Big Lots commercial I found out her name is Deanna. Has been replaced by this crappy commercial that I'm seeing now. Her is was always hunt energy she would take a song and rewrite it something familiar and turn it into a Big Lots song for Christmas and Black Friday like last year Black Friday woman with lots of dancing and fast-paced action at the same time highlighting many of the products they are for sale. It couldn't help but cheer you up and make you happy and want to go Christmas shopping. Apparently some moron bean counter decided to to hire someone else and do a cut-rate commercial that's so cheap it doesn't make me want to shop at Big Lots anymore I would go there just because of that ladies commercials. But not this year because she's not on there this year I'll be doing my shopping at Walmart, Northern Tool + Chicago tool. With commercials so good with this lady and the other two girls how could you ever consider doing something else so cheap and simple. But if I see her and her singing group advertising some other store you can bet I'll be shopping at that other store Merry Christmas to all and happy Christmas shopping in places other than Big Lots

Posted by Anonymous

Brian at your store in Gainesville GA went above and beyond for me today.However the other manager was a total Ass. I was looking for a tree that was out of stock. Brian looked it and discovered they had some at another location,but it was too far away. I then ask if I could buy the display and Brian told Pat yes, because there were none on order. Brian was at a register at the time, so Pat ask the other guy to take it down for me. He pitched s big fit with me standing right there."We. Don't Sell Displays " ! I was surprised that he was pitching a fit right in front of me. When he got it down he said."So you want me to shove it in a cart or what". Again he was extremely rude and I was not about to ask for a box. I ask to put it upfront and I would take out as is. He was not done yet. While Brian was ringing me up he came over to complain again. To add more he began to verbally badger Brian with me standing there . He. Told him he needed to get off the register and go collect carts or something. At no time did Brian loose his cool. The other guy, should not be working in Retail at all.

Posted by Appalled

I was in outrage when I went to return some seamless bras on Sisk Rd. in Modesto. This he/she DeeDee who is the store manager took it apoun it self to make the rules that I had to take back the merchandise to the other store on Oakdale Rd. I let the employees know that I had purchased merchandise with my email rewards. So they could look it up that way
They refused to look up my email.

Posted by Anonymous

I received my purchase and want to return it. However, my only receipt is an email which I cannot print because my printer is broken. What can I do? Thanks

Posted by Cyd

I should do an even exchange,people receive gifts that are wrong and they have no receipt...that is not right,even Wal-Mart honors that .

Posted by debbie franco

Hello I need a callback as soon as possible my name is Debbie Franco, I have a big complain about the Big Lots #1224 in San Antonio. I need to speak to someone as soon as possible. thank you. A little rundown, I had a layaway at Big Lots since August had made about 5 payments, so when I went Saturday October 29th to pay off my layaway, and my item was never put on hold. The manager really didn't seem to care, Im extremely upset and want to know how BigLots is going to take care of this. I was given my money back, HOWEVER, I just built a house and this chair was part of my décor, had brought other items to compliment this chair. An immediate response would be appreciated.

Posted by schnade

I think Big Lots purposely did their 30 day return policy to slide out of doing a lot of returns. In July I purchased a serta twin bed set for my disabled daughter. Her current bed was almost 20 years old and starting to look worn. So we bought this brand new bed with her birthday money. She was so excited until now, just 3 months later, the side is sagging and almost slants downward from the center. When I thought I'd flip the mattress I was shocked to see the springs poking through the backside!! This mattress is 3 months old!! Big Lots refuses to take it back because it's more than 30 days and can't be returned in original condition! What?? If it was in original shape I wouldn't have to return it! Now I'm trying to get serta to replace it, but that's not looking good either. I will never shop at Big Lots again and am warning others of them too.

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Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with my purchase from the Santa fe nm store they guys treated us like we were royalty.. my couches are so comfy from my older ones .. I will be going back..

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your greenwood sc store toady, it was one of the cleanest stores I have been in . The customer service I got was wonderful Brooke was my cashier and she was very polite and got me checked out quickly. I will shop here again

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have been treated with complete satisfaction today 5/4/16. I purchased approximately $800 worth of patio furniture last week and put it on pbnt. The weather here hasn't cooperated lately and I kept putting the pick up of my purchase off. I called several times asking to keep holding my items, and not once did I get any problem from Charles or yevett.They assured me that it was OK and that I could pick it up when I was ready. Today I went to pick up the items and Charles and Yevett were extremely helpful and very understanding. Charles helped me put the items in my car and was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you to the both of them and keep up the good work. Very satisfied customer.

Posted by Tammy

I went to The West Sacramento store and my cashierwas Diana and the manager was Sean, I had to wait for my boss to come pay for my things and while I was waiting Sean got me a basket and more then once asked if I needed help with anything Diana was a very present cashier they made my shopping very comfortable and I will be a forever customer. I drove there today just to tell them what a amazing job they both have done. I will go to the West Sacramento Big Lots for ever. And the funny thing is I just moved across town but I appreciated them both so much I will make the drive to go to that store thank you both so much Sean & Diana

Posted by joie

Received excellent customer service at Kennesaw ga big lots. Nice people. Should be a model for other stores

Posted by Anonymous

Store 4001 in Riverside California is awesome trish and Angel you are examples of customer service I am disable for about eight months and every time I come they are always helping me and that's awesome for me I tried and tell everybody about that big Lots kudos to the district manager hope you let your people know how important they are with a visit and let them know in person God bless you

Posted by petrag

Good morning,
your store # 4508 in Scottsdale is the best shopping experience!!!
Everybody is nice and helpful. Marie is the store manager and she is great with her employees and does everything and is very hands on and always friendly. Theresa customer service is a jewel too and always friendly and so helpful.
it is a very busy store but customer service is the first priority.
Thank you very much.

Best regards
Petra Grueder

Posted by Anonymous

excellent customer service from Nancy and Matt at Rochester N.H. store. They both were very helpful and professional May I add they were both personable and gracious. We will shop there again.

Posted by Denise764

I hate how every time you go there you can not find the same products.I notice this a lot with food items.Also you have to watch expiration dates closely because a lot of times they are expired or very close to it.This store needs to be more reliable like Walmart.And it's out dated how they put a sticker on every product.And as far as I can tell the shoppers card does nothing.

Posted by SJefferies

Excellent customer service, David assisted us in finding all the furniture we needed and was very professional and friendly.

Posted by Great Experience

4/11/15 - I had the greatest shopping experience ever, the furniture sales associate greeted me as soon as stepped into the area & told me that her name was Tracy & to give her a yell if I needed her. I was looking for a step stool so I asked Tracy to point me in the direction & she said no I,m going to take u to them because we might get over there & they,be been moved, sure enough they were not there so Tracy said let's try one more location because we're always changing things around. So she took me to the isle where the brooms were but there wasn't any there either. So, she turned to me & said I'm sorry we're sold out but let me be for sure an ask my manager & to the service desk we went & she asked the manager & cashier. Both, said that they were out of stock & Tracy told me to check back because its possible that some might come on the next truck. And I said I sure will and you get an A+ for being so great & caring!!

Posted by Anonymous

I love Big Lots. I was over there today, and at checkout the cashier handed me a card with contact info. that I could to use if I had any comments or concerns. The only thing different that I would like would be to have the price is on each item.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not sure if I'm on the right page for the Middletown Big lots store.. But I will begin by saying tonight I went into the store and its was close to closing the cashier by the name of Tiffany had at least 3 customers ahead of me she was doing a great job handling all the customers.. She worked very quickly to satisfy every customer without having them wait so long I watched as a very rude customer said some very disrespectful things.. But the cashier simply continue to do her job in a orderly manner. The rude customer said she was contacting corporate well I'm hoping u guys received this first.. This is not a complaint but a compliment to let u guys know that u have trained your employees well... I'm a regularly customer and I have been threw Tiffany line many of times and she is very friendly and helpful..

Posted by doctacuda

Just returned from your Colonie store where it was unusually very busy due to a great sale. Staff were very busy assisting many customers. I was interested in purchasing a large seasonal item which was on display and I needed to know if there were any left in stock. I also had questions about this item. I approached a salesperson named "Lori #1264" who appeared extremely busy and was assisting two other customers. She in a friendly professional manner stated she would assist me momentarily which she did and efficiently answered my questions, fulfilled my requests which resulted in a sale and a very satisfied customer. She also was able to smile despite the extremely busy, crowded and noisy conditions. I was also thanked for my purchase. There should be more employees who are able to handle busy, stressful circumstances and still be pleasant & respectful customer service persons like Lori. She is an asset to Big Lots!

Posted by friendliness

I shop at the American Fork store #4489. Just before Christmas I hurried in to purchase a Christmas tree I had seen a couple of weeks earlier. As far as I could tell the particular tree I wanted was sold out. I was sadly standing and contemplating what to do when the young clerk, Vincent, asked if he could help me. I told him my concern and he said he would check in the back and see if there were any left. He quickly came back all smiles with the exact tree I wanted. Then (I am old and clumsy) he loaded it onto my cart, waited with me while I paid for it then took it out to my car. My trunk was almost too small for the box, but he carefully took the time to wrestle it into my car and wished me a Merry Christmas. Such a cute and helpful kid! Made my day! Jeannie Papic

Posted by Anonymous

This comment is about your tv commercial. It is the best commercial on tv. The one with the three lady singing. Make a person want to go shopping at your stores. Love it. Thanks nancy in wv.

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to mention the really nice person at Big Lots Auburn, ME that was very helpful with our purchase. Her name is Paula. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank and praise an employee (Pierre) for his excellent customer service, and his genuine assistance with regards to my lost purse. It was found and he immediately turned it in. It contained a large sum of monies that I hadn't deposited. I am forever grateful and appreciate the loyalty that your employees possess. I tried to reward the young man but he declined. I hope there is a reward policy that you have in place at your establishment. The young man deserves to be praised, maybe offered a stock option, scholarship, gift card, or simple lunch on the company. Store # 4328.

Posted by Anonymous


Your store in Warwick Ave RI is making a lot improvements in cleaning, organization, and customer service. I was pleasantly surprised in the last visit on Tuesday June 3,2014.



Posted by Anonymous

We recently purchased a South Hampton Gazebo at store # 4107 and I would like you to know that the store manager, Nancy, was so helpful. We picked it up a few days later and the employees helped us load it in our truck. Everyone at store 4107 are so friendly and helpful. Thank you again Janie Erwin

Posted by lsmft

The truth of the matter is that most customers don't realize that the issue with service and the employees go well beyond the store management. The real issue is the lack of culture and the fact that the regional management has no interest in discussing the real issues. Poor morale is caused by over worked store management, lack of payroll and a company that is not conducive to work in. They can't find good associates due to poor scheduling and lack of payroll to make it worth working there. So, the next time you go into a Big Lots store and have a bad experience, peel the onion back. The people you call or E-mail are the cause of the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern I would like to give a special thank you to an a employee by the name of mynika mciver at your big lots in captiol heights md Ritchie station market ct. She helped my daughter and son out as they came into the store to shop they are legally blind and have disabilities she had good service and very good customer service skills,she help them get everything they needed even help them return an item they came to return we need lots of people like her workin in our retail stores I thank her so much.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to take the time to thank Brandy at store 5259 for making my shopping experience at big lots a pleasant one .She went out of her way to help me find the things I was looking for with no hesitation.its this type of customer service that makes me want to return again. Thanks so much.

Posted by nate

I shop frequently at the Pocatello Idaho
store and have never had a negative experience
the whole store is nice and helpful

Posted by Anonymous

On Wednesday, February 19,2014, I purchaseed a package of Fresh Finds Green Tea at the Big Lots located in Land of Lakes, Florida. Big Lots store #1649. I paid $3.75 for this purchase. My husband and I normally like green tea, but this green tea was not good. Please let me know what can be done about this. Thank you, Elizabeth Spain

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been with big lots for almost 24 years and I would love to see you all give your associates. Thanksgiving day off two days a year is all we ask thanksgiving and Christmas we have families. Just as you all do I love my job and the years should prove that I love my co associates and my coutomers. Years ago we closed at 6 pm on holidays what happened to that and now in my district we are open till midnight do you not know how dangerous that is. I know this is going right out the window with you all because I'm only one person but at least go back to closing at 6 pm. On holidays and Sundays. Every district is differemt take a good look at sales after certain time. In different areas as you all sit down with your families on holidays think about us. Not getting to spend that same holiday with our families. I sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'm just taking a chance some one will listen.

Posted by TayCynthia7

Hello, I am a former sales associate/stocker with Big Lots and I'm very angry. I had just recently handed in my two week notice to my manager on a Saturday afternoon and was not given the new schedule for that week. No one had called me and told me I was supposed to work or told me I was just straight up fired. The day after I turned in my two week notice, I was taken off the schedule completely without any calls from the manager or assistant manager. Which not only made me furious because I needed those two weeks, but also confused because I had no Idea why I wasn't on the schedule anymore. If anyone has an email or phone number for the corporate office, I would very much appreciate it.

Posted by jim

Worst company that I have ever worked for in my entire life. all of the buffalo locations have issues like racism, equality, moody employees, under appreciated employees, bad management, and a racist way of looking at things like this so called Jennifer, she is suppose to represent all of biglots customers, I hate to break it to u but not all of their customers are white and fat! so maybe corporate should look into it and start hanging up pics of other ethnic backgrounds/south Ogden, Delaware ave and all other locations.

Do the math someone. Go around buffalo to the Biglots stores tell me how many people u see there that are white, then count how many other employees are African American, Muslim, Chinese, etc... I bet you will find that there is all white workers with one other worker from a different ethnic background. I am not a white man but I sound it on the phone, it took these guys 6months to get a hold me and once I had my interview it took another month for them to consider me... wow I guess they had to be sure that the other African AMERICAN GUY WAS DONE WITH THE JOB!

Posted by Anonymous

Worse place i ever worked they bthink your dogs for 8.38 an hour. Theu can keep it..,management sucks to

Posted by live89

I am a employee and the mangers I have Nicholas and Pam are the rudest people I ever met they cut customers off from talking they never let them finish the walk around with attitudes Nicholas smells like cigarettes
And to top it off they belittle there employees in front of the customers when none of us was properly trained

Posted by annomyous

I worked there awhile. And that is the dirtiest place I ever seen. Employee don't wash there hands after using the rest room. the employees are very rude to customers and the manager and asst managers are the rudest of all. All they want is to people to leave them alone so they can sit in there office and eat and do whatever they want to do. Doesn't care how store is run.they care about is them selfs. Me personally will never step foot back in there and I will spread the word everywhere for people to stay out of the big lots in Henderson nc 27536 on dabney drive.They leave there stock laying all over the floor and to me that is a very big hazard for customers. They could easly fall. BIG LOTS IS A BIG JOKE!!!!!

Posted by Stu

I am a former employee of big lots. I worked for 2 happy years at the Wyoming, Michigan location without any problem with any mgr or employee. I moved to Arizona and transferred to the Ina Rd and Thornnydale location. Within 5 weeks I learned that this must be the most miserable place on earth to work. The store manager Elaine is completely out of her mind. She is without a doubt the most miserable and out of touch person I have ever worked for. I have no idea how a successful store such as this would actually let someone like her manage anything as important as a store. I was so unhappy at this store that I actually walked out on my shift, which is something I have never done before. I am we'll aware that not all big lots are this way. I had 2 happy years in Michigan with this company. I would just like to point out to anyone in Arizona, the big lots location on Ina Rd and Thornnydale is not the place for you. Elaine will do her best to make your time there miserable. Once again don't be taken in by Elaine and her false sense of leadership. She is merely the devil in blue jeans and a big lot shirt.

Posted by ARMCavazos

Hello my name is Rosemary Carrillo, my son Joseph Cavazos worked for your Salinas, CA store at one point. He is no longer employed since 01/05/2013 When he was employed he helped the San Jose, CA store and was supposed to be paid the mileage (135 miles). To this day he has yet to get paid and no one in this store knows how to conduct professional corporate business. This is why I would greatly appreciate if someone will please contact us atimmediately. If we do not hear back by Friday, 03/08/2013 we will be forced to contact the CA Labor board and report that Big Lots is not abiding by the law in paying out the ex-employees on their last day of employment.I would also like to add that someone in this store forged my son's signature on the invoice provided to him for the mileage (this is against the law, especially when noted on the invoice "Employee Signature").

Posted by underpaid

Store 478 got a woman manager after the good guy retired, she doesnt care about her employees, the only ones they get good pay and higher raises are her special pics that don't do nothing while the loyal employees work their hind ends off, for way less money. She talks about ALL of the employees, constantly stirs up things, and says DM won't do a thing to her cause she is pretty she should buy a mirror, she always pics on employees, and customers.

Posted by jane stocker

This is for your Loss prevention department. I work at store 4246 and have been at this store for 13 years. The best time of my employment was in 2003 to 2111 because were had a great manager, before him management was bad and after him what a joke this store has been and thanks to molly hall, mr. boas and a rude DM mike noyes. The problem is that are store manager name AJ gives her employee discount to all her friends. Isn't this against company policy. We have them call from different biglots to see if AJ is working so they can get her discount. It's time to clean up all your stores of these managers who cheat. We all know that AJ is a good friend of the DM. FIX THIS PROBLEM AND MAYBE THE COMPANY WILL SHOW A PROFIT. OR LET EVERY ASSOCIATE GIVE THERE DISCOUNT NUMBER TO EVERY ONE WHO SHOPS BIGLOTS. HIRE NEW DM'S AND THEY HIRE PEOPLE FROM THERE OLD EMPLOYMENT. THIS HAS TO STOP.

Posted by Anonymous

The way employees are spoken to with absolutely no respect is deplorable.Also have had about 10 customers comment on this in last 6 months alone.Some have made formal complaints but the higher up bossses don't seem to care as nothing is done to change it.Hours are cut more and more all the time if you do get 25 hrs most of the time it is dragged out over 5-6 days instead of 3/8 hr shifts so it costs more just to get back and forth to work.No incentives are given or regular raises.Meanwhile they keep hiring new people,quite often teenagers so that they won't give you enough hours to even kind of survive on.This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for and am only there out of desperation as ther is a high unemployment rate in our area.

Posted by Xemployee

Don't buy anything with a motor in it, because everything is remanufactured. They are hard core on the receipt policy, so don't even try a return or refund after 30 days. Furniture is bashed around the warehouse (I know because I worked in the DC!) so you're lucky if you get an undamaged piece. Food sits around for months and gets dusty- please don't buy the food there! Cosmetics and batteries are repackaged to hide the expiration dates and/or store origin (buyouts from drugstores). Staff is stressed by working crazy long hours or getting sent home early - no regular shifts or hours - so don't be shocked if they take your head off for yet another stupid question. Long hours, short staffed, stupid policies (try working at the corporate office with those babies all day!) all make for one long week in H-E - double hockey sticks.

Posted by flossie145

the employees at store 5101 are really being crapped own. Our manager quit plus we dont have one now. And they dont make the schedule out where they work there parttime some own the weekends they usually make all the full time people work and they never get a weekend off. there is alot of things you could do with your family outside of the lots. Plus some us would like to go to church. Years ago when i came there to work i was parttime and they had me work weekends and sometimes when the hours was short i didnt get to work at all. And now they started wanting to know how much you do at night and they started counting tickets again. How are you going to get your tickets when certain people think they should just price and the rest of you put out. Thats not fair. Plus if your cashiering you need to overlap schedules where the person that comes in frist will be able to have a potty break since none of our employes get. They dont hardly get to take a 15 minute break becasue the manger dont give them one.We need help at our store with someone showing them how to make a schedule to where we could all live in peace and harmony at work. Because right now we are all disgusted about the conditions at store 5101. Concerned employee

Posted by justmeagain

Big Lots sucks and they treat employees terrible. I worked there for years and was never treated so badly by anyone as I was there. I know of at least 25 good employees that have been treated so unfairly almost illegal and they get away with it. They must all be proud to work for a cheap ass company that bullies people.


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