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Baskin Robbins customer service is ranked #783 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.99 out of a possible 200 based upon 56 ratings. This score rates Baskin Robbins customer service and customer support as Terrible.


55 Negative Comments out of 56 Total Comments is 98.21%.


1 Positive Comment out of 56 Total Comments is 1.79%.

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    • 22.99 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 55 negative comments (98.21%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.79%)
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I went to a store in VICKSBURG, MS, on Clay Street
They never wants to honor coupons as they are printed. If the coupon says no limit per visit, then I need someone to explain it to me or to the employees at the store.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to 2 of your stores to buy ice cream in Palmdale California the first store the girl acted ke she didn't want me there that was on 47th st in Palmdale the second place the girl was on the phone and kept talking that was 1800 Palmdale Blvd in Palmdale ca I got treated like crap maybe they need costumer service classes

Posted by Bessie

Employees treat you so mad that you donât want to come back but I did and the guy treated me like crap everything I asked for he gave me something different I didnât have time for that so he started talking to me like I am a child I am 56 years old I donât understand the kids today you canât make me eat what you like I think he should learn how to treat people all people

Posted by Anonymous

I visited a basket robbins store on 1-30-2018, at the corona california store address 1206 Magnolia suite#106b. My mother and I was greeted my employee, my mother ordered her ice cream, he commented on how old she was 78 and she 71, she told him I'm 71! He replied well you have so many wrinkles you looked older you need to eat more apples? We were stunned at his ignorance, we sat to sat our ice cream and he continued being rude saying he checked her out when she had been digging thru her purse for a coupon she had misplaced. Then said something about she looked good still does she still chase the younger boy, but she did need to eat apples, to look younger. The visit was very uncomfortable we hurried thru our ice cream must to get out of their, this man was crude and unprofessional. I hope he's not making luxe comments to other women. I was embarrassed and insulted for my mother and myself,I wouldn't want my daughters to have to deal with a man like that.

Posted by Anonymous

The baskin Robbins located at 103rd and king dr in Chicago Illinois 60628 has the worst service around. The employees are very very rude and unfriendly. This is the second incident that I have had with the employees I would like someone from the corporate office to contact me about these incidents!

Posted by Anonymous

Second time in 2 months I purchased an ice cream cake from your store on Sam Rittenberg Hghy in Charleston SC AND second time the cake was so dry and stale we couldn't eat it. The customer service at this store is great. Help them by improving your product. You used to be really good. What has happened.

Posted by Anonymous

just left the Baskin Robbins in Grants Pass Or. and I will never go back!! We got in line at 950pm and were the 3rd and last car, store closes at 10pm. When we got to the window, we were told, sorry my boss told me to tell you we are closed. I replied but we were in line before closing. the girl repeated the same thing, sorry my boss says we are closed. Another girl came to the window so I asked for the bosses name who said this, her reply was we all know we close at 10pm, I said yes but what is the bosses name, again same reply so I asked who is the boss who just told her this? she said we are all equal. So I said what is your name and the names of the others here? Her name was Jenna and the other name I got was Lacey. I told her I was going to contact corporate and also make sure the town knew about the bad customer service. Never were we asked what we wanted, which was a single scoop if ice cream. how long would that have taken?? I will never go back to this location again, and that is really sad because they have the best chocolate chip ice cream around. yes that is how simple it was, a single scoop of basic choc chip ice cream. I sure hope the owner of this location cares more about his business than to let these little girls be that important.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin donuts.... while 3 employees were having a conversation about 1 customers order on the drive thru I had to walk up and say excuse me I would like ice cream over here please, one of the young ladies say's just a moment.
I ordered a banana split $5.29 and asked for a little fudge, a little strawberry and pineapple toppings and a small milk shake $3.99 women the young man who served me say's $11.32, I respond with what exactly am I paying for, having been there before ordering the same thing, paying about a dollar less, I say I've not paid this before, he then say's 99cent for the pineapple, I then say you should verbally communicate this to your customer before adding it, he says ok, I'm sorry you're right.
The problem I have is his co-worker chimes in and taps the glass case to ice cream counter and say's it's right here and shoves the milk shake over the counter with just read it honey in a condescending smart mouth tone...i said I'm speaking with him. She was dismissive and rude. They've lost all my family business.

Posted by Juanita Moya

I was at a baskin robins in El Paso Texas @ 10790 Pebble Hills as I was leaving the store one of your chairs was sticking out and my foot got stuck and I fell on the floor I dropped my ice cream cake and I was helped up by a patron I did not get no assistance from your staff at all I think you need to push those chairs away from the entry way before someone else gets hurt, this happens Sunday

Posted by Anonymous

Signed up for a free scoop for my birthday. I received an email an e-mail back saying welcome to Birthday club!

Went into a BR location.... after showing apps, email etc etc etc. no scoop Because they didn't have a bar code.

Never worked so hard for free ice cream.

What does it take ?????

Posted by none

I recently purchased an ice cream cone, when I got down to the cone.... I was surprised to find the pink B.R paper wrapper on both the outside of the cone where it belongs but also on the inside of the cone... probably from the previous cone.
The employee should have seen this, not a pleasant surprise.
prevented me from finishing this delicious treat.

Posted by Anonymous

I just had the worst drive through experience in many years! First the wait was ridiculously long and then when I did get to the window I had to repeat my order only to wait again! When the girl finally came back I was told that hot fudge wasn't would think that, that might have already been known. I said to just give me my order, I had a granddaughter waiting, I was given her scoop of ice cream but had to tell her to give me mine. It of course didn't have the fudge, but not nuts & no whipped cream either!

I tried to call, but the phone went to voicemail & was full!!!

The Baskin Robbins in Plant City FL is the worst run fast food drive through I have ever been through.

You people need to retrain your employees & remind them that people talk!

Julie Justin

Posted by Anonymous

The Baskin Robbins store on McGill I vary in Vancouver WA is the most out dated store Ever. The old man,owner, is so cheap he won't invest in a coupon scanner to make it easy for the customers to use the emails they get from Corporate.

Posted by Anonymous

2 days we tried to go to Baskin-Robbins in Smyrna Tennessee but they were closed before 9:30 even though the website says they're open 24 hours and the door says they're open till 10. We are here at 9:25 today the chairs were all up they refused to give us any waffle cones because they already shut down and cleaned all the machines refused to give us the manager because they said she was busy. And then refused to give us the name and number of the owner.

Posted by T

Worst store ever. Who doesn't carry bananas at a sundae shop. The 31flavors off harbor in San Diego is awful. They just opened two hours ago and have no bananas. I really doubt they had a rush of people on a Sunday morning.

Posted by Anonymous

The Baskin-Robbins on West Atlantic Boulevard and Banks Road in Margate Florida is a big disappointment. I go there frequently because it is also a Dunkin Donuts and i like their ice coffee. Recently I've been there twice in the last week and my husband has been there many times and wanted hot fudge sundae I'd say about seventeen times in weeks past and they don't ever have any hot fudge. This is an ice cream store that's ridiculous and then the last two times I went I wanted a cake cone for my ice cream cone and they don't have cake cones I don't understand, Baskin-Robbins is a well-known big company I know their franchises but why would a franchise not want to make money they are losing money by not having the proper items it's ridiculous and I'm very disappointed. I love Baskin-Robbins and the other ones are farther away it would be great if they would get it together thank you

Posted by Horrible Baskin robbins

Your Baskin Robbins On New Hampshire Ave In Takoma Park Md Is Horrible They Never Carry The Nice Summertime Variety Ice Creams And It's Always The Same Old Garbage Flavors And They Are All Very Rude To Customers And Don't Understand The English Language Terrible Place And I Have Been A Baskin Robbins Fan Since Day One Of Your Company So Please Take Care Of The Junk Store Of Yours

Posted by Anonymous

This is Bob Kimmel, Ken Kimmel's dad. I just wanted to call the attention of your key marketing executive (sorry I don't know his name) to a newly built area here in Georgetown, TX that is in the process of completing a very high potential area for Baskin located on Rivery Blvd where, I believe, 4 or mpre large residential apartment buildings have just been completed along with a new Sheraton Hotel with an
entrance way constructed for about 4 or 5 individual businesses.
(Georgetown is a suburb of Austin, TX.) If Ken was still with Baskin I know he would be very interested. I know he is missed.

I hope this info will get to you successfully. Please contact me if I can be of further help.

Posted by Princess Marlena

Baskin Robbins is evil! They cheated us on product serving size, attempt to short change us, the curse at us, and racially discriminated against my cousin. They also blocked us from contacting them on their corporate website after we filed a complaint from one incident, and then we couldn't file another one when they called my cousin a racial slur.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst store ever!! Show up 15 min before store closed. Well the sign said 10. No waffle cones, no sundae do to the fact they turned off the machine and the overhead light are off. Worst worst worst. Just set your hours the close at 9:30 so my family of 5 don't waste there time specially on a Friday night after a movie.. Don't worry we won't be back. If you care about which store it is......4323 1st st Livermore.

Posted by Anonymous

How do you talk to a live person. I think your hold company Is full of boo boo.And for you to ask me for a 1.99 for a gift card he wouldn't let me talk to the main office at all.To me its bad that the company act like this.

Posted by Anonymous

Yep complaint I was just at the Baskin-Robbins on Clovis and Shaw and Clovis California and I want to buy a prepacked gold-medal read every time I go to this place they're out so I asked the guy behind the counter can you check for a pre-pack of gold medal ribbon and he says oh are we out outfront I would've asked him if I already knew the answer I checked and he says do you want me to look in the back yeah why did I ask him and he comes out since were all out I said great can you give me a hand pack for 590 night he says no I asked him if he call the manager manager says no. So I politely reminded him this is why you guys don't have any business and there was no one in the place I went to Ace Hardware earlier I bought a Traeger grill from them last week for $500 this week they had an ad that says by a Traeger grill get a $50 gift card and a free bag of pellets I has to manage rices sure no problem we can do that for you here's a $50 gift card and grab a bag of pellets the fuss no Mas customer service you guys don't understand won't build to repeat business

Posted by Anonymous

I am a disamled vetren with on,leg and your store on sinset and mountain vista in henderson nv refused to serve me ir even let me in because I have a service dog

I think this practice is deorable and elleagle I am very upset right now the manager was vary rude and told me to leave and never,come back

If this is the way you,treat your disabled customers I will get the word out to everyone I know and the media that your company likes to discrimanate agenst the handycapped

R armstrong

Posted by Anonymous

The baskin robins on highway 70 nashville tn 37221. Doesn't have or sell gift cards. It's ridiculous. All other fancies do and I've told this store several times they need to have them. I had a fit mothers day and they finally got the manager to give me 2. Here it's father's day and they say they don't have them. It is run by Indian people and they are so rude and not trying to resolve the issue. I hate this particular location. I shouldn't have to drive across town for a gift card who also has them but is out at the moment therefore I had to buy a gift card from somewhere else that isn't baskin robin.

Posted by sunshin

My kids and I went to baskin Robbins in Little River, SC today and the guy that took our order at the drive thru was having trouble remembering what I had ordered. He repeated it back wrong 3 times. So once he got it right I drove up to window. He brought me the wrong ice cream and wrong cone and I told him we had ordered the choc ice cream on cake cone so he went back and got 2 cake cones and just slammed them into the correct cones and the ice cream was hanging off the side and about to fall out so when he came back to window I said I am not buying these because the ice cream is literally about to fall out. He got really upset and so I told him I wasn't paying for those so I paid for the smoothie and then he just threw those away and told my kids that they needed a new mother!!!!! Yes he was very rude I asked for manager and he said he was manager. His name tag said "shift leader" he slammed the window. I have called asking for district manager but no one has called me back. I will never go back to this place. I will call the store manager in the morning. My kids and I go to this place at least 2 times a week. They have lost my business!!!!!

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Posted by L. J.

Please also read my complaint about Albany, OR store. HOWEVER, this is about the GREAT Springfield, OR store. I order a "pint" of ice cream TOO OFTEN for my weight. The employees are friendly and often give a free sample of something new. They fill the pint container to the top and often they allow me to put a final scoop of that new flavor on top so I can give family a taste. The pint is reasonable, only $4.99. I know even that is higher than the gourmet at the grocery but I con't just get a pint there and can't taste future favorites. They are usually busy but it is worth the wait. NOT ALL ARE AS GOOD --- look at my post about Albany, OR store (a minus 10 store).

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