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Beretta customer service is ranked #930 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 14.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 11 ratings. This score rates Beretta customer service and customer support as Terrible.


11 Negative Comments out of 11 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 11 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 14.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 11 negative comments (100.00%)
    • 0 positive comments (0.00%)
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Alan

Customer service is non-existent. The phone will only refer you to their customer service department and no one else. The number listed + 0 does nothing. If you get through to customer service by waiting over a half-hour, they don't actually help you. I got sent into a loop - twice.

Posted by Anonymous

This was the slowest service i have ever recieved from a firearm company ! It took two calls to the person holding my part to get a return call so i could pay for it. Two months for this is to long!

Posted by Jiimmerman

I purchased one of their firearms and within just a few years the frame cracked. I had barely used the firearm as it was a .32 caliber small carry gun. Not something you target shoot with. I was shocked when they tried to blame the frame cracking on how I used the gun. Then Beretta claimed that this was normal because "it was at the end of its service life and needed to be retired". I have several 40 year old firearms that are in amazing shape that I target shoot with problem. You can read about the crack frames on their Tomcats online so I'm not the only one. If you engineer and build junk at least stand behind it and help the people that spent their hard earned money to get it repaired or replaced.

TL/DR : They sold me a piece of junk and didn't stand behind it

Posted by Anonymous

Hello My Name Is Fred Jacobs I Had My Bobcat Blow The Handle Off On The Left Safety Side. If You Look At The Slide On That Side, You Will See A Lot Of Machine Marks. It Did It Two Times, Had To Go To The Clinic To Get My Eyes Flushed. I Then Buff The Ramp On The Barrel, To See If That Would Help It Did Not. Please Check The Slide And Tell Me If You Think That Is A Defective Part. My Number I Was Given To Ask These Questions . Thank You Fred.

Posted by Anonymous

Totally incompetent!! Products offered for sale don't match the description (32" gun case that is 30" long) and can't get a response regarding a repair I had done that is not correct (left 4 voice messages over a week, no response, unable to talk to a human). I should mention that it took 11 weeks to get the original repair done for over $400 when the quote was $325 and 3-4 weeks. Barrels came back filthy and obviously un-tested.

Posted by Denobravo

I ordered three 2 inch chokes...Full, xtra full, and skeet. When they arrived..two were used chokes ...the xtra full had been used so long the blueing had worn off.

Instead of sending two replacements right away (like companies with good customer service), they said I needed to ship them and they would decide if they would replace them. So I wait for the return shipping label..then wait for receipt, then wait for replacement

Two actually had DIRT in the thumb screw knurling. I am going back to benelli.

Posted by maadm

I am an otherwise happy owner of your ARX 100 and have bragged to friends about the engineering behind this rifle BUT, I am extremely unhappy with the lack of information regarding the "PROMISED" 300 AC Blackout barrel not yet available and the total lack of information on this subject (i.e. current status).

Please have the courtesy of responding to this inquiry!

Michael A. DeMita

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to get some answers about a problem I was having with my PX4 sub compact magazines The customer service person was rude and insinuated I was not intelligent enough to know how to load a magazine. He recommended I send in the magazines and Beretta would look at them and correct any problems for a fee. I said they are stamped for 13 rounds but will only accept 10 rounds. The pistol has never been shot and the magazines have never been used. Your service person told me I would have to pay shipping back and fourth and any repair to the magazines. When I said I shouldn't have to pay he hung the phone up on me. I have heard about Beretta's POOR customer service but this is the first time I have had to use it.
I won't have to use it again because I will NEVER purchase Anything from Beretta again. I can see why your customer service rating is so low. I should have listened to other Beretta owners complaints. I'm blocking your E-mails (that I get everyday) and joining the ranks of your DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS. Beretta has a large Battalion of them. Don't bother to reply .I'm through with Beretta

Posted by Taldon

I've contacted Beretta several times about a rebate I'm due . It has been almost a year that I tried and tried to get my $75 rebate . I was told the last time I contacted them that it had been mailed that was over a week ago!

Posted by ar

There is not a link on the website for customer service. I bought the A400 due to 70% recoil reduction. This must be because the shell only loads from the magazine 30% of the time. Very disappointed and I spent more for this model than I normally would have. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Your 1-800 customer service number really doesn't help the customer. My wife bought me a $1,600.00 shotgun and I was to receive a $250 rebate for gear! That was September 23, 2014. It took 12 weeks before I received my rebate code 12-15-14. Now that it's Christmas time and I only have until the end of the month 12-31-14 to use it. I went to the online store only to find everything I was looking to buy, it was all out of stock or the size was way wrong. No fault of mine, so I called customer service to see if they could help fixing this matter, i.e. do you offer backorder or extend my rebate until the product becomes available? Customer service couldn't answer any of my questions as how they could help me out with my problem! I was told there is nothing they can/will do and if I don't use it I will lose it. Looks like I will be out a $250.00 rebate and beretta will continue doing what they do. Just do a web search of beretta customer service reviews, and you'll see not so good reviews to say the least. I hope to hear from someone who can help me out and if I don't, I will be contacting Corporate of office in Italy, I'm sure they would like to know how the US side of things are giving beretta a black eye.

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