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Beats by Dr Dre customer service is ranked #88 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 60.21 out of a possible 200 based upon 37 ratings. This score rates Beats by Dr Dre customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


33 Negative Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 89.19%.


4 Positive Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 10.81%.

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    • 33 negative comments (89.19%)
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Posted by ididnotplanit

I purchased 3 sets of headphones and each paid broke down within a month of use, which rendered them completely useless and unusable.

There was absolutely no sound in less than a month!

I contacted Best Buy (where I bough them) who said they couldn't help and re-directed me to Apple.

The first time I called in, they wanted me to call back with the headphones' serial number, which are even impossible to see for any normal visioned person.

The second call - I spent over 1 hour (had to get someone else to help me see the serial numbers), and made a claim for each one. They said they would send me a box to return them and I would get new ones. The "box" was supposed to arrive in 5 days.

Fast forward a month later, still no boxes. I make a call, but they cannot locate the claims I put in (what a waste of an hour - what happened).

I spoke to a manager by the name of "Mike". When I started to complain about the whole process and the poor quality of the units, he just hung up on me. They had my phone number, since they asked for it at the beginning "in case we get disconnected" - nobody called back. He deliberately hung up on me.

I lost over $400 on these 3 pairs and the frustration is beyond anything I've ever experienced.

Do yourself a favour and buy another brand of headphones - any brand!

Posted by Anonymous

Good day.
Have a beats charger that was unplugged. But fell into a tub of water. I took it out and used a dryer to dry off. It was used to charge a speaker in shower but wont charge. Time to buy another charger right????

Posted by DaddyPorkChop

My beats got stolen. They are solos 3s. Is there any way I can get new ones without paying full price?

Posted by Anonymous

just got me a pair of beatsX did the whole set up thing online let them charge for a hour went to turn the headphones on and the power button not working right out the box these are my first pair of beats by dre after will not do it again going back to my JBL IF I COULD GIVE THEM A ZERO I WOULD

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchase a pair of beat by Dr dre for my son and the cushion around the ear keep coming apart and I call the company and talk them and they said they can not fix them no more because it got to be something wrong on our behalf because we are having the same problem every 6to8 months out of them I will not buy any more apple products no more and tell every body about it because I paid to much money for them beats for them not want to fix them and any one at apple that want to contact me can reach me my name is Mr Tyrone Wade thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I bough my beats solo 3 a year ago today and have been trying to get someone to help me for 3 months. Even went to Apple store, no help at all. I am disabled need my beats to use my phone so I splurged on these because told had great sound. I am a senior citizen do not use to listen to music. Only for my phone. Started using them about 3 months ago and found there is a problem with person I am talking to having a hard time understanding me. They tell me is very muffled. I even talked to supervisor at beats.and he promised to call me right back but never did. Apple store said you could replace for me but I cannot get anyone to help me. Very upset with Apple, have a iPad a iphone6s and rose colored beats to match. Very upset with customer care that I’m not getting as I’m on a fixed income but was led to believe worth the splurge. Never again with poor customer service

Posted by Stupied beats

I have a pair of studio beats headset and they are at least 5 years old a work fine but my ear bud beats I got last christmas do not work any more and I t is so aggravating and I will never buy a pair of beats ever again because they are terrible and I thought they were a good brand!!

Posted by Anonymous


My son presented me the wireless headphone and it was working. Suddenly it stopped working as there is no audio.

Could I repair the headphone or exchange.


Posted by Bulla Chong-Kainoa

My beats will not connect to anything. Every time I try to connect my beats via Bluetooth it resets it self. I can’t get it to go into pairing mode. When I try it consistently goes into reset mode. Please tell me how I can fix this problem or give me a number to which I can contact to resolve this issue. Thanks, Bulla

Posted by Anonymous

I have attempted to contact anyone by online chat for the past hour now, it is saying you’ll be with me in 2 minutes, then it boots me off! I have had several issues with my beats, I would like to speak to someone about it as I feel there could be a wiring issue. These are replaced beats by the company and not so long ago. I had a different issue with my first pair.

Posted by Anonymous

My headphones lose battery charge after a total charge the day before. If I leave the cable connected I will lose charge. Now when the cable is disconnected the charge is lost totally. What do you think is wrong?

Posted by Rolltide188

I just bought A pair of Wireless beatsx about a month ago. I'm very dissapointed in this purchase. I use them at the gym n they can't stay charged for more then 3 hours. I can't get threw 2 days with these at the gym. I'm definitely not getting 8 hours like it says. Thinking I should return these!

Posted by Anonymous

Received Powerbeats in late November 2016. A gift.
Have taken excellent care of them
Still look brand new
They are not

Will you replace them for me without a receipt? Tried to return them to the store where they were purchased and they said to contact you.

Posted by Jason

I have had my beats for a little over a year and the rubber over the volume has deteriorated, the wire that connects the two ear buds in the center has a hole and now oozes clear sticky stuff. Beats will not work with me because it has been over a year.

Posted by Antony Jones

What a shambles of a customer service! I rang about my beats studio not working and after 20 minutes of someone cluelessly rambling on, i was passed to another person who said he'd email me a link so i could upload my invoice for proof of purchase. And guess what...IT'S BEEN 3 DAYS AND HE STILL HASN'T EMAILED ME!!!! Absolute disgrace. Im appalled that this passes for customer service...

Posted by Disappointed working class

My OVER PRICED beats2 the bluetooth cuts in and out if its more than two feet away. My wife saved for a while to get these as a gift and I don't have the heart to tell her that they were about $190.00 to much for how little I can use them

Posted by Anonymous

I have a pair of wireless studio 2 over ear headphones which I saved up for and I really loved them,I accidentally drop them and they snapped I was totally gutted as help me to get out and about as I suffer with server depression,I took them to the apple store and they wouldn't help me, I'm disgrace at this as saved every penny to get these as I thought I could rely on beats to be the best but obviously I was wrong your's a disgruntled customer,if you did want to reply my but won't hold my breath

Posted by beats headset Dr dre studio wire

Hi my beats headphone Dr dre,solo studio wireless bluetooth I was buy new,just because I was on the way back home and it was raining, maybe because of my headphone get wet,so now my headphone doesn't work,so what can I do for it,if possible can you text to my number phone,, thank you

Posted by Anonymous

product I had them for a year and nothing but problems I would never buy an Apple product again I will go with The galaxy phone I hope they go out of business

Posted by Tasha B

I bought my little cousin a 13yrs old... a pair of beats headphones. I week later I had to return them for a new pair because the left side went out. Well not even a month later he said the "new" pair was doing the samething. Now this is not the only beats in my household. 3 other pair! I told him, "I know it's not another damage pair. I'm not happy spending money on a broken product! Can you help. Sincerely, Oops upside my head.

Posted by Diego

Hello, I purchased my beats about 3 month ago, and they were working great until today, for some reason, the left earbud is louder than the right one. And it's absolutely freaking me out. I always take care of them and nothing bad has ever happened to them. How can I fix this problem? (I want a solution for the hardware, not a software that fixes this sort of problems)

Posted by Furious

Beats by Dre Headphones are pure Garbage. I have had to send mine back twice and now they are telling me that they can't be repaired due to "water damage". I workout in the damn headphones, I don't go swimming in them. They cost way to much money for them not to be able to withstand sweat. It is now my goal in life to spread the word to others not to buy these headphones. Since my 200 dollars has gone down the drain, Its a must I tell at least 200 people not to buy this product.

Posted by Plarose7137

As much as I would rave about sound quality of the Beats headsets, I unfortunately would have to complain. I have purchased my son two sets, one for Christmas 2014,a wired pair and Christmas 2015,wireless. The first set has been sent back to the company 3x! Granted they were extremely helpful and accommodating. Now he's having the same problems with the second pair and has sent them to be replaced. I'm very unhappy with these very expensive products.

Posted by

Beats Audio (Wireless powerbeats2) Has got to be the worst crap I have ever bought ... for 200 dollars I got these junk things ... yes wireless ... but crap ... my 10 dollar skull candy sounds better ... fits better and work better than the 200 dollar pos ... I am so disappointed ... wanted to contact the company but there is no direct email spent an hour on there site looking for a way to tell them they suck and what can be done ... apparently nothing they have my money ... figures the wealthy taking from the not so ... so this tell me that they are just ready to take my money and not stand behind there product ... DON'T BUY ANY OF THEM GUYS THEY ARE A RIP OFF WITH NO SUPPORT

Posted by Anonymous

I got a pair of red beats earbuds for a Christmas gift, but only after 1 month of having them they stopped working. I never even listened to my music very loud. i am very dissapointed.

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Posted by Tee

One morning I opened my Powerbeats 2 Wireless case and my earpiece had come apart, I didn't know what to do. I contacted customer care and in a weeks time I had a new pair without any hassle. I am a completely satisfied customer!!!

Posted by suebshe

I bought a pair of Powerbeats In-Ear wireless headphones 8 months ago. They are used daily, sometimes twice a day, at the gym for workouts. A week ago I noticed that the metal wire that bends inside the rubber to wrap over the top of the ear, had become exposed and broken thru the rubber casing. I called Beats/Apple customer service, my service agent was very understanding and receptive to my issue. He overnight-ed a box (free of charge) for me to send my earphones in for repair/replacement. I sent them in the next day, again using their overnight service on their dime. They emailed me that they had received them next morning and by that afternoon they emailed me stating they had reviewed the earphones, determined they were under warranty and had sent a replacement pair out to me (again, overnight on their account)to arrive within 1 business day! I was and still am astounded at how quick and amazing their customer service is. Within less than 3 business days, problem solved, headphones replaced. I am one VERY satisfied customer. Thank you Beats, customer service/warranty dept!

Posted by Anonymous

All should be a 10 plus. tech Chadson made it a great and great experience especially after the non productive experience with Apple. Thanks again

Posted by tinaszymanski

I didn't have any expectations in having my son's Beats returned or repaired. He's had them a while and I didn't have a receipt. I told the representative I had to expectations but asked what he could do to help. Within a day, there was a box on my doorstep. I returned product and within another day, I had a repaired product on my doorstep. I couldn't believe how quickly the issue was resolved. I wanted to thank Beats for standing by their product. I am impressed! THANK YOU!

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