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Barnes and Noble customer service is ranked #635 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 993 ratings. This score rates Barnes and Noble customer service and customer support as Terrible.


958 Negative Comments out of 993 Total Comments is 96.48%.


35 Positive Comments out of 993 Total Comments is 3.52%.

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    • 958 negative comments (96.48%)
    • 35 positive comments (3.52%)
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Posted by David

It's been 18 days now, I canceled an order online because I didnt need the book I was going to buy. Barnes and Nobles still hasn't refunded my money. I'm about to call my bank and tell them to dispute the charges.

Posted by Rabittheroger

I bought an ebook on B&N Nook and then realized I had already read it. I found out that B&N does not allow returns on ebooks. I also have Amazon Kindle account that has a liberal return policy. I will do what many others have done, from now on I will buy only from Amazon.

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely upset with these services. I rented a textbook from Barnes and Nobel (and several other companies) as well as purchased textbooks. I never received notification that my rental from Barnes and Noble was due and so they continually charged my card (without notifying me) until my card was expired and then decided to notify me because they couldn't take my money anymore. I responded to that email and never heard back from anyone and now I am getting calls from collections. I called Barnes and Noble today and their worker was not helpful in the least bit and I am extremely ticked off. I have never been late on returning textbooks and because of their failure to notify me I am having to deal with this crap!!! Way to take advantage of broke college students. I will never be purchasing books from this company again.

Posted by Dissatisfied Customer

Horrible 14 day return policy! Will never shop here again. I purchased 6 books and a toy from the store. I paid with a credit card. I am unfamiliar with the return policy so I asked an associate what the terms were. I was informed to keep my receipt and told the books must not be used. I was concerned because one of the books had a slight crinkle in the cover and it was the last one. This is what prompted me to ask. I was also undecided as to which books I wanted to read and give as gifts, so I bought them all. Fast forward, I got very sick and was unable to use some of the books and decided they would no longer be of use. I never read them, they are in original condition and I have the original receipts. I was unable to make the return within the 14 day time period. I called the store and was told under no circumstance will they extend the 14 day return period. I am beyond disappointed and will never purchase from Barnes and Noble again. In my opinion, this is very poor customer service. I can understand if the books appear used or if I had no receipt, buy this is not the case.

Posted by Fran_89

I returned a text book for my husband on March 12th and by April 10th we were charged $128 for said book even the tracking for the package said it was delivered a little over a week after I sent it back. They claim they need a tracking number for the package something I didnt have because I was under the impression that it was delivered cause thats what the status was shortly after sending it. I go to the post office to get the tracking number in which they no longer had for me. So without that tracking number weare still out $128 which is absurd. All the customer service person can tell me was "I am sorry", like there was nothing they can do. That money was all we had to get through the next few weeks and they wouldnt give it back, out almost $130 for a book we dont own.

Posted by Logan

Accidentally ordered a book not realizing it was actually an ebook. I wanted to get a paperback version but bought the ebook version by mistake. Then I read that they don't refund ebooks. I am never buying from Barnes & Noble ever again.

Posted by william

I just spent about 20 minutes at your Midland, Texas store and was helped by a few employees to find some gifts. I approached the checkout and typically the checker will ask for next in line and greet the customer...not the case today (around 1:30 pm). I approached the attendant and she looked at me as I laid my items on the counter. Since she didnt say anything I asked "Could you get me one of those Wall Street Journals too?". She said "I think I heard a please in there...did I hear a please" (I just wanted to pay out and didnt want to be schooled by a stranger at the checkout). "I guess your not going to say please?" she asked. I said "I just want to add a paper."...then she responded "You know a lot of older people talk about the younger generation and I just think they come by it quite honestly."...I already had my card out, ready to pay & said "I think I'll just pass on this purchase" - only around $40 worth and started to walk away. I started to walk out the door and then turned and asked for the manager. The manager was very professional and said she would talk w/ the cashier this evening & I trust she will. I have traded at B&N since they opened in Midland & I've never been challenged by any cashier ever, in Midland. B&N has always been very pleasant to shop in...but I don't need this. As I walked towards the exit the cashier proudly smiled big, almost as if to say...she was proud to turn my business. The manager's name was Donna I believe. Thanks

Posted by Mulatua

My name Mulatua. I have ordered Dr. Semaheg's book "The las post-cold war socialist federation: Ethnicity, Ideology, and Democracy in Ethiopia". I want the hardcopy format but I have ordered the electronic copy by mistake. Could you please refund the money so that I could order the hardcopy?



Posted by Marie

I can find no website for return of an ebook

Posted by Marie

This has been the worst experience perhaps because am out of the country. Contacting BN has been a nightmare and I still have not gotte my ebook returned

Posted by Fed Up

I received my $40 book today. It's is damaged! The box was not taped closed on either end and the book is very heavy. The dust cover was torn up. Also this is the second order and last where for some reason you have included **** from DishTV, Blue Apron, Geico and Graze that set at the bottom of the box and added to the destruction of the dust cover. I'm not returning it because I see no where who pays for the postage and it probably won't change how you do business. So bye bye B&N no more purchases.

Posted by DM

I'm trying to get a refund and send my book back. But I only get confusing responses from the market place seller that make no sense and no info about a return label. No number to call them either. I paid 80+ dollars for this book. Too much to have to deal with this God awful customer service.

It's a complete waste of my time and money to have even purchased from BN. You're no help and neither is the marketplace seller. I just want to send back my unopened book yet it's unnecessarily difficult. So I'll be leaving a bad review and spreading the word about my experience.

Best regards

Posted by Double Dan

Wow, won't be long and Barnes & Noble will be out of business. They are clearly struggling with their hard handed tactic of a 14-day return policy. Well, luckily I kept the gift receipt from the book I purchased for my wife 20 days ago. Turned out she already read it. Guess being on top of things and an early shopper isn't always the best. I'll get my little gift card store credit today, use it to purchase a couple future gifts off their clearance tables, and never purchase from B&N again. Love love love Amazon anyways. Bye bye, Barnes & Noble. You used to be so great.

Posted by Moonbeambabe

I have ordered several albums, one being a B&N exclusive. Came in separate shipments, all warped, and the B&N exclusive was terribly blemishes. It was $34 alone! But of course I can not return any of them because their return policy does not allow returns if it is opened. How in the heck would I know the condition of an album without opening it? Never again will I purchase any items from b&N.

Posted by CorporateKing

I will never shop there again. I'll just order on Amazon. The return policy sucks. Opened an audiobook less than 12 hours ago, tried to return it but the policy clearly states that returns are

Posted by Lynn

Ordered a book today, went to Costco only to find the same book for $20.00 less. I wanted the cancel my order but there is No way to do it. So now I�ll have to return it to the store, I bought it at Costco by the way... Barnes and Noble does not price match either. Shame on me for not checking Costco first. Won�t be going back other than to return this book.

Posted by SourNurse

Feeling a bit frustrated by this return policy. Seriously 14 days from when you receive an item that is so ridiculous. Never buying from Barnes & Noble again! From the comments I've read there seems to be no point in going to the store to try to return my unopened books that were delivered 17 days ago. I guess that is what I get for not reading the return policy but what a ridiculous return policy.

From B&N website: "Returns are accepted within 14 days of the date that you received your order. All returned items must be in their original condition; shrink-wrapped products must be unopened."

Posted by Debbi

Do not EVER rent from Barnes and Noble. I rented from Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the same time. I received an email from Amazon telling me that my books are due back soon. Checked it out and they were letting me know two weeks in advance that they were due and said that they need to be returned 15 days after the due date. Barnes and Noble sent me an extension email which was good. Because my son's class wasn't done I didn't return the book, expecting another extension, nope they charged me for the book. I contacted them and they said they cannot refund me told me they sent me a return label I did a search and they never did send me a return label. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! I will be warning my friends on social media too.

Posted by Miron

I just tried to return CD - Rom.

I was told Barnes & Noble does not refund.

Seems different from what on the company site...

Posted by Pope85

I purchased two books at barns and Noble yesterday in Pensacola Florida for my spouse. Turns out she had already ordered them even though I tried to surprise her. I did not have the receipt but they were able to see the transaction receipt by looking up my debit card number in there computer. It would only give me store credit option. I asked the manager why since she could see the receipt and the card it was purchased with and it had been less than 24 hours? She said she didn't know and there was nothing she could do. So much for opening a new membership with this company and wish I could get my money back. Would appreciate a call or email from this company. Terrible service, and poor manager attitude too. She even told the cashier taking care of me she should have called someone else to help her with this.

Posted by Anonymous

I am disappointed in the Barnes and Noble refund policy. I incorrectly ordered books for ESL classes, but because I would like to return them more than 14 days after the purchase, Barnes and Noble will not provide a refund. It is one month after the purchase of the books, and I am just finding time to process the return from my end, but it is too late. These books are brand new, have never been used, and are in perfect condition. Ugh! If you order from B & N, make sure to process any returns immediately!


Barnes and Noble's return policy makes it impossible for me to want to continue business with them. I attempted to return a duplicate item today and I was unceremoniously told that it was over 14 days (21 days). I explained that I was out of state and did not have access to a purchase that I knew had been duplicated by a family member. I asked for an exchange at the very least. Again, "it is not our policy". Unfortunately, B & N has now lost my business. I am an e-reader (No NOOK) anyway. I just liked shopping at B&N for gifts for my office staff or for special occasion cards. I loyally pay the membership each year knowing that I am no longer utilizing it for hard cover or paperback books. Next year I will not be renewing. Sadly, Barnes & Noble you will die a sad and lonely bookstore death when others like myself no longer need you and find that you have no customer loyalty.

Posted by Misscasidy

While shopping at my local barnes and noble I witnessed a gentleman pick a book up and try to say he was returning it without a reciet, maybe take a second to think about a stores return policy. 14 days while short makes sense for a bookstore, plenty of times I've read then returned books, give me 30 days and they would never make money(also use your brain just get a gift receipt it extends the return time). Learn to keep receipts and if you don't like something, quickly return it, don't blame them for laziness. As a regular customer I hate waiting in line for someone trying to return a gift from January in late April. Also, don't get angry at the employees, they don't choose the return policy, if they could return it I'm sure they would, but they want to keep their job. But,shame on any of them with poor customer service skills.

Posted by Anonymous

I would strongly suggest that when Barnes and Noble mails larger paperback items that they label the mailing envelope with DO NOT FOLD on both sides on both sides. My last book was put into my mailbox by folding it over and that broke the spine of the book as well as the pages were bent. I think the labeling would be enough for the delivery source to not leave a note that I have a package at the post office or that I had to notify the company for a delivery.

Posted by nermel1982

I have used Barnes and Noble tablets and e-readers since the first one they came out with. I have always purchased the extended warranty. I have exchanged/returned several tablets with little to no hassle at all. My complaint is their partnership with Samsung now. Love the tablets hate dealing with Samsung. When they were just Barnes and Noble Nooks all I had to do was wait for the replacement to arrive and return the damaged one - of course they had my CC# in case I didn't return the damaged one but always did and never had an issue. My last purchase was one of the Samsung tablets. At one point I was having a minor issue with it and was going to return it only to find out I had to deal with Samsung for the first year of the warranty because it was through them. They expected me to pay to ship it back to them. Since it was a minor issue I decided to just deal with it, and actually it ended up resolving itself so I was so glad I didn't send it back because who knows how long Samsung would have taken to return it to me. After my first year I ended up cracking the screen and Barnes and Noble was happy to exchange no questions asked. Their policy has changed which is a little disappointing but I understand since these tablets do cost so much more and people are not reliable. I now had to send it back before a new one would be sent back to me. They emailed me a UPS label that I printed and returned the tablet with. It took about a week for UPS to get it there, which I thought was a bit long but I didn't pay shipping so I can't complain too much. And within 2 days of them receiving my tablet the replacement was shipped out. So less than 2 weeks and all was said and done. Not the quick replacements they had done before but satisfactory considering Samsung said it could take 4-6 weeks for them to repair/replace whatever when I asked them. So if you can bear it, wait until your Barnes and Noble warranty kicks in. I have always purchased the additional warranty and it has always been worth it. Even when there was nothing major wrong with my tablet I would return just before the warranty expired just to be sure I had a fresh one to work with before my warranty expired.

Add your review!

Posted by costcoemployee


Posted by HappyNurse

Got to say I am impressed by Barnes and Nobles customer service. I sent a message through the customer account portal letting them know I was upset by the 14 day policy and they got back to be and let me return my books for a full refund including paying for return shipping. Awesome!

Posted by Anonymous

Went today with my 2 kids for the first time. Great customer service during a very busy time of day in both book area & Starbucks cafe.

Posted by Anonymous

I just received assistance from Siri at the Barnes & Noble Store in Ladue, Missouri. I have spent several hours this week speaking with customer service representatives on a variety of topics; i.e., health insurance, banking, gift orders, etc. Most of these experiences have been poor. The representatives have not wanted to take responsibility, didn't really want to help and placed me on "indefinite hold." I couldn't have been more pleased speaking with Siri. She went over and above to help, placing an order for the original request and the putting another alternative on reservation. It is refreshing to find someone that does sure a great job. Barnes & Noble is fortunate to have someone like Siri. I hope I spelled her name correctly. JSW

Posted by Anonymous

I want to compliment one of your employees named James Swinson SW I NSON who works in your plantation Florida store. I was having a problem with my nook and he spent so much time with me trying to fix my problem.he was so helpful and went out of his way to assist me. Please thank him. Elaine Gregerman

Posted by Anonymous

When Barnes and Noble sent me a DVD replacement disk, it arrived in packaging that was like a heavy paper bag. It arrived in perfect condition. Commendations for the first packaging I've received that shows true commitment to all that recycling stands for.

Posted by Ms Ellis

I, too, had fallen down the rabbit hole of B&N's questionable customer service policies, and not for the first time. This time, however, I wasn't going quietly. I obtained the number for corporate headquarters in New York and left a message for the VP of all things digital, Doug Carlson. At least, I thought, I've had my say to someone above the supervisor at 800-the book. I had called on a Sunday, so didn't expect a person, so I was shocked when Mr. Carlson called me back! Needless to say, the issue was resolved in twenty minutes. In addition, I was able to tell him that there are people out here who WANT an alternative to the Amazon behemoth; that B&N needs to drop tablets and concentrate on e-readers, and that the real money won't be in the devices, but in the e-books. Anyway, before our conversation I was ready to jump ship, but now I'll see if they can weather the storm.

Posted by Anonymous

I just used the on-line chat support. I had excellent and very prompt service from Robin.

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos for Melvyn Lewis of the Barnes
and Noble customer service team for
resolving a month long issue regarding
a twenty per cent coupon used on an item
cancelled by BN. In addition to a new
coupon, Mr Lewis also included a B & N
gift card. For an matter that would have
cost BN only a handful of dollars, they
almost lost a longtime customer. Thanks
to Melvyn Lewis that won't happen. I'm
completely satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your Edgewood store last week and I had a very positive experience. One of your salesperson spent a lot of time walking me thru my new Nook.

I called back to the store to get his name because I was so impressed with his professionalism. His name is Tyler Marlow.

Posted by jack2410

Two complaints:
1. I no longer can add to "my wish list", at least not every time I try.
2. In the search box at the top of your starting page there is "Search over 30 million products" on top of which I must type or paste my search term, usually a book title. I do not like to have to type on top of this phrase. I would like a clean clear search box. Thank you.

Posted by pati0

Can't believe all negative comments. I wrote of a very positive experience about 6 months ago and it is not printed here.
Now I have called tech support again and had very helpful people again. I don't believe all the bad stuff I've read.

Posted by skirsop

I wish to compliment 2 outstanding employees at B & N in Carmel, In. They are Carol and Laura. I was having an issue with my Nook Tablet. They were very helpful, patient and and solved my problem with a smile. What outstanding employees. Employees like that make you want to come back to shop.

Posted by Anonymous

Very good tec support on my Nook Color #1 when we changed passwords and my #1 would not take our new password in spite of the fact that our #2Nook took it easily. Victor did a great job of understanding my problem in spite of the fact that I do not know all the technical terms to describe things. He was patient, encouraging and helpful. I was so impressed I talked with his supervisor "Danny" and told him what a good job Victor did.
Thank you.

Posted by Katherine Madrone

I bought a small box of 25 Victorian cards labeled "Valentines Card. The sign was posted in back of and higher than the display saying Valentines cards. Well most of the cards were sweet and typical of Victorian cards BUT there was only one Valentine card in the lot. Travel, Missing You, Birthday cards but only one Valentine card. I feel disappointed. I bought the cards at Lloyd Center, in Portland, OR. I didn't pay much but that is not the point. I've been out of work for 22 months and can't afford replacement cards or more cards.

Posted by Robyn

I can't complain about customer support because from calling for support to the support in the store, I feel like everyone has tried to give support...My problem is that there is not an app for weight watcher's so that I can get my program on the nook....some people I know have it but we can't figure it out...including the above mentioned support people...I've tried numberous times. please, please get an app for the nook....

Posted by N'Gadie

I'm a new customer who had issues with applications not downloading on my nook color. The first time I contacted customer service, I got a young lady who provided a suggestion for the issue and sent me on my way,unfortunately what she suggested did not work. The second time I called I got the pleasure of speaking with ROLANDE! He was AWESOME!!! He was genuine, courteous, professional and PATIENT! At the end of the call my Nook was upgraded, my applications were downloading as they should and I was a Very Happy and now loyal customer. I work in the corporate world and undertsand the importance of great customer service. I have shared my experience with Family, Friends and Co-workers. In closing I'm grateful for the experience and I'm looking forward to my continued business with Barnes and Nobles.

Posted by wushu chin

im an international customer from taiwan, i dont know about this negative comments but my online purchase is a blast with barnes! very nice, very fast shipping process and very up to date! i got my book in no time and in a very cheaper price! so happy with Barnes!

Posted by radiomax

i had a very nice experience with BN, very fast response, very fast shipment and polite and courteous customer service!! 10/10 ++++ AAAA! will definitely buy again from BN!

Posted by HMonti

I purchased a Nook Tablet two weeks ago and had some problems with my applications not downloading correctly. I called BN customer support and did not have a long wait on the phone. The Nook technician was able to courteously and professionally guide me through the steps to fix my problem successfully. Later on, I then called on Christmas day to get some answers about how to most effectively purchase and configure my Nook to accept different books and apps. The Nook tech also gave me very helpful information on how to proceed with purchasing multiple books and apps then transfer them when I purchase two more Nook devices. Ive had a very positive experience with BN so far. I have also had very good experience while visiting and purchasing books at the BN store. Everyone has always been very helpful and courteous in the past when Ive visited the several BN stores around my home and work at various locations in DC, MD, VA and PR. My online purchases have been seamless.

Posted by Anonymous

The female manager at the Barnes and Noble
New Hope Commons in Durham NC has no customer
service skills. After purchasing a book to be shipped to my son in LA we realized the person assisting me entered my address. This was on
12/10/11. She made a copy of the receipt with
the correct shipping address and assured me she would handled correcting the error. I received the book at my address today 12/14.
I called the Manager tonight and she stated there was nothing she could do, and that Barnes and Noble would absolutely not take care of this issue.
Looked store customer service up online they switched me to the folks in Jersey and this was taken care of in 15 minutes. Kudos to those guys.
Sad about the night time New Hope Commons Store manager. I will take my business to another Barnes and Noble from now on.

Thanks guys,
Carla S. Cox

Posted by Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear all of the bad experiences everyone has had with Barnes & Noble. I own 2 nooks, a first edition and a color and my husband has the simple touch and we have had nothing but wonderful customer service from our local B&N. They have always been available and more than willing to help us with questions. We have been customers there for 15 years and have gone into the store, bought several items online and dealt with the .com customer service and it has always been great experience. I truly hope B&N is around for a long time to come, it would be so sad to not be able to go into a bookstore, grab a mocha and browse at books.

Posted by PleasedCustomer

I called and canceled my membership a few weeks ago before it could automatically renew, but two days ago while balancing my checkbook, I realized that I had been charged an annual membership fee. I called customer service and the woman I spoke with, Michelle, was incredible. She was very understanding and friendly. She apologized for the misunderstanding, canceled my membership, and refunded the 25 dollar fee to my card. I was upset that my membership wasn't canceled the first time I called, as I was told, and that I had to bother with this mess to begin with, but I am so glad that it was easily taken care of and in a professional and kind manner. Way to Barnes and Noble. I may not be a member anymore, but I definitely still respect you and will not hesitant to shop at your stores again. :)

Posted by PolishManinNY

Service was perfectly fine I don't know why there are so many negative comments. Yes, they do kind-of often try to advertise their "Nook" or whatever but I called 1-800-The-Book, and got quickly (about 1 min) sent to a man that answered all of my question. I have now ordered my book from online, took me about 15 mins, and I cant wait until the arrival.

Posted by teacherman

Marklinda at Customer Service was very helpful and patient with me. She didn't have all the answers at first but she always went back and got the right ones and never failed to be polite and professional. Thank you so much.

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Posted by Anonymous

My spouse is working at your store right now, xmas eve, after 7pm because of change over of displays for Saturday. Seriously? This is company policy? An hour after closing and people are still being kept behind? Not really taking care of the employees are you? I am urging them to quit without notice immediately. Unforgivable.

Posted by roravenclaw

I have to agree that in all the places where I have been employed (and that includes when I was teenager), Barnes & Noble is by far the worst place I have ever worked. It is such a hostile work environment. I don't understand how they can expect any human to give good customer service when dishonest, lazy, manipulative managers demoralize and anger their entire staff on a daily basis. The management creates an environment of animosity and of course that carries over onto the floor and into customer service. It shouldn't but when it comes down to it. The employees ARE human beings and dealing with it day after gets difficult to hide.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee of Barnes & Noble College Booksellers for ten years. I started working for this company when I was a freshman in college and I can honestly say I loved my job. However, as much as I loved helping students and had an exceptional knowledge of my job, I was discriminated against, harassed and forced to endure a hostile work environment. I have proof of this also. You have managers who steal or turn the other way when company funds are being taken, they themselves steal time by taking time off and not using vacation time and generally leaving the upkeep of the store to the assistant managers. They have no accountablitiy and feel that the laws do not apply to them. They are rude and unconcerned with students needs. Why invest in customer service shops if the majority of the students are going to get treated like crap? While one of the best jobs I have ever had, one of the worst companies to work for. They also continue to hire incompentent discriminatory managers and loose money. No wonder Len Riggio had to pay shareholders off.. It's all about the benjamin's now and not the long term. Sad to see a once decent company to work for become such a crappy and disorganized organization. I apologize to all the students who have received such poor service. Please understand that employees received very little training on how to do textbook rentals and the managers all fit into a psychological profile of psychotic that the company had done on who is the best manager. If you are going to be purchasing expensive items, you should be receiving a level of service that is exemplary and I am ashamed to say that you will not find it at B&N college.

Posted by Anonymous

As a former phone rep for B&N I will explain some things here... First of all most of the reps are not BN employees, but work for another company that services many companies. This company is Arise. They also service Sears, Carnival, AAA and more. We work from home (in my case, pj's even). We are told to say we work in a NY call center. All we can basically do is track your order or start the refund process. We have a generic calendar in front of us and we add up the shipping time (weekends are NOT included in the calculation). So when someone gives you this info, it's just to kind of estimate the delivery and shut you up, get you off the phone, so we can get to the next call so we don't get fired for taking too long with one customer. If you want ANY kind of resolution for a larger problem INSIST on talking to a supervisor. They will fight you b/c they don't want to transfer you, but just insist anyway. We have scripts to say and flowcharts to follow, but rarely care about anything other than getting you off the phone. It is the way the model is set up. The supervisors yell at the reps (us)in chat rooms set up for us to ask questions. We have to wait for a response from the supervisors before we can transfer your call so to pass the time we have to ask random questions (not allowed to have silence on the phone call or we get in trouble). We usually verify some dumb information to entertain you while we wait for a supervisor. At times the supervisors make us wait 15-30 minutes to even respond to us in the chat rooms. It's terrible.

Posted by Toy Store Employee

As a long time employee of B&N I can state without hesitation that working for the company has gone down in quality drastically in the last 10 years on all fronts. It used to be a great place to work...but no more.
To add insult to injury we can now be renamed: "Barnes & Noble R Us". Becoming a toy store is a pathetic attempt to remain a viable bricks and mortar business.
The claim is: " Educational" toys. What a laugh. For children all toys are educational!
You can find the same product at any Toys R Us. And I might add that the pay is now equivalent to that of a Toys R Us employee.
It's all ridiculous and pathetic. Oh...BTW...
I am currently sending out out resumes daily to get away from the joke that has become

Posted by Steve

"After reading most of the negative comments here, I can blatantly say that 9 times out of 10, you just are working with our policies."

I meant to say "aren't working with our policies." Sorry.

Posted by Steve

I am a B&N employee. After reading most of the negative comments here, I can blatantly say that 9 times out of 10, you just are working with our policies.

Our refund policy states: 14 days with receipt. After 14 days, under 60 days, we can only give store credit for equal or greater value.

Without a receipt, we can look it up via credit/debit card, or membership card. We will give cash back for debit transactions, and credit the money back to your credit card if that was used. Keep in mind, this is only done if you return it within 14 days.

CDs cannot be opened. This is because of keys that might be required, etc.

Customer service was made the #1 priority at B&N. We have hundreds and hundreds of people in store daily, and due to some cutbacks we don't have as many employees on the floor as needed.

Since our employee policy states that we must put the book in the customers hand, or order it for them if possible, that creates a line of people waiting for our assistance.

If you want customer service, you need patience. Other people were there before you and we pay individual attention to each. Just wait and you'll receive yours too.

Customer holds are held for up to 3 days, orders are held up to 2 weeks. Pre-pay orders are held for a very long time, and if not picked up, they go to the MOD who holds on to it and tries to contact you.

For online, if it hasn't came to you yet then you need to take it up with the online support. Don't come into the store complaining because all it does it ruin every ones day around you. We have nothing to do with the online purchasing in store.

To re-cap, return your books within 14 days and be patient.

Posted by malcontent

Barnes & NOble is the worst employer that I have ever had the misfortune to work for. Corporate policy dictates that employees harass customers into purchasing additional items, memberships, nooks... or lose hours and/or the opportunity for a raise (which is only available annually.) When the economy began to decline, Barnes & NOble responded by capping management salaries, and deciding that no hourly employee would receive the 50 cent raise which accompanies an outstanding review, rather choosing to cap all hourly employees with a 25 cent raise which accompanies an acceptable review. Also included were a reduction from 35 to 30 hours per week for all full-time employees, as well as reducing all part-time employees to less than 20 hours per week, thereby eliminating benefit elegibility. There was also an intentional effort to remove employees who have been with the company for any amount of time that has increased their wage, so that Barnes & NOble could replace these folks with new employess hired at minimum wage. All this, with reduced staff and increased workload, has led to some mightily discontented working environments. And don't even get me started on the nook...


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