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Banana Republic customer service is ranked #274 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Banana Republic customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


31 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 88.57%.


4 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 11.43%.

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  • Banana Republic

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    • 40.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 31 negative comments (88.57%)
    • 4 positive comments (11.43%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.2 Reachability
    • 2.7 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Don't try to return your item to Banana Republic because there is no return label online. It just gives an error

Posted by None

Tried to complete your tiny typeface receipt, tedious online survey in order to praise employee. Pushed submit, nothing happened so I pushed back to main page, everything erased. You wasted my precious time and valuable free feedback. Bye!

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot Get The Return Label -- All I Get After I Put In All Information Is 'error'

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Customer Support ever. The whole automated system is clunky, reps are hard to understand or incredible unhelpful and rude. There seems to be little to no internal departmental communication and it shows.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the store on 5/8/16 trying to find a casual top to a skirt when I got approach by sales clerk and ask if needed help I told her a was looking to match my skirt she gave me a look that I was in question, I show her my skirt her reply was o I though it was our scarf, I told her I have no need to stele, she did not apology to me, it was embarrassing since it was next to another customer. Please sales ladies be more careful how you approach customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Good Day, I'm a loyal customer and been shopping at your store for many years. Over the years I have noticed a change in employees that you hire. I remember the days of entering your store and being greeted as I entered and as I walked through your store searching for something to purchase. I know things have changed and people have changed. However, I think you need to enforce that during training if any is given. I normally shop at the store located in Cherry Mall, New Jersey and from time to time I may visit your Ardmore store which I really hate visiting. The customer service really sucks from the time you enter the store. No one ever says anything to you until its time to pay for your purchase.(And that's even dry or more like pulling teeth for these people to speak) Associates at this store look at you like why are you even in the store. I'm black and yes your lil helpers at this store are mainly white. I listen to them greet all the white people that enter the store but not the black. And yes I experienced this today 2/13/16.Cashier #2047553 horrible! Along with the other helpers. Next time I visit I will be sure to record so I can forward to social media so other customers can see exactly what's goes on at this store. Please don't take this as a threat its just a promise from me to YOU.....

Posted by Terri

I need a return label and it is a total pain. I have the order number but it cannot be found. No Happy! I will not order on lie again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I purchased 3-4 items from your Tanger outlets store in Riverhead NewYork on 1/4/2016 around 445 pm, after paying for my merchandises ( I had 2 big bags in my hand) I decided to go back to purchase more shoes so I asked store manager ( her name is Dana) if I could leave my bags behind the counter for a few minutes, she said she couldn't because of store policy, I was extremely disappointed about it, I'm a banana republic card holder, unless I get a fair explanation I'm going to throw your card .

Posted by Anonymous

Imy customer for 3 years never returned anything until to day a necklaces cost me $80.00 and $35.00 after 2 months they get ugly I just want credit they say no for that I prefer go to the 99 cents store and I know i can make compleints to then after 2 months because is cheaper but banana Republic is no is really no fear and the services at the store in South coast plaza really bad never want to buy any things from u guys be more professional

Posted by Don't know

I have. Just tried to buy a pink stadium cost in petite
Large. And was told I could not. Use my F and F 50 percent discount because I used it yesterday
Yes I did and when I finished that order for a pair of gloves I told the rep that I would
D call back for more F and F items and. She said OK
She never told me I had to order them all at once
I had no idea and find this' policy to be deceiving

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a payment on August 28th for over $5,000, which has yet to be credited to my account. I faxed a copy of the check to the number given to me by Banana Republic last Friday, and mailed a copy of the check on September 15th and still the payment has not been credited to my account. I've also made several phone calls. Your customer service is in dire need of reform. My next step will be to my lawyers office.

Posted by Beave

This is the first time ever I write here, because I really hate this experience.

Yesterday I was at Banana Republic store, and shopped for $250, I usually love that store and the staff are so helpful and kind, so almost every time I went there, I purchased over $200 or $300. However, 5 minutes after my purchase yesterday, I looked online to check for the matching necklace of this bracelet I just bought since it was sold out in store, and I found out that online the price of the bracelet is on sale for much lower than the price I got, same style same color. So I went back into the store because I was still so near. The cashier was EXTREMELY- I MEAN IT, disgusting in her communication with me. First of all, she didn't look at me when I talked to her once she figured it was regarding a price difference issue. I even showed her the item on website, and she stared at me confusingly saying, well maybe it's just a different color with a different price. I showed her again, and she stared at me saying, is it $8 different, then repeated. As if I shouldn't care about this $8 or I am being ridiculous, btw it was actually $10, I don't know what was with her math. The bracelet itself is only $29, I considered $10 difference to be unreasonable and why should I waste that money anyway? It's not like I bought it month ago, it was 5 minutes ago! Then she turned really impatient and said, but I can give you the lower price in a very very intimidating tone, as if the queen of the world was doing that for me as a favor. But after a while she still wasn't able to make it the same price as online, didn't even apologize, told me well, maybe it's just differently priced. So I said I'll just order it online and returned it because I couldn't stand talking to her anymore. And even after that, she said to me with sarcasm, but the shipping fee will even be more than this difference..... I really wanted to say, what a bi*ch!!!!! But I didn't wanna make a scene so I said thank you and left. Seriously I was talking to her very politely the whole way, I don't know why I got back that kinda service.

I've worked in retail before as well and really don't understand why a service oriented store would keep such poor quality staff, not only does she fail as a cashier since she couldn't even get basic math right, her service and communication is so poor and rude, she is badly mannered, and most importantly, she doesn't even try to understand the situation-everything is so confusing for her. This store targets a lot of professionals and makes office clothes, if decency is your marketing point, there is no way this staff presents the figure of your store.

Please BR, this kinda staff, ruins your brand.

Posted by Josh01

A few days ago I placed an online order with Banana Republic with a rush delivery and all seemed fine. The next day nothing arrived and upon checking my account I noticed the order was marked as Cancelled. So like anyone else would I resubmitted the order with assurances it would arrive the next day. Upon placing the order I noticed it was immediately cancelled. I thought perhaps I made a spelling error and went to my account on Scotiabank's website and to my dismay I noticed 800 dollars in Banana Republic charges for the two orders. Upon emailing since calling resulted in literally hours of waiting only to be hung up on I was told I would not be refunded. They gave no reason as for this and so upon many angry emails and calls and being told I would not be refunded I contacted my bank. Banana Republic did not cooperate and so I will wait a month for Scotiabank to investigate. Absolutely disgusting experience after being a loyal customer. This is absolutely fraudulent behavior and I have already returned every single item from this company that I still could. DO NOT shop here and if you do go in store, but even then be wary. I have never had such terrible service, any respectful company would cooperate and help me, yet they did not and instead insulted me and ignored emails. Good bye Banana Republic, I only wish I could use profanity in this review.

Posted by Emma loft

When shopping at the shoppes in chino hills bannana republic "Jane" the store manager was extremely racist and offensive when i aske her about a shirt - calling it " Too urban" that i should switch to something more american"- ITS DISGUSTING TO ME SHE WAS EVEN THE STORE MANAGER- I told her "you know what im leaving now how dare you? My nephew is african american . Im sorry that i dress too urban for anyone - NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN.

Posted by R

BR got a hold of my e-mail, now they are polluting my inbox with messages. I tried to unsubscribe several times only to get the message - "Thank you for subscribing..."
This is harassment!!! Do they really think after this kind of treatment people will want to shop at their stores?
The clerk at the store talked me into opening the credit card with them. Another mistake. First they promised 10% off on the purchases within first 60 days. That never happened.
After making the first purchase BR blocked my credit card due to a "suspicious" activity.
Really, making one credit card purchase is suspicious?
After calling the customer service and asking about promotional discount that was promised, I was put on hold forever. After waiting for a while it was apparent that no one is going to address this issue. Called back and cancelled my card. Hopefully this is not going to be an issue, just like hopelessly trying to unsubscribe from their annoying e-mails. Customer service seems unprofessional, over all experience gives you an uneasy felling.

Posted by Becca

I Just purchased over $100.00, my Husband purschased over $250,00 on 4/9/15 I noticed that they were running a sale today, went in to see about a prive adjustment on my 12-day purchase that still has tags on... I was told that the price adjustment could only happen within 7 days?????
Whats to stop a customer from returning everything & re-purchasing at the sale price?
Whats to stop a GOOD customer form returning everything and never buying again??

I will tell all my friends how your price adjustments work. I guarntee you that they will not shop at Banana Republic again...So keep up with all your return policies you are only loosing business...

Posted by BoPeep

I had the displeasure of seeing first hand a new store manager at the Downtown Calgary location treat other customers and staff like they were dirt. This person, and I use the term only out of politeness, was rude and acted like she was better than anyone else. I have shopped here for years. Whoever brought this person in and put them in charge of the store is insane. I will never go back while they are in charge of this store. The person knew nothing, was rude to myself and another shopper, and I also saw her berate a staff member while I stood in line at the register. Whatever is going on here cant be good for staff or sales. My advice to Banana Republic is to put this type of information in the hands of someone high enough up to see what is going on here. I wont be back until they fix this.

Posted by Anonymous

When shopping recently with my wife at the Niagara Factory Outlet stores, salespeople immediately spoke to me, rather than my wife who is obviously the customer. She is a beautifully groomed, well-dressed professional who uses a guide dog for mobility. She is blind, not deaf.

Naturally, my response to �¢â?¬�?What is she looking for?�¢â?¬�? was �¢â?¬�?Ask her.�¢â?¬�?

It is rude and demeaning not to directly address an adult customer. Obviously, this important customer service concept is not being conveyed in the salesperson�¢â?¬â?¢s training or reinforced by store managers.

Please inform me about what action you will take to resolve this problem. Since we live in Niagara Falls, New York, we look forward to a better experience the next time we shop at the Factory Outlet.

Thank you.

Don Fleischman

Posted by Dame311

I too have been a BR shopper for 20 years. They still have the same black blazer (suit) since I have bought it about 5 times over but tired of it. Lately, the last two orders I have not received the full order and received odd items that I DID NOT ORDER. The website repeatedly rejects my promo codes, like TODAY for example. What's the point in having the BR LUXE card if there's no benefit and crazy interest rates. Finally, I am just dissapointed in their line and website runaround. It's like they just don't care about the client anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

No fax number to contact and lack of communication between the depts make this a tough one.

Posted by Barsha

I am a big Banana Republic shopper. I always go on the website and in stores to buy new collection every time. So far I have had no issues with any Banana republic stores until today. My boyfriend, who is also a very loyal client of yours and owns a Banana Republic card, bought me Belted Crepe dress in navy a few weeks ago and I wore it to work today and noticed that there was a tiny hole towards the bottom of the dress. So, I went to Banana Republic store in Cambridge side Galleria. The mall closes at 9pm and I got there to the store at 8:45 and I saw that the doors were locked. An associate came up to the door to let a customer out and I stopped him to ask a question. He abruptly interupped me and told me they were closed. So, I told him about my dress and how it was defective and i just wanted to swap it out. But the sales associate told me since my boyfriend did not have his Banana card of him he cannot retreve our receipt and denied denied denied to swap out my dress. I really like this dress and I just wanted to swap it out for a new pair that was not defective. I am truly disappointed by his behavior and felt humilitaed by the tone of his voice. I don't think I will ever shop at Banana EVER AGAIN and as for the dress I will just throw it out.

Posted by Diana

I rec'd my birthday coupon and when I purchased two items it was divided between them. I had to return one item and was then told I lost the coupon discount. I was never told that could happen. Then I was told it says that on the purchase receipt. It does not appear anywhere on that receipt. It does not seem fair to take the birthday coupon discount gift back if an item needed to be returned. I feel it should have been applied to a subsequent purchase. This has culminated in my desire to close my very active account.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I met shopping at Banna Republic 9 years ago at their store Long beach location. Married 6 years and a 1 year later. Going back to that location this week as part of our celebration.

Posted by Melissa

I have started shopping at banana republic because I heard how wonderful there clothes are. I have to say that I do LOVE the styles But where ever you are buying your material is not good!! EVERY and I mean EVERY shirt I have bought has developed holes in the front area this has happened after one wash.. Very disappointed especially with the money I've spent on the clothes!!

Posted by sl621

I Am So Tried Of This Store Not Doing What They Say. I Drove 1 1/2 Hours To Pick Up A Skirt They Had On Hold To Find Out They Had Returned It To Stock Even Though I Got There Early In The Day That Day. Again Today 2 Hours After Being In One Store Went To Another Store T Get An Item They Said They Had (computer Showed 3 And It Wasn;t There) They Put Me On Hold Forever And Have Wasted My Gas My Time. They Are The Worst!!! And They Don't Seem To Care

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Posted by Anonymous

You have forgotten me. I haven't received your email since August 28, 2016. I am your huge fan having 60% BR clothes in my closet. my email address:

I am at your best customer list for years. Please check your computer of my contact.

Thank you.

Posted by Zafir

Store 6739 is the best! Much thanks to Zafir for not only being the best in customer service for my sister who purchased a great outfit ON SALE but to me who inadvertently left my wallet behind. That is one caring team! 10/10

Posted by Teresa

Sales associate Rose from Banana Republic store #4169 in NYC 17th St and 5th Ave was very helpful.
Today she patiently searched NYC BR stores to locate a specific bag for me.
Thank you for a great service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping for Christmas and was having a hard time finding a shirt. When I walked into Banana Republic a sales associate by the name of Robert was extremely helpful. He made sure I had the correct size and when I finally decided that I wanted a specific shirt, he found one on display and made sure it was folded to perfection with clips holding it just like it came out of a package. I was going to walk out of the store, but Robert was so helpful, I just had to purchase something. He is truly a great employee.

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Posted by Anonymous

Working for Banana Republic can be somewhat daunting when you feel that the color of your skin determines whether you get hours or not. Filing a letter of complaint is not even worth the effort because HR does nothing except make you feel that you're in the wrong and not the managers that are at fault. The reasons for that is they're all good friends and drinking buddies. Just ask the workers at Banana Republic in Florida. They should try doing an undercover boss kind of thing...they make me sick.


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