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Bank of America customer service is ranked #681 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 1544 ratings. This score rates Bank of America customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,482 Negative Comments out of 1,544 Total Comments is 95.98%.


62 Positive Comments out of 1,544 Total Comments is 4.02%.

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  • Bank of America

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    • 26.22 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,482 negative comments (95.98%)
    • 62 positive comments (4.02%)
    • 7 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by jc69162

Had a charge denied for gas at a filling station and called customer support to see if there was a problem with my account or just a bad card reader. Call wait time was about an hour an a half so I agreed to a call back. Their call back number was an 800 number with no name associated with it so my spam call blocker rejected it. When I called that number back to see if it might have been BOA, I got the same recording saying the call back wait was now over two hours. Later I saw a text from them asking if recent charges (and the denied charge) were legitimate. I wish they would call to ask about potential fraudulent charged before denying them outright. Plus the customer service wait times are atrocious!

Posted by N/A

Tried to call BofA Customer Service phone numbers for several days. My question did not fit their simple choice of checking/saving account. I selected support and they took me for LONG loop. I have never dealt before with such bizantine multilayer (I think it's four layers of options) phone menu that strives to promote useless banking products instead of helping a customer! Absolutely disgusting! BofA management must go all together to the lake and jump into it ASAP.

Posted by avi8or503

I respectfully requested the bank to NOT take all the funds out of my account at one time, $751.86, I asked that they take out 1/2 this month and the remainder next month, I explained that to take all at one time would place us in jeopardy, I explained that we are on a limited income, this stated with a complaint of fraud, the amount listed above was from a loan that was never put into place, I had given all of the bank info before electronic signing, the payment on the loan of $700.00 was to be $128.00 per month for 12 months, the 1st payment was $228.00 witch was taken from our account, they also took $523.53 out of the account stating that our payments would be that amount for 12 months, so I requested the bank to stop payment, because I had not agreed to that amount for payments, the bank paid them out of our account the amounts listed above ($751.86) in total. this is what my claim was about, now after checking my bank account I found that after paying my monthly bills that the bank has charged me 3 overdrawn fees ( $105.00)which has me further in the hole. Also I have contacted the fraud section 4 times, I told was that I needed to refile my claim and was told that the bank would send me the claim form, which I have never received.

Posted by Kstat

Very slow in attentatove no cua tomar preference. Been with this bank since 91 have 5 accounts and the still treat you like a number

Posted by Hate BoA

The customer numberis a line for you to wait and hear the commercial for a long long time.

The service really sucks at BoA. Go with Chase for much better customer service.


I had my cellphone, light up with " Christmas colors ", on a company advertising 1month free...POF dating service...i held off the chronic emails on this for months, and stated in order to get 1, needed a credit card...i wound up getting charged $ 16.90 times 5, plus an additional fee of $ 19.99...this totals $ 104.49..ridiculous..i deleted this 1 month introduction, this must be a fly by night company...the 2 customer service numbers must be fraud...they are # 1 800 252 0044, the other .no live human voice, either...i did send a letter addressed today, to BBB in Bethlehem, pa..that this is a typical " Christmas scam "...

Posted by Ettwogo

Customer service stinks. I recently had a credit report done and you still after all these years have my name linked to my ex husbands account which he fraudulently opened by forging my signature years ago. You assured me about 9 years ago that my name was not on the cards. Guess what morons, it still is. My name should be taken off now. I am looking into an attorney because I cannot reach you by phone

Posted by mschoen

Bank of America and there resolution department Eziilia Lutcher are the worst customer service agents ever to deal with. Go to any other bank these people are a joke after 25 years of being a loyal customer. After a absolutly negative experience with the sly Ezila Lutcher your resolution specialist goon at Bank of America, I have come to the conclusion that Bank of America my bank for 25 years really sucks and could care less about us loyal customers. They closed my credit card of 15 years for inactivity and refuse to reopen it and want me to apply for a new card which I refuse to do unless it is at any other bank. They justified this by a letter they say they sent me that said I had 30 days to use the card or the account will be closed that letter I never received. Now they refuse to reinstate my card. Bank of America is not the only bank and I will now be considering other banking options for the future. In conclusion I think I will sell my BOA stock as I cant be a holder in the company I have grown to feel so negative about now. I will also consider a moving my funds to another bank as this bank is under par in customer relations and I am sure you all could care less. This will be posted on the web to warn others of your bank and trolls that work for it, including you.


Boynton Beach

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed with Bank of America. Have tried 5 different times today to contact them and they just keep me on hold...1hour on hold and then 30 minutes on hold 2 different times. Very poor customer service. Never did get through.

Posted by Harassing phone calls from BofA

We have received several 'debt collection' call from BofA;the first was Dec 2016,followed by calls in April and July. After each call I called the number given and am told that there is no record of the call placed to me, no record of the need for a call as our acct is current and always has been. The call center agent is pleasant but unable to offer any info as to why the calls were placed or how to get this issue resolved so that we don't get any more calls. I am sick of trying to get this fixed.

Somewhere in some computer at BofA someone has checked a box that shouldn't have been checked. Wr want that item identified and un-checked or whatever it will take to stop these calls.

BofA has enough bad press on the web re illegitimate phone calls. Please know that if this isn't resolved to my satisfaction i will be contacting as well as any other places I find that may help me make these calls cease and desist. Clara Maureen Gomez

Posted by bofa-60614

Customer service today is horrible. Called earlier today and was told that I could either have them call me back or cancel a call back. Chose call back and 6 hours later not call back.

Called again and have been on hold for almost an hour right now.

Never have been treated so poorly by a bank.

Posted by Lee Prejean

rec'vd scam phone number requesting my card info.....claimed they were from BofA.hope you can look into it.

Posted by SYED. RIZVI

Mr. Ceo Sir "most Urgent" & "time Sensative"

live In Houston, Texas

I Am Selling My House And The Title Company Has Found A Judgement Lien By Boa In 2008 On My Homestead House Which Is Illegal In Texas.

Sir, My Attorney Selina Has Been Calling Your Legal Department And Talking To Them Since Last 8 Days But Nobody Is Responding To Execute This Issue.

My Closijng Date Is End November And I Need A Clearance Letter From Boa.

Kindly Exepedit The Solution

Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

Bank of America has the absolute worst mobile app I've ever had to use. It freezes up almost every time I try to login. I get a big red page that says "Bank of America" with a back button that does nothing at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Bank of America is the most unprofessional bank in America. Why in the f dose it take 10days to clear a check? Just so the bank can f you with over draft fees. This in not right.

Posted by Lineman579CJ

I don't understand to much that it takes 4 months to complete an investigation. The bank called me in March or April that someone was ileally tampering with my account, so I went to my local branch and received account and debit card. That is from Account but I followed I notice some wierd withdrawals out my account so I called the fraud department. They told me to get another account and new debit card. That was from checking account 9272 to 0146. And finally the strange with drawl stopped. I only received one 500 dollar payment out of 3500 dollars who ever did this got a cease and disisst order against my mortgage company Nationstar. Now I'm down 3500 and my home is hanging by a thread to be foreclosure. Every time I call the banks fraud department they say there working on it, for 4 months. That's pretty longtime every time I call its a different excuse now the new one is I gave the people my account #'s which totally un true, I need my money or I'm going to loose my house. Please help me I need all my money returned please I was paid one 500 dollar refund in 4 months, it goes from January to august.....please help

Posted by FEDUP

Bank of America has become something nightmares are made of. About a month ago I was at a restaurant having dinner and when I went to pay the bill I learned that my acct had been frozen, something about suspicious spending, and I was unable to reach customer service for >4hrs. I won't go into what I had to do to keep the manager from calling the police and having me arrested, but when I finally managed to get a human being on the line I let them have with all barrels and I told them of the degrading experience I had because I was unable to access my money to pay my bill.
A couple of days later I received a phone call from a Melanie R (damage control) apologizing and asking what they could to to make it up to me. Since this call was unexpected I had not thought of any type of service that I felt would be appropriate compensation for the position I had been put in, but I did suggest that if the bank were to continue this type of practice it should hire enough staff to man the phones so that this would not be a common occurrence. She agreed and gave me her personal work number in the event I were to have a problem she could assist with.
Well low and behold I did have a problem a few weeks later. My debit card came up missing so I went to the bank and got a temporary card until the new card came in the mail because I would be traveling the next day for work and would need the card.
I was away for 8 days and during this time the contract on my car rental needed to be extended so after work I went to the Hertz in Bakersfield, Ca, and establishment I had been frequenting for the past couple of months so they knew who I was.
I walked in and told them I would like to extend for another month, but when I handed them the temp csrd they refused it so I asked where the closest BofA was so I could use the ATM and pay cash. They refused it.
They informed me that they did not accept cash and could not accept my card because my name was not on the card. I'm out of town and about to be without transportation, I'm tired and hungry I had just finished a 12 hr shift at the hospital I was under contract with and it was my third 12hr shift in a row (I work the night shifts)..
They allow me to leave with the car, but I need ot find some way to pay for the contract that day.
I think of Melanie R and give her a call and explain my situation. A couple hours later she calls me and tells me she can expedite my new card to me and I would have it in 48hrs.
I call the rental co. and let them know this is the best I can do, of course this is not good enough for them so I spend the next 4hrs on the phone doing customer service work and advocating for myself. I had a manager on the phone who was writing up the new contract and had no problem accepting my temp card, but something happened to the connection, I was still connected but I couldn't hear anything from the other side and finally the call was dropped altogether I tried to get her back on the phone but no one would make the connection but one supervisor did call the branch that I frequented and they told her to let me keep the car for 48hrs, but I would have to be at the office with my new card with in the 48hrs.
Anyway, long story short, I looked at my transactions today and noticed that Melanie had charged my acct $15 for expediting my debit card to me. I had no idea I would be expected to pay for an act that I was led to believe was being done as the bank's way of saying hey we're sorry for the the position you were put in because of our lack of adequate staffing so let us do you this favor.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing this complaint because I feel that I am not being treated fairly from your customer service department. I have been trying to get some lead way into a fraud committed on my accounts. I di not at any time give them my account number. I also changed my account 2 times as suggested by BOA and once in my own. And I sent all the information by fax from a BOA Branch m anagrr office and also faxed it from Office Depot. I called the fraud department and they said they did not receive it. So identify it with all pages with the number on it I even sent the letter from the states attorneys office. I did not give anyone my account numbers. Thank you Michael Gabrus.

Posted by Asmat Qazi

My account was closed people would refuse to give me information. I was referred Corporate Security Mr.Asmat Qazi called him 12 times he will not call be back. Thank God now people in Charlotte Corporate office, they checked around and got me information on what is going

I would like someone to email me and tell how can some one in BOA Make a decision that this is fraud when the moron that works for BOA DOES NOT DO ANY DUE DILIGENCE. I WILL DEMAND YOU RELEASE MY MONEY AT ONCE OR BRING A LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE BANK IMMEDIATELY. BOA DOES NOT HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT IT IS NOT A COURT ONLY A COURT CAN HOLD THE MONEY BANK DOES NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL right to hold my money. I expect a email from legal in respond to this mail

Posted by [email protected]

I was contacted with regard to possible fraudulent charges on my account.

I could not understand the recorded message of the charge in question and opted to call and repeat the code number I called and provided that code 5 times and was informed the code number I had just been given was " invalid ".

I hten called and waited several minutes before speaking to " Cariah " who not only tried to speak over me several times after she had asked a question i was attempting to answer, but treated me as if I was a mentally underdeveloped small child.

I appreciate the effort of protecting my account but the inconvenience of your system not working properly and the condescending posture of your telephone personnel make the effort somewhat diminishing in returns.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been dealing with the Bank of America fraud department for three and a half years and gotten nowhere for unauthorized charges on my credit card. No one wants to handle it. Therefore they just don't bother to reply either via email or phone messages. I have spoken to over 80 different agents with Bank of America none of whom knew what the other was doing whether they looked at the notes or not.

Posted by Tsf

Worst banking experience ever. Bank failed to include line of credit release on mortgage so item is still showing as open years after mortgage was paid off. Have gotten nothing but run around from Taz, Jamari, Josh and Michele in their service center. These people will not return phone calls and have the worst attitudes for people hired to service the public. The bank really needs to review their hiring practices as these individuals truly reflect poorly on the bank. I would never select them for my banking needs.

Posted by Anonymous

I think bank of america need to close their fraud unit, I've been on phone this morning trying to speak with a representative in regards to my checking account, was on line for 2 hours, my money is stuck in my account, can't pay my bills, so disappointed at them, they need to close the whole unit, it sucks.

Posted by Anonymous

I am sitting on hold 1 hour and 45 minutes with no response. This is unacceptable.
I need assistance resolving my account. I reported check fraud and had the items reversed and my account frozen and I need it released so I can access my money.

Posted by Hatebanks

I have been a Bank of America customer from since 1998 couple days ago I tried to access my account but was only able to I can understand why they said I had a zero balance come to find out the state of California sue me for money trying to get money out of me my account number is 03108 13024 I will be suing Bank of America in small claims court for $10,000 for damages I've been with I've been with this bank for too long I think I deserve a letter from Bank of America saying that my account is it is in some kind of danger or something I'm very disappointed I want to close my account so bad but I'm thinking about all the years I've been with this Bank just start over it's not easy please help me I want my account restored I don't care what you say I want it back to normal and I'm taking you to small claims court I want damages for my trouble

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Posted by Valerie zimich

Hi my name is Michael Bezabeh I am long time Bank of America customer. I appreciate VALERIE ZIMICH so nice service she is working Thank you!

Posted by jayne grint

Unfortunately, I am on EDD for the first time in my life. I filled out all the paperwork for the EDD and submitted it correctly. The EDD corrected the errors and sent everything to Bank of America (BOA). I did not receive any payments and it had been over a month. I went to the EDD office and they told me to call BOA. I did and a very rude woman told me that my address was wrong and she was "holding my payments". The address was of my ex-husband's not anything I had given to the EDD. i confirmed with he EDD and a very nice lady there contacted BOA to straighten everything out for me. Still no card. When I did received my card, my ex called to tell me that BOA had sent a card to his address too. I called BOA to straighten out and be sure that I knew which card was valid. I spoke to a young woman who was rude and condescending. She said that my DOB was incorrect. Wen I explained that I had just gotten the cars that I received activated, there was no issue with my DOB. She said that that rep didn't check it correctly (REALLY???) Then she kept asking how much money I had gotten from the EDD. I kept telling her "none" this was my first card. She kept asking me that over and over and over and said she could not help me without that information. She told me to go online myself. I did and the "security info was incorrect" NOT! By now I am crying my eyes out trying to figure out what to do. I needed to put my card money into my WELLS FARGO checking because I don't know how to pay my mortgage with a BOA VISA. I tried calling one last time. I spoke with DAVINA BATTON. She was kind and apologized. She recognized that I had been crying and took the time to go thru the process with me and I did it. Listen to the tape of that insensitive rude woman you have working in your CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am cancelling my BOA travel rewards account and my Alaskan Air FFM account. Wells Fargo would never treat me this way. I'm sure you will just delete this but I feel better venting even to my computer. The way I was treated was shameful. DAVINA BATTON should be a supervisor teaching the rude ones how to deal with the public especially at their worst of times..unemployment and worried about paying the bills while looking for work. SHE is your outstanding employee.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just had my card declined and when i rang customer services they said my account had been suspended due to me not supplying requested compliance information. I told the customer service person that I had in fact supplied the information by the requested date. She was extremely helpful and rang the compliance dept. She was kept on hold for 30 minutes to be told that they had the information and that the my card would be reactivated. The customer service lady was excellent everything else was very poor. I will be looking for a new bank when I return to the usa from the uk.

Posted by Racrat

Kachi at Kings Canyon (Fresno) is a bank teller who is unusually mean. She accuses patron of cutting in front of a customer after standing in line over ten minutes. She asks confrontational questions based on what she sees in bank account that has little to no bearing. She is unpleasant throughout the transaction. Her attitude makes you think that she is spying on accounts.

Posted by Anonymous

This doesn't make sense how understaff the location is. I refuse to continue to do business with an understaff establishment that are suppose to care about their customers and employees. I'll just have to take my business somewhere else. I bet the credit unions will appreciate my business, customers and their employees. Lord knows that I feel sorry for those who work their on the 1st.

Posted by Anonymous

Tammy did a wonderful job today in helping me with fraud on the company account.

Posted by knowledge

Do any customer know why could bofa waive fees on account that you signed and agree to the terms of your account. And you know that you don't any money in the account and you will wrote check. Go to atm and agree to free and then call to have it remove. What makes it worse you call in saying I didn't get letter about anything about my account why you will call in to have your address opt out of mail then the bank have to have you let us know about alerts. Go online setup your alerts online. then you guys will start complaining about to much alert. I think you need to start asking how to avoid fees and read your agreement about your account when open agreement are sent out every year. If you want to be angry you could complain to your state government.

Posted by pinkket

I am surprised to see such bad reviews. I have had only great service from Bank of America . Excellent customer serivice,,,,, i was at bank of America loganville GA .i meet one Sarah i had the best customer serivce from Sarah,,,, Good customer service is treating customers with a friendly hand, helping the customer right away, giving the customer all of your attention, answering all of their questions, and also be respectful even if they're not respectful to you,,, Good customer service means helping customers efficiently, in a friendly manner. It's one of the things that can set your business apart from the others of it's kind,,,,Sarah is a good representative
keep up the good work one day you will achieve your goals and objectives in life .... thank you for been very nice

Posted by Good Customer Service

I was a victim of Counterfeit check scam and unfortunately i deposited those checks into my BOA account, BOA has finally closed my account i contact the local BOA branch officials as well as Risk department, they are very cooperative and understanding and solved my problem by repaying the amount whatever i have withdrawn.

Posted by Anonymous

Using my Cash Rewards card while doing my Christmas shopping was a great idea! Glad your rep suggested it. Plan to put my cash reward toward a new pair of shoes ;)

Posted by dano

Met with Zul at B of A Pleasant Lake Branch
One of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with a bank. She is and was a 10 in customer service. Very well spoken and had a lot of knowledge that really helped to make us very comfortable. I was in my own business for 30 years and would beg Zul to work for me if I was still doing business, Great job by Zul and your staff that put her into that Customer Service position.

Posted by Hulme7883

Katie Patrick needs to do your customer service training for all of your associates. Not only is she kind she is educated on the services you provide your customers

Official company reply

We appreciate your feedback. Our customers mean everything to us; we strive to exceed your expectations.

BofA_Help 8/16/13 7:33AM

Posted by ARTist

I was attempting to set up my online bill paying and accidentally duplicated my credit card listing. I could not readily figure out how to delete the extra listing. Half an hour with online chat, 5 different customer service people and a dropped call blocked my connecting with success. Finally, I was connected with Miguel Nava. Even though I was probably almost shouting at him he was extremely professional. He readily identified the issue, directed me to the correct tab to delete my extra account and all was complete in two minutes. THANK YOU Miguel Nava!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

I am a preferred customer of your Bank and always had good service but what happened to me Friday 1/4/2013 went beyond the call of duty.
I want to commend one of your assistant managers Michael Hanson at the Liberty Plaza Branch in Kansas City. He called me here in Ft.Myers Florida and told me that my identity and bank security had been compromised and that the suspects who committed check fraud were in custody and advised me to take the proper precautions. I did as instructed and with the help of your staff and especially Ms. Avonia Offord at the Bell Tower Branch in Ft. Myers I was able to contain any damage.

During these times when Banks are being roundly criticized I found that everybody associated with your Bank acted professionally, kindly and above all with empathy to help me out.

I am grateful for your service and will continue to be a loyal customer as long as you hire such wonderful employees.

sincerely yours,

Werner and Susan Stocker

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern;

I had and excellent experience with one of your Customer Reps yesterday. His name is Anthony Anderson. I have called a few times trying to get an intelligent answer to my question. How my partner and I could Xfer a large amount of money in a short period of time. It's not that the other reps did not answer the question but Anthony gave me the most comprehensive answer, and stepped me thru the entire process.
Kudos to Anthony and B of A.
Trudye Nesbit

Posted by Anonymous

I have the same problem when it comes to reaching a real person to talk to at the Bank. Every office in Little Rock, Arkansas has the same recorded message and then automatically switches you over to the customer service for automated service only.

Posted by Rita

Good Job Bank of America for keeping my account always Secured!!! I am very satisfied with your program, services and excellent offers.

Posted by thirtyfive

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Bank of America.

I started a small business and BofA helped me get set up with no hassle. The representatives were extremely nice and and the rates were the lowest in town.

Your money is the most secure at this bank!

Posted by not to mention

I have had a wonderful experience with bank of america so far. A lot of what is done is done to the branches discretion. I do think they should be more standardized across the country, but I have nothing but good to say

Posted by Rspanji

I had the pleasure of speaking with a Bank of America Rep named Victor, I believe his last name was rejino? Anyways.. He was very kind and thoughtful and really did believe in my well being. I felt like when i spoke to him he actually listened, every time I call Bank of America I get nothing but great people try speaking to the representatives like they are people instead of arguing with them. Most of the time it is not the representative but people not listening to them and attacking them which in turn, you get no help! Robert Tuscon AZ

Posted by Drawgirl

Boy was I surprised! Not only did I get a real person when I called the CEO number, I got a very pleasant person who,after hearing my story,directede to an advocate. Brenna got right on my issue which had been ongoing since July2-and it was resolved in less than an hour! I am equally amazed that a corporation the size of BOA has such a bad communication situation in this age of instant communication. So sorry it took an escalation like this to get the issue resolved! But happy this line exists!

Posted by jwknott

The representative I talked with to dispute a transaction was extremely nice and polite throughout the entire conversation. I don't know if Bank of America tends to side with the consumer in such disputes, but so far I'm impressed!

Posted by really23

This is a two-part story of my experience with BOA.

Part 1:
Where do I begin? First of all the loan originator from BOA was fired or quit, but no one notified us of his departure. We submitted a condo questionnaire and budget that was initially received and accepted back in 12/2011, but was ultimately lost and needed to be resubmitted seven days before the short sale deadline. The loan coordinator was very dishonest/incompetent to the point that she stooped low enough to tell us that the commitment letter was delayed, because of a broken printer (c'mon knock it off). Finally, two weeks later we received a conditional commitment letter and we had to resubmit so many lost documents including the condo questionnaire/budget. Our deadline of 3/1/12 was missed and the loan originator we dealt with mysteriously stepped away from office 2/29/12 which was one day before the deadline. The underwriter was blamed for everything that delayed the deal even though it was and is clear as day that the loan coordinator and originator has created the chaos we have to live with. They assured throughout the process that we'd meet our deadline, but they failed to deliver. The loan originator is a VP, but he is either lazy as heck or he doesn't have any power whatsoever. We've lost money on appraisals, inspections, condo insurance, attorney fees and several charges that are encroaching in to losses in excess of close to 2k. We're in the process of filing a complaint against this bank via FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and hopefully they'll do something to stop these people from conducting this bs that they call business. I wish this was an exaggeration, but everything mentioned above is the absolute truth and it's a shame that they'll jam people up with little or no consequence. The thing that irks me is the fact that it was too late to do anything by the time we realized how unprofessional, tacky and sleazy this bank really is. They are the absolute worst and this is an understatement.

Part 2:

The deadline was missed and the process had to be repeated, because BOA couldn't even provide a reasonable timeframe for an extension. Fast forward from March to July and we've finally closed on this deal.

Here's the truth as honest as I can put it. The Loan Originators are salespeople. The underwriters are the judge, jury and executioner. The customers are the accused. BOA and many other large lenders are SWAMPED with loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures etc., but that's no excuse for the problems they create for borrowers... Once the underwriters are actively involved in the deal things move ridiculously fast and efficient.

Bottom line... A 3 month deal took 7 months to close. Imagine what's going to happen by the time the 2nd wave of foreclosures washes up on shore...

Posted by James Ievolella

My wife and I were very pleased with the service we received today at your office in Old Tappan, NJ. We would like to thank, in particular, Avtar Singh, the specialist who was very proficient and courteous in helping us with our banking transaction.

Posted by Joey

Thanks! Needed to speak to a specific individual and I got a receptionist (well trained) who emailed the individual I needed and I did not have to go through a dead end telephone tree.

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Posted by Gladtobegone

In the short 5 months i worked for BOA i was treated like a red headed step child. It was by far the worst company I have ever worked for in the way the treat there employees and there customers. I was victim to several racists behavior by 3 different managers there and was obvious enough that the HR department had to be involved. Not to mention the way they intentionally make sure dealing with us is so unbearable that you pay every hidden fee they offer or you lose your home. I worked in the collections department and the whole way things are handled there is get the most money possible or foreclose and thats it. they offer no reasonable ways to get back on track they just jack up the amount due as much as they can and wait for people to sell everything they own to keep the home. I regret ever walking foot in that building and calling myself an employee for BOA. I hope that the public and the employees will continue to sue the company for everything they are worth and they crash. If you currently work there i am sorry, if you are considering working there don't. Not to mention the training process is basically non existent. you are taught a different thing by every manager, trainer, or team lead and are expected to know the right answer when they don't even know it. I cannot tell you how many times i asked a question and got the answer I don't know. The company is a joke. They are so "diverse" we arent allowed to celebrate Christmas. It was the worst 5 months of my entire professional career.

Posted by UGH!

I'm a BOA employee trying to refinance and I'm having a difficult time. On February 17th my rep asked me for documentation I emailed her on January 6th & 14th (and she said she rec'd it)!! Makes me want to leave the bank!

Posted by DG

I used to work for BofA and if I didn't need the job at the time then I would have never worked for this company. Now that I am an ex-employee I am here to say that I am really glad that I don't work for this company anymore. The branch that I worked for were not fair by a long shot. I do know some people that work for this company currently and they absolutely hate it, but they need the job or they are to old to start over. Sad really. Oh and one more thing, BofA training sucks because there is no consistency ever! This is another reason I refuse to bank with this institution.

Posted by urs trully

i know nothing about mortgages but i do know that bank of america is a great bank!!! i work for them as a proffesional teller and i always give excellence performance!!1 its sad to hear all this about the mortgages because my mom holds a morgage with BOA!! and if this bank does fail i hope we get the money to get back up!! it has wonderful opportunities for those people who need to work!!! such as me and as well as great benefits for customer who have accounts!!! from Talman to LaSalle to Bank of AMerica!!

Posted by Anonymous

As a Branch Manager I can feel your pain on overdrafts. BOA makes HUGE income on overdraft (and other) fees and will never refund the fees though there are some of us who will circumvent the system and waive fees for our customers. Of course, if we're caught we face immediate termination. I have seen situations where overdrafts were caused by BANK ERROR and our management would tell us NOT to refund unless the customer furnished proof that it was a bank error!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?! I, for one, am looking for a new job. BOA is the most mean spirited and sleazy company I've ever worked for and I've been in banking all my life. The only time you'll get any service is from the old timers like myself and we're being squeezed out due to our higher salaries. The new flunkies that are being hired are taught to be pro-company and that the customers are always wrong and boy oh boy, are they holier than thou. Do the right thing....leave BOA and go to a real bank.

Posted by Bank of America Flunky

As a current BOA employee I can verify that this type of stuff happens EVERY DAY. Training of new employees is almost non-existant not to mention the arrogant company attitude of "if the customer doesn't like it he/she can go somewhere else". Being one of the largest banks in the US has led the BOA senior management into believing that they and and the company are invincible. Just check out the class action lawsuits filed by employees to verify this. For what it's worth, we employees suffer from the same incompetance, only it's internal. If you're smart, you'll go to another bank. In closing, BOA has lots of hidden fees up their sleeve to start nailing the customers with in the not too distant future.

Posted by mrmakeItHappen

I work for BOA on the mortgage side.A lot of people aren't paying there mortgage because they think that they can get a reduction or a modification on their loan just because they heard their friend or neighbor get on, that's not it.80 percent won't get their loan modified because there are too many bad loans an it is also based off of your income. My thing is you signed the Docs you should have known what you were getting yourself into can't blame anybody but yourself.


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