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10 Positive Comments out of 49 Total Comments is 20.41%.

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    • 65.01 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 39 negative comments (79.59%)
    • 10 positive comments (20.41%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I'm upset. I received coupons in my e-mailed that said if you spend 100 you get 30 dollars off doesn't matter if it was on sale or regular price. When I spent approximately $170.00 I said my e-mail said you get 30.00 off if you spend $100.00. the sales person said you can't because you got some store Buster's. That e-mail didn't say anything about not honoring this if you got store busters.It's not the 1st time they have sent a e-mail and they word it to make you think your getting a better deal then your going to get. I'm done with belk.

Posted by MM Rowe

Belk in Smithfield NC needs more help at the Makeup counters. Every time I visit this store no matter the day nor time and try to purchase makeup from Estee Lauder there is NEVER a sales associate!!!!!! This store normally only has 1 sales associate working between the three makeup counters. Terrible wait time EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! BUT sales associates are always nice.

Posted by [email protected]

Tied calling two different bell store today for the home department to inquire about some dishes.... NO ONE ever pick up the phone... your customer service is lacking in all departments....can't ever find help . This is why I can't stand to shop at Belk anymore....theses no customer service....where did it go?

Posted by Barry

Good Morning.

During the holiday season it is very easy for people and processes to become overwhelmed by the volume of customers and transactions. Often the two first things to be challenged are the appearance of the store and the customer skills of the store associates.

I am writing this short note regarding your store in Marietta, Georgia on Dallas highway. We have shopped this store since it opened several years ago. The quality of the personnel and appearance of the store are consistently excellent and particularly shine during holidays and special events. The management of this store should be commended.

Merry Christmas

Barry Smith

Posted by Jessica Schollaert

Some months ago I had a makeover in Greensboro nc.
Lancôme was having a huge event with makeup artists coming in from New York .
My sister and friend and I signed up, and planned to go to dinner after. A girls time together.

Makeup looked pretty nice. BUT,
We were pressured to purchase in a big way! My friend is a school teacher... in other words she doesn't have a lot of money! We were not given any prices just a list of what was used !
Some of the makeup was over 200. Each!
At the counter my friend was so embarrassed! Her total was over 600. She had to stand there in front of everyone and take foundation off... night cream off .... etc. until the total came down to an amount that she could afford.
I wasn't aware of this, as I was still having my makeover.
I was told by my "retired" make up artist that I should masturbate in order to help my headache. The conversation went down hill from there. I was mortified and speechless. So embarrassing and awful!
Then the exact same thing happened to me at the register. With the exception being, I was pressured by three people all telling me I "needed" this... and should not put anything back! My total at the register was more! With each question about price, came recriminations.
It has been months since this happened and I am still in shock at being talked to like that.
Treated like I was not supposed to be there if I couldn't spend 800.
But to be told to masturbate, drink and other personal suggestions while having a relaxing girls night makeover is unforgivable.
I would like to know what Belks is going to do to make this better?
Jessica schollaert

Posted by L.

Long story, will keep as short as I can. Night of 11/18 went to order 3 items I'd picked out that evening, plus a few that had been residing in my cart. When I tried to View Cart, it would only show me my most recent 3 items. I called Customer Service and asked how I could see my other 5 items in cart. He said I couldn't. I expressed frustration. He said I should have written my items down before I put them in my cart. Put me on hold. Came back and said reason I couldn't see items in my cart is because they were out of stock. How could he say this when he didn't know what the items were? Nor did I. Put me on hold again, forever. Finally hung up on me. I called back and they were closed. Next morning called and asked for supervisor. Girl would not connect me until I told her whole story. Told her guy in question's name was Shawn. She said there could be "50 Shawns" working there. I begged her to put me through to a supervisor. Now here's something very mysterious -- she said, "Okay, LESLIE, hold on." HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME? I never told her. She had to have seen it on the screen that Shawn had been working on. So she DID know Shawn, after all. Hmmm. She put me through to someone who said his name was "David" and I reported my experience with Shawn, explaining that I still could not place my order because my checkout total reflected the invisible items in my cart. He listened to me and we hung up, with no resolution to my ordering problem. I then remembered something I wanted to add so I called back and asked for David. I was speaking with someone named Carol -- not a supervisor but very helpful. I told her the situation and she looked me up on her computer and said that there was not one single note written down. Not one word had been documented from the conversation I had with "David". I was dumbfounded and furious. I asked to speak yet again to a supervisor. This time got Paul. He went on to say that there was no one by the name of David that worked there. I was so worn out by this time (and still am) that I just had him order the 3 items that I could see. I believe he said he would waive the shipping charge but I'll believe that when I see it. Oh, and I am a Belk Premier Rewards Cardholder. Not a proud one anymore. I plan to write Belk Corporate and make them aware of their shoddy, embarrassing, insulting customer service. P.S. If you are shopping online, don't put more than 3 items in your cart. Because Belk most certainly will NOT be able to help you.

Posted by Anonymous

On Tuesday, November 8 I was in the Belk South Park Store at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon. I selected to purchase an item from the Kiehls counter. At that time no one was at that particular counter. I approached a woman in the perfume area and kindly asked her if she could ring up my purchase. ( no answer one way or the other). She then proceeded to take me to a group of 4 women standing and chatting. I asked if they could ring up my purchase.....they just looked at me and then one of them said to go back to the Kiehls counter and someone should be back soon. Really???? Needless to say I was extremely upset. Maybe I should had more diamonds on and carried a Gucci bag. Would that have helped??? I then took my purchase to handbags and a woman in Brahmin gladly took care of me.

Posted by Nikki

I recently made a purchase at Belks Huntsville Alabama didn't receive the sale price so the shoe manager came over and he did a void transaction that was August 31 I yet to receive my money my bank said allow 5 business days so now what all I want is what's mines

Posted by Anonymous

Went to gadsden store today i have cancer ask for wheel chair said had to have my dl to hold so sad thought i was going to steal it i go to belks a lot never been ask before she was very rude got jeans off of 50 off racks and she said i didnt get them off rack i spent lots of money there to be treated that way

Posted by Anonymous

I recently received a customer feedback survey, however it expired before I was able to comment. The service I miss most in my local Belk store in Johnson City, TN.,is the discontinuing of the alterations service. This is a huge service to customers, and one I always find in larger, prominent department stores, when I travel outside my area. I would strongly urge Belk to reconsider this decision and listen to the needs of your loyal customers.

Posted by Too hot in stores

Belk is a southern style business, we get it! But in your stores in
Tennessee and Florida lax in good clean air flow through out your stores! AC is horrible, who wants to try on clothes in this heat?? You are not the least bit accommodating!! I shop at Belk quite often and constantly see employees fanning themselves!
Since you sold out to those bank vampires, it sucks !
Please cool your stores down, so we can shop! Macy's does !

Posted by Anonymous

Belk's Big & Tall Store located in Independence Mall in Wilmington, NC should be called the Big & Short store. Most all the pants sizes are big, but length is SHORT. Really Belks! This could be the place where all Big & Tall guys in area would shop if had the what u advertise on the sign. BIG & TALL

Posted by Anonymous

Belk store in Bossier has horrible lighting in the ladies dressing room. It is so bad. I was there yesterday and mentioned how horrible the lighting is, other ladies spoke up immediately and agreed it is horrible and we all walked away empty handed knowing every color makes every person look like a freak of nature. The lighting has never been good in either the Bossier or Shreveport store in the dressing rooms but it was absolutely awful yesterday. I will not waste my time going there again.

Verifying the letters above submit is impossible. It is more like keys on a piano.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought my adult son some shoes January 10, 2016 and they have already tearing up. Nunn Bush shoes should have lasted longer than 2 1/2 months. i hope I will not have a problem returning them. But, after talking to the shoe department in Rome,Georgia I was not happy with the answer I got. Very disappointed!and, I hope I don't have any problems with returning the shoes.

Posted by mycowboynm1

I went to Providence Place Belk a couple of weeks ago to exchange a couple of pair of Levis I had gotten for a gift.I went to the service counter to do so and the clerk was examinig the pants and I also had the gift reciept she immediatly informed 1 they didnt carry anymore was rude then she took it aupon her self to shop for me and tossed a couple of pair of jeans on the counter not even the size I wore.All I wanted was an exchange that I had chosen for myself! Not to be treated like an idiot! Im a retail manager I dont allow that type of represntation at my store. She needs more training in customer service and treat everyone like she would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Posted by Anonymous

By email I've been asked to respond to a "Customer Research" survey. The survey is either extremely poorly done or there is a glitch in the program. Questions are vague and unclear. Responses are impossible to understand and select. This may not be the place to leave a comment but I could not find any other link or way to ask questions.

Posted by Quaneisha Shumpert

I wanted Belks to know that it's so very ruder employee working there I was returning some items an the lady that I went to was very very rude to me. I feel like something need to be done about her she was throwing stuff around an she got smart with me.

Posted by Pollie Floyd

I was at Belks Engagement Party an one of the associate was very rude an every time we call or go to Belks in Tupelo Ms. Pollie Floyd always has an attitude I feel like if she going to be a bridal consultant she need to change her attitude. We will be informing so of our family an friends about the situation also

Posted by Anonymous

Desr Mr.Neri. Thank you so much, Me Neri, for the invite to try a travel-size Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Creme. While I was looking forward to trying the Creme, I was extremely disappointed, at the customer rep at my local Belk. And also disappointed that no where in the message from you did it say it was only available at larger Belk stores.

I made a special trip,to our mall,in Gadsden,Alabama.Was told by the rep that this particular Belk does not carry this item,I could perhaps find it in Trussville or Birmingham.While I would love to try the Creme, I am not going to drive 2-2 1/2 hours round trip looking for a store that has it

For future reference,if you are offering something,you could perhaps say which stores have it,(so people do not waste their time).

Thank you,

Patti Young

Posted by Nancy Wisdom

My best friend arrived at my house in a new pair of boots I loved. I wanted a pair so she took me to Belk. I found the boots but my size was not on the table. The first saleslady stated "I can check the back but the boots on sale are all OUT ON THE TABLES. So I chose a different style. The Silva in mushroom color size 10. I went to the first cash register & waited 10 minutes for a cashier. She ran it up and stated it was $44.95. I said why? They were on the table and Kim Rogers are $29.99. She said "well not these, they are regular price" I said well I dont want them then & walked off. My best friend picked the boots up and I walked across the department & decided to ask the 2nd cashier. She was short & snippy and said "Ive already had one complaint about that table!! They are regular price!!" I said "thats misleading because all sales boots are on the tables and the other regular price boots are not.. Its misleading". She offered no solution, or smile. I walked out. Will not return to this Florence, Alabama store. 11/28/2015 @ 7pm..keep your boots!!

Posted by Chris

How is your location in flowood miss become one of the worst men's shoe department I've ever seen ??? I've shopped with y'all forever my entire family has charge cards with your company !!! When I go yo get a pair of chap or frye boots there is zero selection !!! It's horrible someone needs to get products in store and clean up that section I went shopping today and spent $600 on clothes it would've been a $1000 dollar spent but y'all have nothing for sale anyway can y'all call me I would be happy to tell you some input of my expirierance of today at belk

Posted by Bonnie

I was shopping in the Florence, AL store this evening. I found a really cute dress and the price tag was marked .01 so I scanned it thinking that it apparently was a mistake but it also scanned .01 so od course I was going to get it. When I got to the register with my items the cashier called someone asking how to ring that item up.

Well to make a long story short she charged me 12.00 for this dress. I questioned as to how it could go from .01 to 12.00 she just said I don't know but it did...... no explanation! !!!! I just told her to take it off because I would not pay the 12.00 when it was clearly marked. 01 and rang up .01. If these garments are not for sale for this price then they should be taken off the floor.

It clearly embarrassed me and made me mad ! I buy all my clothes and my grand children's clothes at Belk but if they are going to be unfair to their customers then I will just go elsewhere to spend my money.

Unpleasantly disappointed,

Bonnie McCullers

Posted by Anonymous

I went into the Belk store at Paddock Mall today about noon. There in the center aisle in the cosmetic counter were four or five people blocking the area. In other words you had to go around them. One lady had a dog and the others were gathering around talking about the cute dog. One person was a Belk store security guard, one lady usually works behind the jewelry counter and another lady is in the cosmetic area. I went back to the men's Pro Golf apparel and then left the store to go down to the Food Court to see if my husband wanted me to buy some articles. I walked back to Belks and, again, there were the same people and the dog was now lying flat on the floor taking a nap . . . . I see it so often
Employees making over pets that really are not Service Dogs but are just pets.
I would hope the Store Policy would discourage employees making over these pets, it only encourages more such activity. One day I saw a cat on a leash in the store. Sometimes pets are being strolled around. I was told a dog made a mess in the aisle and the patron just walked away . . . . I just wish there were some constructive policy that solved the I really like Belk Stores and have shopped there a lot in the past.

Posted by Ethel Gibson

went to belk in Laurinburg, North Carolina 28352 and saw a pair of shoes I wanted on the discount shelf. I took the shoe to the scanner and it said the shoes was $90.00 and $89.99 discount, my cost $.01 cent. went to checkout and they rain up $.01 and the cashier said she could not give them to me for that even those it rain up for that price. My thought was if that was the price rain up that is what I supose to pay. she gave me the shoes for a good price $13.19, but I still was not happy. shoe #misc mdse 99999999. I love belk, but that make me more careful when I am shopping in belk about how they can change pricing whenever they want.

Posted by Neveragain

I called you Belk Department located at Mobile,Al-Springdale Mall and was placed on hold for twenty minutes by a sales person name Ashley- Womans/Intimiates department who only wanted to assist customers in the store to make her sales. She acted liked I was inconviencing her by call asking her to check on a size for me. She had a nasty attitude and she is someone who, I would never want to purchase anything from ever. Later, today I was going to the store to make my purchase,and would have been an in store customer too.. but I guess she care about that. I will make my purchase somewhere else.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to brag on one of your employees at Belk in Albemarle NC store # 0018, associate her name is Christine. Belk always has some of the finest associates but Chris (per her name tag) exceeds in her experience with customers, she goes above and beyond to make sure she's helping with exactly what you need, her kindness was exceptional. Also alot of times as a customer anywhere I've felt rushed by other associates but Chris made me feel that she had all the time I needed to help me. Great job Belk and Chris!

Posted by Ann

I have shopped many places across this country and have had great service and horrible service. None can compare with the wonderful service I've had at our local Belk store in Summerville, Sc. The customer service reps working in that store go out of their way to help you. They really make shopping a pleasure. They are knowledgeable and considerate and at this time of year that is truly appreciated. The ladies in the women's department and household goods are exceptional! If I could give them a raise I would. Well done Belk.!!

Posted by Anonymous

Your representative, Kathee, helped me today. She was courteous and cheerful. She helped me understand my querie and satisfied my questions. She is an excellent agent for your company.

Posted by semperfimom

I shop the Belk Department store in Hixson, TN. The store number is 0691. I visit about once a week. There are no other stores in this area I like as much as Belk. I want to make comments on two of the employees that work for you. I do not know their last names. The first one is Gina. She works in the women's Dept. Every time I go in their and she is working, she greets me by my name. She is always willing to help. She goes way beyond what she has to do to help people. I have seen her with some of the older ladies looking for particular items. She is so patient and so helpful to them. She has always been so kind to me and everyone around her. She keeps busy clean out the dressing rooms, because a lot of people are too lazy to put items back where they belong. She is a large asset to your store. Another employee is Kim in the shoe department. Her associate number is 001449. Every time I go into your shoe department she approaches me and tells me anything I need help with, please let her know. She has been with Belk for a very long time. She has always been so helpful. I was in there last week. She was hopping! She was helping two older ladies, that appeared to be a bit grumpy. She deserved an award for putting up with them.. She was so helpful and polite. She helped them both so much. I have seen her working with five different people at one time. She kept up with all of us. The downside to my visits the last month. The temperature in the Hixson store is way to warm, it's uncomfortable! Your employees are so warm and a lot of them are clearly sweating. I am extremely warm just walking around in the store. I am not a large person. I am active all the time. But there are times while I am trying clothes on, I stop because of the heat. I end up putting clothes back on the racks because it is too warm in the store. Sales are lost! I will not purchase anything without trying items on. I do not like returning items. I know the corporate office controls the temperatures in the stores. This is not fair to your employees or your customers. I really enjoy shopping at Belk. As the summer season approaches, the temperature in the store will continue to rise. I probably will cut down on my shopping. I spend at least $500.00 a month in your store and the children's store. Please consider lowering the temperatures in your stores for your customers. More for your hard working employees that keep your stores running and the customers happy.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to thank the manager Rebie of the Today's Woman's department at south park. She not only took care of my issue in record time but listened and asked
pertinent questions, after several calls with no response to the department, it was
a pleasure to deal with a pro. thank you

Posted by Bonnie

This is to commend the superior customer service delivered by Amanda Colclasure.

She is one of your outstanding employees in the Gulf Coast Town Center, Ft.Myers, FL location.

Amanda was helpful, patient and knowledgeable.

I can see her moving up to department manager, store manager and beyond.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited your Macon Mall location and would like to compliment the entire staff on being exceptionally polite! My wife and I frequent this store and have always found the personnel are very engaging. This has to be a direct result of the manager. A special thanks to Princella (ladies dress apparel), Pat and Bridgette (perfume dept). Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Mike Dunlap, very satisfied customer.

Posted by Becky

I had questions about an order and order tracking. I chatted with a Karen. I couldn't have had an easier time or gotten such great results from any other company I know. I am disabled and do my shopping online. Karen was so nice and helpful. I am very impressed with Belk's customer service and their policies. Thank you for all of your help.

Posted by [email protected]

I had such a nice young man help me tonight with my shopping. I went to my local Belk store at the Barnes Crossing. .I retired as The Director of Operations with a major fast food chain. I would of hired this young man on the spot, as a sales trainer, if I was still working. He was so helpful and directed me to items in the store that I would not of visited or purchased with out his directing me to them.
and his first name was Terrance.

Thank You

Paul Price.

Posted by Anonymous

visiting your store Fri. Oct 4 I selected items with Maria (00047) and Katherine(001333)helping me with my selections. The pants,dress and sportcoat I purchased pleased me even more when I got home. Both ladies were very helpful and treated me as if I was their favorite customer. I will try to locate them on my next visit to Belks.

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