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BP customer service is ranked #818 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 21.78 out of a possible 200 based upon 36 ratings. This score rates BP customer service and customer support as Terrible.


35 Negative Comments out of 36 Total Comments is 97.22%.


1 Positive Comment out of 36 Total Comments is 2.78%.

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    • 21.78 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 35 negative comments (97.22%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.78%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 1.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Hello I�m trying to reach out to someone in corporate headquarters about a bp employer. I am going beyond management because this is THAT bad and I need to speak to someone who is more than willing to do something about this. I am a very very upset customer and would like bp to reach out to me please!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at one of your stations this week around midnight to get gasoline I was the second one in the store standing behind a lady to the side a little bit with money in my hand to pay for the gas before I can Pump It I am disabled I have a prosthetic leg and was treated as I was invisible as they let other customers go by me pay for their products then finally acknowledged me standing there which I was mad and was saying stuff to myself about how ridiculous it was that I had to stay in there like that unnoticed in plain sight as I went to put my gas the lady handed me my money back and told me to get my gas somewhere else I think it is ridiculous that you have people like that working at your store I was in the service I lost my legs for this damn country and I get treated like that from people that are put in a position to do what they want to do I think it is ridiculous to shun somebody away after you treated them like crap to begin with I will never stop at BP service station again I will put this on the media of how I was treated and I bet a lot of other people will not get their gas there either or anything else I don't care who you are disabled or not if you are standing in line you take that person next in line you don't let people go ahead of them especially if you're standing on a prosthetic leg or legs it is ridiculous that are country treats us like we're invisible people like that should not have a job with the public other than picking up their garbage I am sorry that it has come down to this but I just wanted to let you know how some of your people treat customers that pay money to keep your company going

Posted by Anonymous

I got my check card scanned by a thief at one of the pumps that make off with 1,714.00 - Thank Goodness Wells Fargo blocked the card and reimbursed my account- Wells Fargo made me aware the my card was scanned - When I tried to inform an employee at store 121- in Waxhaw NC - Employee named - Christina she rudely told me that it was impossible- I advised her that it could be verified thru Wells Fargo and that they should close that pump until it was inspected- She rudely told me that they would not do that just because one customer had an issue- THEN she HUNG UP ON ME??? Talk about the epitome of horrible customer service and lack of concern for its customers!

Posted by Bad Bp Station

Jemsion,Al gas station was very rude! I lost my reward points because they put someone else gas money into my pump! I had to pay for my gas twice! I called BP customer service and received my points back! Please make note that the owner Omar and his assistant was very very rude! I will avoid going to this gas now! Never had problems with BP until this happened!!

Posted by anonymous

I made a visit to the gas station to use atm and also to purchase some gas. Ive been a loyal customers for many years. Ive always had a great experience with the the employees there. They are always very nice by greeting me smiling and asking about my day in return I do the same. Ive worked in customer service for years and Ive provided exceptional customers and like anyone else Ive made several mistakes. However I apologize and own them. Ill actually tell a customer I was wrong and smile apologize and fix it. My experience went a little different I purchased $25.00 worth of gas the representative did not ask if I was paying by card or cash he assumed it was cash then made a mistake and asked me to go outside and pull out the gas pump and plug it back in I agreed. After that I came back in to fix this and the rep was rude accusing me of pumping the gas and acting if it was my error to begin with he even advised I go to another store if I have a problem. I advise I had to be to work soon so lets just fix this. After the correction I asked could I have a customer service number or corporate number he said he is the store manager and he his the manager in charge. Although I was upset and disappointed in his behavior I left. I do plan on visiting the store again because its convenience but I just thought someone should know how customers are being treated.

Posted by mailman1pc

Your BP station in Huntsville Tn is one of the worst i have seen! the pumps never seem to operate properly when trying to pay at the pump.screens go blank and never have paper in printers. clerks could care less. i believe these are operated by Lee oil!until these problems are corrected i will us other gas stations!

Posted by Anonymous

On July 20th 2017 at 9:50 AM I drove my car to the BP Gas Station at 9667 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740 and I got gas for $10.01 worth and paid by my credit card. I did not even drove 2 minutes, my car turned off and stopped itself and did not start and I tried again and again did not start I called to wowing company and I towed my car to a repair shop, two mechanics worked on my car week and week and finally they called me and said ââ?¬Å?the gas is contaminated water and need a long process . Therefor they cleaned gas tank and pipe and all systems next step they changed fuel pump and injectors andââ?¬Â¦,.So I have lost over $1500.00.

Posted by Lena01

I am writing about your BP station that is fairly new on County line Road considered Hudson Florida I believe about the route short little creep that is in there he does not belong in customer service and I almost want to slam him over the head with a 2 L bottle of soda he is a jerk off I will never go in there again and I will make sure that none of my friends use that station either

Posted by Anonymous

The BP in Delaware on Wranle hill rd and 71 has the rudest employees who hate Americans. I recommend running out of gas before I would patronize this rat hole store.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Service station.as a long time customer for gas in my autos, I use this facility from time to time....my complaint is the shabby, unkept appearance, rusting out, old dispensing equipment, grounds and store untidy....trash bins were overflowing...no window washing fluid available....this station needs upgrading....adjoins an upscale shopping center and nearby vibrant communities....suburbs of the northwest Chicago area....and not keeping with the worldwide reputation of BP....check our Mobil and Shell staions in the area....much superior....

Posted by TEFERI

BP gas station on PANOLA Road has a front desk operations staff named TEFERI and he has the most horrible customer service !!!!!!!!!!!! I used the restroom and there was deffication on the seat, there was NO toilet paper, NO soap, NO paper towels, No Hand saniizer,and NO HELP, NO HELP FROM TEFERI! I asked for at least hand sanitizer and he said "that it is not my problem, I am just the;"counter salesman " he ignored me when another customer came in and
...I strongly suggest that you remove this man from a customer service position because HE could not accommodate the needs of the customer!!!! I have never been treated so horiblly!!! I approached TEFERI WITH A POSITIVE AND POLITE ATTITUDE TO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE AND HE CONTINUALLY AND CONSISTANTLY did not want to help me with sanitizing my hands while being a customer!!! If there are no actions made to accommodate the needs of the clients, he needs to be FIRED!!!!! I WILL contact Corporate offices to make sure that this will not happen to another customer!!! I have worked in customer service and this is not how a representative is to act when a client has a SERVICE need. When I asked for the customers service contact information HE GAVE ME A PHONE NUMBER 770-808-1641 which is the number to the location store and it was not going to resolve the issue at hand being that I needed to wash my hands after using the location bathroom!! I got upset because of his ATTITUDE!!! And HE SAW FIT TO TELL ME THAT I SHOULD GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO WASH MY HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM WHERE HE WORKED...SO I WAS TOLD THAT "SINCE HE DIDNT HAVE THE NEED" FOR SOAP BUT I DID "TO GO ELSEWHERE" !!!! THIS WAS JUST REDICULOUS!!! I CAN NOT ACCEPT THE WAY I WAS TREATED AND FORGET!!! ACCOMMODATE THE CLIENTS !!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a city bus driver in the Durham NC area. My Saturday route is on the Alston Ave and Hwy 54 area. I've gone by twice once it was after 11 so I understood the store was closed the second time was on Feb. 25 5 minutes before 11 and was turned away. If the store is to close at 11 that's what time it should close not a minute before. All I wanted was a icy.

Posted by Concerned

I am writing this post for a friend of Spanish origin. He lives in another town but needed gas.Stopped at the BP gas station in Vandalia Missouri,started to pump gas & was stopped by a male clerk on 2-2-17. He was asked about the year and make of his truck his license & then refused service. They know nothing about about my Mexican friend that was actually going to church with his wife then driving back home. Furthermore,he's an awesome preacher at our Spanish services. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

Service and cleanliness was atrocious attendant was rude and nasty do something about this dump! 4004 broadwaykcmo.

Posted by Anonymous

Service and cleanliness was atrocious attendant was rude and nasty do something about this dump!

Posted by Anonymous

BP Service Station on Panola Rd, Lithonia, Ga has Gaga pump s that are rigged. I selected Regular gas but was charged wifi Premium, a full .60 more per gallon. I will never shop this station again. I have also posted on Facebook advising customers to avoid this station. This station needs to be investigated.

Posted by Anonymous

This BP is very poor and stupidly ran. U cannot shut down your gas station in downtown Chicago for 15 min. Ppl who drive and need gas is wasting precious time and I think it's counterproductive for your business. Whatever the problem is it should be fixed this

Posted by Fdcamp

I am a loyal customer of almost 40 years. I am now cancelling my account and will never buy another drop of BP gas. I have never been treated with such cavalier disrespect and indifference. I called the customer service number several times and got nowhere. It bordered on harassment. It was pretty disappointing to me after the support I gave the company after the problems in the gulf. All that loyalty got me was a slap in the face, so a 40 year customer is gone. I will now buy someone else's gas.

Posted by Anonymous

While traveling we stopped at the BP in Jonesville and asked to use the restroom, which was outside. I have never in my life seen a filthiest restroom in my life. There was no toilet paper or soap and I felt as though I needed a shower after exiting. An outhouse would have been better.. Disgusting!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have contacted the headquarters before regarding the unsightly property conditions of the BP station at 915 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Virginia. The concrete pad, where the gas pumps are located, is always covered in litter as well as the grassy area surrounding the pad. Their is trash under the overgrown bushes on the perimeter of the property and behind the station. It appears someone cut the grass yesterday and ran over the loose litter blowing it on the surrounding sidewalks, curbs, grassy areas, and in front of neighboring homes and lawns, which are located adjacent to the service station. I live in this neighborhood and take pride in my surroundings. I would greatly appreciate assistance in dealing with this habitual problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I am long time customer of BP. For the pass few months at my local station on the corner of Ohio route 45 and Ohio route 305 in champion I have been having trouble with my credit card at the pump. I swipe my card and the screen shows do you want to use reward points. I push the no button and can get no further. I am a disabled senior citizen and walking into the building is difficult. But when inside, the people are of no help. I ask them to come to the pump and show me what to do, they refuse. I go to many other BP stations and have no problems. I tell the people at the champion station, and they offer no assistants to my problem. Now I have to drive to Warren to a BP station on Elm St. to use my card. This means a 20 mile round trip instead of a two mile trip to the champion station. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. The people at the champion station are of no help at all. I like your product and want to continue using it, but if I can not get my card to work, I will have to start going elsewhere. Thank you for listening.

John Heib

Posted by Vnicely

I live in Fairfield Iowa and the BP is literally just across the parking lot (200 feet) from my house. I wanted to bring to your attention that some of the food we have bought is six months to a year past expiration dates, such as bags of popcorn, potato chips, pretzels and candy bars.. The ice cream freezer has visibiliy never been defrosted and all the ice cream my family and I have received is completely freezer burned and not edible. I think it's very sad and bad advertising because the ice cream freezer is right there by the register one of the first things you see coming in the door and you can see at least 3 inches of ice around the top and sides of the freezer and the ice cream is never cold. When we did get ice cream it was almost melted by the time I got home which is only 200 feet away. I am just very concerned about someone getting food poisoning and ending up at the hospital. Also the cashiers allow people to park in front of the store which has a newly painted yellow fire lane which replace the less visible fire lane. So when people parked there it's by the ice machine and when they leave their doors open or park right up against the curb it it's hard to get by the sidewalk. I have brought it to each employees' attention several times to no avail. hospital. I am considering calling state to bring the food issues to their attention if this matter is not resolved in a timely matter.

Posted by Anonymous

The cashier at BP on 216 NW Broad Street in Fairburn Ga 30213

When she first start working at Bp she was very nice

Using the security window she barely put the bag under the window I feel if I put my money under the glass she should be able to do the same this would be part of customer service I spoke to the manger and nothing has change Would some one please contact them to let them know the rules for good customer service

Posted by Carol D

I purchased in there store some cookies and stuff for a road trip. Oreos purchased were stale... I saved my receipt. Store 367 west Babylon said I needed my credit card. Went back got it. Than he said I ate it. Yeah I had one cookie there no good. He told me no returns as I got it some where else and returning it who knows what I did with it. And why did I eat one. What the heck you sell customers good for sale but don't acknowledge a return. That's not fair I will never again shop at a BP or buy gas ever again. 7 11 will always get my business they stand up when you return something..
They have no signs that state you CAN NOT RETURN your purchase if no good. Bad. Bad. Bad. I Wil now post it all over Face Boo on how you couldn't make a customer happy for 2.50. Shame on you BP Mr. KAHN WAS NASTY ABOUT THIS.

Posted by Anonymous

Station 8 East 185th Street Cleveland Ohio is not manage properly card readers always down the staff is not courteous the pumps are usually out of order and there is always staff that does not know how to work the registers or turn pumps on they don't seem to be able to keep a constant amount of personnel it is very frustrating to stop at the station even though it is a neighborhood station it needs to be managed better

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Posted by Anonymous

Hi,my name is Charlie Lowell from Columbus,Ohio and i have been a BP customer for years, even back when it was Sohio gas.What this is a thank you,one for the great gas which i have never had a problem with and second, for the surprise birthday card i received in the mail.The 50 cent a gallon discount was a big help. Thanks again Charlie

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