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Bell Canada customer service is ranked #463 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.74 out of a possible 200 based upon 817 ratings. This score rates Bell Canada customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


757 Negative Comments out of 817 Total Comments is 92.66%.


60 Positive Comments out of 817 Total Comments is 7.34%.

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    • 32.74 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 757 negative comments (92.66%)
    • 60 positive comments (7.34%)
    • 11 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Maralyn

My husband and I have numerous services with bell and have for many years. I am so furious right now that if my issue does not get resolved we will discontinue all services with Bell and go public with our complaints. Your customer service department is the worst I have ever encountered in my life. Please read all the notes on my account before you call so that I do not have repeat myself again this month for the 100th time (the limited notes that are there because your customer service reps do not document even though they continue to promise me that it would all be on my file so that I do not have to repeat myself and try to justify promised made by liars). I have had it. I am sick of false promises to correct things and they don't get corrected and then I get attitude and hangups by your staff because I am frustrated. Does anyone at Bell care about the customer anymore--pathetic to treat people the way you do. And now I get a letter from you, Maria Ferranti, VP Bell Collections, and there is not contact information to speak to you. The number provided sends me right back to your incapable staff. I am sick of the abuse your staff dishes out. If your calls are taped for customer service what in the world are you doing with those tapes?????

Posted by Sabby

I have been a customer of bell for 21 years and I always had some small issue but most recently January 2018 I switched from satellite to fibe what a mess since day one it's may and we are still losing signal 3 to 4 times a week they were out to my home again just recently and said no more issues I won't lose signal and that was a lie what will it take for my service to work frustrated and annoyed

Posted by No respect for Customers, Money

We called bell and request them to cancel our services due to bad services, slow internet. They didn't mentioned about the cancellation fees or didn't send me any e-mail regarding that, just send me the last bill, which we paid, which was $120.79 and then again we received the bill on April which was $46.30 and we spoke to the bell representative Ken, badge # 041056, Ref# EY98346, He told my wife to disregard the bill and this is what we did and think there is no more charged made by Bell, but again, Today May 14th, 2017, we received the bill of $215.80 and we are very disappointed by their unprofessional service. We disconnect the services in March so why we are getting the bills even though we paid the last bill? Today April 26th we spoke to their Supervisor Mourad he was extremely uncooperative and was saying that he is supervisor and we cannot waive off these charges nobody can waived off these charges in the world. he sounds very weird, Bell is a big company these waiving these charges is not gonna effect, company not gonna loose business but they have no respect and feeling for their customers, they can do anything say anything they like and want?
I feel very disrespected, bell didn't have respect for their customers everything is money for them.

Your Desired Resolution:
As per their Representative Ken told us disregard the bill so why we get bill again? We want to waive off all the charges after miss information. Unprofessional attitude of supervisor and representative, not received any e-mail for the last bill/ cancellation bill, the person told me after last bill i will not gonna received any bill and still we are receiving bills from them.

Posted by Mithun

It takes long long time to get their hold over phone. I cancelled my TV on April 6 2017 but they keep charging me for that. At the same time I upgrade my Internet connection from 25 MBPS to 50 MBPS but there is no changes in speed.

Posted by Anonymous

Bell Canada

Bell Canada Contacts & Information

Posted: Apr 20, 2017 by Carlos Pereira

Bundled services-internet, cable tv, & home phone

Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes

Contact information:

toronto,canada, Canada

I was approached by Bell sales people and offered a fixed price for all the above services. Having very little confidence on the integrity of typical sales people, I requested a written confirmation of the offer prior to accepting same. All details were emailed to me and I agreed to switch at the time for a fixed price for a two year term. However, my first bill was much higher than the agreed written rates, I had to escalate my complaint since customer service declined to acknowledge my genuine complaint. Finally, a case manager was appointed by Bell and I had to forward all the email exchanges prior to my bill being rectified by the case manager, although as a customer I did not need to go through such unnecessary and unwanted aggravation particularly since all email exchanges were on file but the case manager kept saying these were not on file until such time I forwarded the emails. Great customer service! My rates have increased unilaterally inspite a 24 month written contract being in place. I called customer service today around 5.40 pm and was transferred to the loyalty department . After about 45 minutes on the line he concluded that he could not assist as these charges were due to enhanced Bell services. I made all out efforts to explain that I have a written contract for 24months. To say the least, I am extremely disappointed at this illegal gouging by a so called reputable company!
It should state in bold in your advertisements that prices aren't guaranteed and maybe people will think twice before switching to bell regardless of what the staff states.
As a 30year customer this means nothing to bell.

Posted by GARRY

No Time To Include All The Grief This Company Has Caused Me. Will Say This, When Someone Is In Market For An Internet Package And Gives His Requirements To The Rep Taking The Call, They Shouldnt Lie And Sell Them Something That They Are Well Aware Is Not Going To Satisfy Them Just To Gain A Sale, Thats Thieving And Should Be A Crime. Will Never Use Bell Canada Again, $256.00 Of My Hard Earned Money For Nothing To This Crooked Company. Some Day It Will All Backfire On Them

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Bell,
I was a customer for 25 years and chose to break up with you because you didn't take care of me. After a 10 year break, you convinced me you had changed. Well....I don't think so. I signed up up for your tv package and you have removed channels within a month. My last provider gave those to me as part of a basic package. But now I am with you for a long 2 years. If you really care about your customers you will change your ways. This is a competitive market and you seem to learn nothing from your past mistakes. Perhaps you need new management or, at the very least, an insight into what your customers want.
I don't need a job now, but will retire in 3 years and would be happy to help you with a glaring mis-judgement of your customers needs and wants.
Sincerely....left wanting a good provider....again

Posted by Fed up

Bell you have had your last chance, You gave me a discount starting in Nov,2016 it was to be for ten months, It is now only March the 1st 2017, You have taken it away, once again By far the worst company to deal with so annoying .Go with another yourself endless phone calls.

Posted by Zoran

Worst company ever.
Customer service hungs up every time you want to cancel the service.

Posted by Annoyed Again With Bell Canada

have been a bell customer for 30 plus years - in the past 10 years - they are always difficult to deal with - most recent experience - called to cancel the cottage phone line - would not do it - kept going through a sales pitch - I tried 3 times and kept hanging up - finally my husband phone - same thing - however he convinced him to switch to the bell fibe - he agreed - then he switch our phone from analog to digital without telling us - since we disconnected on Dec 1st - we had already prepaid for the month of December - bell told us we would be credited - received our january bill and we were not credit - nothing was even on the bill to show that it was disconnected. I phoned - they advised that we would not be receiving a credit - could hardly understand him - would talk over - I cannot stand Bell and will not be continuing with them in the future.

Posted by Holly

Last year in July 2016 I moved to Toronto from Vancouver. I needed a small speaker. When I walked into The Source the salesman just wanted to talk about their awesome promotions. They told me that Bell had purchased The Source and was offering great deals. When I told them I don't want the products I was informed I could cancel any time.
My nightmare began in August 2016 when I tried to cancel some parts of the services. I went in person, I phoned for days on end, I escalated my case on the Bell website. Yesterday I figured Bell was billing me for a cell phone number I do not have.
I have a heart condition that needs attention. I do not have the time or energy to deal with this endless problem.
I regret the moment I walked into the Source. I am deeply disturbed and depressed by Bell's service. I cannot afford this situation financially or mentally. I wish to sue Bell.I don't have the energy to cope with this issue anymore.

Posted by Kristi

I've spent 4 hours on the phone today trying to cancel TV and resolve billing issues. Bell tv is obsolete for our family. We don't watch tv, but last May, when I wanted to cancel Bell services I was talked into "good deal" with unlimited internet, home phone and tv. It was supposed to be with no contract and no cancellation charges.
Today I decided to call Bell and to cancel the TV and I was told that there would be $150 cancellation charge! The Bell employee, that I was talking to, suggested, that to avoid any charges I could put Tv on hold for 6 months and I agreed.
But email came from Bell shortly after confirming putting all services on hold and advising of a suspension fee! After calling Bell I found out that there is a suspension fee of $49,95, that the guy forgot to mention! It took me over 1 hour to get it reversed! This is astonishing!! A bunch of liars! I am looking for a n alternative internet provider!

Posted by Anonymous

I have the worst experience with the, I have the issued for the overbilling. I called on telephone disused all issue with Bell on line representative around 35 Mints and Bell representative discuss his supervisor and at the end of telephonic conversation Bell representative confirmed/ agreed on overbilling and he ensured me the access billing will be adjusted.
But just after one month I have again received the Bill from, I again called to and they blankly told me that bill should be paid by given date.
Unfortunately don't have any e mail chatting system for customers to keep any thigh for records.
This my worst experience with Bell .ca that they don't own theirs words/ commitment

Posted by Mary23

Called Bell today to have my sister phone services suspended as her phone was stolen last night. They told me they could not find her number, or her information under the account or the name. Disappointed that not only was the person not helpful on the phone, didn't give any options, and wouldn't freeze the account to help ensure not extra charges get applied to her phone. She misspelled my name at least 5 times even using after using the phonetic alphabet.
Disappointed as usual. Will be leaving this company as soon as possible.

Posted by Mav8

If there was a score lower than 1 star, I would give it. Worst service I have ever encountered, anywhere!! 11 Retention managers and the office of the president contact just to have them keep their word about the offer they gave me with my cell phone, but when I went to the store to get it they couldn't honour the deal - Unbelievable. That's not even why I'm writing this review. As ridiculous as it is, I recently- signed up for internet and TV services because of the good price that a salesperson offered me. Three appointments to install later - all of which were confirmed prior, multiple times (through phone calls and text) - and they still haven't showed up. Having ppl take off work to accommodate their asinine timelines and not show up, again... Seriously?? I'm a busy person like everyone else with kids and job who cannot afford the time or money to get the run around from a company that should be working to keep my business. It's a circus to say the least and the cartels of Canadian home entertainment services can kiss my business Goodbye!!!!

I try to support Canadian goods and services but Bell is the furthest thing from embodying Canadian values and ethics. The day will come when more companies offer internet and TV services in Canada and create fair value pricing through competition and maybe even treat their customers like actually valued customers!

Posted by Cynic

I've been a Bell customer for 54 years. I took Fibe in 2012. It was just getting going - the Customer Service was impeccable & All the Reps in each Dept. knew what they were doing. Getting through on the phone was so very easy. I was able to renegotiate my deal for the First 3 Years - Then all Promotions stopped &, I got hit with the FULL PRICE PER SERVICE.

This year, after putting up with On Hold Wait Times of Unbearable Length - up to an hour & still No Pick-up - Customer Service that had Fallen off the chart - SO BAD. They changed to a system whereby no matter which prompt one uses, it takes you to a "One Stop Shop" where whoever answers is "Supposedly" capable of handling EVERYTHING. So, what they've done is create a Gang of JACKS OF ALL TRADES - MASTERS OF NONE! I can tell after their greeting weather I've got someone who's prepared to work with me OR, some Jerk who's only thinking is - How fast can I get rid of this call & move on. The RUDENESS has become intolerable.

As my Bill had increased to $195.00 &, after all these years as a loyal customer - By the way - the Loyalty Dept. NO LONGER EXISTS - Bell wouldn't budge an inch on my overall cost, I felt it was high time to start to move my services. T.V. & Internet must go together & are good so, the only item left was the PHONE. It's monthly cost had risen to $54.00. For why I know not as to my thinking, basically nothing has changed over the last EONS.

I have changed to VONAGE. The First 6 Months - $11.54 Tax In - Then $29.00 Tax In. I have all the features Bell offers + many more and, FREE LONG DISTANCE CANADA & U.S. THE SERVICE IS GREAT & THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIFIC. ONE HAS TO BE A FOOL TO PAY BELL'S OUTRAGEOUS PRICES & THE PHONE SHOULD BR THE FIRST TO GO.

Bell Media is growing as we all know. Unfortunately, during this process, they have forgotten what made them so good to deal with - - EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The only thing they now care about are NEW CLIENTS with whom they have absolutely no idea of their length of Loyalty & $$$$. As to we who have truly been Loyal Clients for YEARS - - NOT A CARE!!

Posted by Boon

Went with these crooks because it was a new building and other isps did not have gained access. Sales staff were full of outright lies, customer service was rude, avoid if you can help it. I know I will be ditching them as soon as possible.

Posted by Mersy

I had a Bell service several years ago which I cancelled and they never left me alone with offers. I was stupid to give in and cancel my service with Rogers after being a long time customer to save some money, but soon regretted it after dealing with their phone service and made sure to cancel all 3 services within the grace period. After that I've been getting bills on & off and paid whatever I owed for my few day services and called each time to clarify why I was getting bills. Now after 3 months they tell me my payment has cleared the wrong account and they have owed me a credit for that for over 1.5 month, however, the other account that I've been getting bills for is past due and has gone to collection agency. The first agent whom I contacted at the time had assured me that it takes 6 month for any report to collection agency. Now this agent who's more informed is telling me this was the customer responsibility even though no one else told me I had paid for the wrong account. I really regret it to be their customer ever and the annoying part is their marketing keeps sending me new offers. Each department is unaware of what the other department does and this extremely poor service and credit risk factor for innocent customers. Don't you ever go with Bell no mater how attractive their packages look.

Posted by hudson1

Bell was completely unreliable and unable to articulate the happenings of my phone bill accurately.

Posted by Fed up

I forgot about my $89.99 promotion ending. My credit card was charged $189.99. My bad for not remembering. SO I CALLED to negotiate lower plan... They would'nt lower it so I kindly declined all services. I said "the month is paid so leave it on but please terminate my services and the end of the month". They said no month 2 days before ending the services they took another $189.99 off my credit card. WHAT???? I called and they apparently have no record of my call to cancel....Bull Sh_t..I had to report my credit card lost so that I would get a new number that Bell could not access. They are such cheats and liars

Posted by Tc

Terrible customer service. I sent a phone in for a repair to the power button. They replaced the screen by mistake with one that doesn't work. I've been told I have to pay to have the screen repaired because broken screens aren't covered under warranty.

Posted by Pase

Bell charges made-up additional charges like international text message or call...and they charge $1 or 2 every single bill...if they do this glitch for a millio customers a month, they are making 12 million dollars in glitches annually....not many have the time to call for refund for a buck!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever? They've no intention of retaining their existing customers

Posted by Xrogers

Changed from Rogers to Bell. Horrible experience so far, takes two calls to correct every request I have made. Wish Rogers had better service in cottage country I would return in a minute. After getting a family plan with Rogers with 2.5KB of data I called and asked if I could increase the data for a couple of months then return to the original data plan without penalty. Of course they said no problem. I called 30 days later to go back and was informed that they no longer had 2.5 KB only 2KB and it would cost me the same amount. They promise everything until you lock in, then beware no customer loyalty at all. I can't wait for my contracts to be up, I will definitely be moving to another provider.... I've only been a customer since May and have had numerous billing errors

Posted by Anon

Was over charged 10$ for 10 months, my initial 7$ phone repair was put in for the built in radio station instead. Then when it is time to upgrade my phone, I'm told I get the previous year or nothing after waiting an additional 3 months. The following week after I have been saving a voicemail for court for multiple weeks suddenly vanishes but not the others. Will never recommend again or continue services.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had some repair work done because I could not access bell on-demand through my netgear stick. Every person that I spoke to on the phone or in person were very courteous and helpful. Bell sent someone out to check my satellite and receiver box and they recommended a new receiver box for me.I was not informed that this change would mean the loss of all my recorded shows or that I would no longer be able to access my local weather. I called a representative at bell and they explained that the new receiver models 9400, cannot access local weather.I asked the representative where I go to complain about the loss of this very vital service.They asked me not to complain to bell or they, personally would be repremanded by their supervisor and could lose their job!Why are bell employees being threatened with reprisals for passing on legitimate concerns from customers?

Posted by brianhw

This morning, my TV, my telephone and my internet were all out of order. My neighbour Called Bell for me and less than one hour later a representative came to my appartment.

His name is Chris Stysall He did a thorough professional job. Checked all the outlets and cleaned up before he left. Very impressive young man. Bell should be commended for hiring such excellent persons. Thanks again for everything. I love Bell.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I was a Rogers customer for many years. Changed for fibe and don't care for Rogers nhl coverage with strombo ..all flash not even close to tsn knowledge and experience

Posted by Jan

Had problems with new myBell email. So I made mistakes I couldn't fix. Tried online chat first. "Jill" tried to help me for at least an hour, but I was confused and said I needed phone help!. So called and got through immediatelty!! "Val" took over and after 20 minutes, fixed ALL my problems!!
I am VERY happy with my service!! And I have to say as a 85 yr old female, I am SO pleased with speed, courtesy and accuracy of their help!!

Posted by Vlad

Very helpful, friendly, did try to sell me some things I did not want but was respectful of my decision.

Posted by Anonymous

I have repeatedly asked Bell Canada to stop sending mail to a person who i deceased and who no longer has an account at Bell, yet we continue to receive advertising mail with no return address! This has to stop. A request was made to Bell and they confirmed that there is no control over computer generated mail. What a sham.

Posted by pol

I use Bell with the help of cellcom and I will tell that is very happy with service. I have bell fibe tv. Recently I passed into Toronto and asked Cellcom my telephone number and fibe tv to bring here and no problems arose, I didn't pay additional money. If it is required, you can read about products and new proposals of Bell

Posted by pol

I use Bell with the help of cellcom and I will tell that is very happy with service. I have bell fibe tv. Recently I passed into Toronto and asked Cellcom my telephone number and fibe tv to bring here and no problems arose, I didn't pay additional money. If it is required, you can read about products and new proposals of Bell in the blog cellkom.

Posted by Daz

I had a very positive experience in getting my Bell services connected today by Stewart. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in setting up as well as explaining how to use all the services and answering all my questions. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Just talked to Jamie from Technical Support from Peterborough Ontario and he was absolutely amazing and so helpful!

Posted by Kev009

Ok, My wifi has been having problems and we called 4 times had a few tech people come in. It did not change anything.So i called and talked to a man called Jon. By far the best customer service i have had in years. He gave a few ideas, suggestions and so on. But what was the best is that I felt like it was not a one man conversation, I was talking to another human. By all means if you call bell tech, I hope you get Jon

Posted by Bell Retention

I work for Bell Canadas house hold retention department (also known to alot as loyalty department, cancellation department)
For Bell customer who actually read this and decide to call us on a weekly basis.. Here's a few things ...

1) We are not a Promotions department. Just because youre promotions expires and your bill starts charing you the BASE RATE of what EVERYONE should pay, Doesn't entitle you to more promotions. Whats the point of a promotion to make it feel good, When you get them constantly? because when the time comes Around When you actually need help lowering your bills, we wont be able to do jack S*** because you already have the best discounts.

2) Stop asking for supervisors. They Are there to manage our payrolls and make sure we are doing OUR job. Our supervisors are not there to sit on the phones and talk to people. If they were, then they would be on the phones all day. They can't do anything more than we can. To most they do is approve a higher credit, so the agent doesn't get in trouble for giving out a hefty credit.

3) Please.. Stop saying, " are you in canada ". In this age in Time what does it matter. There are so many imigrants in canada no, I can literally stand up at work, and there will be 5 people around me that you could barely understand.

4)If you're going to cancel your internet service. Do not EXPECT your BELL EMAIL, to continue working.

5) Read your bills... Please.. Read your bills. If you actually Sit down and go through your bill, 9 times out of 10, there isn't anything wrong with it.

6) Pay your bills in full. IF we give you an adjustment, Still pay the full bill. If you bill is an 100$ and we bring it down to 80$. Pay 100$. or you'll see a balance forward, and possibly an late payment fee.

7) We at Bell do not intentionally try to cause you frustration, or make you upset.
Beleive it or not, WE ( for the most part) are trying to help you out and resolve whatever issue you are calling in about. Yelling at us, and insulting us, And telling us how much you hate Bell canada isn't going to Help your call to us.

8) No. It is not that you need to cancel to get a better deal. We have a Department that is specifically there to call out to customers to assist them in deals, service, and changes. If you don't answer because you're not home.. Sorry, But that's not our fault. It's not that we don't value you just because you don't call in to get deals, and that we dont reach out to everyone to give deals. Keep this in mind, there are 1000s of us, and MILLIONS of you.

9) The price you paid a year or more ago is completely irrelivant. Prices change, Discounts expire. I'm Sorry if an agent mis-informed you that you'd have a fixed price forever. Prices are subject to change at any given time. ( Read the terms of services)

10) If an agent gives you an offer. Get SOME kind of confirmation number if they are saying they applied it. Or get their Agent ID number. Because if it doens't get done. And you call us about it without that information.. there's not much we can do.

11) HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER, AND REMEMBER WHERE YOU LIVE. When you call in.. we do need to Validate your account fully, or we can't help you.

These are very simple things before you call in .

You want to know why our competetitors can offer a cheaper rate by switching over to them?
Answer: Because you'll be locked in over there, You'll have a new customer discount which will Expire & their Service ( execpt very particular areas) is an completely Crappier quality Service.

Ya,ya I know. You hear it all the time, But its the facts, Not the excuse.
We have a reliable Homephone where it will only go down if The line is severed / technical issues. If the power goes out you will still have Calling. Great for emergencies considering you can Call right through to 911. You don't even have to say a word and they can see where you're calling from. with other providers. you need to give them all your information before they even can send someone.

Our internet is not SHARED. Directly to you. We wont give you're neighbour your speeds in the evening So everyone gets a fair ammount in the area. As long as The lines can hold your subscribed speed. and ASSUMING your hard wired into the modem, with our other key facts which are in our terms. You will get your speeds.

Our Tv. Yes. it is expensive. But you Get AMAZING HD QUALITY, at no extra cost. We include it. The best HDPVR you can get on top of that.

Posted by torontogirl

Been with Bell for almost 20 years.. Have had almost zero bad experience with customer service. They have been exceptional and helpful even through some stubborn (but rare) technical difficulties. Always recommended them and will continue to!

Posted by kmm

I recently went to the store to add more data to my plan and the sales associate did not even warn me of the penalty fee even though I had asked him if there was a penalty that would go with it. All he did was say no and left to talk to his other co-workers. Now, I was getting charged $120+ for even adding this data. HOWEVER, when I contacted bell, two customer service agents were so incredibly helpful! The first one cleared things up for me and the other one waived the penalty fee and boosted up my data to 2GB for an extra $5 ONLY! The names are Fredrick from the online support and Rich from the call support. I am so grateful that I managed to talk to these guys. Being a University student is rough enough, but with people like Fredrick and Rich to make everything else easy I am really so happy!

Posted by unsatisfied bell customer

The customer service with Bell Canada was a horrifying experience. Every time I was promised something from one rep, the next rep had no idea of the order or promise. It was very frustrating.

The only thing that saved me as a customer was one rep by the name of Jacynth who went out of her way to accommodate me and make sure I got what I was promised. Bell needs more reps like her.

Posted by Dan

I just called Bell Canada billing department and could hardly believe I actually got to talk with someone in Canada! The issue was resolved in 60 seconds! After spending literally hours on the phone before talking to someone in India and getting nowhere.(they just never seemed to relate to the issues I was having with my bill) I was just about ready to give up on Bell. I truly hope they switched services back to Canada

Posted by jerryo

Aug 14,2014 Had a tech come to find a problem with our phone. The latest tech was very professional, located the problem, took the appropriate action, which in my case was the replacement of a defective wire which has been causing me a problem, on and off, for some time. I am very happy this Tech was thorough in his approach, listened to our comments and fixed the problem. Wen the extra mile.
Thank you.

Posted by Papillon

I have a question: Is there any alternative to all these companies (Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, Comwave) that are providing services for homephone, internet, TV.
I am a Bell customer for almost 40 years. Originally I had only homephone & internet with them and TV with Rogers then in 2010 I decided to get the bundle through Bell.
The service (product) is good but the billing leaves a lot to be desired. The amounts due keeps fluctuating from month to month. Last month I paid $122.97, this month it went to $161.32. And, no one at the customer level of Bell is able to explain to me satisfactorily why this is happening. I even spoke to the Loyalty dept. who is no better than the cs dept.
Is there another company out there or on the way in who can provide us with better customer service? And at a lower cost.
Thanks All.

Posted by Marie

I called Bell Support because my modem was not working and wanted to know what I can do or what can they do as most of the time I don't get signal. The East Asian guy who took my call at the Support Service does not know a squat and end up hanging up on me after an hour of waiting. Bell should check on this. I called on Jan. 9, 2014 between 7 - 8:30. I finally got somebody and his name is Sam ( and this guy is really helpful and Bell should have more of him than that East Asian guy who does not know a squat. My score below belongs to Sam

Posted by Leigh McCaffrey

Very impressed with customer service representative Mickey Lynn. Very helpful, courteous, friendly. Helped me save a few dollars. Big pat on the back for her. Made my day a little better! Thanks!
L. McCaffrey

Posted by Sooster

I've got to be honest, I hear a lot of negative comments about Bell customer service, and even about dealing with tech support.

I have been a Bell customer since 2005 with a variety of services, but in particular mobility and BellTV.

With all the times that I dealt with a service rep or an agent of any kind, I have always had superior service. I've had loyalty discounts and always a pleasant rep on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

hi I just want to thank your employee Tammy C. for the wonderful service she provide me today and I hope that all your employee be like her .

bell Canada so lucky to have Tammy in the company and I hope my comment reach her and reach the bell Canada directors .

thank you Tammy

Eneim Basem thursday Nov 21 2013

Posted by Anonymous

Today October :07 :2013.

I had to call Bell Canada to have my service suspended, and spoke to John, it was a pleasure talking to John.

I must say Bell has improve this service,
and hope things get better for customers like me that still believe in Bell Canada.



Posted by Anonymous

Good day.

to whom it may concern.

i spoke to jean id:

this is the second time in 30 years of being a bell customer, that i have spoken to one of your staff and she understand what i need, and not try to sell me something else.

jean should be training the staff of how to deal with bell customers.

this lady had understanding and have common sense with how hard it is to be on a fix income.



Posted by saywack1

Good Day,

To whom it may concern,

I have been a Bell Canada customer for over 20 years now, and never ever received such great service from any Agent in which,I did received from Mr. Benoit Tremblay Agent Id, The service was very professional and courteous, not to mentioned he did resolved and fixed all my problems for all 3 products I have with Bell Canada

I must say it comes with good experience, because I was very much satisfied with the help I received

Thank you again, Mr. Benoit Tremblay for your great service well done.

Alex Batson

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Posted by formerphonejockey

I used to work for bell in Ontario.

The comments are all insane. Some people have real problems, some have first world problems. Your issues would be better resolved if you all stopped being bullies and calling us names like "stupid" and "incompetent"

How many of you are not smart enough to read the contract you are signing? Or look into the terms and conditions?

We are NOT stupid and you do not have the right to yell at us. You are not yelling at the company and saying so is a big cop out.

People like to bully customer service reps because they know they get away with it. Most of you deserve the bad customer service that you get because you act like childish little psychopaths.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked in Bell Home Phone Billing (310 Bell) for a few months, but couldn't take it anymore and quit. I got so many similar complaints that I thought I should write about it in the comments section here. First of all, Bell outsources ALL of its customer service. To me, this is a terrible policy; if a company actually cares about its customers (which is the reason for the company's existence), customer care should not be outsourced. The outsourced company that I worked for paid $11/hr and regularly scheduled workers for shifts that were ten hours (which would often mean eleven hours if my last call was an escalation). By the end of the day, I was exhausted...ten hour shifts are simply not sustainable.
I had to clean up so many messes during my time at 310 Bell that I got a negative impression of Bell Canada. People in other Bell call centre departments regularly hang up on my colleagues in 310 Bell because they didn't want to help; products were added without the customer's consent (Bell gives bonuses for strong sales); and someone in the Cancellation/Loyalty department put a "move" order instead of a cancellation order to save his own stats.
The sad thing is, I actually cared about the customers, but was burnt out after a few weeks. I didn't want to speak on behalf of a giant corporation that screwed over its customers through wiling falsification of orders. That type of unethical behaviour is completely unacceptable; however, with low wages, long hours, and personal statistics to worry about, I'm not surprised that call centre agents feel pressure to act unethically. I have a respect for call centre agents, but no respect for Bell Canada.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a new Bell TV employee that just finished training a few months ago. I have worked for Rogers in the past however when I moved to Toronto I found out that I could not simply transfer my job to a Toronto Office as I worked for a 3rd party. Rogers was great to their 3rd party employees. Bell however as I am learning is not great to their own employees. They tie the amount of credits I give to customers to my Key Performance Indicators which affects the bonus and raise I am entitled to at the end of the year. This means that the more credits I give out even if it is Bells own fault I will receive a hit to my KPI resulting in little or no raise and no bonus come year end. Rogers did not do this and I feel this is why so many customers have to call back in month after month for the same credit. Each time the agent will tell them they will give them the credit but in the end does nothing as if they do they will not get their bonus or raise. It is not fair that they tie the amount of credits we give out to our raises.
I wish I felt comfortable giving my name but I can not risk losing my job. I feel like if this was brought out to a media owned not by bell perhaps things would change but I am unsure how to go about that. Ask any of the Bell employees they will tell you that everything I have said is true.

Posted by kiwibassist

As one of the very bell representatives you are all complaining about, I notice quite a few things that are false.

First off we don't even require a death certificate, so saying you had to fax in one several times is a bit over doing it.

I can't say how many customers DO NOT read the Terms of Services, then act all surprised when they call in to cancel that they get an ETF or have to give 30 days notice.

ALL companies do this for the most part. Telus does it, they lock you in for 3 yrs, rogers locks you in for 3 yrs etc.

Try actually reading your terms of services before calling to cancel then blaming Bell because you signed a contract and didn't read it.

Posted by I KNOW BELL

Worked for Bell Canada, specifically 310 Bell. For all of those who hate CSR, I have a few tips.

1) Do not yell or curse, would you help someone who dissrespects you better than someone who treats you as you deserve? No, we neither so if you yell or curse we will simply take off our headset and grab a snack or something. We will care less about your problem rather than being scared.

2) I want to speak with someone in Canada. Probably by the moment you finish that sentence we will have already figured out your problem. And we will think "who is the useless person? Me the guy from CR o India who figured out the bill or the super Canadian that is calling us to explain the bill?" But at the end the answer you will get is "you will have to hung up and dial again" because we have no queue for Canada. And no we are not entitled to do it simply because we can´t.

3)Don be a drama queen. We take at least 50 calls a day, some with really big problems and with less anoying customers. A 2 increase is not considered as something "incredible". A $500 call is something incredible the first time, second time dont even bother calling, we will not remove it.

4) Ask for a supervisor, the only diference between them and an agent is that the can remove more money at once than the agent and if its valid the agent can ask its supervisor to remove whatever amount is needed. They do not take calls during the day.

5)Do not waste your time asking for the VP or the president, the higher you can get on the phone is the agent´s supervisor.

6)It is hard to believe but, please if you call get you info. Some people call to check their account without their account number, they dont remember their phone, no order #, and the postal code is new so they dont remember it. Canada is a big country, search by name is almost imposible.

7)The agents just follow policies, they dont make policies so it is not their fault.

8)Just as a closing, I have my services with national companies in my country (yes 3rd world) High Speed Internet with no usage, 3,5G Mobile Phones for as low as $7 (I got a Galaxy Note, we dont use smoke signals since last year), HD TV for as low as $30 yes we do have flat screens and even an XBOX, Home Phone for aroung $6 (LD, we dont have rates for that). If I call customer service someone in my country will ALWAYS assist me and the best CONTRACT FREE!

Posted by my job is to be yelled at

I work for Bell, and I understand that it can be hard when customers can't get what they want. But they have to understand that yelling at the person they are talking to is not going to help, only make things worse. Wether you agree or not everyone should be treated with respect. and just because an agent is telling you something you don't want to hear doesn't mean it is wrong, it just means you did not look into the situation enough when you made the choice to call us. You talk like you as a customer have it the hardest, think of how agents feel when you call us... we are humans just like you and it still makes us upset to be yelled at, maybe customer service wouldn't be so horrible if agents didn't already answer the phone knowing they are just going to be yelled at again for something they are expected to make better but the person they are talking to wont accept what they can do. Everyone needs to work together. And as for rogers I have no idea why anyone would switch to them, they may give you a good deal when you start but it is not worth the horrible service they provide.

Posted by happytoworkhere

I work for the company, and from the inside one can see that they are very concern of getting the best technology available to all of us. It has a cost and we all know this is business, but when it comes to the best service available, the answer is Bell.

Posted by hate bell

i was a bell employee and i should say im happy that i resigned from this group of greedy people!

Posted by ABCD

was with bell over 20 years and when agreement was over, had to wait over 20 minutes, twice, on the " loyalty " people couldn't help and on-line live chat rep couldn't help to match competition..also after we quit, we had a credit balance and was charged a late payment fee for what an on-line chat rep said was for previous late remittance ..will never go back

Posted by CrazyIndi

I use to work for bell support in India. I have to say they are bad. They hardly pay us $350 a month. and on top of that they refuse to give us any benifits. Not to mention they dont train people well. Also sometimes they make us work overtime without pay. Indeed Bell support should go back to Cananda. I wasted 3 months of my life working for this worthless company.

Posted by iworkforbell

I work for bell, and while it's true we don't have much authority when it comes to satelite signal.. their is nothing we can do to be honest. If it's cloudy and it's raining your not going to get signal..sorry but that's just the way it is ..if you don't like it switch to rogers it's more money but it's definately more reliable.


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