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Behringer customer service is ranked #530 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates Behringer customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


36 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 94.74%.


2 Positive Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 5.26%.

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  • Behringer

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 36 negative comments (94.74%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.26%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
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    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by KL

Your Service Tech Dept Is Totally Messed Up. I Have Been Sent To Three Different Call Centers Who Have No Idea What A Behringer Is. I Have Been A Customer Of Several Different Pieces Of Behringer Equipment And Am Rethinking My Decision.

Posted by izaz

how to download driver for behringer xenyx 502

Posted by behringer u-phoria umc404hd

can not reach your costumer support by telephone (NOT GOOD) won't purchase your item if II cannot speak to flesh and blood

Posted by Ryan

I purchased a iNuke NU3000 DSP, I wasn't even driving it anywhere near it's maximum and it died after a few months and wouldn't power on.
It was now sent of for repair 3 months ago and after countless emails I still don't have it back!
I could never rely on these for professional use unless I carried around 2!!!

Posted by Anonymous

One of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with

1. Called warranty many times, and no one answers the phone.
2. Called parts and services, they answer, just hangs up their phone

Posted by Anand


I am using x32 sound mixing console .while in a program the auditorium lights tripped and hence the mixer was switched off suddenly without shutting down. Now after the power was switched on we tried to power the mixing console. It does not work any more . No lights are on.kindly help.we are based in can reach me at my email.


Posted by Anonymous

This is not a working number! Why is this not a working number.... Cannot get this USB1204 to work right with drivers. Help help help. Going to return this if I can't contact Behringer

Posted by Anonymous

get a phone that works.been calling all day from nyc about the hum in my sx4882.on all outs control rm out studio outs ect.i just bougt it on ebay.seller says you returned it to him with a new master why does it not made of the right thing and call me ..anthony latorre new york city

Posted by Dixon

I bought a Eurolive B215D powered speaker and Eurolive F1320D powered monitor speakers both of which have failed and I'm having a nightmare trying to get it repaired in Chennai. Can someone help. It looks like buying a Behringer product is a bad decision.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call the phone number on this page, but to no avail.
I tried 1 before the area code & number. I tried it without the 1. I tried 0 beofre the area code & phone number, but got century link, so I hung up.
I like your Behringer products, but don't like the lack of, what you call support.

Posted by Anonymous

So far this has been a nightmare. No email response nor able to reach anyone by phone. If a company have 3500 employees, surely someone can monitor the phones during business hours in the USA. has a quick busy signal. The site provides other numbers both of which route you to India where they claim to know nothing about Behringer.

Posted by GHBAND

I have been trying to use the USb option on My Xenyk1204 mixer. Behringer offered a "Free" driver update.
Once downloaded it not only fail to resolve the problem, It loaded my PC with unwanted programs and tried to sale my additional software to clean my PC.
I am a Pro. Musicians and as a community we talk all the time about gear and equipment. I will let others know about my experience with Behringer.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Carlton .

I use 4 inuke 6000 and 1 inuke 12000 ..

These amps are excellent amplifiers and great value for the money ..

I have played with other sound system and basically have embarrassed them all when they hear these amplifiers play .

I am a reggae sound system from Bedford England ..

I used to use the crown Vz5000 on bass now I use the inuke 12000 . And now the Vz5000 stays at home ..

Big thanks to Beringher Engineers for these amplifiers ..

Thanks no more lifting back breaking amplifiers ..

Carlton Cultural Roots

Posted by Ed G

Phone: 4 - Calling all day today not only did nobody answer but turned into a busy signal after the 10th ring or so...

Posted by Anonymous

Hi!! I would like to order a Behringer on Amazon, but was an able to know the complete specification of this unit, may I know if this unit is 110 or 220v and it is 50/60 hz. This numbers are the power supply to my country, or kindly send me the manual of this unit so that i can verify the information that I need to know, thank you.

Posted by Gary

Dear Customer Care (Behringer),

I am extremely disappointed with the backup service for Behringer South Africa. We are a church based in Durban, KZN, South Africa and purchased a Behringer 16 Channel Sound Desk from a supplier in Durban about four years ago. Recently the sound desk has been giving us some problems. When I contacted our supplier I was informed that Proaudio Johannesburg are the only Company that can service the sound desk as the Company appointed by Behringer in Durban takes over six months in order to return the equipment to the clients. I am unaware of which company has been appointed in Durban but they have a terrible reputation amoung your own suppliers. It is unfair for our Church to have to fit the bill which may be in excess of ZAR1000 to send through the Behringer Sound desk all the way to Johannesburg and to have it returned at our cost. If Behringer fail to provide a proper accredited service agent in Durban, they should at least bare the cost of courier to Johannesburg and back to Durban. We purchase BEhringer in good faith that we will get the necessary back when the need arises however if this is the back up we can expect then should question whether Behringer is the right brand for us!

Posted by Anonymous

Inuke 12000 is a fantastic amplifier .. Used it on 8 scoop bins very very heavy bass .. Cant fault this amp .. Tested amp for 8 hrs .. Well worth the money .. Well done beringher ... I have got 5 off inuke 6000 and 1 inuke 12000 .. All on my Sound System ..
Carlton aka Cultural Roots from Bedford England

Posted by Romill

I have given up trying to get any positive result out of Behringer Customer Support. 4 years ago I purchased a Xenyx 1832USB Mixer from Thomann, a great sound and great facilities - until the effects unit went wrong 3 months in. The mixer has been back to Thomann 5 times - each time taking 5/6 weeks to go and return. They have never fixed the mixer. I have recently been trying to get a result from Behringer themselves - a waste of time. Three emails have resulted in three acknowledements of my email but nothing else. What a real pity, the mixer is absolutely great while it is working but the effects unit will go completely 'ape' through the PA without warning so the unit is unusable. I thought the support would have been much better. I'll never buy anothe 'B' product.

Posted by taipanstudio

worst customer support page i have ever encountered outside of porno sites. where is your driver support? non exsistent!

Posted by joaquin bravo

behringer have not support, buy on your own risk to lose your money, never answer the calls, never answer the e mail,
the office from washington is close and was the only one who answer the calls,
now trought bugera you will be on the line forever and get no answer

Posted by Rick

whats the deal guys. you have got to be the hardest company to reach for warranty service I have ever dealt with. great products but when they break less than a month old, where are you

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to reach beharinger numerous times without any returns. I have bought a speaker and a mixer with the ULR chip wireless mic series because I wanted the wireless mics for it. That was almost two years ago. Sweetwater says the mics are not available and they don't know when they will be.
I think it is a shame that Behringer puts out a speaker and a mixer and lets you buy them knowing you can not get the mic. That is the reason that you would buy those things. What a lead on. I love Behringer equipment but their service, support and standards SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disgruntaled DJ

Posted by Anonymous

I am the owner of an electronic repair center. After sending four emails to Behringer to get parts with NO ANSWER, I told my customer to get rid of his BX1200 amp and buy one from a better company. It is a real shame that parts are not available because Behringer products are great when they work!
The reason I went to email is because you can not get through on the phone number they have listed.

Posted by Anonymous

my europower pmp3000 switches off after 5 minuets use, all service centres I contacted tell me they cannot get parts throw it away. What a shame. Sorry Beheringer shan't buy any more of your stuff.

Posted by Anonymous

Behringer is up. i have bought a mixer and i have it for 6 months without using it. I have tried a 100 ways to contact them but it did not work. you have stupid customer cervices. The number you put on your product does not work for one year.

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Posted by Repairman

I have had nothing but good experiences with Music Group-Behringer since they relocated to Nevada from Washington, I think in 2012. Hold time was around 5-10 minutes, expected though with a high volume call center. The tech support staff was knowledgeable and the Call center Supervsior was available and she was quite helpful. Not often that you get an English speaking tech rep, kudos to Music Group.

Posted by Anonymous

I called them today and they fixed thier call in message. I got through to a tech support person and they were very helpful.

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