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Bank of Montreal customer service is ranked #521 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 108 ratings. This score rates Bank of Montreal customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


102 Negative Comments out of 108 Total Comments is 94.44%.


6 Positive Comments out of 108 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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  • Bank of Montreal

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.76 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 102 negative comments (94.44%)
    • 6 positive comments (5.56%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently moved and logged into my BMO MasterCard account and updated my address. A few days later, I went to view my statement and had a notice that my account had been locked due to fraud. I called in and found out that it was due to my having changed my address online and that they had called my OLD phone numbers. I spent over 40 minutes with their fraud tech, quickly reciting my past 3 addresses, my last payment to the penny and most recent purchase. I've had my card for over 15 years and was not able to tell him the exact year that I got it. As such he FAILED to authenticate me. He said that I needed to show 2 pieces of ID at a local branch and all would be well. Not the case AT ALL. Another 45 minutes with the teller who was unable to unlock my account. She told me that it would be a "quick" phone call as they have a direct line. Waited another eternity while she talked to them and then the fraud department had to call her back on their "must answer" line. Finally have my card unlocked and will now likely cancel for this horrendous service! All of this could have been prevented with a simple e-mail follow up from BMO asking if I actually changed my address. Home Depot, Netflix and Spotify are all able to do this, but BMO instead chooses to seriously inconvenience their clients!

Posted by Rob

BMO is handling my father's will. My father set it up so that the funds could get dispensed as fast as possible, that was his wish. He died 3 months ago and one of the parties received the paperwork today, 3 months after the fact, despite repeated attempts to get updates and follow-up, so we are no closer to receiving funds.
The money is getting a return of approx 1% interest, incredibly low. It appears to me that this is a systemic abuse and intended only to use the money for as long as possible. If you have 1000 wills at $1,000,000 each, that is $1 Billion dollars that is can be used for loans/mortgages to gain a huge amount of money on the backs of deceased people and the entitled heirs.
Sad, but does not surprise me at all.

Posted by ahmad

went to BMO fleury montreal today. Oh my god terrible service from the guy at the counter, he speak french like nuts and have the guts to make joke about mine since I speak Parisian french. Zero customer service at this place treat people like garbage. PLEASE DO HIRE WELL EDUCATED PEOPLE TO WORK

Posted by Cynthia

I was supposed to get a sign up bonus however because I had put stop payments out and BMO debits your account for them and returns the money 2 business days later it appears that I am not eligible which it a total crock. I called several times only to wait up to a half hour each time and once I was able to speak with a live agent nothing was solved. I have emailed as well, wait times for that are approximately 24 plus hours for no real response, just apologies for wait times and nothing resolved. I would lose my job if I were to take this long to respond to clients.

Posted by Bmosucks

Horrible on phone support if they dont want to help they will hang up on your face even after you spent 50 minutes on hold

Posted by Truls

have tried for the last 2 hours to connect to BMO.
Waiting for 0ver 30 minutes each time and then a computer voice comes in and gives its thing about thank for waiting nd calling BMO
have a wonderful day

This is the third day over 2 hours each time.
The only solution might be to stop dealing with B MO

Posted by Woohoo

Horrible customer service. Phone wait times are always around an hour. Also, difficult to decipher what their contact centre staff is saying. Really awful. Best to deal with other banks.

Posted by Jane

There is a reason that I personally do not deal with BOM and it was reinforced today. Waited over an hour in line to get change. And when I left there were still over 20 people in line. When I go to CIBC and they are busy they have a customer service rep working the line trying to help people. Its very frustrating when you are waiting in teller closes so now there are only 2 and one is with a client for over 45 minutes. Maybe that person needs to go in one of the 4 offices with 4 people sitting in them doing nothing. Maybe we need to cross train those people to help the customers. The bank on Mountain Rd in Moncton decided to close on Saturdays but doesn't seem to be compensating with better coverage on Friday. Terrible customer service. Would not recommend this bank.

Posted by SamJak

The management in BMO is that of a third world country. Just got denied from opening a credit card since they had me registered under a different person. They could not admit that there was a mistake and I had to go get my credit profile to proof it to them, I then had to spend the entire day dealing with the inexperienced people working in the bank. They still have not rectify it, it's under terrible management with the many inexperienced people who work there; don't know how they get away with this and can't understand how they could put another person's debs under my profile. Cannot understand why these people are not jailed for froud.

Posted by Naz

Worst customer service experience ever. I am cancelling my card and never using these jack asses again. They blocked my online purchase, after waiting on hold for 52 minutes, I got a girl that said you reached the wrong department, and she would have to transfer me to "account management". WTF? Why can't she deal with my issue? I told her I didn't want to wait, she transferred me anyway, to the wrong department - dinner club, which was closed, and the automated message said call back during regular business hours.... 1 hour of my life I will never get back. I am soooo pissed. I've given your poor excuse for a credit card company thousands of dollars in interest over the years, and this is how you repay me? Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

Saturday morning called bmo waited a half an hour to find out if the rrsp contributions were sent out for Jan feb 2018, or if I could get it on line and was told they didn't know they would transfer me to the investment line and it is closed open Monday to Friday and that was it they didn't come back to the phone to apologize

Posted by Anonymous

BMO has terrible customer service. "We will be with you in 20-40 minutes" what the is that? Step your game up BMO ill also never reccomend you to anybody and ill publicly let other people know how your customer service is trash

Posted by JC

I called their number at the back of my credit card and their nice computer voice lets me waited for 40 minutes and then i got cut off. Thank you BMO for your service. BTW, why cannot I give -10000 for rating. What a waste.

Posted by Kat

I have had to call the BMO customer service number twice in the past four days. Both times the waits have been in excess of 25 minutes. I am now nearing the 35 minute mark on my most recent call. My time is valuable! Bank holding an e-transfer I sent to a contractor for no reason that I can see, but to get it resolved this is what I have to go through. Considering pulling all of our business from them. Been a loyal customer for over 40 years, but this is just ridiculous! I guess the fees they charge us are not enough to hire staff!!!!!

Posted by Tp

Worst banking service ever.
Had a pre approved master card i didnt apply for and they couldny understand i did not want it.
I couldn't understand the csrs at all their accents so thick.

Posted by Anti-jewishBolshevik

This is the absolute worst bank in the entire modern judeo - banking system.
The gave me wrong account info on direct deposit so missed getting pay cheque. The have wrong banking info on authorized withdrawal forms; I almost missed a car payment and insurance payment because of it. BMO even had the audacity to blame my company's accountant, blame TD loans any my insurance company for the problem.
They lost my credit card application. When I contacted customer service to complain about everything they wanted me to do all the detective work for them and find out what days this happened and who I dealt with. Purely incompetent bank and it gets better! BMO will not give my money in my accounts and the most they would give me is $2500!!! A fraudulent judeo-bank holding thousands upon thousands of dollars in trust for me, can only give me $2500. I'm filing a claim against BMO and will also pursue criminal charges. Expect global news coming with me to the bank today when I arrive to close my account and want all of my money not just what asked for and they couldn't provide.

Posted by Proky

After a dozen years of travelling with their trip interruption/cancellation product we had to interrupt our trip and go home early due to unforeseen health reasons and the claim though not very large was strung out for 6 months and then denied.
I am cancelling any business I do with Bank Of Montreal. 35 yr customer

Posted by danicas

Had a problem with fraud - someone hacked my account and stole all my money. Teller at the bank was rude - told me it was my fault - didn't even understand what had happened - froze all my accounts but wouldn't give me a new debit card. Told me she was going to file a report and start an investigation.

Went in a week later to get update; was told the investigation was still ongoing. Two weeks go by and I go back, I have no where for my work (large downtown law firm) to deposit my cheque into so they gave me a new debit card FINALLY, but was not given to me quick enough for work to deposit so they gave me a cheque which I deposited myself.

Funds were put on hold for suspicious activity. At this point, I've gone two weeks with NO MONEY and NO UPDATE on the investigation.

I called a few days later and spoke with the branch manager. I was advised that NO INVESTIGATION HAD BEEN FILED. EXCUSE ME? No one is aware of what happened so no one is looking into it. They had forgotten to do the paperwork. You are dealing with peoples money, they're livelihood, mistakes like that should not be happening. Worst part is manager was casual about it as if it was no big deal that nothing was ever filed and now they've froze my funds. After I explained that it was my paycheque he asked me how much of It I would like released - what a dumb question! ALL OF IT. I WANT MY WHOLE PAYCHEQUE RELEASED. I was told he would remind the staff to file the paperwork. Thank you, that makes me feel so much better for being f**ked around for the last 3 weeks with no money. That really makes up for it.

BMO - I will be switching banks, thank you for your incompetence.

Horrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Unhelpful agent set me up with a chequing account I didn't need with a $4 per month service charge. I kept some money in the account for years, but never used it. Finally, after almost 4 years, the money I had left in there was completely used up by the $4 monthly fees and the account became overdrawn. I went to a branch to close the account, but they wouldn't let me close it without paying the $14 the account was overdrawn. I paid it, of course, but I just feel it's bad customer service. Since I first opened that account I've bought 2 vehicles and a house and BMO is getting nothing.

Posted by Catherine Brownlee

I called BMO today (and waited 25 minutes on the phone) to inquire if they had a branch open on a Sunday in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Market Mallwas the only one open. I then asked if I were to go there, if they would be able to certify a cheque that I had from a Toronto branch. They said, "No problem, any branch can certify your cheque". Not the case! Not only did I drive across the city to Market Mall, the line up was 'old school' with 30 people deep! I waited 45 minutes before the teller told me that the on call people, "Sometimes give the wrong information". I asked for the Manager and she said she had already talked to him and there was nothing that they could do. My TD bank rep laughed out loud, and wondered why they could not see that the person that gave me the cheque, has millions in his account!?! BMO would be the last bank on the earth that I would give my business to.

Posted by Unhappy person

Customer service is the worst bank put stop payments on stuff and they do not stop the payments and when you talk to any one they do not know what is going on and bank manager say why dont you close the account very poor if it wasnt for reason i would close my account and never look back. they want you to trust them with your money when in the end you can not please fix your custer

Posted by Unimpressed

I gotta say this is the worst bank that I have been with.Countless times I would withdraw money from a machine and it would leave me at least $20 short . When I call to complain, BMO is just idiotic. Please,if you are looking to bank with BMO...think three times.

Posted by anonymous

I've had to get my debit card replaced multiple times due to how unreliable the debit cards are. The teller told me that they have issues at certain retailers and I definitely agree. The new MasterCard Debit was supposed to fix all the issues they told me. Well F*** it still unpredictably gets declined. The Staff are nice but there banking is unreliable.

Posted by Tani427

I had change my account to the Practical plan in May 2016, I had finished college and was moving so I has no income and couldn't afford the more expensive plans. I recently looked at what they have been charging me (Feb 2017) and I had noticed it was no longer the $4 I requested. I was now being charged about $15 for my bank account. I went back into my records to see when the change occurred and without my consent or knowledge BMO had changed my Practical Plan to the Student Plan simply because I was of age. I did not sign anything giving this consent. They say they do not have a record saying I had changed it to the Practical Plan and that it was changed because I was the age of a college student. I had called to ask why this was the case. They did not do anything to remedy the situation and constantly said that they had no record of the changes even though on MY records when I log in it is there. I am closing my account in the next few days and do NOT reccomend this bank to anyone!

Posted by Chuchi

My debit card along with my credit card were stolen out of my car during a break in.The thieves tapped around 200 from my account, and bmo is doing nothing about it.

I did not give up my pin, I was tap frauded. The funny part is, BMO forced me to get a MasterCard debit because "that's the way things were going".

This happened in OCTOBER. A manager called me on Friday (now march) after I had to escalate things and she said in a condescending voice "so why is this an issue now all of a sudden?"

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Posted by Nf

Ms Mariya Kolossova is a great asset to BMO bank mortgage department. So well informed, so patient, so pleasant. She is the reason I signed my renewal within moments. I called in myself and thankfully was connected to her. In the past nearly 4 years ago I had dealt with one unpleasant, always in a rush representative and it was a very frustrating experience. However Ms Mariya K revived my faith in BMO bank with a great deal with her effecient and phenomenal customer dealings. Again, she answered every single question with such clarity, knowledge and patience. By far one of the most pleasant associates I dealt with. Thank you!!!!!

Posted by Katharina Walt

Bmo mastercard has outstanding customer service! I had an issue with airmiles and airmiles would not even help me after holding for hours. Even though bmo was not at fault or didnt have to do anything, they compensated my lost airmiles. This was truly going above and beyond for a customer. Thank you BMO Mastercard!

Posted by Vita

I just visited BMO. I am so happy how Laleeni Sharma from 17504 100 Ave doing her job. She is so proffecional,knowlegeble worker. She found time for me even it was lunch time, even next custumer appointment time rich, she still gave me attention. She made me so happy.
Thank you so much BMO for such hight proffecional staff.

Posted by K

I have always have good experiences with the BMO staff, but this was exceptional. On February 16, I went to the McCowan Branch, everyone there is so plesant and friendly. All my issues were promptly dealt with and resolved.I hope they are properly compensated. Well done you all
Customer Service, Tellers, Financal Advisors.

Posted by Jonathan

The best BMO branch in terms of customer service is at Laird/commercial branch. The management there seems to be customer focussed and every time I go there, I get the best service. Never seen any branch like that. Great Job, BMO at Laird/Commercial.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to comment of the superior service provided at 10842 82 Avenue branch in Edmonton, Alberta. Leta Bry always gives my elderly parents exceptional service and attention. Samatha also treats my parents very well. Mom and Dad enjoy their trips to the bank and continually speak of the special treatment and care they receive from these ladies. I often drive them to the bank and have witnessed the assistance that is provided. These ladies deserve to be recognized for their kindness. Please pass on my sincere appreciation for their kindness.

Peggy Fedchuk(Krasowski)

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