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Big Fish Games customer service is ranked #410 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 622 ratings. This score rates Big Fish Games customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


582 Negative Comments out of 622 Total Comments is 93.57%.


40 Positive Comments out of 622 Total Comments is 6.43%.

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    • 34.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 582 negative comments (93.57%)
    • 40 positive comments (6.43%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I allowed my child to purchase a game, not realizing it was a monthly subscription, being charged a second time we cancelled. Can't believe we are still being charged!! We cancelled on line to the subscription!!! we no longer have the game, and are constantly billed!!! I am canceling my card!! I nor my children will ever purchase from BIG FISH GAMES again!! They don't even have a contact customer service phone number!ð ð

Posted by Don't think I have one.

Why can't I phone you. It's difficult and time-consuming to get any thing done this way. I type with one finger and and I spell worse then I type. I have been a member of bigfoot sence 2000 and I love your games but dealing with your company when I have a problem is difficult and very frustrating. And if it is for me it probably is for other seniors. Thank you kindly for taking time to read this and thank you again if you can do something abou this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

hi My name is Dorothy Barrow.i have been a member of Bigfish for many years and spent many many �£s.i am getting a little mixed up nowadays with my accounts .i am 63 and would be very grateful if you would merge my 2 accounts into one .I am buying games and cant play them there in another account .could you close and transfer all my games to so when i buy stuff i will know where to play .Hoping you can assist me

Posted by Rw55w58

I just purchased a game for my pc. Tumbelbugs2 are they gonna mail it to me. Confirmation number isi thought i was buying the disk

Posted by Alilbitbelle

I contacted BFG on Saturday and was asked to provide info. I immediately did so and have not heard anything since, despite multiple messages asking for help. I am beyond frustrated and completely enraged with the lack of customer service with this place.

Posted by Anonymous

Please cancel my subscription

Posted by Anonymous

A complete rip-off. Con you into buying chips with deals 24/7, give low amount of chips away, but you will never be a consistent winner unless you buy hundreds or thousands worth of chips. Customer service is a joke, always using the line "completely random". It's not random when the same people always win, and the rest sputter along. Fun to play yes, but don't even think of giving them a dime !!!!

Posted by chickadee11500

The Customer Service department does not exist. I am convinced of this because for the last 2 years when the service is seriously not working and requests are submitted through the "forms" no one ever gets back to a member. Lately the games have not even been loading correctly even when you purchase them. They do not care about their customers and do not care if they get what they pay for or not and flaunt it by not responding or giving even minimal service.

Posted by New yorker

my balance 12M should be 13 M I didnt play! I only played your freebie 11/11:45 Monday 5/29. Memorial day cmon now im scated to play cmon Riembrse me fast!!

Posted by Anonymous

SOMEHOW ALL MY POINTS I'VE EARNED ON BIG FISH CASINO UNDER love of Henna have disappeared and the game is starting me completely over. Is there anyway to get my POINTS back?

Posted by beachbum20

I hate big fishs website, i have tried for over an hour to re create a new password and i did recieve a temp. password, but it won't let me sign in, I even put in a different e-mail address, that didn't work either. I tried calling to speak to a live tech support person, and that didn't work either, I went to the help page, that didn't work either. I will find another game company to buy from, I don't need the stress.

Posted by Bossbaby

Hi my name is Rose Clayson, I have been playing to your games so many years, but you guys every time i hit JP and wining gold and you guys banned my gold on both account, my old account and new account. I won those golds fair and square and you guys wont let me use them? Here my information username, please if you could help me to use my gold that will be great. I use my gold for gifting chips to my friends and gift back to those who helped before.

Thank you

Posted by lillianmaeiscal

I left a message on your voice mail to remove the $6.99 from my account from BigFish game site and start charging me on the 3-5th for payment on the game site from my Wells Fargo account. I'm being charged 35.00 for insufficent fund. I love the games on this Game site, it would help me greatly, if you could change this payment on the 3rd- the 5th of each month. Thank you, Lillian Mariscal

Posted by Anonymous

i have been getting charges from my account since december i did a one time game order and obviously the box where you denie future charges is pretty small i want to be refunded for all my erroneous charges i have contacted my credit card company they are helping me and then to try and get ahold of you because you don't have a real person it is a nightmare please contact me by phone

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to get in touch with you because you've taken money out of my account three times without my knowledge or consent for games I e never asked for or received, I asked for my concentration game, for which I had already paid for a few years ago and it was. Apart from that I have never made other requests so please return this money into my account

Thanking you.

Posted by MJDJ

Big fish Casino I was playing jacpotcity min bet 5 26 th / 27 th March I won a several minis 50 th and a Mega approximately 126 thousand stopped abiut 1 am / 2 pm approx 550/ 700 on account in the morning went to acount to find 12 th there please look ito it as I had wad playing with a friend new time Id finished on BIG FISH CASINO plz get back to me there is something going on a guy c alled gary herassed me a while ago Ive noticed some odd things like this befor but this time I know clise to dates n timed tgank I would like to be reimburst

Posted by SondraDee

I wrote customer service 3/4/17 @ 5:25 pm while playing Fates Fortune slot machine because I had just won over $15 million chips during 5 bonus scatter spins, but the winning amount was NEVER added to my account (16109468). Kelly @ customer service wrote an email saying that she had credited my account 3/8/17, but I swear...I have not been credited 3/12/17.
Emily wrote back saying that the issue is closed! Well, I have spent quite a bit of real money playing and to just not receive $50.00 of chips is a big deal...not closed at all.

SondraDee Dorsey Stone

Posted by Ulowlifes

Absolutely the biggest theives in the world. My lawyer is working on a class action law suit against Big fish games. If you have been ripped off

Posted by Newf

Good morning!

My name is Barbara Robertson, I recently purchased a game from Big Fish called...CLUTTER V1..the latest version. I can't play it on my Mac. It always sends a report saying GameLauncher quit? Please help me! Can you send me a link to get into the game? An easier way to play this?

My email address This is the OLD email i always use to purchase games from you.

This is my NEW email address i receive emails

Thank you kindly!


Posted by Anonymous

I want to cancel this account. I have been trying to reach your office for weeks. Voice recording says you are closed. Please contact me at . Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service. Virtually IMPOSSIBLE to delete game. I keep getting charged for use when it's been well OVER 1 YEAR since I "deleted" this slots game. Any reply, Big Fish?

Posted by Kate smethwick

My pH broke.Can't retrieve friend code tried for two days.You ask for code.Hello I can't get itmy phone broke.Doesn't a real person talk.I have 14 million coins on there HELP

Posted by AmarettoAndy44

BIG FISH has caused me so much stress since yesterday 12/26/16 when a CHARGE appeared on my PAYPAL from Big Fish. I did NOT purchase anything on that date from Big Fish! In fact, while just looking around on your site from receiving so many e-mails daily, the site wasn't even

working properly. I HAVE NOT SIGNED UP FOR ANYTHING and only purchase games individually when I want or need them. If you have mistakenly signed me up for the monthly auto stuff, FIX THIS ISSUE IMMEDIATELY! Big Fish is closed for holidays - how great!

Posted by Anonymous

I need someone to call me Asap


Posted by Anonymous

I have been playing midnight castle forever. I just bought a new ellipsis 10 and my progress was not transferred. Help me. I have diamonds on there that I bought and I have spent a lot of money on this game. Can u help? Thank u.

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Posted by bigboy, charlie8 and headhunter

I am no longer able to download free trial games, what gives? If you cannot fix this problem I will take my business elsewhere. I have spent a lot of money on your games and have been satisfied up til now. FIX THE PROBLEM PLEASE !!

Posted by Skellington

My account had some issues so thatI couldn´t access it at all to play my fav online casino. I contacted customer service by mail and quickly received a friendly and informative reply from Zach. As the issue took some time to solve there were several mails back and forth the next few days and always Zach was considerate and friendly and offered the best help I could ask for.
Much kudos and praise for the work they did to assist me, I am 100% happy with the solution and the friendliness I was met with.

Posted by Aquarius

I enjoy playing bigfish games but I lost chips, gold and tickets when I got a new tablet. I am a VIP member.I tried to make corrections but now I have two different names with the same Facebook and cannot make any changes. It's driving me crazy. .the names are lily and Aquarius. Lily Dean is my Facebook page.

Posted by Carl

is my friend code I was playing snow last night at around 7.15pm gmt (27/12/15) and someone got a 5 scat (18,000,000) everyone else received 3,600,000 it didn't credit me a with mine could this be looked into please as I was the only one not to receive the payout thanks.

Posted by HPSshifters

Hey my friend reminded me that I could find a complaint about not receiving my Scatter in BFC. Bout two weeks ago or less. A player told us to report not getting our 3 million something. My friend got his 3 million something.

Thanks, anything helps, everything counts.

Posted by Me2

I have participated in the tournaments and twice now I have won in ranking and it showed inwas to receive over 4 million in chips. However I waited and waited and did not get my chips. When I nwould vwinn a few hundred chips in the tournaments it paid right away. I really enjoy playing big bfish casino! I plkasy every day multiple times a day! I just wish I could get the chips I earn... Please help.

Thanking you in advance ton you swift attention to this matter!


Lisa Wheeler

Posted by Anonymous

On my laptop, the desktop page has always been having Gardrn Scapes, for some while now. It doesn't work any more. I really want it back because my Dear Granddaughter, Hailey....loves it so much. Pleasure bring it back to me.Thank you very much. :))

Posted by Anonymous

I had had downloaded the 2 hdden object games, Garden Scapes. I always liked this a lot. Nothing but this weird note comes up saying I cannot get in. Pleas tell me what can be done. Thank you, Kim Scop

Posted by mouse

The best thing is that when I dont have minutes on my phone u can still play the games I rate 5 stars but it didnt let me finish typing and trying to ge

t back to that screen but couldnt

Posted by Anonymous

I Just Read One Review That Stated That Bfg Had The Worst Customer Service.i'm Sorry But That's Just Not True!!!!!! They Have Wonderful Customer Service And I Couldn't Be Happier With Them. Whenever I Have A Problem It Gets Taken Care Of Right Away And The Reps Are The Nicest And Most Helpful. I Have No Complaints At All About Their Customer Service.

Posted by Denise

Big fish I was playing your 9k wicked wins today around 5:30pm eastern time and got a scatter for 1.6 mil and then it kicked me out the room and I couldn't get back in. Could u please reimburse me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My friend code thank you!

Posted by Helen

I paid for the game The Keeper/Lost Prophecy. And has not gotten past the first chapter. I can not get items in my inventory to interact with each other,they will not move. All other stuff move just find. And I play your games all the time. Would like to continue,but like I said, (play your games) At the point I can't play what I paid for. Helen

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service! Responses are wonderful to problems encountered with games. I have been an avid player for over 2 years and bought almost all the "hidden object" games I love. You need to make more like Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt. Those games have beautiful graphics and are so interesting. There have not been as many and I can afford mostly the standard games and there are not as many. Alot of collectors editions which cost more. Please make note of this.

Posted by oldgamer

When Big Fish took over sales & distribution of games purchased from Spintop I wasn't very optimistic. I've purchased over 200 games from Spintop over the years and been very happy with their service. As it turned out Big Fish also provided decent service. It's true that they could only add half (or fewer) of the Spintop games to my account but it appears that Big Fish doesn't have the right to distribute the other games. They did what they could and what they did was well done. The blame for my missing games lies with Spintop.

Posted by Anonymous

For the most part I have had a good experience with Big Fish Games. The best way to get any issues resolved is through their live chat. However, they are on Pacific Standard Time. So if you can't reach them chances are you haven't checked the time difference where you live. I have always gotten coupon codes for free games anytime I have a game that won't work, and yes, sometimes resolving an issue especially technical issues take time. It would be helpful if Big Fish Games had a live technical support department to contact via phone to help resolve these types of issues. So if I were to offer a suggestion that would be the one. Big Fish Games, my advice to you is to add a live technical support department and a live customer support department for any customer issues.

Posted by Anonymous

Well, I made a one-time purchase on the bigfish website for my daughter at a discount rate for $2 and some change. Then the following month I check my account online and found a $6.99 withdrawal....Found out that it was a fee for a membership that I hadn't opted in for.

I wrote them an email of course disputing that I hadn't signed for any membership and demanded they return the funds...(no, it wasn't a lot, but it is still my money). A few days later, they credited it back to my account. Thanks.

Posted by cotton789

Hi all frustrated BFG account holders out there that are trying to cancel...there is HOPE for you all. I too had major problems trying to cancel an acoount via the website instructions,until I actually got in touch with the customer service dept directly. I must admit it was a chore to find the direct phone number, but once i was able to speak with an actual human being all my problems were smoothly and quickly resolved. What I assumed was going to be a major problem with canceling my account was actually simple! I spoke with a billing representative named Josie, and my situation was resolved in a matter of less then 5 minutes. No problem!

Thank you Josie!!!


Posted by JEEWOOST

I have been playing Big Fish Casino for many months on my IPad. My

Friends code is & my user name is . I have downloaded

the latest update of the program, but I'm having problems. Although my

profile says I have over 2 Billion chips, and I'm top of the rich list,

each time I try to play a game I am told I don't have enough chips to

play and do I want to buy more chips. I have spent thousands of UKP on

the game, and I enjoy it. Please can you check my status, and let me

join my many friends as I enjoy it very much.

Thank you, Anthony Branscombe

Posted by vettelady

I could not get the games to load to my new computer, kept getting error message. I went back and forth for weeks with customer support via email with no success at all. I finally requested a refund for my monthly fees paid and for the purchase of games that could not be used. I then received a phone number that was for the payment center, they corrected my problem the first day. use option 1 even though it is for the payment center,

Posted by vettelady

I could not get my games to load to my new computer, kept getting error message. I went back and forth with support via email for weeks and nothing was done to correct the problem. I finally requested a refund for my monthly fees and for games purchased that could not be used. I then received a phone number for assistance,, choose option 1 even though you are being sent to the account payment center. They corrected my problem the same day.

Posted by Chatty222

The woman was a huge help. She answered a question for me that I couldn't have imagined was going on in my bank account and she was spot on!

Posted by j_clark1971

I have never had a problem with them taking money from my account. I know how to cancel service, go to your account and click cancel... Hmmm, pretty simple huh? To all of you that bash on BF... I say learn to use your computer, don't rely on someone else to do it for you. BF has never taken from my account unless I say it is ok. I have been with BF for over 4 years, never a problem. Keep up the good work BF!! Love ya! :o)

Posted by marebear70

I just wanted to let you know that I have been playing with your games for several years now and I have been completely happy with your services. I have joined other game sites but none of them beat Big Fish when it comes down to having the best games around!! Even in these difficult economic times paying $6.99 for a game is cheap compared to going to a movie...and the enjoyment lasts much longer!!!

Posted by lyfe101

I love big fish games; however the $6.99 monthly fee for games became a bit much for me. Calling to cancel my account was not a hassle. The representative was friendly and even credited my unused portions back to my account! ... Big Fish Games, I will be back!

Posted by Anonymous

I just called these people and got right through. If you press #9, you should get right through. The representitve I spoke with was VERY helpful. He took care of everything! I hope this was helpful.

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Posted by Mariel72

First, I want to address a couple of fallacies I have seen on here. Big Fish Games does not distribute malware (games laden with viruses, spyware, adware, etc.). However, some games take a lot of RAM (memory) to run, so if your computer is lacking in that area, it's going to slow to a crawl with some of their games. Also, some antivirus programs may erroneously tag game executables as a virus because of BFG's habit of giving them names that are random letters. Every game that was detected as a virus by my antivirus program was later found to be a "false positive" (not really a virus but the software thought so.

That said, I will move on to my complaints about BFG. I am a long time member, buying from them from the time the company started.

Initially, BFG offered games that had been thoroughly tested and also had a variety of offerings. In the past few years, heavy emphasis has been placed on "hidden object" games, arguably the most popular genre, but because so many games are of this genre, many are mislabeled as "adventure" games to try to even out the glut. Minor annoyance.

Huge annoyance, and one that is ultimately going to cost them customers and reputation, is they are pushing out new games everyday. Not a bad concept, except the games they are putting out are buggy. Beta testers are reporting that issues that were reported were never addressed. In other words, their "beta testing" is a joke and not because the people who are trying the games aren't doing their jobs. Customer support replies with canned answers, wanting everyone to submit a "Dr. Felix" which is nothing more than a truncated "Speccy" or "Belarc advisor". When a customer's computer is shown to have the latest drivers, Direct X, Flash, etc., and the games still won't run, that's where it stops. They ARE great about issuing credits for poorly coded games, but the problem is, so many are bad, it's a struggle to use those credits on games that actually function.

BFG needs to stop worrying about pushing out new games every day and concentrate on offering games that will actually run. They need to expand their beta testing department (I volunteered for this years ago and have tested a grand total of 3 games) and actually listen to their testers' reports. If problems are reported, don't ignore them. And if those problems aren't addressed by the developers (don't take their word for it guys...test it out to make sure), it's quite simple...don't release the game.

People aren't going to stand for paying for an inferior product without protesting with their checkbooks and buying games elsewhere. BFG might be one of the biggest, but it's not the only place that sells games and truthfully, other places are doing a better job of releasing quality games. They may not release a new game every day, but in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't matter, ya know?

Posted by Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games prides ourselves in helping every customer individually so that we can present a suitable solution for any issue. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and will works hard to help every customer with any issue they may have when using our site or games.

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