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Bellsouth customer service is ranked #509 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates Bellsouth customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


107 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 94.69%.


6 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 5.31%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Bellsouth

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 107 negative comments (94.69%)
    • 6 positive comments (5.31%)
    • 2 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 4.4 Friendliness
    • 3.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

BS. Tech support will answer questions for an exorbitant fee. I needed help setting up email app accounts to access my Yahoo mail. My app hasn't changed in years but Yahoo changed something to deny my access. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been calling for 2 days and all I've been getting is the running around and disconnect I have a phone line down live in my yar
Do the Georgia storm

Posted by Anonymous

Bellsouth Sucks. There Representative Will Saying To Get Off The Call Rather Than Take The Time To Fully And Caringly Resolve The Issue. My Business Has Been Without Phone Service Since 08/02/17. I Was Told The Issue Would Be Resolved By 08/07/17. It's Now 08/09/17 And No One Can Tell Me What Is Going On Other Than They (meaning Yall ) Have Not Been Updated. I Don't Want To Hear That. I Want My Service Back On. Also, Every Time I Call And Give The Service Number Of 601-924-4500 No One Seems To Have A Record Or Have Access To This Account. What The Hell ! I Thought This Was Bell South And Would \ Could Have Access To All Of It's Accounts. I Am So Pissed Off Right Now . It Is Almost Impossible To Get A Real Person On The Phone And When I Do All They Say Is That They Can't Help Me.

Posted by 5504 be 3rd ave

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Posted by Anonymous

I need someone to call me. Lightning struck the telephone box between my neighbor and me. It tore up ground, following the lines. Some lines are exposed. There is damage to the box attached to my house. It knocked out phones, TV, etc. My address is 96 Ronmar Drive, Pineville LA 71360. Home phone and cell Thanks, Linda C. Henry

Posted by Meaning? My passwork works for 2

I'm changing providers asap - I have had it w/ ATT.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a e-mail account which is now blocked. After spending several hours talking with your technical support I've been told that the account has been hacked and someone in Canada is sending out e-mails in my name. In addition my bank detected fraudulent charges on my credit card 2 days ago. Your rather rude technitions (I've spoken with two) insisted that all I could do is purchase their packages ($99.99 - 299.00) to fix the account. I do not wish to purchase. I want to shut down the account. How can I do that? I would appreciate a phone call as my e-mail no longer works.

Posted by Anonymous

Well, I got an Idiotic, a hard headed, non helpful, rude, customer service who refused to get a supervisor. Couldn't find my account. I have UVerse, with TV, Computer, and 2 landlines. She could find nothing and insisted I give her a number. I gave email address which she could do nothing about because it is a "personal email", my phone #, and my billing account, my Wi-Fi Network name. I requested a supervisor multiple times. She disconnected the call while I was waiting for the supervisor.

Posted by Anonymous

Someone is using my old Bell South email and sending emails to everyone in my directory and they think it is me and it is not. has been closed for years.

Diane Dupree

Please check on this.

Posted by Anonymous

My emails are not being sent.
I am unable to access my one email account. I have not changed my password, yet I am bring told it is incorrect.

Posted by Anonymous

Need to dig ! Need to know if you have wires under ground at location Will be diging on July 4,2016 PLEASE CONTACT AT COOKS PHONE immediately thanks!can't reach anyone by phone!called

Posted by Anonymous

Im very upset with my phone service that I just got!! I had the run around with servicing my appointment for weeks I bought my dsl for att and i told the i wanted to pay for it monthly added to my bill for 10 months. Well, I looked at my checking account and bell south took out 106.75 I called att and they said they don't find a change for that they connected me to account receivable and no one know why or can tell me why i was charge when it surpose to be monthly. NOT A GOOD WAY TO START OUT WITH A NEW CUSTOMER!!! plus i have to wait to connect my DSLup Monday after receiving it 3 days ago they have my phone number with the wrong number but my old number was ported over from my previous provider.

Posted by Anonymous

I have some exposed wires on the ground that appear to be phone lines. There's also a post next to the wires that has the name Bellsouth on it. Unfortunately I hit one of the wires before I saw it, but there were portions of the wire that were already broken. Can you please send someone to 1030 Argyll Woods Dr, Suite 110, Danville, KY 40422 and you can call me I would like to get them taken care of or removed if possible.

Thank you very much,

Edward Comfort

Posted by Anonymous

I was on phone for Two or more hours. I don't see how a tech can get paid for doing half his job. They were working on our road today a left .leaving several people on our road without phone or internet services. I don't have neither. They told me they don't have 24 hr services. If this is the kind of service y'all offer.I will find another phone service. This is not acceptable. People depend on their phone for emergency's and for security . I want to fill a complaint. About this. Someone needs to contact me tomorrow about this. If they go in my yard a get dog bite that will be their fault. Name is Joseph Carter

Posted by Anonymous

I have a landline that can't receive incoming calls or outgoing calls. I require a service attention.

Posted by Champ123

I have been trying to get assistance for 1 hour.. Transferred 7 times in that hour

Posted by MADAnnie

Tried for two weeks to get someone on the phone to have BellSouth phone line removed from my house - no one wanted to help, so now it's dangling out there by the road. You're welcome BellSouth - oh BTW, I love your sham little live chat thing you're doing - NOT doing actually, but it does give the site a feel of legitimacy.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Bellsouth. Your customer sucks. I scheduled a technician for residential service for April 11. He/She was supposed to call to verify a time but instead showed up at my house at a random time and left a note on my door. I cant wait to drop your service and save the 200$ per month I have to pay you crooks for service that doesn't work.

Posted by SusieQ

Back in 1999, I had service with Bellsouth. I changed service to Vonage. I and the company Vonage notified Bellsouth of the change. Two years later I start receiving phone calls from a debt collection agency stating I owed Bellsouth 84.00. I asked what the service period was and the service period was the month following my disconnect. I told them that I had disconnected service with Bellsouth and did not owe this money as I did not have service with them at that time. I sent them copies of the letters and the name of the customer service agent I spoke to when I cancelled service at Bellsouth. Never heard from them again, until,2015, I have started receiving calls again. How do I stop this, I do not owe Bellsouth any monies, my bill was paid in full, how can I be so adamant, they sent me back my deposit. If any one can give me direction as to how to stop this I would appreciate it, no one seems to be listening.

Posted by deeshelton

Worst ever... worst than Comcast.I've been on the phone an hour and still have not spoken with anyone. All I want to do is report a tree down over a Bellsouth line in my yard.

Posted by Anonymous

I had to ask 8 times to speak to someone in the US really WTC and then I was hung up one

Posted by Roadmanmac

Iam getting a rash of phone call from which show as bell south land line...this been going on for about a week now and I told someone that they have the wrong number but its does not stop..I have block the numbers but it still goes to my voice mail ..what can be done to stop this ?

Posted by Anonymous

From the storm we had last night your wires across my driveway and blocking my access to the driveway also I cannot pull out of my garage

Posted by Cricketers

At the cricket stores the representative and workers don't care if they lose a cricket customer. I've been with Cricket 4 years over 10 years I'm about to leave Cricket because I'm not Reach a no one that can help me with this phone problem that I'm having or I can't talk to someone and get the answer that I'm looking for so I'm trying to go to the head head perfect of Cricket to see if they want to keep me as a customer my phone numbers plus MetroPCS have it where you can get to iPhone 4 free to sign up with them I would rather stay with Cricket so I would like to talk to someone that owns Cricket cuz I'm having a problem with Cricket and their phone also with Cricket workers they don't care if they lose a customer or not this is something that AT&T need to talk to their workers about that are selling crickets phone all day doing is working for a paycheck they can care less if they lose a customer or not

Posted by Celia

I work out of my home and I have not had internet service 8 day out of 19 days this month (JAN). I can not talk to a real live person when I call. I am currently looking for a new internet service. They did call me back to see how the person who took my call acted. They did not once ask if they fixed my problem. SO DO I DEDUCT THE PRICE OFF MY MONTHLY BILL

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Posted by CAC Arts

I was most pleased with the customer service that I received. The phone answered immediately and I was given a live person with whom to speak. He was most helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

The lady I spoke to just now to disconnect my home phone was extremely courteous and friendly. She was able to help me with all my needs and even offered additional information for the future for when I decide to reinstate phone service. Just sorry I didn't catch her name.

Posted by Anonymous

So far, this service has been excellent! I am now hoping that the static on my phones will be eradicated by 31st October as promised.

Posted by Shepherd

I Hate to have to call for any reason due to the stress of it all!!! Earlier, my dsl would not work, so I had a representive schedule someone to come to my home to fix it.... She told me that if it was fixed just to call back and cancel it.... She even gave me a confirmation number to make it easier... well after my husband got home, He got it fixed in no time... I was on the phone for a hour on my cellphone!!!! trying to just cancel this app.... This should have been a easy task, however was made into a nightmare!!!! There is no reason for it to take this long or for the represenatives to be so ugly on the phone... Thanks to Ebony for helping me first! then to Carl for getting the simple task of cancleing a appointment done! Wow it took a hour!!!! Stacy Shepherd

Posted by romerolg

I just used 1-866-485-5238 and spoke to Wanda. I needed a new modem. She was professional, polite and efficient. I had a choice of paying for my modem in one payment; or pro-rated over 10 months. She shipped it overnight and waived the shipping cost. I am delighted with the service and efficiency I experienced. Thank you Wanda for TRUE Customer Service.---Lucy Gonzales-Romero, Augusta, GA.

Posted by 561-844-0574

To whom it may concern,
My name is Fred Vernon, 203 Third Avenue, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002. My AT&T account number is 561-844-0574 and I just had to comment on your excellent customer support representative, Natasha, who with her fantastic knowledge and computer skill, turned a horrible start to a vacation, from night to day.
I arrived at my condo at 801 Lake Shore Drive,#214,Lake Park, Fla. 33403 and the first thing I do is set up my lap top, to monitor my E-mails. I couldn't not get on the internet, a first since I've had your excellent service, a problem that I had no idea on how to solve. I t took a little time to get started, I didn't have my account number with me, but I was lucky enough to be connected to Natasha.
The problem was with my computer, some how, its' wireless capabilities didn't work. So Natasha, for over two hours, using her wonderful communication skills, to guide this 62 year old, hard of hearing individual, with limited computer knowledge, checking every possible cause of the problem. I was completely amazed when she actually took remote control of my computer and corrected all the problems with my wireless capabilities.
I'm so sorry for rambling but I just can't put into words how grateful I am to AT&T for having such a fantastic representative in your company.

Fred Vernon

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Posted by Anonymous

As a former employee of Bell South, I stand by my company. I say this honestly, i have always been satisfied with the service provided to me. Thank you.

Posted by OneWhoKnows

Every system has its flaws.

That being said, I am a call center rep for AT&T/Bellsouth, and i can relate to what my coworkers are saying regarding irate customers. But you guys need to remember that working in a call center means that 99% of your calls are going to be complaints; NOBODY has EVER called customer service to say "hey, my service is working wonderfully, thanks for everything, goodbye." Proof of that is the comment section on this website. Point is, keep your head up, because this will never change.

By the way, I very rarely deal with a customer so unreasonable that we cannot have an adult situation and tackle their issue TOGETHER.

Furthermore, I understand that many times, the customer doesn't really help their own cause. Example: "I'm losing money because i run a business from my home." We wouldn't dare remind them that running a businness from a residential account is a violation of their terms of service, and grounds for termination of their account. Instead, we quietly do what we can to restore their service while they unleash a torrent of disrespectful comments into our ears. I do my best to let them vent, ignore their mean comments, and focus on the actual issue at hand, because no amount of saying the same thing over and over is ever going to fix anything.

To the customers, if you get a responsive rep, in any customer service setting, try this. Say Hi, tell us what the problem is, and stop talking for a minute. We know what we're doing, and just because there's not a tech available or a software glitch double billed you doesn't neccessarily make us incompetent. I consider myself to be an expert in my field and very good at my job. I'd agree that a percentage of people could do better, but that happens anywhere, probably even where you work. Most of us do the same exact thing dozens of times a day, and have dealt with your issue hundreds of times in the past. We do everything we can to help our customers because if we don't, we're held accountable for that through performance metrics. That means we can be FIRED for not treating you respectfully and not fixing you're issues completely and to the best of our ability.

In closing, please remember a couple things.
1)Your modem is going to die, get ready.
2)ISP's WILL NOT fix your computer for free. In fact, nobody fixes computers or routers for free anymore. Unfortunate, but that's the environment that technology has created for us.
3)If a rep tells you that their department simply cannot fulfill your request, they're telling the truth. It's worth noting that there's a BIG difference between -a)having the ability/authority to help a customer and simply not wanting to, and b) really REALLY wanting to help a customer, but not having the ability/authority. 100% of the people i work with tend to fall under "B". Again, another unfortunate byproduct of corporate structure.

All in all both sides are mostly correct. Customer's get mad when things don't work, and they have every right to. But many of them take on the role of a child who has not gotten their way, simply stopping everything and throwing a fit. That doesn't work for kids, and it doesn't work for adults.


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