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BevMo customer service is ranked #75 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 64.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates BevMo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


27 Negative Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 87.10%.


4 Positive Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 12.90%.

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    • 64.70 Overall Rating
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    • 27 negative comments (87.10%)
    • 4 positive comments (12.90%)
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    • 3.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I was unhappy with a beer I purchased last night. Tried to return it today and the store manager stated that for some reason with the ABC, beer wasn't allowed to be returned. Nothing on the receipt states that. Upset, I threw the bottle and receipt away while leaving the store. Still steaming while on my way back home, I decided to Live Chat with an agent. She refunded my money. Apparently, the store manager needs to go back to orientation and learn company policy. Always get a second opinion!

Posted by justdiat

We live in California near Albany where the store is located. We often buy at BevMo there. On Aug 13 2017 we bought a 6 pack of best Dam Root Beer 12.99 +.30 CRV and of course Tax. We tried it and it was the worst tasting product I have had from there. Again I state we have bought a lot from this store. Two days after we bought it I had to have emergency foot surgery, When I returned home I went to the store and they said it was 1 day past the 7 day return. Again this product is very bad and has no root beer flavor and the alcohol content is low. We will no logger shop at BevMo and will encourage our friends and Facebook friends to also not shop there.

Posted by Lilmarni

The BevMo return policy's are vague and misleading. Be very sure you want what you are buying because your only option is a same day exchange. Very disappointed with the misleading wording on the return policy. Will not be back!!!

Posted by HC

Waiting to hear back from Customer Service regarding an incident at the Palm Springs BevMo. I was there for a girls' trip and had a 6-pack of beer leftover. I took it back to get a refund and, contrary to BevMo's website about being able to return overbought alcohol, the clerk said his manager told him he couldn't take returns of alcohol. Because I didn't have a car and was heading out for the evening, I just left the 6-pack with the clerk. I've requested a refund or store credit.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get in touch with your HR Dept. to no avail. I contacted your Customer Service and they referred me to your web site, which i find confusing.I am trying to obtain a W2 for a short period of employment with your company in 2016, specifically January 1 thru January 9 or 10, 2016.

Posted by Anonymous

At store 160 Jan 16, 2017, their wireless was down and so my Club Bev points could not be recorded. Joe, the cashier, suggested that I could go on line and ask to have them added. Can't seem to find anyplace on your website to do that. AN annoying square kept popping up as if I was going to make a purchase and I could not get rid of it. Please advise how to proceed. Thank you.

Virginia Merwin

Posted by bornin61

For the past two years I've experienced the same problem at BevMo. They don't have the product that I'm looking for; and when they say they will find it for me, I leave my name and number. I don't receive a call back, I go into the store, ask again - "give us your name and number." No call back. They apologize profusely, but don't change their behaviors/customer service. Done with BevMo!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a around 20 cigars from you guys in the past year and all of them have been great. Tonight I bought one, I cannot remember what the brand was but it was $8.99 and one I have purchased in the past. I took it out of the plastic to find it was very dry and the wrapping was falling off. I was very disappointed I missed smoking a cigar the guys in my family. I would like a refund for the cigar or just another one. Hopefully the other I buy are not a waste of money.

Posted by Kat

Bevmo needs to be clear on their return policy I was told if I wasn't satisfied or did not like the wine I can bring it back when I brought the wine back they told me the only way they would take it back if it was spoiled .the wine Didnt taste right how do you know if it's spoiled or just a bad they ended up returning it but wasn't happy about it so what is their policy if you do not like the wine

Posted by Anonymous

Good Morning,

I am very upset at the fact that I have made a complaint against one of the members of Bevmo back on 6/6/16 and I still have not received a response. I went to store # 038 on 6/14/16 and I received the worst customer service ever!

There was only one cash register open and there was about 4 people waiting in line, I saw other bevmo workers chatting on the side and they didn't even bother to help people waiting in line. I didn't complain, I figured they were just busy but after about 5 minutes of waiting in line it was finally our turn (my boyfriend and I). The cashier was extremely rude! Only one of us was paying but she required both of us to show our I.D's and because we questioned her why she was asking for both our I.D's she said very arrogantly that she wouldn't ring up our stuff if we didn't show her. We didn't argue and we both showed her our California Drivers licenses. She was giving us attitude the whole time she was ringing us up. We walked away really upset because there was no need for that and we tried being friendly to her. About a week later we went to that store again because it is our local store and the manager was there, we took the opportunity to mention what had happened only because we wouldn't want this to happen to other customers and he showed no emotion towards it. He just asked if we knew the name of the person and we said Andrea and his response was "cool, okay" we asked if that's all he had to say and he responded with " well she isn't here, there's nothing that I can do" that was a very response especially for a manager. I had 2 bad experiences within a week frame. I have not gone to that Bevmo ever since then and I am very upset because that is my local store. Because of their poor customer service I am forced to drive a few miles down to a different store. I just don't want other customers to get the same bad experience that we did. I love this store it is great and I would love to keep going back because the products are the best ones.

Thank You for your time

Ana Gonzale

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the location on bayshore in San Francisco the manager Paul I believe was a total ass and very rude I am a long time customer my phone number you can check and see that I buy sometimes hundreds of dollars of liquor


Posted by Teresa

I have been attempting to resolve an issue with Bevmo for several months. The last email I received from a representative by the name of Kendra was dated 02/29/16. She stated that she has forwarded my concerns to "the proper group." I have not received any further correspondence. I'm very concerned that customer service would operate in this manner. I would like my issue resolved, otherwise please let me know how to remove myself from your company's ClubBev. I have all email correspondence providing information upon reqeust. Please advise me on how to proceed.

Posted by Erik

I live in Scottsdale Arizona. Today I wanted to BevMo and purchased a bottle of Blue Curacao liqueur I realized I didn't want it to come back to the store an hour and a half later and they would not accept the return of an unopened bottle with receipt

Posted by Winecritic

BevMo customers beware. BevMo has officially changed their return policy just recently to take returns only if the wine has "gone bad." I found this out when I went to return a couple of wine bottles that were below par on palate. When I bought these wines, I was told to "Just try them, and if you don't like them, bring them back," but since the purchase, BevMo has changed their policy. You would not know this change since they don't email their customers about this change or have any notices that is visible to customers on-line.
Their friendly return policy was what set BevMo apart from others and why many customers continue to shop there. No longer..

Posted by california woman

bevmo in mission valley, san diego, ca: shopping for gin and decided to get two of the sample sizes. get to register and was asked for my ID which i provided (even though i'm 50), and clerk swipes/scans my ID very quickly before i had a chance to tell her not to. THERE IS SIMPLY NO REASON FOR EMPLOYEES at a retail store to ever have to scan your state ID!!! i complained to the 'manager' who sat there dumbfounded (literally not saying a word, just watching me as i complained). bevmo needs to change this policy. i returned my purchase on general principle, and i will not be giving bevy any more of my money EVER. invasion of privacy has gone too far. i am old enough to be the cashier's mother. when asked why they need to scan, they said "because sometimes people have fake IDs". ?!? really? now they're law enforcement officers? get a grip!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service sucks at the Lake Forest location. I've been a long time customer and two employes threw me under the bus with the MGR. over 1.00 on a price match. Too much BS to go into the whole story. Fact of the matter is they have to do price matches because of the big competion. So much for my support for this location anymore.

Posted by Verkert

Surprised when the Vancouver, WA store manager refused a return because the bottle had been opened. We were told by an employee when the store was new, they would accept returns within 90 days if not satisfied. The policy is reiterated on the receipt, without exclusion to open containers. Store manager states that is just boilerplate language, so apparently doesn't mean anything? No real benefit to shopping at Bevmo.

Posted by John

The manager at the goodyear location stated that there is no return policy for products customers don't like. Total Wine, here I come.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a regular customer at Bevmo I saw a few times a girl name storm at the Bayshore Store in San Francisco Ca, she helped me put a few time. I over heard one of the employees chatting about her being in a relationship with a head clerk there. Now I recently saw her making out with a manager assistant manager some blocks away from the Vaness store in San Francisco I shop there as well as geary and Colma due to my work. I feel disgusted how can bevmo have employees like this I went recently and I heard the employee say she doesn't work at may shore anymore. I just feel like they should have more control. I'm already a 48 year old person I'm not surprised of this things in life but it's disgusting. Not to mention she is a racist employee. Bevmo please analyze your employees you are getting bad reputación thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Today I called your Stevenson Ranch BevMo to be told I was going to be put on hold and was hung up on. Called back and was given to the Manager, who then put me on hold for nearly 20 minutes and the end result was the Manager lacked common customer service skills. I called the Golden Valley BevMo and spoke with Shelly who took my phone number and said she would get back to me within 5 minutes, she did and I got the product I was in need of and will now be traveling to the Golden Valley BevMo thanks to Shelly and her wonderful professional customer service skills and helpfulness.

Posted by AR

I have been a regular customer at BevMo in Redwood city but not anymore! I visited the store this afternoon and wanted to use a discount coupon for a bottle that was $9.99 before taxes. They refused to accept the coupon citing the reason that the purchase has to be a minimum $10 one

Being a regular customer, I was only too happy to buy something else to make up for the 1 cent difference! So all I wanted was to go get some more items while I left the bottle at the counter. The guy seemed like he couldn't understand what I was saying to him and started misbehaving. Two weeks ago, I had trouble communicating with a lady at the counter because of language issues, so this time I politely asked Luis, the assistant manager for someone who could understand / speak better English.

He promptly refused me service and started shouting at me in such a manner that my wife got scared and we left. More than the fact that I was disgusted especially that Luis said "don't come back" as if I was a shoplifter or something, the whole incident left me in a stupor of amazement

Posted by Isooda

I am a customer at BevMov and I am disappointed at the La Jolla division complete the manager is mean disrespectful to costumers and I thing that as a resident of La Jolla they should take an evaluation of her and her customer service because as a costumer I think she is terrible and need to be replace and there are more individuals in my around that believe the same. That mean some and I live at 939 Coast Blvd # 18 E. I'm very disappointed. I expect better. I also expect that on Friday and Saturday the tastings should be until 7:00pm. That's the only way to get the exposure to the new product. Thank you for you time.

Posted by BellevueBuyer

As a mature adult, and as a long term BevMo customer, WITH BEVMO card, I was stunned this morning when the clerk INSISTED on photocopying my driver's license. He grabbed my wallet and began removing it himself, amazingly . . .

When I challenged this, first on 'manager' came up to condescend in explanation, and when that did not work, yet another sneering manager arrived to add his unrequired presence.

In short, there is NO reason why anyone's driver's license MUST be photocopied when simply buying wine, NONE.
And, to boot, it is quite evident that a buyer well over 50 is NOT underaged, eh??? LOL

I walked away from the purchase, and will not return to BevMo. Not sure what sort of micro-idiocy is at work, if indeed the 'corporate' types are ordaining this further intrusion on customer's privacy, but it is not acceptable.
No other store requires anything further than to 'view' a driver's license to match photo with customer present in the store, and/or ascertain legal age.
Get with it BevMo . . . you've gone too far.

BTW, I tried to find corporate 'contact' to deal with this matter but none is available; the BevMo Web site refers us back to the local store 'manager', who has already failed miserably in both style and content ~~!!

Posted by Anonymous

Well I shop at Bev Mo quite frequently but not anymore. I ordered on-line from the Glendale store and apparently the "secured" check out does not apply. Coincidentally the same card I used, that by the way had not been used in quite some time, was used for on-line shopping attempting thousands of dollars in purchases.


Posted by D CAT

I bought my Kegerator and have been using it for quite some time enjoying my purchases from Bevmo. My last purchase I did not order it online I just walked in. The only keg in available that I liked was XX. I bought it and installed it. I noticed that the taste and color was different from normal. I dropped my temperature to try and get to ICE cold maybe it will taste better. Again the color and taste was not right. I took it back and the manager noticed that the keg was partially frozen. He imediately refused to take it back stating that the partialy frozen condition was causing the taste and color. I mentioned to him that I did not want to get sick or anyone else sick and if he could exchange with a good keg I would be happy. I would even consider an alternate brand of Less expense and call it even. He refused and said he will have a representative look at it and suggest what could have gone wrong. I really don't know why this was necessary but I respect the protocol and asked if he could give me something in writting to reflect I have left a keg at Bevmo. He did and this was 2 days ago. I called into today and asked if he had heard anything from his sales rep and he obviously probably forgot. I again did not get angry and asked that this is more of a safety issue than anything else and If he could not make the decision to please give me the contact info for someone who can. He mentioned that he is going to taste it tomorrow to see if it is acceptable. Now I am still not sure what this is going to do but I am sure not satisfied with the way this situation is being handled. This is not an acceptable way to handle any product consumed. If there is a concern with meat that is suspected or smells funny at a store, it is immediately handled in a proffesional manner with no questions asked. I find it disturbing that this manager is going to taste the product to determine if he can give me an exchange.

Add your review!

Posted by Bacus

I'm a long customer at your Pleasant Hill store normally buying a case of wine or more. Of late I have been told by cashiers that they have run out of wine boxes and whether I mind regular paper bags to bag my purchase..REALLY BEVMO??? I had to argue with the cashiers they better move and find an empty box, since the re-stocking clerk is always busy filling the shelves. Is stupid to think Bevmo risks to lose good clients over this simple customer service.

Posted by Alow

I would like to thank Mellisa in the customer service center in California. She helped me with an in-store return for a Scottsdale, Arizona store. She called me back with extra information and interfaced with the manager of my local store!! Thank you!!

Posted by None

Just purchased Ginger Ale from the Salinas Store on N. Davis Rd. I walked in and Demetrius immediately ask how he could help. He walked me to the area and immediately obtained a case rang up the sale and offered to carry it to the car.
Very much impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at your BevMo Citrus Heights store for about 10 years now, and I have always had a very good experience.
Everyone from the manager on down is very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
They seem to take Customer Service seriously - which is a pleasant experience these days.

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