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BasicTalk customer service is ranked #486 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates BasicTalk customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


103 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 91.15%.


10 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 8.85%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • BasicTalk

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 103 negative comments (91.15%)
    • 10 positive comments (8.85%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I can't reach basic talk. My account

Is NB messed up. Please call me I'm in mexico please I've been a long time customer

old account

Posted by Anonymous

This is ridiculous!!! Internet said you cannot cancel online you have to call.. when you call it tells you to go online. Not one cent better come out of my account tomorrow!! Cancel this now!!! If any money comes out of my account tomorrow it will cause a negative balance so please cancel and get better phone service! It's sad when people can't reach someone that they are paying their money to by phone! And what makes it worst is that this is a phone company!! CANCEL MY SERVICE TODAY!

Posted by PASOYOGI

Unable To Speak With Someone About Portability Of A Previous Account Or How To Re Order

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk with a customer rep. Please call me at . I name is Larry Roderick. The number I have for basic talk is but I can't get it to work.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't figue out why a company would promote cancellations by this is the only number available. You offer cancellations all over the net but no Customer Service. Can"t you pretend to care.

Posted by Anonymous

I can,t reach anyone at basictalk. the account is bs it don,t help u do jack.when i received calls they don,t show up on the phone no name. when i call someone its gsrble.the last time i had this problem. i called n and ur csr straighyen it out.but i can,t teach no one now. so i guess its time for me 2 i,m gonna look for another carrier that i can talk 2.

Posted by Anthony Foster

Ivan u tell me how to pay my bill ? I need to update my credit card and I can't because I'm having problems with changing my password can u help me I need to talk to someone on the phone

Posted by Pissed

I called in December to cancel my service with basic talk only to find out that they did not cancel my service and they continued to bill me. This company is taking money from people and needs to be put out of business!

Posted by Dogpaddle

My Basic Talk service was installed a few years ago, but incorrectly. The previous AT&T service was never disconnected, which caused interference resulting in several problems. The voice mail never did work 100% of the time. Over the past year, a loud buzzing developed that made it nearly impossible to hold a conversation with someone else on the line. Basic Talk never offered help, neither did AT&T. I switched to another service in November, but Basic Talk wants me to pay for months when I didn't have their service. Another problem; the website often would never download. I received error messages saying that the site wasn't working. I am also being to login to my account. Well, I haven't been able to do that for many months.

Posted by Anonymous

My phone service stopped working 3 weeks ago and still no solution and no one to talk to at the company. They should not be in business as all they want to do is collect money without providing basic customer service. I'm out!!

Posted by cherly294ever

Customer service is non exsistent for Basic Talk...Honestly just go with some other company these guys suck

Posted by Anonymous

I haven't been able to get this service to work in a week, I'm not big on paying for something that I can't use. Cable co. provides phone service for not much more than your fee.

K P Wright

Posted by Anonymous

I have had this service for a few years. I have not used the number for over a year but the fee is still being deducted from my bank account. I tried to have it stopped but would have to change my entire account to do so. Can someone please contact me to help me stop this. I don't remember the number but I'm sure you will be able to check where my money is going. It's not right to be taking the money without providing service. I would also like a refund of the money you have collected since the service has been discontinued.

Posted by Anonymous

Dianne Jackson want phone disconnected on Jan 18' Discontinue taking out of checking.

Posted by Anonymous

very bad customer service no help at all...getting different phone service tomorrow and these people can kiss it...why is this allowed the person i spoke to was not even in this country....

Posted by Anonymous

my basic I don'recall the person helping me but i am satisfied with help i recieved thanks for now having tech support now those the call took a long time.

J. Agate

Posted by Anonymous

I need to cancel my service with basic talk due to, the wifi modem with Hargray cable do not fit the basic talk modem. Please discontinue the service. The telephone number is . Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I am interested in basic talk but I cannot seem to get in contact with anyone in customer service to answer my questions

Posted by Anonymous

Moved in 09/01/16 in the move everything was in boxes. 09/29/16 found the basic talk, I tried to I find the # but I couldn't. Called AT&T and they gave me a number and that that wasn't it. That company gave me another #it was not it. My cell phone is in one of the boxes (I think). All of this time I have been in who ever comes to see me mercy using there phone to call the wrong place. I finally found enough never to borrow a computer, to find the # or chat. To my luck under Basic I found the phone, I didn't talk to anybody it said to go on line and there was another next to it and when I called it, it was vonage # on basic I explained that it has been a problem for months trying to connect to basic talk. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel used someone cell phone and it was by minutes. Spoke to Anthony and he said that I need to talk to billing(I am been charged for the 3 months it has taken me the time to find you)I said okay I will talk to them) waited on line for billing 38:19 I gave the phone back she was running out of minutes. My son came to visit and I called while he was here 1 hour and 15 seconds. THE PROBLEM IS BAD MANAGEMENT. Nobody with that kind of services will stay in business for long. While I was living in the other place in your records my debit card was on file. And with all this problem I get to find out that at times people would tell me they couldn't get a hold of me or that I didn't return my message. And I didn't know what they were taking about. WITH THESE KIND OF PROBLEMS, YOU WILL BE DOING PEOPLE A FAVOR OF BY STAYING OUT OF BUSINESS. MY PHONE WAS **Meybel Avelino I am disable and all my doctors have my ##. SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT PLEASE THANK YOU

Posted by Anonymous

You have not responded to my last 3 emails. Please read them, I have a password that I have had for years. Ab$defg. I used it twice and you shut me off. Why! I used my home phone number as it suggests. I still don't know if my voice mail works. Please respond to your customers if there is any issue. If I need a new password tell me that and why instead of leaving me with no response. It has taken me half an hour to check around to find this sight. I am older and not skilled at a computer which is the case with many of us out here. Did I miss it. Give us on your sights front page how to contact you instead Of the trouble I have had finding you here. Did I miss something

/.. Please respond to this e mail just to restore my faith in humanity

Posted by Shay25

I have to repost this comment because the first one didn't submitt well. Today, at 3:32PM on October 7, 2016 I received a call from a man asking me if my number that he read to me already became active today. Please, tell me is that suppose to come fromm a because that just seems out of the norm for me? Or could that be an invasion of privacy? I was already given information through my email to confirm that my phone number was active. I already had some issues through basic talk already. Please, someone tell me what you make of this? Anyone,that know can contact me through my

Posted by Anonymous

Anyone, please let me know if you decide to change your home phone number through basic talk are the operator from suuppose to call to tell you that your number what ever that is is activated. I just receive a call through that number at 3:32 today on OCTOBER 7 2016. I already went through enough with basic talk with my phone.

Posted by [email protected]

3 days ago I sent this message and got no response I want to change my phone number

Posted by Anonymous

Yes!!! Basic Talk has bad service and customer service /support.. And corporate office is no better then the customer service representatives when you call customer service number, what are supervisors for if they can't or won't process your refunds,Then you have a corporate office with no number but a address that's backwards and bad business,So yes that is terrible, they is terrible top managers and all,I rather pay high then to put up with that service,They need to get better customer service representatives and better management and also learn that customers are always right like they were told in their customer service training over, over and over.. If they do what they were told in training I say they would be a little better with how they handle customers and that goes for management also, I feels though everyone needs to go back through training managers, customer service representative and anybody else that works with you guys... Really!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am getting frustrated by trying to get a live customer service rep. Your web site does not help. If I cannot get help I will look elsewhere for service. Your customer service system stinks. You need to treat customers with more respect. My number stops showing incoming caller ID and your website only indicate that caller ID is always on.

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Posted by Anonymous

Got a good response from the BasicTalk girl,(sorry I don't remember her name)!...She was helpful and easy to talk to. She ALSO offered me options SO I did not have to cancel my account....THANK YOU BasicTalk!

Posted by Anonymous

After speaking with a rep from Basic Talk about a message of "new voicemail" on my phone which I did not have, but could not delete the message from my phone, within in 3 minutes it was deleted and all is now fine. Basic talk has always been helpful and very polite whenever we need assistance. On a scale of 1 to 10 you all rate a 10. Thanks so much.

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service phone number and instructions (option 2) given here worked for me. I spoke with a knowledgeable BasicTalk representative who was able to fix my problem. Thank you Contact Help.

Posted by Anonymous

LOVE my service. For those who don't like it have any of you ever had MagicTalk? Coming from that "service" Basic Talk is awesome. The price is great for someone on a tight budget like me. It offers all of the extras and it doesn't have to be hooked up to your computer. Sure Customer Service could be better but, there are always, minuses & pluses.

Posted by Bucky

I purchased basic talk at Walmart and had very little trouble hooking it up. I did have a little trouble with my # transfer and the termination of my temporary # but things worked out quite well eventually. I like my service and am going to save quite a lot of money with this service! THANKS

Posted by Thank You

I purchased Basic Talk about 3 weeks ago. It hooked up easily to my PC. I am able to use 2 cordless phones as I wanted to do. I have had no issues with the phone's clarity or availability of use. My only issue is that someone with an Japanese accent will call the given phone # once and a while asking for someone (I assumed who had this # or close to this #)I am in the process of getting my prepaid # transferred over to my Basic Talk phone to eliminate that issue. But other then that, I enjoy the use of the phone and have not had any troubles at all with the service. I appreciate have such a tiny home line bill each month and will continue with this service. We don't use our home line much at all, due to the fact we have a Verizon prepaid cell and only got the home line for if I would need to call home for some reason, but its nice having it available. we use to have 2 contract cell phones which was too expensive. To cut cost we cancelled our cell company phones, added Basic Talk and purchased a Verizon prepaid cell. Thank you Basic Talk and Verizon Prepaid.

Posted by Anonymous

I have no complaints what so ever yet.Will see how the service holds up.Only had it about 2-3 weeks now.I ordered online.When it came (UPS) followed directions and after about 10 min it setup itself I now make hour long calls long distance,the only time I have a problem is when I try to do a large download on my computer at the same time,sometimes makes it sound hollow like a weak cell-phone connection.Was Paying almost $30/month for landline (local only).Now shut off.No complaints paying $10 a month.

Posted by stevem

As far as customer service, the only customer service available is online chat. I have not had a problem, but there is no chat on weekends, and chat is only 9 to 9 EST during the week.

The service itself has been rock solid. I have a 25Mbps Comcast hookup, and that may be the reason for the good service.

I like this service (less than 1 week), and the cost and features can't be beat.

Posted by coloradoone

Loving the call quality as well as NO Contract. Costing me $12 a month with local taxes

Posted by roync

I bought a BasicTalk phone adapter from Walmart a week ago and I have been very pleased with the call quality and features.
If this trend continues I will being saying goodbye to TWC Home Phpone service. I have tried several Voip services in the past and the call quality of Basic Talk is superior to all of them . In fact it is about as good as the TWC phone service.

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