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Belkin customer service is ranked #394 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 228 ratings. This score rates Belkin customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


212 Negative Comments out of 228 Total Comments is 92.98%.


16 Positive Comments out of 228 Total Comments is 7.02%.

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  • Belkin

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    • 35.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 212 negative comments (92.98%)
    • 16 positive comments (7.02%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 3.5 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 3.9 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by BillH

Belkin sent out a Black Friday sale email promoting 35% off on all products at But try to order a WEMO product - you'll find they are all excluded, along with a bunch of other stuff. So the add is very misleading - only if you read the tiny fine print at the bottom of the email (pointed out to me by Belkin Customer Service)do you find all the exclusions!

Posted by Anonymous

Just needed a setting changed on my router so I could play video games online. The guy told me I had two options. Pay $29.99 for him to switch the setting or buy a new Belkin router from him that had that setting I needed. He kept pushing the new router and tried to run a whole sale pitch instead of helping with my problem. He literally would have had to just click his mouse to help me. Going to buy a new router that isn't Belkin.

Posted by A

I have been on the phone with a representative from alpha techno LLC the people that are involved with the call center for Belkin.. First they are from India with horrible accents!!! they kept trying to get me to purchase a tech plan that is supposed to come with the device for 2 years. then they wouldnt listen to the problem that i am having. i have a router ( n 600 DB) when it messes up again i will be setting it on fire!!! DO NOT BUY BELKIN PRODUCTS THEY ARE NOT WORTH CRAP!!!!

Posted by Dave

Waste of time. These guys have no technical knowledge, just read from a script.

Posted by n/a

WHAT A CROCK OF bull manure This unit caused me 4 hours of my life I will never get back that included a tech that kept saying "ello" for yellow so I didn't know if he was trying to find out if I was still on the line or some other gibberish! It was repeating the "ould you juss go to the modin an" running back and forth to try this modem device or that! Simple start must mean if you believe their advertising, YOU are pretty simple. Piss me off no end, their agenda will no doubt cause me bukoo bucks for tech support in the future.....forget that and them...I'm going to go back to a few more initial bucks and better service with Netgear.

Posted by Anonymous

I called to trouble shoot an older model and the agent upsold me on a newer one. Miss represented the pricing and since I was a loyal Belkin customer would get a special discount to buy direct only to find out this product was sold 10% cheaper by all retail stores. I will never buy Belkin again.

Posted by jerry

Very poor service I been on the phone over 3 hours last night an 4 hors today
An keep getting put on hold or moved up to someone new . An they have me do the same thing over an over . The last guy I talked to said some high up would call me back in a half hour he was on the phone an he will call me when gets of the phone that was3 hours ago .

Posted by Mustie

Ordered wemo sensor on the Belkin UK online store. They sent me a "used" product then tried to deny it on the phone. Was told that there was no "complaints department", the agent I was speaking to was in the Philippines, very unhelpful. I had to repeat everything about 4 times. Still not sorted. Very annoying because they have some good products, but it's put me off buying from them now.

Posted by Anonymous

I live In AMERICA... I want someone who speaks ENGLISH in AMERICA..
I spent a lot of money for this BELKIN pieace CRAP. and I DO NOT want to speak to an INDIAN lady in freakin InDIA, who barely speaks ENGLISH..... I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANNOTHER BELKIN PRODUCT.......

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, Terrible Customer Service. The Only Available Service Are The Morons In The Philippines. Save Your Money And Buy Another Brand Name Product. Netgear Will Be My Next Product.

Posted by Marsmoon

My Belkin router is outside of the 90 day help time. When I called to report that the password does not work on 2 of my devices I was told that I needed to pay $29.95 for them to "try" to correct the problem. Given that it is there password that doesn't work I do not think I should have to pay to make their issue work.

Posted by Luis Gutierrez

I have been trying for more tha 4 days to contact customer service dept . The phone is alwsys busy and there is moway of cobtactong anybody. I have try to chat various times and they always direct me to the same number that does not work.

I have an order pending an i formation that they say its incorrrct but its not. If dont get them I will cancel my order

Posted by Anonymous

I just had the pleasure of chatting with one of Belkins Online customer service reps via the chat function on your website. I simply asked a question regarding some issues I was having in connecting my tablet to my Belkin extender. All I needed was some sort of document or instruction, as this would have been a second device on the extender and the instructions in the box do not include this information. She wanted to have a tech call me, and she hung up on me after I said I could not chat on the phone. I simple said "I prefer not" and after ignoring me for 5 minutes, she disconnected our chat. So I tried to connect to a new chat, hoping to get a friendlier rep, only to get Ammy again. When I apologized that we got disconnected, if she or anyone else can help me, she ignored me for about 3 minutes and only said "It's $100 for tech support". Now I understand people have bad days, but if Ammy has such a lack of customer tact that she cannot respond to a simple chat question professionally, then she truly needs to not be working with people.

Posted by n/a

I spoke with a female employee who spoke broken English very hard to understand. She constantly lost her patience with me. She repeated my name every other word, VERY annoying.

Posted by kortjos1503

Router lasted 1 year and 10 days exactly, Worst product I ever bought. Routers should last a least a couple years. I will say the person on the phone was as helpful as she could be and she did not charge me for the tech support because it did not get fixed.
However it was definitely a waster of money and a waste of my time. Even when it did work, I had to reset it a couple times a week AT LEAST and sometimes a couple times in one night.

If this company is going to sell such unreliable products, they should not charge you another $30 for their tech support.
Especially when the tech support was a simple matter of changing the settings.

Posted by Anonymous

You people certainly produce an inferior wireless product! Your Indian relatives living around Bombay certainly know how to get rid of a customer that is frustrated. Sure, hold on a minute for my supervisor when a concern is raised. Bull Chit. Never buying another Belkin product. All garbage and thanks for taking jobs out of the USA by the Ilk of Belkin in Playa, Cali-phuq-USA.

Posted by archievz

I will never buy belkin again. it works for my two new laptops but to reinstall it after 6 month on my old laptop so my nephew could use it while visiting. They want 29 dollars. help is such a thick dialect I cannot understand it. I am 70 with hearing aids but still. why don't they stand by their product and what is recommended to replace it???? I wanted to talk to a stupidvisor but on hold for 15 and ignored

Posted by Annoyed!

router stopped working (1 year and 1 month old)
bought a new one
lasted approx 4 weeks
countless hours with tech support. no receipt JB Hi-Fi wont take it back
Thank you for helping me throw away $130

Posted by ych

I purchased a Belkin wireless router in 2012. Recently, my router stopped working and required a factory reset, which could be accomplished remotely. I called Belkin technical support and the lady said they could fix the problem in 2 minutes if I paid a fee of $39.99. They only provide technical support for 90 days. Nowhere on any of their products is that indicated. True case of buyer beware.

Posted by Anonymous

My rating is very POOR! I have never had a device more difficult then this I wish I never bought it. If I turn of the camera you have to go through the process of setting it up a over again. If you unplug and move the camera you have to do the same. It may work for highly tec. savvy, but us normal ones it is very time consuming. If you come up with something more user friendly maybe I will try it. Mean while this one is going in the garbage!!

Posted by ClareR.

Oh my goodness. I had wireless range extender issues and I chatted through their text option. I have Jeeva M who was extremely unhelpful. She could not type faster than a grade school student and used improper sentences throughout. I then tried to call for better customer service and was greeted with a hold, then a heavily accented man. I did not get any further with fixing my problem. This ordeal lasted over a hour. I wouldn't recommend calling them. Ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Respectfully, I have a problem that is unique relating to a Belkin Router 510 ser thant I purchased in Feb 2015. It is virtually impossible to speak with a technician in the USA. I cannot understand the techs in India and the Philippines. Besides, many are not that good and you never know who you may connect with. Yes, this is possible in USA too but one has a much better chance to resolve an issue with a USA tech. Why oh why can I not request a USA tech for help? I have chased this problem with my router for days. I am going to return it and move on if I cannot get some credible help.

Posted by Betterthingstodo

Very convoluted return process for defective items. It took multiple phone calls.

Posted by Losin' Susan

I currently have Internet Satellite, and the Router was hacked. Maybe it's been hacked for a while because my problems of data overuse has been rampant and severe. The Satellite company said to call the router company to get the password changed. So I call Belkin. After an hour of customer support, mostly spent getting the rep to be able to install and initate software that allowed him to share my screen (he was less familiar with Mac than PC), I was given the text below, an "offer" to buy a service contract for five years. I had to ask explicitly, repeatedly, if I would not get the support for today if I did not buy the contract, and did not get a straight answer (No) until I'd asked at least five times. So I get this seven-point procedure that will not be implemented after an hour of my life on the phone with them. When I called him on it, I got passed to a supervisor who even laughed ruefully when I accused them of upselling (busted!). A five-year contract? When I told them I'm paying to get wired for cable which I'll have in four months? Why ever would I pay that? $50 a month for a one-year "deal"? No thank you. If they'd told me a solution would be a one-time cost of $35 up front, like Apple support, I may have agreed to pay. Bait and switch though? Bad approach. Is this what these companies are stooping to to make a buck these days? Here's the text the customer service rep wrote in my Text Edit app once he gained access to my screen:

CUSTOMER SERVICE, typing in my own Text Edit app on my computer:

"network needs to be configured with the new wifi password

new password has to be secured

network mapping needs to be done for connecting the devices to the new network settings

previous settings need to be removed and router would be configured with the new optimized settings

an optimizer needs to be installed

correct frequencies need to be assigned in the router settings for optimum usage

printer will required to be configured with the new settings.


379.99 5 years

199.9 1year

1 yr unlimited software support=$149.99

it will cover your 3 computers+ 2 mobile devices

if you go for a 1yr support it'll cost u only $199.98 as a one time investment and unlimited support of 365 days 24*7."

Posted by samsung

Samsung android phones and tablets are not compatible with belkin routers although belkin will not confirm that this is the case. Rubbish product and service.

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Posted by Anonymous

this email is for Anna and all of the help and support that she gave me--Anna, I got the wemo switch to work--AFTER there was an update from the WeMo people-- thanks for your help

Posted by Anonymous

I had incorrectly tried to change my wifi password and couldn't connect to the wifi without the internet cable. Reggie, the live chat agent, was very patient with me and though it took a while, he helped me find a solution to the problem.

Posted by meredith_74

i just wanted to take time to express my thanks and gratitude to the customer service tech that helped me today... she walked me through everything and her patience was great! we were on the phone at least and hour!! thank you!!! and hey i finally got it fixed,lol

Posted by Linda

I had a problem with my wireless router and Chuck from tech support was awesome and had me up and running in 10 minutes. Thanks Chuck and Belkin.

Posted by John Boy

I have had excellent help from Belkin Premium Support.

Posted by Belkin Indian Agent

Belkin Technical Support for Lifetime means not through Phone Support its through either Email or Chat Support, I never would say US Customer don't have patience cause imagine if you give work for some other country wont we give less respect,There are lots of ways to scold a technical agent but give some respect for the support they give you, If you have support they intend to make it work as soon as possible or transfer to a supervisor and make the router work or get it replaced.
Ultimate senarios
1. Cx thought belkin would provided internet without ISP
2. Cx intend to think what ever comes up in there screen on their computer they are responsible
3. Cx turned off the wireless switch or unable to enable wireless area connection in laptop - Cx says my router wireless is not working

If your going to blame someone for something try know something called " Isolating the Issue "
OR Listen to the God helping Technical Agent
OR Finish All the things you can try before calling a technical support engineer
When your issues are not being resolved you check any email for survey to give Cx dissatisfied but never give Cx satisfied for resolved call because my issue is resolved

IF you guys need to know more about resolving the issue without talking to an INDIAN agent, Check the Belkin US website man!!! It has every agent could trouble shoot for YOU

Posted by Leaks512

I hear a lot of negative posts about belkin....customer service and I found the two times I had to call them they were very helpful and patient and resolved all of my problems.....I give them 5 plus stars

Posted by mabny

I've used probably over 200 Belkin routers for my clients in their homes and offices.. never had a problem with any of them, and only had to call tech support once when I flashed a router with 3rd party firmware and there was a power failure during the flash bricking the router.. the Tech was very helpful in telling me how it can be unbricked and original firmware put back.. had it working again in 10 minutes.

the problems.. aren't with tech support, it's with the people who call tech support.. who don't read the documentation included with their routers, dont fill out registration forms, don't have a clue what they are doing in setting up the router (in most cases, they need to call their ISP, not Belkin.. Belkin has no control over how your router needs to be set up for your ISP, nor will they have the specific details needed from your ISP). This is why there's a professionals out there who get paid to set these things up for those who have no clue.

Posted by Jacjacjac

I have called Belkin several times with issues regarding my new router and they have always resolved the problem within a matter of minutes. I am overly pleased with Belkin's customer technical support.

Posted by Extended Range

Hi. Im a customer from Belkin.I bought a Dual band range extender from them. and i am having issues installing the CD that came with it. So i ended up calling them. And the tech support service i received was pretty awesome. The tech support named "Easy" just made it easy for me. So these people rock!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Posted by cooldoctor

My experience with Belkin is very good. I had problems with my internet wireless speed while connecting with my Belkin G router. Both times, within a span of two years, belkin customer care walked me through the setup and yeah my internet is lightning fast, even with iphone connected wirelessly through wi fi.

In my experience Belkin rocks!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today I decided to tackle the mess of cords behind my computer desk eventually having to unhook and untangle everything. Upon plugging everything back in (taking care to power cycle and doing everything the right way) I found that I was suddenly having some connectivity issues with my Belkin G wireless router. I called the 800 number and was helped - yes, by someone from India - but helped nonetheless. This is the third time I've had to call them and they have resolved my issues every-time. Yes I know as Americans, sometimes we tend to get annoyed always having to deal with people with accents who can't always help or be understood, but I feel that this company hires some great people who are patient extremely competent if you just give them a chance.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had a problem with my Belkin router until today when my internet connection did not work. I called my ISP who carried out tests and said there was nothing must be my router and they gave me the details of Belkin support. After a few automated questions I was quickly connected to a real person, possibly in India, she was extremely helpful, clear and easy to understand...just thought I had to tell someone becuase I am so used to awful Asian call centres that it was just such a joy to recive such a superb service.

Posted by happy_customer

I would like to complement Belkin on their lovely, friendly and helpful customer support team. I just spent around an hour and a half on the phone to an Indian man who was more than helpful, gave brilliant advice, as well as friendly.He completely took me out of my stressed out mood with his straight forward instructions and polite manner! The least aggravating 'help-line' phone call I have ever had to make! Also it was quick and easy to get through to a member of the team. No hour-long wait listening to irritating music. Well done Belkin.

Posted by the good doctor

just t/w "Raj" from Belkin tech support, he was in a call center in Bangalore.

pleasant, courteous, competent, fast, and professional......everything a tech support agent should be, but regrettably, too few agents possess these attributes

kudos to belkin for above-average training, and kudos to Raj for your excellent service

oh, and by the way, my call was answered in less than 60 seconds.....fantastic

Posted by Anonymous

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with "sodich," from tech support, he refused to give up until my problem was fixed. I am a very pleased customer. Thank you customer service!

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Posted by Belkin_PHIL_TECH_Support

Hi, I was a technical support of belkin Philippines, As what Indian tech mentioned below, We're luckily helping customer from US. Well, customers should always bear with the tech support and we do the same thing. Most of the customer didn't get any answer or ( fix their issue ) from the tech support due to their unwanted phone attitude. If they want to totally fixed networking issue, they should be patience to the agent and im pretty much sure customer's issue will be fix in a short period of time. Don't show any rudeness over the phone..we're native people who deal with Americans. Other's requested to have an american technical support to assist them due to difficulties understanding native people. Well, ask yourselves of why they need to outsource the service from US to Asian ? all I could say is "We're Asian and we have mo patience than Americans." not all but most of them are patience less. I have been in the phone with Indian customer from US last day. I'm Filipino and I'm having a trouble understanding my Indian customer, He spoke too fast which I couldn't understand.

Posted by Anonymous

OMG..You all don't know what you're saying..Before you a product either from Cisco Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, D-lInk..
READ FIRST THEIR WARRANTY that you will not be shocked in the future..
Of course any networking company will/can not provide lifetime technical Support.and technical support MEANS any configuration changes that you wanna make in your router or
even if the router needs to be reconfigured for any that means even if you just wanna reset the password if your device is outside of free tech still have to pay to extend the tech service..Understand?..

Posted by rocking_india

its really annoying day by day.. i'm pleasing all the customer's pls be patience with us. we are not god to know why the router is not working we are the same human beings as you people.. what blunder we made to you people why you want to scold us with bad words like F words.. i want ot share one thing about this till my college i dnt know single bad words but after joining an MNC company for voice process i came to know all bad words.. we are not your slaves,, give respect and take respect..

but really i want to say tht 50% of people are so patience with us and so sweet..

Posted by Tech_India

okay the first thing i am an indian, and yes aour accent does cause a problem to most americans no doubt in that. but the worse part apart from consumers is that we get paid like peanuts and butter for supporting dumb customers everyday and when i say dumb i mean really dumb.
some are dumb but extremely sweet, listen to all the steps i say, and there are others who think they are hotshot's but are loaded with filth and crap in their heads.. End of the day"OMG why me with these dumb customers who purchase a router without trying anything and giv us a call" AMERICANS"i dont mind creating a blogspot to help you but again dumbness and arrogance are totally synonymous with you peeps". So get a hold, and if u ve got complaints with belkin go ahead and complaint but with valid reason.. we tech support from india cannot help if your stupid product(again an american made) is defective. We bare more than you customers, stop complaining and start co-operating.

Posted by Tech_India

okay the first thing i am an indian, and yes aour accent does cause a problem to most americans no doubt in that. but the worse part apart from consumers is that we get paid like peanuts and butter for supporting dumb customers everyday and when i say dumb i mean really dumb.
some are dumb but extremely sweet, listen to all the steps i say, and there are others who think they are hotshot's but are loaded with filth and crap in their heads.. End of the day"OMG why me with these dumb customers who purchase a router without trying anything and giv us a call" AMERICANS"i dont mind creating a blogspot to help you but again dumbness and arrogance are totally synonymous with you peeps". So get a hold, and if u ve got complaints with belkin go ahead and complaint but with valid reason.. we tech support from india cannot help if your stupid product(again an american made) is defective. We bare more than you customers, stop complaining and start co-operating.


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