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Barclays customer service is ranked #322 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.14 out of a possible 200 based upon 29 ratings. This score rates Barclays customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


26 Negative Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 89.66%.


3 Positive Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 10.34%.

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  • Barclays

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 38.14 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (89.66%)
    • 3 positive comments (10.34%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 3.0 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by BGQZ

My employer granted stock as a bonus, held by Barclays. The dividends are held in a separate cash account. The only way to get any stock or cash out, is to pay ridicules fees: wire transfers, brokerage commissions, transaction fees. Instead of paying themselves their exorbitant $75 fee to move my stock to Fidelity with my cash, they sold some of my stock and paid themselves. This is all automatic. Their web site is so bad you have to read the counter-intuitive mind of the programmer to get anything to happen. I have money in the cash account that is hardly worth taking out, because the fee will be a third of the total amount. Their customer service is like you'd expect: static on the phone line, terse unhelpful reps, calls cut on transfers. I can't believe this company is for real, but it's about typical for a big bank.

Posted by [email protected]

How high is your customer service reps. I tried to ask a question today we got in your suppose it'd reward points and it was as if she was doing me the biggest favor and maybe I interrupted her breakfast or something. Barclay you should be embarrassed. Great people you have working for you hahahahaha

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to speak to a human being re my account.

Is there anyone who actually speaks to customers there or do you just continue to charge outrageous fees. I'm trying to pay something before I take bankruptcy

Posted by maggie

Hopeless. 2 pin sentry devices later still cannot login to my account. the call centre seemed to think that they could unlock the card - despite it not being connected to the network. it failed.

Decided to close the account - you have lost my custom. could not manage that in one easy go either. could not transfer the money out when i needed to.

Posted by vebros66

It seems once a credit card company starts to disrespect its customer's. I believe the company is headed down rather than up. American Express has a site with customer complaints who were with the company for years. It only takes one clueless individual to destroy a good reputation. More Americans are on the line, and one mistake can ruin your credit. Say good bye, and go to your LOCAL CREDIT UNION, and I promise you it will be a very positive experience.Corporate banks do not care, you are nothing more than a NUMBER. GO TO YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION !

Posted by pg95

Barclay's flagged 2 charges on my MasterCard before I saw them as being suspicious -- they were definitely not mine (totalling $1500 in another state) and when I called to confirm that, the woman closed my account and reissued a card with a new number, saying the charges would be removed. Five days later, they were still showing on my account so I called again, and this time the woman said it takes 7-10 days. At 10 days I called yet again, and was told they'd be off before my statement closing date, which was 4-5 days later. Guess what? Still on there and on the new statement!! So I called and asked for a supervisor who was totally unsympathetic (bordering on rude), and he told me an investigation can take 30 days before the charges are removed. EVERY OTHER BANK I'VE EVER DEALT WITH has removed suspicious charges WHILE they investigate .. so this supervisor warns me that if I simply don't pay those amounts (if it's not resolved before my payment due date), I could get charged interest!
All I can say is that the minute it is resolved, I'm closing this account and never dealing with this bank again. Too bad since it had been my go-to credit card for years!

Posted by sean

I had my barclays credit card and used it to travel to Europe. I prepaid $2000 for my spend, and notified barclay of my travel plan, and they still declined my transactions in France. The I decided to close my account. When I closed my account, the service representative told me on the phone that I will be able to get the points for what I already spent. Also she advised me that I would be able to reinstate my account if I wish within 30 days. But later I found out that I did not get the points on $2500 spend. I called and Andy from the service department told me I cannot get the points and cannot reinstate my account. I felt it is purely ripped off. I did not pay late, and I did not violet any policy. Barclay allowed me to use the account till I close but no points awarded. I was never told about the policy. If I did, I would keep my account until I get the points.
How complaint can be satisfactorily addressed

I would like to get the points back for what I spent on the account. Also, please investigate whether this is a fair policy for the customers.

Posted by hacked off

Hey, if barclays are trying to rid themselves of High St. customers they're doing a fine job. No tellers at my local branch. A couple of overwhelmed employees trying to induct busy 'Jo public' in the foibles of barclays new automated systems and 35mins to answer a call to one of their 'phone numbers. Way to go barclays!! I'll leave soon, I promise.

Posted by Anonymous

I work around magnets,my barclaycard got demagnetized and I needed a new card.I called the number on the back of the card and was not able to speak to a live person.Finally found a site
that showed you how to get to someone.My other cards were no problem.Barclay should make
it easier for customers to speak to representatives.

Posted by D Whiteman

I just received a letter in the mail stating that after being a customer in good standing since 2005, my account was CLOSED due to lack of activity. I never received a letter asking if I wished to close the account. It was just closed without my consent. Once I called in, several managers stated that the account could not be re-opened and that I would have to re-apply. It is unthinkable that a company can just close your account especially when there have not been any issues with it. I kept that card because I had a large credit limit and never knew when I would need to use it.

Posted by M1ARM

I have a 10 yr fixed mortgage with Barclays, which has been nothing but trouble for the past 7 yrs. I make regular annual one off 5% payments and my revised payments are never correct. example paid £1747 with 38 mts remaining and they offered me a saving of £2.29 per mth. the true saving should have been Circa £50+. They have refused to provide calculation and a copy of my terms and conditions. This is now with FOS to sort out. Last year similar problem FOS awarded me £300 for Barclays incompetence. On the plus side it costs Barclays in the region of £50 every time the FOS takes on the case.
this is one bank we CAN LIVE WITHOUT.

Posted by Anonymous

there customer service SUCKS!!! been trying for an hour to get a live person you can never get a live person to talk they must only have one person working... with gess i will go with another card.


Worst Customer Service In The World.i Believe I Was Discriminated Against, They Did Not Like That I Asked One Question.
Blocked My Account Numerous Times. Treated Me Like A Criminal, asked For Information Regarding My Wife Which She Is Not On My Account And Her Mothers Maiden Name In Violation Of The Fair Credit Card Act. When I Refused. They Said I Had To Mail Original Documents Including Drivers License, Not Faxed. I Am Not Making This Up. The Only Way To Unblock My Account Was To Go To My Bank Pnc And Ask For A Cash Advance, Even Though I Specifically Told Them I Do Not Want One. On Top Of That The Credit Card Is Inactive, To Say The Least The Most Embarrassing Experience Of My Life, Hospitalized From Extreme Emotional Stress Chest, head And Face Pain

Posted by Anonymous

The Barclays corporation is running a scam along with Fronteir Airlines and Master card, alone of your Represenitives took money from on June 23 2012 at DIA Denver international airport. Claiming that I would be issued a Fronteir MasterCard credit card within so many weeks! The application was in fact electronically filed, but denied! But they claim they didn't or don't receive my $59.00 annual fee, in which their Represenitive received from me! But won't return the money! Really, really, really disappointed with all " three" companies! You guys "SUCK!!!". "BIGTIME!"

Posted by SM_bos

Take a long time to answer, phone connections poor, English is poor. Spend a lot of time asking me how my day is and trying to sell me stuff, instead of taking my request.

Posted by marco

On my December statement I wrote a check in the amount of $87.67,the only amount due. The check was received by Barclay's on December 13,2001. While examining my checking account with PNC I discovered that Barclay's(Juno) deducted the same amount for the second time.
I never authorized
Barclay to make sucha deduction and have never signed up for autopay. I have been overbilled.

You are overreaching and guilty of the crime of conversion.

Please do not process this unauthorized transaction and credit the money back to me.

Posted by jadamf

Deceptive practices. I used a balance transfer check for 2.99%. I pay of all new purchases each month plus 200-300 more to pay down the balance transfer (so I thought). Barclay credit card informed me that any extra dollars are applied to new purchases not the balance outstanding. The effect is I am being charged interest on new purchases and denied 23 day interest free grace period on them. They hide behind the "new federal law" that they must apply extra dollars to the highest interest rate "balance". In my case I pay the balance off each month so there is no 'balance" for purchases.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got my brand new card. I called in a little past midnight - to set up my privacy options (i.e. limiting Barclay's sharing of my information). The notice/document led me to believe that I would get an automated system. In any case, I waited 27 minutes to talk to a representative - to simply change my privacy options!! I can understand the wait if I called during the day - at a peak time - but this is ridiculous.

Posted by Marta007

I am a Barclays credit card customer for over 10 years. Lately, their rules, customer service and regulations changed and became a nightmare for me. Last month I sent $130 as payment instead of $151 and also another $400, which was supposed to be sent to another bank.
These are the steps Barclays took after this:
1. Did not reimburse my money (400 sent by mistake)
2. Applied a late fee on my account of $35 for the couple of dollars missing from the minimum payment, however the $130 was sent in time.
3. Completely disregarded my request to delete the late fees.
4. Never reimbursed my money of $400, but applied to my account, therefore the other bank missed my payment of $400 and I was penalized $70 for not sending the payment in time.

AVOID DEALING WITH BARCLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shame on them!!!!!!

Posted by R

People say lot many things about Barclays and its customer service. How will you handle if there are 20 reps at a given time and 50 people waiting to talk to them. Out of those 50 people 5 wouldn't have their information handy and will go to any extent to take names, 5 will be calling without checking the facts on their statements about transactions, 10 will be calling as their payment has been declined as they have entered wrong pin number of their card and blocked the pin number (which they can unblock at any Barclays chip and pin cash machine).20 will be calling to check their balances which they can see online or when they took cash from the cash machine in the evening and 5 would be calling to say how pissed they are with our services because they want the policies of the bank to be amended according to their needs and remaining 5 are those who really need help and these 5 people are always the last in the queue. I just want to know that people who say customer service suck will they be kind enough to elaborate.. I can try to answer you queries here. Thank you.

Posted by Rice07

Terrible customer service. I had a card with them to help re-establish credit for a short time. Perfect payments on time and such. Horrible time trying to reach someone and then on top of that terrible customer service and very unprofessional.

Posted by Giulia

The worst customer service I had to deal with.
Incompetent and quite expensive. I spent 10 hours at the telephone paying from Central America without receiving any appropriate answer. I only wanted my money back!

Posted by Mayfair

The WORST cutomer service of any credit card I have ever dealt with. I will never do business with them again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

customers should be told they can not access online banking twice in the one day if they give wrong password
i have many email passwords and sometimes it takes 3 attemts i just spent another 30mins on phone to be told no access for 24 hours this would be terrrible if you where in adifferent country

Posted by Anonymous

Their customer service SUCKS!!!

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Posted by Just a Joe

I called earlier today and spoke with representative Rashine. Other than a little difficulty with her accent (which is common these days), she was very nice. I took over the finances for my elderly father and he neglected to pay a 12.00 dollar bill for several months. Needless to say the 12.00 dollar bill became 112 dollars with late fees and such. I called and asked them to get them reversed while explaining the situation, especially since it would not make sense to not pay a 12.00 dollar credit card bill and rack up 100.00 dollars in fees. She obviously had to confer with supervisors several times but in the end the charges are allegedly going to be reversed. If they follow through then I would say they provided good customer service. I find all to often we are very quick to post negatives but not positives which when comparing both would give a more accurate picture of a company.

Posted by Satisfied Customer

It seems this company is trying to turnaround its image. I spoke with two customer service representatives who were exceedingly patient with my barrage of questions trying to understand my bill and related fees. After a long discussion, they listened to reason (the late payments were truly not my fault) and waived the fees. They were actually very humane...

Posted by daverudds

good bank who understand soldiers needs!!!

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Posted by Paddy buddy

Beware any net transactions and they will close your account take it from an ex staff member


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