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    • 25.57 Overall Rating
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    • 121 negative comments (96.03%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I was a coustermer at belly since 2009 I went to cancel my membership at the location on pictkin ave Brooklyn ny and I was told to go on line and cancel when I went to the website I cancel I got no info back I call the 1800 number that they had on the website and they say I have the wrong number I check again on website they no other number I wen back to the gym on pictkin I told the girl she say don't worry they will send you something on your email I received nothing a collection agency call me on Sally behalf I told them I have no account with Sally now it is 2017 and the start garnishing my money on the 11/12/2017 I would like you to stop garnishing my money if not I would go further than this how can you go to court with out notifying me and lawyers told a collection agency to garnish my money 2 thousands and change I am getting a lawyer my email is [email protected] please stop this madness I am very mad about this any one read this and you know a lawyer please email me asap

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a Bally member & would like to complain about the mgmt. of the club at the Penn station location in NYC. The pool & spa area has been closed for over 6 mths & no one knows when it will reopen or if it will reopen! One of their elevators has been down for a month with no repair being done. Also, they take a long time to repair down machines. Someone should look into this!

Posted by Cloty Cintron Olivencia

For a long time I have tried to contact your corporate office to no answer I have a membership been paid thru my ckg acct and you continue to deduct dues that I no longer use for your services, actually I am a retired woman and have not used your facilities in many years however all my effort for your billing dept to cancel was to no avail I tried calling your 800 num and was redirect to different web sites that doesn't help me. Once more I will expect some answers before I have no other choice but go into litigation with Bally Fitness. Thank you for your prompt response.

Posted by Ballys

I was trying to take a photo of the Cromwell and surrounding properties from a staircase on the north side of the ballys casino. When I was confronted I turned the camera to document what was going on behind me. The security guard proceeded to harass and radio in my activity which I have no problem with. The problem I have is that he tried to trespass me from the property, called in my room in which I paid my hard earned money to stay. I feel I was harassed and intimidated from the people you count on to protect your property. I understand you probably don't care about my business anyway because you can capitalize of other people, but realize that the average people coming to your casino are more important than your high rollers. Your security guards are bullies which I agree is a great way to proteuct your facility, however you can believe that if it happens again I will document and post the video of which your facility operates. I'm sure you don't care but that stock price will care and I'm asking you to please rectify the situation you have with your employees before your investors find out it's a problem.

Posted by Joanie

Can you fi d my member ID. I was member from 1989 to 2008 approximately. My previous name/address

Joan a nocera

I joined in florida then continued in east providence

Posted by Anonymous

I not happy with Bally fitness in Albany by because they used my debit card with out me give them authorities to it not fair they are not great people working there and when u tell the not to use my card they don't listen and they change my card it very unfair I wish they close all ballys

Posted by Anonymous

I also have been charged continuously for a canceled account. I don't see what the issue is. The first time I canceled my account, I paid the fee, turned in my card and then was still billed for months. I canceled the account again recently and am still being billed. I actually just got contacted by their third party billing service ABC Financial about a fee that I have not paid. This gym is not worth the hassle or the low fees. I would never sign up again nor recommend Bally Fitness to anyone.

Posted by Oreganleo

As always, terrible billing practices. I don't know why I thought it was going to be different this time. I was over billed for a canceled account. Fun times.

Posted by Anonymous

How come No one Answer your Customer Support têlephone

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service here is absolutely terrible! I asked for a manager after Sarah (rep) was so RUDE and was told there is NO customer service manager and she hung up on me. Called back and got Herman on the phone.. Same outcome.

I believe they make it incredibly difficult so you will just give up after so much frustration. All I wanted was proof that I "signed" up for the payment option they took upon themselves to enroll me in.

Posted by mk

I used to be member of BALLEY many years ago.
Cancelled back in 2003 or 2004.
LAFitness took over some of the Balley members back in 2011 (Dec 1st, 2011) and my name was transferred to LAFitness as an Active member...
LAFitness kept charching me for the membership that I don't even have anymore..
THat is WRONG! That is robbery..
First of all, BALLEY has no right to transfer any member without informing, without our will,
And this mistake caused me thousands of dollars...

Posted by Anonymous

I am very displeased with Bally Fitness in Union route 22 The corporate came in and change the equipment and took the equipment out The new equipment is to light it moves around when you use it all the leg equipment that was white and chest machine was removed everyone is is complaining but myself I can't even get my work out done I'm asking if you can replace the old machine if not I have to go elsewhere

Posted by Anonymous

My parents cancelled their memberships at least 6 years ago due to poor health my father died 2 years ago we no longer have an agreement due to the length of time. of the cancelations of both memberships. The names on the contracts Homer Brown and Elfriede BrownMy mom got a bill for both memberships from a collection company I would appreciate that you clear up this issue ASAP due to the undue stress that this puts on my mom. Please email me at My name is Evelyn Rath. I hope thi issue can be resolve.Your company needs to keep better records and make sure you don't list names active that have canceled.. If this does not get resolved guickly I will look into other action for the undue stress that this has caused my mom. Please send conformation to my email address above

Posted by JackJack

My wife is a Special Ed. teacher and I'm a custodian making $12.00 an hour. We went yo Bally's in the Bay Area to take advantage of the $9.99 a month no contract cancel anytime special. We talked to the manager John who told us the special was really a very restricted program that offered nothing but the basics and would cost us $250.00 just to sign up.
While I was in the bathroom, he called in 3 of hours "steroid" posse who pressured my wife into signing up for 4 PersonalTraining sessions per month at $120.00 per month on a recurring contract. When I got back, they explained that it was a"one time" deal that could be cancelled at any time.
This contract was signed in Dec., I finally saw the withdrawls on our bank account and we are out $ 400.00+ in 2 1/2 months. When I complained John not only insulted my wife by telling her to "read the fine print next time", he also offered to rework the charges if we signed up and paid for an entire year in advance.
We are cancelling both contracts immediately, but unfortunately it has to be done by mailing the cancellation forms to the state of Washington which will guarantee that it won't cancel until AFTER the next billing period. This company is run by crooks, employs and trains crooks and scam artists who take advantage of people who want to be healthy.
This my wife's second try at Bally's after they overcharged her by $2,000 and threatened to report her to the credit agency if she didn't pay. We finally got them to admit their error and send a correction to the credit agencies. I only need 1 go around with these bozos and that's one too many for my taste.

Posted by Camille

I have been a member of Bally Total Fitness for years, the club in Lakewood Colorado was good. A few months ago they stopped having a cleaning crew in the morning, and obviously at night. I am a member that arrives when the doors open, the ladie...s locker room is so dirty you do not want to walk on the floor after your shower. The showers have hair stuck to the walls, this morning there was a dirty diaper in the showers! The area where you do your hair has trash and heaven knows what else on the counters. There is no paper towels so you can not wipe it off. This morning we heard the big wigs were coming in so as we were leaving we noticed a cleaning crew coming in for their arrival. Really sad that they are going to come in and think this is how this club looks all the time. We have left many notes in the suggestion box and nothing has changed. Many pieces of equipment are broken, you dont want to sit or get down on the floor it is so dirty. I really wonder at what point this is a health hazard???

Posted by j2theroe422

my name is janet Fernandez. The membership is under my son's name fausto Fernandez. However, the payment of @29.00 is made through my checking acct with chase on the 9th of every month.
I went to Bally in Bayside Queens, NY to update debit card information also made a $29.00 payment in cash for the month of January. This payment was due on the 9th of January. On January 15th Bally withdrew @29.00 payment and my checking acct was overdrawn, I was charged #35.00 insufficient fee by Chase Bank. The next payment was not due till February 9th. I want to be reimburse for the insufficient fee and premature payment.

Posted by Anonymous

Bally Total is a freaking scam artist. they wont even allow you to cancel your membership if you don't have a valid medical reason or don't live withing 25 miles. Its BS and by far the worst gym to ever be apart. they need to stop ripping people off of there money and BS contracts!!! I Would never recommend this Gym to anyone its a disgusting place!

Posted by [email protected] disappointed

BEWARE! They will steal your money out of your bank without your authorization. They will try to get you to renew with an annual fee of $99, then take another $119.88 three months before the annual membership expires, even when you don't want to renew again. "Any" debit card no. you have given them, and you have not been a member for years; they will still run it and deduct from your account without your authorization or acknowledgement; and it takes approx.four weeks for them to agree to putting it back into your account, and when they do that, they will cancel your membership at the time of the refund. The owners are only investors that don't care about you as a member; they just want your money and too cheap to hire cleaning staff.
Nursing homes are cleaner than Ballys and nothing in the Arvada gym works; pool not heated, jaccuzzi broke, scales and clocks broken and staff knows nothing about customer service or about health and fitness; and the manager is too busy for any member concerns. They went to $10 a month now because they can not retain their current members, and the new members will soon find out how bad this company practices business.

Posted by JING XIE

TO:President of the company

I was used to be Bally Total fitness member, however, my Identify and home address had been stolen by one of your employees in below Location, My home address info.has been illegally given by your employee to the third party who has same last name with me, and added as referred person without by authorization.Since then,My annual charges has been increased.And $99.00/annual promotion has been sent to the third party person which I don't even know. The third party person's promotion letters have been sent to my home address over a year now, the promotion should be addressed to me instread of this unknown person.(my name is JING XIE)(the Uknown person is BOWEN XIE)I have been contacting below location terminal manager,he has not resolved this issue till now.This means,The promotion letter will always indicate the unknown persons' name incorrectly and will always sent to my home address.


1)My previous member I need your company's attention to investigate this issue and fix it on the promotion letter in order for me to join the club as $99.00 per year.

2)The unknown person's name (BOWEN XIE)should be compeltely removed from my home address and your system, I do not know him,and need to know which employee gave my home address to this unknown person under his name and input into. the system.

3)I need someone to fix the issue and send me promotion letter under my member and correct name(JING XIE)

4)BELOW TERMINAL is fully aware of the issue,knew was your intenral mistake, however, just no one helped me fix it.

5)In addition, no live person in customer service can help me out. Costa Rica rep. is nasty and not helpful.

I don't want to complain this to commsummer company to do the furher investigation, hope your company can resolve it internally.

Location: below is the location illegally used my home address to the unknown person.

Long Island Expressway, just next to the Cross Island Parkway. The club is very much in demand. ...

Posted by Anonymous

I have been Bally Fitness a loyal member for 20 years since 1993. I was always able to renew my membership for 3 years with 2 times a week session: I can't come to gym more than twice a week. This year in October my renewal was coming due and I called Bally's to renew it again for 3 years. I was told by the customer service representative that they already review it for 1 year unlimited, which I don't do ever, without my authorization and when I asked for 3 years 2 times a week, they said it cant be done. I'm very disappointed on your recent policy regarding people who are not able to come to the gym more than 2 times a week. There is some kind of discrimination against customers who want only 2 days a week membership since you allow 3 years renewal for 7 days a week. Also, there is no consideration for your customers loyalty and Gold Premium Membership that I purchase 20 years ago.
As of now I cancelled the electronic payment because you don't ask your customers before they renew your membership, HIWinstead you choose for them. I would like some kind of response from someone why make a decision at the Corporate Office so I will decide whether or not to continue at Bally.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Here is a good one; I have been a Bally's member since 1998. From my home I need to take three subways ("C" to "J" to "E") which takes and hour plus in each direction so I tend to go to location nearest my job (45 East 55th Street NY, NY). I do not go every day and there have been times where it was a month between visits.
I recently went to the location near my job only to be informed that that particular location is now a Bally's Sports Club and in order to continue going there I need to upgrade my membership to $450.00+. When I questioned what made that location a sports club I was told they upgraded the location.
I was given a "courtesy pass" for that day however I would have to upgrade to the much more membership in order to continue using that location. The interesting part of this was when I entered the gym, everything was the same! There were no upgrades; same equipment, same floors, same walls, nothing changed!
I spoke to the locations manager who informed me that due to the rental rates and cost of doing business in Manhattan, all the clubs became sports clubs and the fees increased accordingly. It is the cost of doing business in Manhattan. When I asked about all those members living in Manhattan, who cannot afford the increase, because not all people living in Manhattan are wealthy, what do they do? His answer, "I do not know."
I tried calling the customer service number, to no avail. They kept reiterating and pushing the upgrade which I cannot afford so I decided to call the corporate location, which just like calling the customer service number, to no avail. You cannot get a person on the line unless you want to speak to payroll.
So, I have decided they have received enough money from me as I am cancelling my membership and those in Manhattan need to take a stand and let Bally's know they will not be screwed because Bally's became greedy. I guess we could all call Seven on Your Side or Help Me Howard.
Oh yeah, when I asked Mr. Bankhead why Bally's never informed their members they were changing the Manhattan clubs, he stated, "They did inform those who bought their memberships in Manhattan. You opened your membership in another town so you would not be informed." "Even though I use this location the most?" "Yes." So, if you opened your membership in California and move to a new location, Bally's does not inform you of any changes to your "new" local club. He odd thing about this comment is they have our email addresses, what does it cost to send a mass email? NOTHING!

Posted by Anonymous

Service is horrible! No access to a representative. Thanks for the above tip to press "2 then 4, #, # and then operator) i was able to finally select to speak to a representative of course my wait time is 40 mins. Let's see if I get through!!

Posted by Beyondpissed

I have been with Ballys for years last year I decided to pay for the whole year I was told there was no contract and when my year is up that's it, low and behold today I call to restart a membership with them and they tell me in order to do month to month I need to pay from April until August! Why in the heck would I pay for months I did not use especially if I was under no contract? I was told because I did not cancel my membership this is why I have to pay from April! This is crazy I had no obligations to cancel anything hence no contract! This is not the first time ballys burned me when I was 17 I was told to sign up for a free week at the gym then I was screamed at for 2 hours in a room about being fat with my friend long story short my friend ended up signing a contract and I was suppose to get mines free, I never went back to that gym and is still fighting this on my credit report, most recently I was changing from just getting out the shower in the locker room and a male worker walked into the locker room unannounced I almost slipped trying to shield myself the female worker response was it closing so that's why he did that!

Posted by TB

I recently was solicited by a man outside if Bally in Albany, NY. I told him I needed to go upstairs to get my daughter from a store she was in he continued to coax me into the gym. I said no to joining their gym repeatedly next thing I know they had signed me up for a membership. They do not answer phone calls and finally when the manger did he put me on hold for 25 min and hung up on me. Bally fitness are crooks they have no customer service just a place to write to in Washington . Do not trust them stay away from their gym they will try to sucker you in and lie to you!!! I will be turning them in to the BBB and the Attorney General for their fraudulent business practices!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Impossible to contact a live person, lies and disinformation on billing statements.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Former Bally's Fitness Center at San Bernardino, bought by LA Fitness

Edward, at Ballys Customer Service, helped me clarify my anniversary date, which LA Fitness had short-changed me by two months. Edward (I think he is in the Sanata Ana, CA office) was very helpful in getting the information for me, he certainly deserves much credit. Thanks to Edward for taking the time and effort to resolve my issue.

Posted by Jonny_Ranto

Continuation from my last post:

I called back today and spoke with someone who went by the name "Alex" who sounded very muffled and was hard to understand. I asked if my membership had been canceled and this person confirmed that it had been. I then asked if they were going to try and charge me for anything. "Alex" said that they would not charge me for anything now that my membership is canceled. I will post next month to let you know if they keep their word. Also, I plan on checking my credit reports just in case.

Posted by Anonymous

I used this method to call today. I didn't have any issues and the representative I spoke to sounded like an American. I was just checking the membership terms and when my membership expires (so that I'm not auto-renewed).

Posted by bba

Thanks! These prompts still work as of 4/4/11. Est. wait time was 10 minutes. Actual wait time was 10 minutes 42 seconds. Very nice customer service rep.

Posted by callie

I enjoy my membership, never a problem. Excellent service!!

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