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Bank of the West customer service is ranked #895 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Bank of the West customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by itsjan

Blatant discriminatory policies and treatment from Clearlake Ca Branch Management. I feel BOW personnel owe a duty of loyalty, fairness and good faith towards their clients, and have an obligation to adhere not only to the specific provisions of the Code of Ethics but to the general principles that guide the Code. I also believe any access to non-public information regarding a clients acct should not be used in a personal or professional capacity or used as a risk assessment. I feel an apology due and immediate reinstatement of my account.

Posted by Itsjan

I am writing to you about my recent involuntary account closing by your Clearlake Branch and my

difficulty communicating with Christina Rhodes and Stephanie Ashworth Clearlake Ca Branch Presidents that resulted in the initiation and the closing of my account and total lack of customer service and support. Rude, unprofessional, discourteous and pretentious

Stephanie Ashworth

Branch Manager AVP was dismissive, rude, and practically forced me out the door at Bank

closing time on Friday even refused to make an appt with me to discuss their Branches

decision to close my account. I feel this decision was retaliatory because of the help I was given and BOW OD fees reversed based on

the instructions that were followed by your BOW Call Center regarding a 10 day hold

placed on a deposit I had made that directly created the OD charges. When I received the Deposit

Hold letter I went into the Branch and spoke with Stephanie Ashworth and assured her I was

unaware of the Deposit Disclosure Hold placed on new accounts and the check was only $255. I

told her I was trying to establish credit worthiness and my account was very important to me

and to please give me a chance to prove that. She could have easily called to verify funds

had cleared and lifted the deposit hold but did not. She treated me with arrogance and

disrespect informing me I was considered a high risk and they could close my account. I

showed her that my account would never at ANY time been in a negative status if the Deposit

hold was or now had been released. She offered to reverse one BOW $3S fee. The direct phone line to the Clearlake Branch went unanswered. The reason I was given is that they were "slammed" and therefore couldn't answer, no answering machine or service, just rings and rings. Over the next

few weeks, and hours on the phone with your 800 number call center,I also had challenges communicating, long hold and wait times, repeated disconnects when transfer attempts made, untrained personnel. I made numerous calls,single points of contact are difficult to reach or unresponsive and calls answered and contacts would change every time I would call. This exacerbated problems and I was receiving inaccurate and incomplete information When I did get through, they were very

apologetic, even called the Branch" idiots", and followed the instructions on a BOW letter and advisory regarding my Deposit

Hold. Several BOW Call Center Supervisor�s reversed over $700 BOW OD NSF fees. The Merchant also charged

my account $245 to re-deposit these nine small transactions. These charges were not paid

because my account was closed by my local Branch without my consent and against my wishes.

I really appreciate the call center�s assistance and your Bank�s decision to reverse these

charges and sincerely regret not knowing about new account hold on deposits,in the Deposit Disclosure, but honestly

thought and read that $200 would be available at least in two days or I would have deposited

cash. I am completely dumbfounded and upset about my treatment and the way my account was

handled and the Clearlake Branch management decision to close my account. I requested a

review and investigation regarding their decision to close my account from a Regional

Manager and never received a letter or follow up call. Stephanie Ashworth informed me she

had already discussed this with her Regional Manager and my account would still be closed.On june 1 2018, I attempted to use my BOW debit card at the Clearlake Branch and I could not withdraw any cash or even get my acct balance. I called BOW call Center and spoke to Emia Travis and Michelle and she informed me that a hold had been placed on my account. She removed it and instructed me to go back to the ATM and my card would now work. I went back to ATM and still received error message. When I called back that Call Center was closed but I was told my account had a holdon it, placed by my Branch, and notated that I could only speak to my local Branch . My Social Security check had just been Direct Deposited so I could not access my funds all weekend to pay my rent or bills. I have spent hours on hold with BOW even on one call had to converse with a Manager while music played and I had to carry on conversation over a prerecorded message and was told by manager that he could not call me back and that BOW employee had not transferred call successfully I was told by call center my account was still open, but later received a call from Ms Rhodes June 10, informing me of the Branch's intent to close without my consent. She was smug and uncooperative, refusing to even listen or help me in any way to keep my account open or offer any guidance.

This total experience dealing with this Branch has been a nightmare and could have easily been avoided with a little

intervention and funds been verified with a single phone call from Ms. Ashworth weeks ago.

This has adversely affected my credit standing and i do not want an involuntary Bank closure

on my record from your BOW Clearlake Branch. I can fax, mail or send you all the names of

Call Center supervisors involved that assisted me, and can provide any documentation to

substantiate my claims and correspondence from BOW regarding Deposit hold. Please verify with Lauren Howell BOW Call Center Supervisor that reversed OD charges and offered to call my Branch on my behalf. I have always

managed my account wisely and made deposits to cover ALL my transactions. The Bank fees

reversed were all directly generated from this one Deposit Hold. I am respectfully

appealing and asking you to review and please re-instate my BOW account that I feel was

unjustly and wrongly closed by your Clearlake Ca Branch. I asked if it could be

transferred to Coddingtown or Healdsburg Branch and was told by Stephanie Ashworth and Ms Rhodes "No". I could

open another account myself. I am retired from the travel industry and managed an Avis RAC

location in the busy Orlando Intl Airport so have taken Dale Carnegie management courses and have

extensive Customer Service training. I thought Ms Ashworth�s and Christina Rhodes total lack of these skills and

their blatant rudeness and disrespect and dismissiveness towards me should be brought to

your attention. Thank you for your assistance and hopefully your help in re-instating my account and good credit

standing. Jan Carroll

Posted by Jo

If I could I would give this bank 0 stars they locked my online access to my account and the only way to unlock is to call them and have them fix it well I called plenty of times never got an answer and I even went in only to find out they were closed this has been going on for a week and I cannot gain access to my online account and to top it off they're closed on weekends and at 5pm everyday when every other bank is open til 6pm I don't even have the option to go in right after work . I couldn't even add my wife as a joint user because customer service Is good for nothing! Then my card was lost and I called to report it and they tell me they can't do anything that I need to go into the branch or call them they had the worse attitude and were talking as if I was stupid. They were like "your card is lost so why are you calling us" this was the second time I called because I could not believe that this bank does nothing for you when you lose your card on a weekend the first time I called the guy hung up on me because I was in awe and kept asking what should I do ?? mind you this was on a Sunday so if my money is stolen I need to file a claim because they did not have access to my account to block my card I have NEVER had this issue with any other bank I've been with and seems like I will be closing my account here to because they're so inconsiderate about their customers .

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is mrs Nicolson I have had problems with your bank starting with a payment in Clearlake branch, Shelly is saying that 230.28 wasn't paid and we new otherwise it was a satisfied payment for 12/05/2014 but we have paid an extra 1/2 payment for this in 3/05/2015 even thou we weren't behind we have been harassed for this n also the other payment we just made on the other acct it's all paid over what is due I would appreciate it if someone from this side of the world would talk to me I gave my POA they DONT get the entire packet it's not to be viewed by anyone but my POA it's on file Darla Nicolson / Gayle Howell please at your earliest convenience call ask for darla as my elder mother gayle doesn't know how to help you I am her appointed POA THANK YOU

Posted by Bill

Needed a lien release on a title from 2009. i looked up the 800 number and called expecting the worst. the wait was short but i had to be transferred to another department.
Phillip answered on the second ring and was very nice.He solved my problem in a few minutes and was so courteous I had to complement him and promised a review.
Sincerely,William Davis North Carolina

Posted by Anonymous

Went into oakridge branch
Sat down was greeted by a teller
New accounts rep. SERGIO had a customer
Once done with that customer he did not acknowledge me
He did not make eye contact
he did not let me know that he or someone else would be right with me
He just continued walking back and forth from the desk behind him and sat at his desk
But didn't no one walked up to me to ask if they could help me
I was ready to open a checking account
I had my payroll check and some cash but no one seemed to care that I was there

Posted by Anonymous

I had dialed and followed prompts to Auto Loan Dep't five different times during normal banking hours as posted on Bank of the West website. I always ended up with "call back during our hours of operation". Never got through. Beats me...because they obviously are not opened in the morning, afternoons or evenings. I left a message in my personal message center, and no one has responded. I decided to follow the prompt "to get a loan", and in a matter of minutes I was speaking to a live person, who told me he couldn't help me because his job was only to process loan applications. He promised to get a message with my name and number on it to the Auto Loan Dept. to have them correct my double loan payments in October to one payment for October and one payment for November. I am still waiting for a call, for a text message, for an email, for a response to my personal account message. This will be the first and LAST banking transaction that I will ever undertake with Bank of the West.

Posted by David

The most unethical, criminal organisation I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Complete disregard for both Federal and State laws, including those of their own employees. Go somewhere else - far far away.

Posted by Tom3600

Learned exactly what 10-14 days for title return means - - 3 weeks! I was told it was the company policy to take this long to get the title for my boat and trailer. I asked a supervisor to show me a document I signed acknowledging this policy. He said it just was policy. Pretty much what you expect from a low end bank! Still don't have the titles and have no recourse other than write this stupid note which is making me feel better but will have as much impact as a fly turd hitting my paper plate! Problem is I can't yell at the customer service people, the idiots upstairs are the decision makers but there is no avenue to pursue a conversation with one of them! Well played Bank of the West! No wonder no one is merging with you!


7-20-15 at 9:45 am I experience the most Disrespectful and Rude teller at location 7310 East Arapahoe Road Centennial Co. 80112.I have been banking for 50 years and never been to any bank that do not ask the following questions:
-May I help you
-What can I do for you Today
-What transaction do you prefer
-Do you want to make a Deposit
-What account do you want it in
Until 7-20-15 NON of the questions were ask. The teller was totally Disrespectful all she ask is do I what an account balance and demanded my ID so she can give me my balance. So she took my card and money and went to the Teller window and open my two accounts because I watched her and put my money where she felt like adding and never ask what I wanted done and then she gave me a receipt for the deposit and would not give me an Account Balance. I had to ask 3 TIMES to give me my balance and she just looked at me. I told her she did not ask where I wanted my money placed and then she asked. I told her the checking so I could get out of there and go back to work and I had to ASK by YELLING again for my balance. This was totally RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL I wanted my money added to my SAVINGS.If she had did her job right then she would have known what transaction I wanted. Why are you hiring people and not training them right? This is 1st time in my 50 years of banking experiencing this kind of DISRESPECT & RUDE behavior. I have gone to that bank several times and was treated with TOTAL RESPECT by Jenny and Chris they are always professional and always ask what transaction I wanted to do every single time.I will never go in that branch again if I see this RUDE teller is the only one there. I don't know her name and the only number on my receipt is 21122-02.I did not get out of there until 10:05 dealing with her.

Posted by Anonymous

We are trying to purchase a boat from Bass Pro Shops but Bank of the West has not released the title and it has been 3 weeks. Why does Bank of the West have such poor customer service?

Posted by Donald

Paid my loan off on line on the 18th of march, it was posted on the 19th and today I'm told the lien release won't even be mailed until 4/2/14. There isn't any excuse for it to take this long.

Posted by Anonymous

Similar experience.....I have been trying to change my loan auto pay and now since my account which the loan was pulling month payments from which is Bank of America I have changed.

Now my monthly payment is behind and late and I cannot get through to anyone to autopay.

When i try to autpay through the automated system it says my loan # is invalid......

Honestly I am ready to get in touch with the BBB considering this service is unsatisfactory

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service at Bank of West iisUnreachable for questions.
Called 5 times, waited 25 minutes to talk to a service rep and each time Call was lost

Posted by Anonymous

Just got through the 800 after holding 25 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

Dave Bente2/23/2015 1:36 PMGood Afternoon Shanice, I have been trying to reach the loan pay off and title department regarding an account pay off and to find out where a title has been sent. Problem is I call the 800-827-7500 and for the past 3 weeks, never have gotten through to a live person. I have been on hold at least 3 times for over 35 minutes. I need to know where a title has been sent and when. Any help you give me would be great.

Posted by judith

i have been trying to talk to some one at the bank for 3 days with out sucess. i have been on hold for as long as 40 min with no results. the phone no ive been calling is 1800-827-7500plus several others. im very dissatifyed with this bank. i sent in a blank check to set up automatic with draws and have a payment due and dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP please call me at please tell me who to call or put me in contact with some one.thank you

Posted by helen

Do not do business at this bank!! they are worse than the big banks there customer service Stinks!!! there is the manager at the botw in fresno ca.onshaw ave her name is debra,She jst lies to customers and smiles to appease you..Shame on you bank of the west,your only as good of a bank that your CUSTOMERS make it.,,But lose debra,branch manager.and robert,who calls his self a loan officer.. I am in the process of making a vide-o about botw. and i hope it goes viral..Good redience bank of the west!!! a very, very unhappy customer...

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