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Bernina customer service is ranked #822 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 21 ratings. This score rates Bernina customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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1 Positive Comment out of 21 Total Comments is 4.76%.

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    • 20 negative comments (95.24%)
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Posted by Pamela Rgoers

Bernina has the worst ever customer service! I don't recommend anyone buy one. I have a Bernina 710 i bought four years ago. It suddenly went wonky and the needle up/needle down button stopped working as did the presser foot up/down button. It started sewing by itself...i took it to an authorized Bernina repair person and he couldn't fix it so it was shipped off to Bernina headquarters. It has been over six weeks and still no word from Bernina. There isn't anyone to talk to, they ask you to fill out a form and then they do not respond to inquiries. I expect much more than this from a high end company. I will NEVER buy another Bernina and will encourage all my fellow quilters and sewing enthusiasts to buy a sewing machine from a competitor. I would have done better with a cheap Brother...i could have just thrown it out and purchased another and saved the aggravation. I couldn't be more disappointed in Bernina.

Posted by Machine Quilter

This (Feb. 2018) is the second time in about 4 years I've needed customer support at Bernina and both times I've hit a brick wall trying to get help through Bernina's web page. Their web page is nicely designed to look friendly, but Bernina provides no "Customer Support" phone number on their web page, and emails sent to customer Support via their web page go unanswered. Very frustrating considering the price one pays for Bernina sewing machines.

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a new bernina B560 just last week dearer won't take it back because no return policy so now I have to pay for it in Evansville ind

Posted by priscilla e ahir

I BOUGHT A 820 BERNINA WHEN THEY FIRST CAME OUT Let us just say it has been back to the factory 3 times, to repair people several times . I can never sew on it but for just a few minutes til something goes wrong. It has led to drinking lots of wine. Is there any recourse on this very yellow lemon. Have used Berninas for years happily but ready to throw out the nearest window

Posted by [email protected]

I have accidentally lost my invitation to view the Bernina Toolbox on the web at 6 pm. Would you pass this information on to the proper channels so I will receive another email invitation.

Thanks for your response to my request.

Sandra Reed

Posted by Longfellowq24

Last year I invested heavily into the Bernina Longarm Q24. I read their company brochures extensively before buying. I have a business in British Columbia offering Longarm Quilting Services. I was most of all, impressed by their new stitch regulator technology using optical sensors. The outward look of the machine and frame is spectacular. I also use a product called qBot version 3 by Litenup Technologies to offer robotic controlled digital design service. This was essential for me due to a spinal injury requiring surgery. I simply cannot do free motion quilting. I was further convinced to get the Q24 because the qBot company actually uses the same machine and found it to be extremely compatible. They have supplied the qBot system to literally dozens of customers without a hitch. I turned out to be the exception for me. At first, Bernina Canada appeared eager to help but after I spent hours creating videos that demonstrated that my particular machine was malfunctioning in the BSR mode, everything went suddenly from warm to icy. Their immediate response was that the machine was working perfectly and they do not support 3rd party products. I never asked them for support for the robotics. If I need support on that, I go to qBot for answers. A company exemplary in their after purchase support. After that, it degraded into a total gong show. The tech support people have put me through a litany of jumping through hoops. Checking off boxes as they put it. The entire focus of these was to blame me and how I set things up or to blame Lighten Up and their robotics. Not once have they considered that my particular Q24 is malfunctioning. During the quilting out process, it just randomly stops sewing with no error reporting by the machine. It is proven to be neither an upper thread or bobbin thread issue. And it is also proven that it is not the fault of the robotics. They only communication between the robot and the machine is a simple Start/Stop command. I am a very well educated man in both computers and training. It has proven impossible to get my complaints any further than trainers or techs. I have repeatedly asked for access to the 'brass' but those requests go unanswered. There is a distinctly arrogant air about my contact with the techs. It couldn't possibly be the fault of our awesome machine. The fault must surely lie elsewhere. Not one offer as been made to inspect the machine nor offer to test a replacement. Machine logs had to be sent to Switzerland and have been ignored by all appearances. It also appears my dealer is caught between a rock and a hard place. I will say that if you get a machine that is flawless you will be very satisfied but God help you if there is a problem or if you pair your machine with anything other than their own robotics, recently released as Qmatic. I was not available at the time I purchased my machine nor do I expect could I afford it after spending $27,000CAD on the machine and frame.

Posted by Anonymous

Jul 25, 7:50 PM CDT

My name is Connie Readinger and I have been machine quilting for 21 years. I have been a member of the Berks Quilters Guild for 17 years. I started with a Viking, then went to a Pfaff 1471, then a Pfaff 7570 which I still have, then a Jeaome which I traded for a Bernina 750 in Feb 2013. I was then offered an upgrade at Hinkletown Sewing Center to a Bernina
Model 770 SS 77060603236 in Aug of 2015.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with the 770QE in free motion quilting! The bobbin thread forms a bird’s-nest cutting the bobbin thread and jamming the machine. And it does this a lot, although once is too often. I had it back to the dealer 5 times which is 30 miles, taking 35 minutes one way. They did adjustments, tried to replicate the problem, had me attempt to replicate the problem which I did but they said it was just tensions. They were very very cooperative and even gave me a brand new machine. Much to my displeasure the new machine does the very same thing. A local dealer even offered to take a look at it for me. Again, I wasn’t able to replicate the specific problem for them but they watched my technique as did the people at Hinkletown Sewing Center and could not point out any glaring mistakes I was making. The fact that I can’t replicate the problem at the dealer is really frustrating for me. After all I had no trouble quilting with the 750 and I quilt a lot.

I have changed quilting techniques as suggested by the dealer, by online experts who use the same machine, and through trail and error. I've changed to foot 44C, and also changed needles and thread many times and still am unable to resolve this issue and it really frustrates me to the point if nothing can be done for me I will take the loss and sell the machine! This has been a horrible experience and I’m at my wits end. Of course I won’t be ever buying another Bernina!
My first question are: Do you have other machines doing this?
Is there a way to fix it?
If it’s my technique, which I doubt, what can I do different?

I sent this back in July as you can see and have heard nothing back and it's almost a month.
I am very disappointed in the customer service from Bernina. I am also very
frustrated with this machine which continues to bind up and jam my thread. Since I can't get any answers maybe you can please authorize the dealer to refund my full purchase price as soon as possible.

Posted by Anonymous

need a manual for a retired 450 Aurora. Been trying since last week to get one.
This is the worst. Never will I buy another Bernina product! Too high and mighty.

You are no better than Singer.

Posted by SewFreakie

I have had a Bernina 830 B for two years, beautiful machine until: Last fall the bobbin assembly broke, spent alot of money on shipping to Bernina for repair after local repairman contacted them and found out this is a problem (Bernina has known about this for years) with this model. Since it's return in late November it has been back to the shop 6 times - the new bobbin assembly eats thread and jams it up horribly while in embroidery mode. 6 visits in less than 5 months.... Now it sits in the repair shop, the repairman has emailed Bernina for advice and who knows when I will get it back or if it will work right for more than a few hours when I do get it back. My thought is that this is an ongoing problem with the model and Bernina needs to fix it (for real this time)at no cost to me or replace it at no cost to me. BERNINA NEEDS TO MAKE THIS RIGHT FOR ALL OF US who have paid such a high price for this lemon machine. There is apparently no one at Bernina to talk to. They don't even offer adjudication!! Packing this huge machine in for repairs ever 3 weeks is quite inconvenient. Living without a sewing machine is a horrible option, they don't even offer loaners. Problem still not resolved. Local dealer knowledgeable and friendly, but big Bernina apparently doesn't need us customers just their dealers? Unfortunately, I have no one at Bernina to work this out with. If they don't make this right soon I will be on YouTube destroying this hunk of garbage with a few choice words their potential customers will hear.

Posted by Anonymous

You have terrible customer service. Cannot reach a live person to ask a question. Cannot find user manuals to download which are free. All are for sale. Doesn't Bernina offer free manual downloads? I am at a public school. No funds for purchase. Phone number is circular. Could not get anyone to even ask a question? I have Bernina serger and machine at home. Will not buy another. Will recommend school district not buy Berninas again.

Posted by Anonymous

Watch out for the dealers in New Jersey. Had a problem with two dealers there and am skiddish about using any others. When "customer service" was brought into the conversation things went from bad to worse.

The original problem was that my Virtuosa 160 (sewing machine) needed servicing (timing adjustment) but I thought I might have needed a new bobbin case, so I purchased one at a local dealer and it didn't fit my machine (even though I brought the bobbin case into the store with me to match it). When I demanded my $70 back on the my second and last visit, the dealer offered me a generic bobbin case for $12.95. I bought it just in case I was wrong, but it too didn't fit (never clicked into position like my original bobbin case that I thought may have been my problem).

The "magic" with "customer service" happen when I took my machine in for servicing at the second dealer. Right away, the service technician noticed the bobbin didn't fit and asked if I wanted to buy one which I declined because I still had the original bobbin case and asked him to use a store bobbin case for the service. Later he called to tell me that the "hook" was damaged ($100) and I agreed to purchase the solid steelhook, but asked him to save the damaged hook for me. (I just had the hook in and out of the machine just a few dozen times, so I wanted to see the damage).

Meanwhile Bernina CS resolved the issue for me in this way:

"I needed to do a bit of research on this situation before responding to your email of Wednesday. I spoke with our technical staff and the dealer who installed the new hook to clarify this issue with the bobbin case.
The reason your tension was off, which prompted you to bring the machine to your dealer, was because the hook was damaged. Regardless of whether you used a genuine BERNINA bobbin case or a generic bobbin case, an old case or a brand new one, none would fit properly in place because of the underlying hook damage. You did not receive the wrong bobbin case from the dealer but your tension would be poor and the case would be ill fitting until the hook was replaced."

I got my machine back on May 27th and tried the old hook with my old genuine Bernina bobbin case and it sews no differently than with the new solid steel hook I was sold.

They service based on price point around here and I am so disgusted with Bernina "customer service" I'm still spitting nails. I wrote a letter to president of the company and am waiting for his response. It's nearly been a month now and so far nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a bernina 640 and having problem doing auto buttonhole. Quick reverse button would not work. Else for regular sewing there is no problem

Posted by Bernina Lover

I purhcased a Bernina from Sew from the Heart in Scottsdale and HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT purchase from them. They have the worst customer service, do not returns call, and are unethcial.

Posted by Werner

Useless websites. No phone numbers. Downloaded user manuals. Missing critical information. Useless. Dealers don't know anything about the product. Were going to buy Bernini 880B. Changing our mind.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Rachel Herren. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I've been using a Bernina for about 15 years and love my machine. Earlier this year I traded my old model in for another used model and when I did the store here on Maple street said that they will change all my embroidering disk to an art format. Last month, August 18th, I had my husband take my disks in to get them in to the new art format. They said it will be done in a couple of week. My husband went back and they told him that they were not done because they are too busy and that someone has to sit with them the entire hour that it takes to do one. Ok, we can be patient. In a week he went in and it still wasn't started. Now today I called and find they are still just sitting undone. They told me they would be able to get my disks done so I can use the machine but now since not even one was done I don't believe they will ever be done. When I called the store today I told them that I want to have my disks returned and have one at a time done but my husband said no, I should have them done all together. What can I do? I am not getting customer service at all. I am putting the back burner with a machine that I paid 2000 for and can not use the embroidering section. and why would I ever want to buy another software if I'm never able to use them. For these months that I've had the machine I've yet have been able to embroider with it.

Posted by [email protected]

I bought a Bernina Aurora 440 Quilter's edition a few
years back and I love it.I bought it from
"cotton post" in Arva, north of London Ontario.
I went to them last year and they ordered me a new threader for my machine.I received it in May of this year as I had been south.
However, it did not work. I went back to the store and the salesperson could not get it to work either. I don't see well and I really needed it. Here it is five months later and I have not received a new one. It was not under warrantee and I still have the receipt as it was $39.99 I have called and been in many times and the man that was ordering it "Garnet" who only works on Wednesday, says that Bernin a's service is terrible and he doesn't know what they are doing not to send
one. He says he keeps calling and requesting one but Bernina will not send one. He says Bernina's service is so terrible it is just not understandable.
I find that hard to believe as Bernina is such a big company. Is my order unimportant or am I as a customer unimportant? It makes me wonder if I or many of my friends should shop Bernina or is it the store and the person who continually downgrades Bernina.
Please help me. I have two transplanted corneas and my husband has to thread all my needles. I had hoped to finish my sewing for Christmas but it will not happen now.
What should I do?
Thankyou for any help you can give me.
Yours sincerely
Joan Wilson

Posted by Anonymous

I've had my Bernina 830 since April 2013. It sews beautifully when its working. It's been to the dealer for repair four times since April for the same reason (it stops working and the display shows a picture of gears). Each time I was told by the dealer it needed oiling. Then in the latter part of September I took it into the dealer again for the same reason (it jammed and stopped sewing). The dealer told me the hook near the bobbin was broken. It's still at the dealer waiting for the part from Bernina.


The worst customer service ever in Overland Park area. Even with warranty, not repaired, treated terrible. Just took the money and ran with it. I love Bernina Machines but won't buy another because of lack of knowledge by the staff and an owner that treats clients terrible himself.

Posted by nrtx

It is difficult to get a customer service rep on line. When I call in I am asked to give a dealer number.

Posted by jwillie2

I own both a Bernina 430 and 830. Bernina USA Support is just nonexistent for these and the expensive Designer Plus software. The 830 was supposed to come with classes--the local dealer will not give the classes. Here I sit with an expensive, complicated machine with no instructions on how to use it. I cannot contact a human for support of the software--so I have a piece of very expensive software gathering dust--no support.

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Posted by Anonymous

If you purchased BERNINA products and are not getting your lessons from your Dealer, BERNINA would want to hear about it. Did you ever contact them through the official BERNINA website? Furthermore, there is live online Software Support through the website as well. And finally, I've called in before and the phone message did prompt me to hit "0" for an operator, which connected me directy with customer service.

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