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Best Buy customer service is ranked #282 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.30 out of a possible 200 based upon 1406 ratings. This score rates Best Buy customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,250 Negative Comments out of 1,406 Total Comments is 88.90%.


156 Positive Comments out of 1,406 Total Comments is 11.10%.

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    • 40.30 Overall Rating
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    • 1,250 negative comments (88.90%)
    • 156 positive comments (11.10%)
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Posted by Rich

What a CROC!!! Returned a new laptop computer IAW your return policy NINE months ago...and NOW I have a "WARN" on future returns??? Then when I called your "Retail Equation Customer Support" line, I touched "1 for English"...but that's NOT what I got!!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! And you're NOT even the "Best Buy"...the Internet and nearly every other store(Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc.) has these same products at cheaper prices and with a NO HASSLE return policy. WHY?!?! Would I ever shop with you again???

Posted by Never again BB

Took a laptop in to get fixed under the manufacturers warranty, the laptop was bought 4 months before so it was covered, since BB/Geek squad is part of the authorized repair providers they were to going to handle it. The laptop needed to be replaced so per the manufacturer we should have gotten a replacement comparable computer or a refund but they had no comparable computer available so a refund should have happened. What happened instead was we got a store credit by using some geek squad protection plan coverage, that we did not buy, they feel justified in insisting that we only use the manufacturers refund money at their business.

Posted by Anonymous

Stay away from Best Buy in America Fork UT this store the managers and employees were very rude and not at all helpful when issues of a refund arise. The 14 day return policy stints! (By the way they don't go out of their way to point out the return policy) You would think like most retail establishments they would want a satisfied customer. I will never shop at Best Buy again. I guess they are not interested in good public relations.

Posted by seeking return advice

I lost wifi printing on my printing and bought a new printer thinking it was the printer's fault. I installed the ink cartridges and made some test pages. The next day, I discovered it was actually a router gone bad. I replaced the router and everything is good. Now, I have a near new printer that I don't need.

I am still within the 15 day return period. I realize I would be returning a working product, but otherwise I will be stuck with a printer I don't need.

Would BB be willing to take it back for a refund or forward credit?

Posted by 0530 006 9320 120217

I purchase a Samsung galaxy tab A 10 with 5 pen.
My sister didn't like it so I brought it back to Braintree,Mass location and my sister has put a "name" on the user ?, anyway she forgot the name and I could not return it.
(SM-P580NZKA), she became sick and was sent to the hospital when she returned back to the nursing home, I entered a code to wipe out the name (because she was never on the internet)and was told I could receive a $ $10.00 store credit for my new tablet. I will never buy anything from Best Buy again.
Over the years I have purchased T.V. sets,Computers,(4)tablets among other things.

Posted by ndftbl

These stores are SO irritating. Within 2 minutes of walking in, AT LEAST 5 workers will ask you if you need any help - making it very difficult to concentrate on why you are there. They typically have WAY more workers than customers. Yet, after all of this, I had to wait OVER 40 MINUTES IN LINE at customer service, because they had only one person working the desk - again, even though they had about 25 persons working the store, with maybe 5 customers. This was the exact same situation at three different Best Buy stores over the weekend. Buy the way, you can EASILY beat their prices and inventory, and definitely their protection plans, almost anywhere. Never again! AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!

Posted by Isaac

Beat buy Brickyard mall is a Scam stay off the store at Lafayette rd Indianapolis In the managers and employee are all fine very rude and not helpful when issues of refund arise

Posted by grace

I got a tv, and i really did not see that i have a 15days Return policies and I did not even open the Tv Box I went to return it after the 15days period and they did not accepted it, said that they only can give me a store credit. I really was so not happy about it, now I have 930.00 dollar in Bestbuy gift card and have to pay off my credit Card. But as soon I Finish paying the credit card, I will close the account and not buy anything there again. Hope someone had told me regarding the return policies.

Posted by Anonymous

Have Had Two Hp All-in-one Printers In Last 3 Weeks That Keep Telling Me I Have A Paper Jam, There Is No Jam.two In A Row. I Want To Return For Refund. How Do I Go About This???? Bought In Amarillo, Tx From Bestbuy Asap Please Time Is Short.

Posted by Smitty

Folks, do not buy from this store, I won't. I bought a DVD/Blue Ray player. When I opened it to attach it to my TV I found it contained no HDM1 cord to attach it to my TV. No problem since I had one. However, my TV only had 1 spot to plug in the HDM1 and that cord was already attached to my Dish satellite receiver. So I took the DVD/Blue Ray back to Best Buy. Now granted it was past the 15 day return time( I didn't read the whole receipt and was not told by the sales clerk to be aware of the time limit) but was denied a refund on a product that was not used and can not be used on my TV. Denied because it was past the 15 days and it was opened. Of course it was opened --how else was I to find out I could not attach the player and use it without opening the box? And past the 15 days--holy crap, are you for real. My TV was on the blink and I work long hours so I didn't run right home after purchasing it to watch DVDs so the 2 weeks sped by quickly before I tried attaching the player and finding out it was the wrong player for my TV. AMAZING. I have NEVER come across a store that has done this, has denied a refund on a product that obviously was not used. Seriously folks, reconsider ever buying anything from this crap store. I sure as heck will not buy anything from this place again. Walmart sells the same stuff and there is no hassle there. What a scam store.

Posted by Mike

my wife got an ipad case for xmas from my son. The salesman sold him the wrong one. I returned it and had to pay an additional $90 for a different case that we were assured by them that it would fit. It did not fit !!Disgusted, we bought a different case from someone else. We tried to return the case for a refund because it is clearly defective and were told we were 9 days past their return time..this is BS!!! The salesman even had the balls to offer to throw it away for us, but we would have to pay another fee!!! never, ever will I set foot in a Best Buy again and plan to use every measure to get them to refund our money.

Posted by Anonymous

My son bought a cell phone with a repair warranty (Samsung) in NYC. Not one store in the state of NY can repair Samsung phones. He has traveled to Texas and Indiana for other reasons, but found that in each state there is one store in each state that can repair Samsung phones. Even after making appointments in each store, well in advance of his travel dates, neither store had the screen needed to repair his phone. RIP OFF. Hey Best Buy - Give him his money back or give him a new phone, like the warranty says you can!!

Posted by kas

the exact same thing happened to me. best buy denied a christmas gift return due to how they lie to their customers promising RETURNS and then counting each return as a single return, how PATHETIC is that? not only did Best Buy denied a return but they also refused to exchange the item even when it was NOT OPENED and still sealed.

I spent $5150 on laptops, headphones, bluetooth speakers and tablets. So much for the RETURN/EXCHANGE PROMISE.

I will NEVER buy anything from Best Buy again.

Posted by Richard Romine

Bought DVD player, not 60 days later it was half price. Would not. refund price difference. Could not get car charger, don't make one for their own brand.whats worse i got screewed $10. VERY UNHAPPY.Dont waste your money at any best buy

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Apple Sprint 7 plus phone at the Best Buy in Merrit Island Florida.It seemed to be fine untill I got home and tried making a Apple IS which I did and it vanished the same day.I took the phone back on day 7 .They called Apple and talked me into going back home to make a new one.Still no go so I went back to get a complete refund besides restock fee or what ever it was.They refused and called sucurity saying I was causeing problems.Ya I wasent taking no for an anwser because I just went trough it the week before.So now Im stuck with a broken phone.Also a contract from apple that dont applie to no one else that I know that has a apple phone.So what am I suspose to do pay on a phone that doesent work and agree to a policy that no one else in America has to obide buy.Thats discrimination and Ive tried 20 times to get it fixed by Apple with no success at all.Does anyone have any info how I can get these screw bag kids back that works for the little Best Buy that screwed me.I dont want it on my Credit.I cant even get a malware scan done on this phone.I cant download any security or any VPNs to keep me safe.Sprint pcs is not the contract I agreed to nor Sprint Sectrum.

Posted by [email protected]

bought a new dell computer receipt said new but employee at store said they seel reburbished computers and other items if a customer brings something back it could be tainted or damaged this exactly what happen to 5 months old 5 trips to store repair by geeks and then keyboard locked up took it back number 6 trip to store indpls indiana brickyard store geeks shipped it to factory for another repair.i get a call saying it was not covered for repair someone had spilled liquid on key board..not me i do not eat or drink around my computers.i have contacted the ceo president hubert joly corporate offices 7601 penn ave richfield mn 55423 3 letters he will not respond so i am getting ready to contact shareholder board to let them know what is going on with this terrible customer service no refunds or up grade by word of mouth store manager and distruit manager of best buy too get my 5 month computer back cost me 121.69 what a rip off i checked reviews and complaints on best buy 2,980 so far something is wrong with this company a class action law suit is needed any lawyers out there or have you been screwed by best buy..

Posted by LM

I will never buy from best buy again, I am very disgusted to say the least I have bought a Dell desk top computer and got it home and turned it on and it would even stay turned on so I returned it and exchanged it for another Dell computer and got it home and the sound is very bad making very loud weird noises and I'm very disgusted. I paid 1,100 for this computer and I will be getting my money back tomm and going else where. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN JUNK JUNK JUNK

Posted by Sad tv

I purchased a 49� in Sony TV. It simply SUCKS! I�m beyond the 30-60 day return policy. I purchased two tv�s in August. On this particular t v. The picture fades in & out. Now the volume is doing the same.
This TV is just sad. It just started showing problems. GREAT! I stuck with junk. From Best Buy
I don�t usually shop at Best Buy. Mainly because I here of their return policy. Will not buy another electrical device from there. Wouldn�t recommend Best Buy either.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a refrigerator 2 days ago. Was told that the item was in the store. On delivery date, Geek Squad called to say that the item was not available the store. It is impossible to get ahold of them. They share calls with another store but call transfers just go in a dead silence.

Posted by Anonymous

You did not return enough money! Jitterbug
charged me $25.OO to activate my phone & $3.00 plus tax for voice mail. Totaling $31.41 witch you did not pay! Please return!! Brenda Martin

Posted by jj

Its strictly 15 days for returns NOT 30... its a joke!

Posted by lexwow

I wanted to know if my friend bought me a laptop on his credit card and it was something that he wanted me to have and not what I wanted which was a lot cheaper, can I exchange it for the white one and can I get the rest of that balance in cash or does best buy not do that? Do they really put the rest back on his card even if he has missed placed Monday he has to order another one.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Elyria, Ohio best buy store today, and it was a pleasant experience, however, I may come in for a refund. I would like to know what the store policy is to provide me with a full refund?

Posted by BellHen05

I had the most insensitive and poor customer service I received when I purchased a tablet from Best Buy for my disabled dad. He is a 100% disabled vet, is home bound due to that, has no internet due to where he lives/finances and lives in a small town that is hours away from any major stores. I have done his shopping for him in the past as I live in a major city. He needed a tablet as he uses it to help him cope with his PTSD by playing games on it that I download for him from my data plan. The tablet he wanted was on sale at Best Buy so he asked me to go purchase it for him and he would pay for it over the phone like we do all the time. When I got to the store and told the salesperson the situation, the salesperson said they would ask the manager as they normally do not do phone purchases. All of a sudden, another salesperson came over telling me that I should put it on a Best Buy credit card. I told him the other person was asking the manager so that person left. The next thing I knew the other salesperson came back and said it was all worked out. I thought he meant the manager approved allowing my dad to purchase it over the phone. At checkout, when it came time to pay he said he needed information to open a store credit card. I do not have the money to purchase things for my dad or I would have just done that. I never got to speak to the manager and my only option was to put it on a store credit card. My dad needed it as he was struggling since his tablet broke. I was so amazed at the lack of care for someone who has a disability and is home bound. I have purchased things over the phone all the time for him before so I am not sure what the problem was this time as I have purchased way more expensive things other then a $400 tablet. They pretty much tried to make me open a credit card telling me it was an awesome option. I do not need another credit card and it is not their decision on that. I felt all they cared about was me opening a credit card and they cared less about my dad who actually has the money to purchase the product. So insensitive and callus! I can see why everyone says Best Buy is where they go to just look at things in person but not purchase anything.

Posted by Highly Disappointed

I concur -Best Buy is a scam. I purchased a TV in July and they finally delivered it on September 2nd. They lowered the price of the TV by $500. I went to get my matching price but they told me that they could not give it to me since they go by the purchase date. So I spent a month plus without a TV that I purchased and they told me that they could not do that as the TV was purchased in July but not installed until September 2, 2017. Christina the rudest customer service person in the world waited on me again at the Woodbridge store. The first time I went around and got what I needed. She is a ho from the word go. Don't buy at Best Buy. They are shady and crooked. This "quote manager" told me that I had to leave the store because I said it was BS. She is a total fraud as a human being- stay away from the Woodbridge store.

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Posted by Anonymous

RE Delivery Crew ID:13316688C

Just received delivery of our new TV. Delivery was on time and the delivery men were quite through, knowledgeable, and helpful. Just wanted to give them a big THANK YOU.

The Weinberg's

Posted by Anonymous

I received outstanding customer service on 3/29/17 from Sandra at the Potomac Yards location in Arlington, Va. She went above and beyond to ensure my request was satisfied. She was extremely professional and did not let another associate's failure to be thorough in locating the item deter her since the system showed it was there. She saved me from ordering as well. Best Buy should be proud of employees of her caliber.

Posted by Ricki

We have one television in our home and the sound is either on loud or louder (even with close caption) as my husband is pretty deaf, even with hearing aids. A friend told me her hard-of-hearing significant other raved about his Sony wireless headphones, model MDR-RF985R. I went to Best Buy in Colonie, NY to check them out. Eddie was a tremendous help in assuring that the headphones would be compatible with our Samsung TV .. he asked that I take a photo of the ports on the back of our TV and then made an exhaustive search online to make sure the headphone connections would work. I gave the headphones to my husband for Christmas and they are like magic! He can hear the sound perfectly and at a "normal" level. Two comments: although compatible with the TV, there was a buzzing noise on the headphones when we plugged the audio cable into the TV, even after changing wireless channels, as the directions suggested. We plugged it into our DVR instead, as another online user suggested, and the noise disappeared. Second, at Best Buy we were under the impression that if the headphones were being used, it would cut the sound so that no one else in the room could hear the TV. Not true. The headphones have a separate volume control, so the TV can be muted (with the headphone volume as high as needed), or the TV sound also can be turned up, so others in the room can hear at the same time. A perfect solution all around...and Eddie's excellent customer service helped make it so.

Posted by Anonymous

Two of the best employees: Alexandria, LA store
The help that I received from these two while purchasing my I Phone 7 plus was superior. They are both kind, patient, knowledgeable, and professional. This is not the site I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks as I wanted the manager of the store to know what valuable 1st class employees that have. If you can get my message into the proper hands, I will be grateful! GLORIA M WALL

Posted by Anonymous

I called Best Buy today because I had 2 charges on my credit card for Geek Squad's annual plan and WebRoot and I should have been charged only once. I was transferred to Vivi, your gal in the Billing Department and told her the situation. I had such a satisfying experience with Vivi. She was very helpful, pleasant, and handled my situation like a pro. It's such a joy to talk to someone like Vivi.

Posted by Anonymous

I want you give a good review and to best customer service to corey at best buy in Fayetteville nc

Posted by Anonymous

We bought 2 samsung tvs for our rv plus a mounting arm. Terrific service from Ben Burns in your peterborough store. Very knowledgeable and patient. We would definitely buy from there again.

Posted by Stalley

I ordered an alienware area 51 desktop which appeared to be an excellent deal. The specifications listed on the best buy site seemed toof good to be true, so I went into the Folsom California store to speak to a knowledgeable rep in person. The staff took a close look at the listed specs and assured me they were listed correctly. I ordered the product on the spot with a sales rep. When the order finally arrived, I immediately noticed it was not as originally listed. I went back to the Folsom store and talked to the same rep and told him the issue. The rep was friendly and immediately got the manager (Chris). The manager was very polite and apologetic. The manager stated he would refund me the amount for the cost of the missing component. I usually never write reviews but I was so impressed by the professionalism of these Folsom employees, they didn't argue or try to make excuses, they just wanted to do right by me (the customer) and they did. Best buy has not lost their customer service and I am pleased to continue to spend my money with them. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

We went to Best Buy in Albany New York and needed some information and help. We were very happy to be assisted by Jevaughn Joseph, whom we found to be very knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. We are a retired couple and some of the technical information we hear at Best Buy needs extra explanation. Jevaughn knew everything we needed to know, explained it all very clearly, and answered follow up questions as well. He has excellent rapport with customers and a most pleasant personality with a great sense of humor as well. We have shopped at Best Buy for years and found Jevaughn to be one of the best sales people we have met. It was a pleasure meeting him and getting all the information we needed for our purchases. Best Buy is very lucky to have him on staff.

Posted by Simon

Today started out well and then it got even better! New laptop, something that actually works and won't break down on me easily. A MacBook Air 13 inch' was my pick for a college laptop. Simon (, he was the person who helped my mom and I, did a great job. Plus, he was bilingual, which was great for me, I did not need to explain every small thing for my mum. He saw that we needed help straight away and walked up to us and he stuck with us through the whole process. He gave useful information and showed great dedication to his work. He was patient and understanding towards my mum and I, no matter how exasperating we got. The other Best Buy workers' customer service was also excellent; hands down most helpful workers. Everyone was most helpful and cheerful, they did their best and made me feel welcomed even when I had many questions and went back and forth. Thank you for helping my mum and I, awesome service served with a dose of cheerfulness.

Posted by jck1204

I called in to set up a Geek Squad service call, and spoke with Sabrina. She could not find where I had a service plan active on my Curve TV. Couldn't help me. So I called back and got Tina - who is without a doubt the most helpful CS rep with whom I've ever spoken. She searched all history and found that the service plan for this particular TV had been attached to another TV I own, and never activated. She spent over 45 minutes speaking with various people to get it switched to the correct equipment, and arranging for getting the plan to an active status so I could arrange for service. She was AWESOME. Call time was approximately 1:45PM EDT, 6/8/16

Posted by Nani

During Memorial Day weekend, my dishwasher broke. I had already had it repaired 2 X. I decided to replace it. My son was visiting from out of state and could install the new one. I went to several stores to try to make a purchase but no in stock inventory was available. My son took me to Best Buy, where I have never shopped. The sales associate, SUSANNE went out of her way to try and find what I was looking for. She searched the stock room and found a dishwasher and it was exactly what I needed. I got a great price and great customer service from Best Buy. I will be a regular shopper in the future! Thank you SUSANNE and BEST BUY #1781 in D'Iberville MS

Posted by Bad Logo

Geek Squad 23red St. NYC. - Was very lucky to have Darrel, as my service person, he was incredibly likable and helpful. He was very patient and calm, despite my tirade. The Manager was also helpful to me and so was the tech who (I don't remember his name) worked on the computer for me. All three deserve my praise.

Posted by Anonymous

I am pretty unknowledgeable when it comes to computers and so when my laptop died I decided to go to Geeksquad via Best buy. When I arrived there, I was waiting for them to sell me or push me buy the greatest computer or something that they were pushing. I'm telling you they couldn't have been more accommodating! They looked at my laptop informing me yes it can't be fixed (by the way this was a second opinion.) and had a salesperson to show me the same laptop I was using before, didn't push me to buy the most expensive one, and took the time to show me the differences between laptop. The geeksquad person, oh man, he was the best!!! Took the time to show me how to use my new laptop and offered suggestions. THANKS GERMANTOWN BEST BUY - I'm very pleased!!!

Posted by Baba Yaga

Best Buy's customer service is awesome!! they resolved my concern in just one contact.

Posted by Anonymous

recently had a wonderful service experience with SHAUN at Bloomington, IN best a senior and non-technical...he not only solved my problem, but went over and beyond by simplfying and tweaking my 4/17/16 geek tech support / service order confirmation #GD18F17B..thank you very much for hiring all your many young geek technicians, but I especially want to commend SHAUN.

Posted by Cody wilder

On April 19,2016 we received excellent help choosing a camera in the Knoxville Tn Towne and Country Center store. Cody Wilder was very informative a d extremely helpful. We were very appreciative of his patience and willingness to explain the differences in the various cameras - we would recommend his services to anyone. Customer service pin:

Posted by Anonymous

On March 23, 2016, I went to pick up my Surface Pro again from the Geek Squad at Store #938 (167 North Queen Street) Agustin helped me with my Surface Pro by making sure that all the Microsoft office product was installed. He was very helpful, courteous, and pleasant. Also, Justin that greets people at the door is very pleasant and friendly. I wish that all customer service representatives would be like Agustin and Justin. Thank you gentlemen for making me feeling less frustrated with services provided by other customer service that works in the Geek Squad department.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to leave a comment on a Refrigerator that I recently purchased from you people at the Best Buy at Coquitlam Center Mall. I had been looking around for quite a while and had not made up my mind but after meeting a sales guy called Michael ay you stores I was amazed how helpful he was and spent time with me to make sure all my questions were answered and after a few days I was able to make the purchase and the Appliance was delivered on time as he promised. The refrigerator has worked great and I wanted you to know that Michael was a joy to deal with and I am a salesman myself. Great job and many tanks for the great service.... Terry

Posted by Anonymous

A special commendation for "Hollie" in Customer Service at the Chattanooga store. She was very professional and took a genuine interest in resolving my issue. She was patient and persistent in her pursuit of a resolution to the problem I presented her.

My Customer Service PIN is available upon your request.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Samsung rep in the Wilkes Barre store (Adam Johnson) should be commended for his vast knowledge of Samsung products.He goes above and beyond the service aspect.

Posted by Frank Johnson

These guys communicated extremely well, got there when they were supposed to and did the delivery and pickup with manners, class and efficiency.

They represent Best Buy as well as any employees i have ever encountered and you don't have any slackers there that I have met.

Thanks for hiring such great guys who are seriously enthusiastic about their jobs!

Give them 5 stars


Frank Johnson

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely upset with both Best Buy and UPS . The order had specific instructions to deliver package to rear door due to door bell out of order. I waited home ALL day and the driver left a pots-a-note on the front door. Now because of his/her incompetency I have to spend another day home and hope UPS customer service can get it right. This is unacceptable however I do realize that I am insignificant to both your very large corporations. Please note that if I don't get my order tomorrow it will be CANCELED!!! If Best Buy always utilizes UPS I will never order from your store again.

Posted by Moni

Stopped by Best Buy today to purchase a Gateway compatible for Comcast with telephone access. Matt was of great help and showed me the Arris Touchstone Gateway combination Router/Modem. He also researched the battery that is optional, but not available in the store. Matt wrote down all the needed information. Excellent service as always.

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased a large appliance at BB in Secaucus NJ.
Salesperson was Michael and he was perfect.
No pressure but great info and extra effort.
Would absolutely go back because of him

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Posted by Anonymous

Its difficult in this day and age working in a retail store when people are the way that they are. Just because we work for Best Buy does not mean that we are stupid. Best Buy is a great company to work for and we take pride in our customer service its the CUSTOMERS when they are not satisfied that they quickly go to bad customer service. They forget exactly what the employee has done for them. There are so many factors that can go into something but if a customer does not get something the way they want it and when they want it, its unacceptable. Some of the things I see customers complain about its common sense. Ask the questions like "Will my data be erased?" "What is the return policy so I am clear?" We work with many different customers many different things going on at the same time,we ask that you are a little empathetic. I know for a fact that almost all of my coworks truly do care, its not a pay check to them. Its just frustrating because no we don't make the products but we do know most of the time what you need and what you are looking for, if not we will look it up for you. Come on people. What happened to courtesy and respect? Yes the customer is always right but what happened to common decensy and respect towards others? We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. I don't know just my opinion.

Posted by yankees4life

best buy is an overall good company. yes we may have some difficulties in the website availability but with the increase of so many people buying the items we are not able to update the website and inventory fast enough. we do everything we can to work on our errors. we will make sure that you guys as customers get the best resolution you can. and in the meantime we will be working on everything on our end to make sure you guys as customers can be made sure that it will be your BEST BUY on your next purchase.

Posted by who cares

you all need to understand that inventory systems are never synched directly with ordering systems. this is impossible . so you can order an item showing its there, and then the inventory can update showing its not. everyone is crying about the is a simple explanation for those that obviously need it. best buy can only purchase so many of a certain item....if thousands of you buy all of that inventory, and best buy reaches out to the manufacturer for more, and they dont have it....sorry... best buy is a middle man...try to understand.

Posted by [email protected]

I work as a best buy agent for order support and I agree with the bad comments. I have to say, the physical stores have the worst service. We are always having to fix there mistakes and most of the time they just lie to the customers. Don't even get me started about the back order calls. You would think they would keep enough in stock for the things that are on sale. Plus, availability for store pick ups are at an all time low. I try to do my best to help the customer, speaking for myself, but the policies are a problem for me as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to voice a little bit of my opinion here. As the name states, I work in the customer service department at a best buy. For once I wish the customer with an issue wouldn't take it out on us, we understand you are angry and upset however, we are just following policy. Possibly losing my job to give you what you want, is never going to happen. Yes products stop working days or weeks after you buy them. They are electronics, technology, it is possible to just malfunction. Best Buy know this! That is why we offer coverage outside the thirty or fourteen day return policy! Yes, it could be brand new technology that just hit the racks, but hey everything has its glitches.

Next, I do not know what best buys you have visited, but most of the "kids" in the store I work in knows there stuff pretty dang well. Yes, I have plenty of times where I'm told "I was sold the wrong item." but hello we are all human here, we make mistakes.

Lastly, when you come to the customer service counter throwing a fit and cussing us out, do you really think we want to cut you a break, go above and beyond the return policy and act super nice to you? My job or not, I most certainly do not deserve that attitude nor is it apprechiated, and yes I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you do not get what you want. Due to the fact that your acting like a child and can not control yourself, mostly due to own customer faultiness with product.

Act like an adult, you shall be treated like one. Be nice, and I will go the extra mile give you the most I can for the situation at hand. We like to be treated as people. And hey if you think your cool and can *** an attitude at me, expect one right back.

Posted by Anonymous

I currently work at best buy & I have been there for a while now. I used to love working there, in fact i still do BUT...I get yelled at daily by customers because of numerous reasons, basically because we can't deliever like we promised them but then when I go to a manager & confront the issues they say "we aren't making enough money" "when you make more money for your department, you will see a change" WRONG!!!!!!!! Its a vicious cycle that has been going on since day 1 and its insane. How are we supposed to make money & deliever to our customers and give them proper service when we don't even have enough coverage to take care of what is sitting in front of us. Makes no sense, because while we are losing a sale because of this and credibility and sometimes a customer, really people talk and what do you think that customer is doing or did?? Probably told their friends, family and/or anyone else not to shop here or deal with us altogether because of this. So really we aren't losing a relationship/sale with that one customer but multiple customers, even if they haven't bought from us yet. Why would anyone want to buy from us when we can't get it together? But more importantly, how do we correct this issue because it's clear the management at store 48 doesn't know what to do because if they did things would be different & it wouldn't be ran like it is which is horrible. How do you expect store 48 to improve when you take away our one way to keep customers which is coverage to do all the things we need to do but then tell us make money and we do and then we turn around and lose the sale and then another and then another because we cant deliever to them because theres no coverage? How do we fix this, please enlighten us all because all of us, not just me at store 48 are wondering?

Posted by Anonymous

I work for best buy store 495. Horrible. This company only cares about revenue and volume. I' ve been told on several times by my supervisor and store managers, to "Only worry about customers who are spending money". Bad business ethics, horrible customers service response, and unprofessional employee training. I cant wait to quit. I guarantee I'm gonna show my ass when I walk out the door.

Posted by Anonymous

Must be certain Best Buy's then I would have to say.. I work at the one in Garner, NC and we help anybody as much as possible, and I have seen all these comments in lots of forums. Now I wonder why those people who wouldn't help yall even work at those stores.. I would get rid of them instantly.. Sorry for your bad experiences guys, just know that not all Best Buy's are ran the same way..

Posted by kaotic

I used to work at best buy and typically the phone number extensions are the same in every store. When asked to put an extension ins 2180 will get you to the loss prevention desk. sometimes this is an easy way to get transferred because the all have 2-way radios and can typically get a hold of a department directly. if you need Geek squad their extensions are 2110 and 2111.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an Employee at best buy and i don't think that you should spread bad stuff about best Buy from one experience in one store...We are a fa nominal company and take pride in helping customers. I would say to only complain of that one store and not tell people that all best buy's are terrible.


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