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Posted by Anonymous

Our realtor with Berkshire Hathaway in Mobile Alabama was the worst. She did more for the sellers than us. She didn't show up at our closing because it was too early in the morning. Never thanked us or checked to see how the closing went. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Ocean Reef vacation rentals in Destin Fla has the worst customer service i jave ever experienced. We are staying at the majestic Sun in destin. The first 4 days of our stay we had water interruptions.due to a water pump issue nobody would return calls or emails i finally reached them by phone there first response was you can go across the street to use the restroom.atleast i did talk to some of the owners. They said that the HOA had contacted them and their leasing agents would be there for there clients if need be. When i told this to ocean reef. They said we dont do the maintenance things happen were not supposed to be here for you.

Posted by Bertony

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Results Realty Kissimmee Fla. THE WORST COMPANY EVER! horrible staff. We are aware that landlords may charge for any cleaning or repairs necessary. However, landlords may not use our security deposit to cover the costs of ordinary wear and tear. Landlords by law cannot deduct the cost of repainting or replacing carpet from the security deposit for normal wear and tear, or even when the walls and carpet have met the useful life terms. I emailed Debbi Browning to let her know I had documents of professional cleaning. She said it was nothing they could do. The unit was completely clean. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP YOUR MONEY! stay away from this place or you will be sorry. THEY HAVE HORRIBLE service and uneducated people.

Posted by Rusty

Made several calls to a listing agent from BH by the name of Darrell Stirewalt in Hattiesburg Mississippi regarding a residential property, with zero response from this agent, as he appeared to be controlling a property for other buyers. I have purchased several large commercial property's in the Hattiesburg area and Will never call these good ole boys for anything in the future. People like this are not only stupid business people but also have the appearance of being to lazy to return a phone call,the basics!

Posted by varabrams

I still have not received my proxy material.
It is very difficult to communicate with BRK directly.

Posted by fattnass1

the agent called me to show my home last minute so i said yes, she said 4- 430 never showed up called 505 pm and said she is not coming today, i live in the home and put my dinner on hold, realtors today can't do the job at hand lazy bunch of people that don't have any info about your home but they want that money, and show people homes they don't have money for.

Posted by Disappointed

Scheduled a showing for one of my homes for sale then after not showing up they requested an extension that I reluctantly granted. Failed to show up again and then later posted a review of my home stating that the outside was filthy and they didn't want to go inside. They never showed up and the outside as well as the inside is immaculate.

Posted by Berkshire & Pls Hold for the nex

Worst company I have ever had to deal with!!!! Had a car accident in March 2016 where I was not at fault. The car which hit me were insured by Berkshire & Hathaway therefore I had to deal with them to get my car fixed. It is now Oct 2016 & they tell me they still have not been able to assess the claim!!!
Called, emailed, called again time & time again!!! not only are they impossible to get in touch with but they direct your calls to other departments & have you on hold for literally hours!!! I am lucky I can still drive my car otherwise I wonder how long it would have taken them to assess!!!!
I'm so absolutely pissed off I'm about to burst!!!!
Does anyone know who I can call in regards to complaining about this company & getting my claim assessed & hopefully before the end of the year get my car fixed?
Worst company ever if I could I would spit on them, no lie!!!
As I write this I've been put on hold for a little over 30 mins once again & this is probably the 8th time I've called them since May!!!!
Berkshire & rip off people who have to deal with you!!!
Thanks for reading, sorry if I sound rude!!

Posted by glseaman

We are relocating and needed 2 market assessments from 2 realtors. We were referred to Berkshire Hathaway of Brookfield CT. The realtor that came to our home was Robert Camillone. He came over on Thursday 9/13 and gave his presentation and did a walk through. We stated that my wife was to be in Alpharetta, GA on 9/30 and needed him to provide his analysis ASAP. He promised he would have it submitted to the relo company by 10am on 9/14. We called, emailed, and texted him all day on 9/14 and received no response. We had to request another realtor to do an analysis because he was derelict in his duties. He has now cost us at least another 2 days and a weekend of missed listing time with my wife leaving in less than 2 weeks. Rest assure that Berkshire Hathaway will not be on the referral list for this relo company. Robert should do something he's more suited for like picking up trash in a park.

Posted by Shante

My real estate agent acted as if she was working for the sellers. She did not ask for the repairs to be done that were uncovered from the home inspection. Fees are too high. I wouldn't refer them to a stray...


I relocated from Florida to Virginia and closed virtually, the agent I used Tessa in the Fredericksburg VA office FED EXPRESSED one set of keys and assured me she would keep the second set in the OFFICE! Three weeks after moving in I had to return to Florida to plan my son's funeral/memorial and remembered I had never received the second set of keys. When I contacted Tessa she then told me the set of keys were placed under a mat at the house in Downtown Fredericksburg VA that was VACANT that I hadn't even moved into yet! The stories and lies kept coming. If this was the case why didn't she call or text me and tell me where to find the keys? I am a single senior citizen and afraid for my safety but Tessa and her Manager don't see an issue with her actions. The consumer is NEVER right with them, the Manager took Tessa's side and said this was verbal, and I responded that was a lie, which is was.

Posted by Anonymous

I didn't buy the home and $5000 was taken from my earnest money by the agent. Other companies said they have never lost a client's earnest money. The agent knew my house ws not on the market and yet we signed to buy the other house so as 'not to let it get away.'
The agent made no money and, yet, I lost $5,000. The question is: does Berkshire Hathaway care?

Posted by Ada

I would like to know how to report an agent for an ethics violation. I wanted to buy a home this agent was listing and I explained that I had enough cash and assets that would need to sell. She said her investor was willing to give me 90 days to sell my assets but only if she listed them. So I agreed and started listing my houses. She also recommended I did some improvements to them to get them to sell for more. So I did. She had full knowledge of my willingness and intention to but the house she was listing for someone else. I told her to please let me know if they got an offer in writing from someone else because I wanted the house no matter what and she agreed to let me know if someone else put in an offer that was going to be accepted so I could match it . Today I find out it was pending and she never bothered to let me know. I think she entered into this agreement knowing it was a conflict of interest because she was representing the seller and the buyer of the same property. This is a clear ethics violation because I moved mountains to put my properties up for sale because the buyer was willing to give me 90 days to come up with the cost. I even lost a tenant in one house because I was going to sell it. I lost money and most of all I lost a property I dearly wanted to buy and she knew it. The least she could have done is alert me to the potential offer so I could have had a chance to bid on it to be able to purchase it. Instead she blamed me for it. How can that be if she is supposed to be representing me and the seller ?? I will file complaints with the board. But I want to also file a complaint here. People need to know that they must get their own agent to represent them if they are buying a property with exclusive rights. Otherwise they will be at the mercy of unscrupulous agents using the Berkshire Hathaway franchise name.

Posted by Darryl

My name is Darryl Mostella I work for Acme Brick a Berkshire Hathaway company I am expecting my first child and I love my job..however I'm expecting my first child and need a better place to live so I said I'm going to spend my hard earned money with the company I work for paid a deposit at Tru Value homes in Alexandria and was preapproved to get financed through Vanderbilt mortgage..until I realized the percentage rate of 6.7% and the monthly note didn't match I go to Truvalue to haggle pricing to find out the check I left for a deposit that I was told would not be cashed and I have a invoice to show that was cashed...we take pride in what we to as a stockholder and as a Berkshire Hathaway employee and it would be nice to feel that I can reinvest in the company that believes in me without being ripped off or being did unethical Clayton Homes Vanderbilt mortgage.. The ppl working there have no moral beleives

Posted by Anonymous

There is no vertical, lateral, or any other communication at this company. Warren definately needs to get involved in supervising his executives, managers and develop some policies and proceedures. If you are an agent here you are totally on your own. Its an ever changing environment totally in flux and there is a fair amount of backstabbing that goes on between managers and agents, very unprofessional.

Posted by Anonymous

The IT group with Berkshire Hathaway/KoenigRubloff in Chicago doesn't provide the service to agents. They not returning calls or emails and definitely solving problems. I wonder why where they hired. It only reflect negative response on the company.

Posted by Glenda Skinner

My first experience with selling/renting my home and the biggest mistake of my life was going with Berkshire Hathway. My realtor Janet Freed isn't doing her job at all. I have made several attempts to contact her regarding my home and she does not answer my calls nor does she return my calls. Now my oldest son says there is damage to the back yard fence which was not there two weeks ago. I have tried to contact Ms Freed for about three weeks now. She isn't keeping us up on what's going and doesn't seem to be doing anything to sell/rent my home.

Posted by Bob

Be very carefull of the AHS free essentials warranty they offer when listing your home. I had a issue with a pipe leaking and it was a covered item. I requested a plumber and they came out and fixed it. I then asked for the drywall to be repaired, once again a covered item. I then entered the nightmare phase, they came back to me and said they had no drywall vendor and offered me a $145 joke of a cash settlement. I then argued with Hathaway for three days, finally threatened legal action. I then recieved a $350 offer that covered the job.I found it very un proffesional on Hathaways part considering I'm going to be buying another home.I will not be looking with this company.

Posted by Teresa G. D'vall

I filed an ethics complaint and a complaint with the NJ Real Estate Commission about an agent at Berkshire Hathaway in NJ for misconduct but received better results by publishing this story about how he victimized my family.

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