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BMW customer service is ranked #445 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.47 out of a possible 200 based upon 445 ratings. This score rates BMW customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


418 Negative Comments out of 445 Total Comments is 93.93%.


27 Positive Comments out of 445 Total Comments is 6.07%.

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    • 33.47 Overall Rating
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    • 418 negative comments (93.93%)
    • 27 positive comments (6.07%)
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Posted by Maggie

All along, I think the service that BMW provides to customers is excellent until the rescue service last time provided to me completely changed my view of BMW. On May 21, 2016, my BMWi3 was out on the road Failure, so I dialed a BMW roadside assistance call, BMW employees asked to provide towing service for me, BMW official propaganda within 40 minutes will drag my car away, however, I waited for nearly a half hour my car To be towed away, if you know in advance is such a situation, I will call a professional car road rescue company to provide services for me.

Posted by Denny F

A BMW dealership in Riverside ravaged my vehicle on a recent visit. They broke my inside door handle, my antenna and stole a BMW insignia from one of my wheels. Everything got fixed except the antenna. They asked me to pay for the repair because the antenna was an after market part and not an official BMW antenna. They refused to call me back and customer service representatives (Alex x7682 and Misha x7418) refused to escalate the matter and basically told me to pound sand because there is nothing they can do because the dealer is a franchise of BMW and not a "corporate dealership." This is a true story.I will never buy another BMW or have my car serviced by BMW as long as I walk this planet. I will spend the rest of my life down talking the company to everyone I meet. By the way, I was a service department consultant for 20 years. I know what is good service and what is not good service. BMW provides lousy service and they will never have my trust or business again. I urge all of you to dump this company and not patronize them in any way.

Posted by Gentlepaul

Negative: I used to express my concern for not being able to access my account for five consecutive days. Each time, I was promissed to receive an email information to help access my account. No email and no response to my request!

The manager never seemed to be ready to get back to me! It is a shame and those managers need to be fired for not doing their job correctly.

Positive: I used and had a great pleasure to talk to GINGER who solved my problem within five minutes, with laughter and sense of humor!

BMW Group should be proud of having GINGER as an Outstanding employee!

Posted by angela

I purchased a new 2016 435i XDR AWD April 2016. In Aug the idrive screen went black. It was dark and almost midnight. The locks were also sometimes locking and unlocking and furthermore the USB outlets would not charge my phone. Therefore no phone! No way to call for help!! Two kids and myself on the way to "vaca" Trip interruption towed to closest dealership and said I had to rent a car and I had to stay at a hotel. Ruined my entire vaca!! NOW MY CLAIM will not be reimbursed!!??? Would like an explanation! SINCE AUGUST AND still having issues w car and no resolve or reimbursement!! Not safe and I'm not happy. First BMW and is this their customer service ???

Posted by Anonymous


I am very sorry to say This car is not as per company cheque parsholi motors Ahmedabad India � service report for this car.

I am 2nd.unlucky owner of this car.

This car has mfg. Direct from starting year as per records of service company parsholi motors Ahmedabad India.

Both owner fashing high temperature problem.

Now my car is in workshop since 50 days in waiting of oilcooler ordered by parsholi motors.


Posted by Anonymous

Extremely upset and disappointed that I can buy a 50k car at 18 years d and not get a BMW loaner because I am not 25 that is ridiculous I have insurance just like every other person there is no reason I shouldn't be able to get one now I am going to be late to work because I have to wait for rental car service to open and bring a car

Posted by Sandton auto Panelbeaters

Sandton auto Panelbeaters. Worst service ever. 6 weeks to fix a bumper bashing that I was told would take 1x week.

Posted by Anonymous

awful and very racism.... i just got x3 just 2 days ago on 08/30. after came home we noticed there was double charge on dealer handling fee,.. so i called twice to financial managaer and left voice message and no responsed. so i went back to deal on 09/01 just 2 days later and i got treat like criminal.... first, i asked original financial person but she want's there so asked diff. person. so, there was name "matthew" another manger with unhappy face, coun't understand just looking at invoice so my husband told him to call sales person and matthew said " i can handler this "..... well he coun't figure out ha ha ......well finaly they gave us refund for extra money they charged but **** whole this time, we were their treated us like criminal and and their kids.... hey we are 48 yrs old may look younger... this not right to treat customers this way,,, if we were customers bought over $100000.00 car, they treated us this way ..... they lookig us like poor people trying to get cheapest bmw .........overall from beginning to ending there was not even single apologiz......

Posted by gino

I went to BMW to fix the roof window(Panoramadach) of my BMW E61.It was blocked(engine disabled from the circuit) - WITHOUT MY CONSENT- by BMW in order to prevent me from opening the roof and cause additional damage.Once I got there, the told me that they want 100 euros just to unblock it and 1200 euros(600 for the parts, 600 for the work) to fix it.I paid them to unblock it, but they didn't do that and didn't want to refund me.At the end I took my time to understand what was wrong with the roof.I have re-enabled the engine,took my tools and fixed everything in 3 HOURS by myself.Guess what?NO PART WAS REPLACED EXCEPT A SMALL SPRING!My panoramic roof now works just like a completely new one.

In addition to this, the engine of the car presented several problems(I know it because I and my mechanic (an indipendent one, not connected with BMW)have noticed them), but when I went to BMW for a general check up, they told me that everything was fine.

Posted by Arda

We have and accident with our X1 and we left our car to Distributor Service in Turkey in order to have original service. After we got back our car we noticed that the windows are not working properly which were working very properly before service interposition. (our accident and damage was in the back side of the car). When we turn back to service they told us that there is a technical part which must be changed for windows and in order to excuse us they offered us to pay only %50 of it. Of course we did not accept paying because of a service mistake. We tried to contact with customer several times and they always say that they are investigating the problem. It has been 2 months that our windows are not working properly and our car is blocked in BMW service. what a dreary situation that Big German Brand BMW ia absent against such unfair situation. They are kind untill they sell thier car, no professionalism after sales.

Posted by unhappy BMW customer

I'm very disappointed with the service from BMW - I bought a BMW 120d m sport from BMW Clearwater in Sept 2014 I drove the car for a couple of months and now I have to replace one of the run flat tyres, when the car was taken in the it was confirmed by BMW that they sold the Car to me with 3 good tyres dated 2015 and one dated 2014, the car has been prompting that there is a problem with this tyre. I do not even have this car for a year but now I have to replace this tyre how is this possible they are dismissing this over sight from their part as wear and tear. BMW Head SA has nothing about this poor service and are just going with what their dealership tells them. They do not listen to there customers and they cover up for their dealerships lies. I will never buy their brand again and will never advise anybody to purchase from them all reviews are bad and their service is bad !!!!!

Posted by PATROUS

i have bad experience this service center as follows

1 when i took vehicle they made me fool... they change my vehicle engine number and gave me as new vehicle u can search it in case regarding that in kerala... thay gave more than 20 vehicle in this manner....

2 once i have meat an road asistence case.. on that time thay told that i have to bring my vehicle..... on my own facilities.......... they never came to that place..........

3 now i got a problem regarding eps unit on that time they told that it have to come from germany.. u have to wait for 5 days then wat happend is after one month also thay didnt gave my vehicle then after i call to customer care number then they gave my vehicle in 3 days.... i have special thanks to customer care mam and sir

t here service manager i think nithin very bad customer relation man while i talking this complaint they fool me u dont now have to use vehicle my vehicle..

platino service center in marade is bad service center....

Posted by Kingval

BMW of Macon I'm having the worse experience ever before, first they say they will contact you about your car, no one ever call you back, always complaining about they are so busy, that's why u supposed to have appointment, then if you have an appointment you still don't get service. Debt card was charge for a CD that they had, still waiting on the parts Dept to refund the money, it only takes a second to do that, but evertime I call they are so busy, this may be my last time buying another BMW. Just not satisfied. They can't fix my 650i convertible navigation system yet. Had to return it three times.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with costumer service disgusting quality control rubbish warranty is a joke overall service BMW terrible wish they would stop hiding behind a badge got better service from ford will not buy another new BMW that is for sure

Posted by BMW JSN

I am very unhappy with the service I got from BMW JSN. Early morning I dropped my car for a service oil and brake pads. Around 14h30 I received a call tell me that they cannot remove the wheels from the vehicle because they dont have a nuts to loosen the wheels so they will put the vehicle through for the service and it will require rebooking for the brakes. They said there is nothing they can do to help me the only thing i can do is to buy the nut for R1000 plus from them. And I told them them I do have this nut thing at home I took out of my car because when you get to them they dont even have a checklist to see what you have in your car or not. to leave my things in the car then when i come back something is missing who do I ask if the is no list that is an evidence that i have something that was indicated in the list.
They have a very bad service and don't have a better way of dealing with customers.
Its a pity I don't have the name of the lady who was so useless as a service consultant. I even told the manager about the checklist it was like really they suppose to check the car with you and to me that shows she does not do her work properly too for the fact that she doesn't know what is happening around her noise as a manager. For my problem to be solved I had to call BMW ON CALL TO COME AND ASSIST and the did. Thanks to them.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had an accident with my BMW 330xi while working with NASCAR in Florence SC. a dog running out in front of my car caused me to swerve and hit a curb with the driver's side wheel.there was no body damage but the steering rack assembly as well as the rim was severely damaged. there was a BMW dealership less than 2 miles from my hotel.
i felt lucky but at the same time worried about the amount of money it would cost to fix if i used BMW. but i really had no choice being 300 miles away from home. So
I took the car to BMW of Florence to have it fixed. Ive been waiting more than a month to pick up my car and im so tired of being lied to and the customer service. is the worst service I've ever seen.
Joel Capps in the service department took my car in and told me that they would be able to fix it. so i called my insurance company and filed a claim. the appraiser came out immediately and got the estimate from the service department. according to BMW, there estimate Came to over $6000. WAIT WHAT!!! My insurance adjuster went over the estimate and discovered there were parts that didn't need to be replaced. for instance the knuckle to the shaft was damaged. BMW wanted to replace the knuckle and the shaft even thought the shaft had no damage. there reason for adding the shaft according to Mr. Capps. is the software that generates the estimate automatically added the shaft because its part of the knuckle.(but you couldn't remove it knowing i didn't need it. 1st red flag). so after going thru the estimate thoroughly... my insurance company got the estimate down to $2900. so i get the check and overnight it to BMW so they can do the work which according to the estimate is a 2 day job.
how does a 2 day job turn into 4 1/2 weeks? My car is still there and im at home in Atlanta without my car. I'm loosing work by the day and i still don't know when i will be able to pick up my car. I call every day and Joel tells me he will check on the status of my car and call me back but never does. so i have to call him back to only find out that hes left early for the day. just this last time i called to check on my car, Joel is out of the office for the day of course and now a different service rep named ED returns my call telling me oh My insurance company didn't order the wheel bearings but they called and they spoke to my claim adjuster and they are sending the part, unfortunately it will be another week before the car is complete. so i called my insurance company to find out how this could happen cause they cut off my rental and they told me that they haven't spoken to BMW and further more they don't order any parts, they just approve of the parts to be ordered. (red flag #2) so i called BMW back with my insurance company on the line and a guy named ED proceeded to lie until i told him i had my insurance company on the phone. that's when Mr. ED actually got off his ass and went to find out what the hold up really was. They didn't order all the parts they were suppose to and now I'm waiting for a damn nut and Bolt, not wheel bearings. REALLY??? (red flag #3). I actually caught the service rep in a lie and he had to apologize. so you would rather tell me anything to get rid of me cause I'm not your client instead of going to find out the truth in the matter at hand. MR.ED said it will be Wednesday now before i can get the car. I cant believe BMW charges so much money for there weak and unprofessional service. I will never take my car to a BMW dealership for anything. I will be filing a report with the BBB today and seeking representation. no more BMW for me.

Posted by Anonymous

Regarding my 2009 BMW 328i. 27,000 miles. The passenger seatbelt has locked up. I had a similar problem with a Volvo years ago. The only difference was that Volvo took care of the problem. BMW didn't standby an important safety issue at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm BMW customer until 1978 (bmw 315)and i never change my choice until genuary 2011 whe i buied a bmw x1.

After about 140000 km to day i have the bed surprise that it is necessary change

clutch and flywheel .

I was very astonished when the bmw technician told me that the i 'm the guilt and responsible of bed fuctionement of my car.

I remember that BMW gave e guarranty of about 200000km and the explanetion of your italian technics in forli is not satisfing.

Confidentially Dott ruggeri saverio via del tesoro 30 forli,mail

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2008 X5 and have had my parking brake malfunction 3 times this time it's going to cost me around $1000 dollars I think u need to rethink this design I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. Once again I had to get a tow because the car would not move and it would not manually release. What r your thoughts

Posted by carldas23

They have to have one of the worst customer service departments now. They used to be really good. They can now care less about any problems you have with one of their cars. I bought a i3 in August they have now had it in the shop 4mos. Longer than its been in my possession. I pursed the matter under FL lemon law but they are stalling and trying to run out the one year statute of limitations. Car is now dangerous with unexpected acceleration on two occasions. Before that many electrical malfunctions. I would pass on purchasing a BMW in the future. Even shredded my BMW credit card. Done with them.

Posted by K1200 LT Motorbike

Good Day.

I do not know whom to return to anymore. I bought a BMW K1200LT (Model 2003) motorbike but it needed a rear tail light. I took my original registration papers to Auto Alphina in Boksburg and asked them a price on it and to order it for me asap. I even show them a photo of the light. The person who assist me was Mr Denesh Ratnasamy. I told him that I could order it myself and import it at that moment for R1 200.00 but then I have to wait for 6-8 weeks for arrival. He said if he does it he will give me discount and it will be here within 2-3 weeks. I immediately paid him the full price as quoted of R1027.41. Just before Christmas he told me that its going to take longer for delivering because of all the holidays, which I accepted. February he phone to let me know the light is there. I send my son to collect it for me and it was the wrong light. He apologize and promise me that he will make sure that I will have the right like now but it is more expensive now. It is now 5 April 2016 and until today I have not received a phone call, email of anything from him. I still do not have the light after almost 5 months!! I refuse to pay anything extra now because I feel you can deduct it from his salary. He does NOT care about his customers and cause you people a very bad name. He is worth nothing to your business.

Please be so kind and let me know what to do next. My order was placed on 11/12/2015 and I have paid the full amount of R1027.41 as quoted into you FNB account on 01/12/2015. On the order there is a "Parts Cash Sale" and next to it my name: Wessel;
.nothing; Document Date: 30/11/2015; Document Time: 16.47 and lastly Page: 1

Please I do not want to get nasty and involve the press in this matter because of the other people working at that shop and because of the good service my children always received from their BMW dealers in Secunda and Pretoria.

Please assist me urgently in this matter and I am awaiting your quick response.

Kind Regards

Wessel Els

Posted by Charlene paiz

BMW is the worst cars to ever buy they are constantly messing up since that Dad bought it brand-new the customer service sucks all they want is your money they're not willing to help you with a trade-in or if you don't like your card they just basically tell you you're stuck with that piece of junk it is the worst car I have ever experienced I will put it all on the media and the news

Posted by Marie

How can I contact the property authority in regards to getting a new car to replace my 3013 BMW? I traded in my BMW of 12 years for a 2013 328i series in I think August of 2013. Months after purchasing, the car started giving problems. It took 4 separate visits in within the 2 years to get the seat belt issue resolved. It would have been within less time if I had time to take it in whenever the problem popped up. During this time frame I also had to take the car in due to recall for some other issue. Newest problem this year is that my care has been LOCKING ME IN. It has happened 4 times. The first time was scary. The other times get the key out and use it to open the door in order to get out. I live in the Lauderhill area and recently 2 individuals died in their car because they could not get out after an accident where the car drove into one of our lakes. I do not feel safe in that car, and I would like to have it replaced. I tried to resolve the issue at the dealership but they sent me from one place to the other, until finally they gave me this number: 800-831-1117 to reach the regional manager. When I called no one answered, but a machine came on with information that the 3 series is being recalled in April 2016 for the driver's side airbag!!! The problem is, I could have gotten a better value by buying a used BMW. Because of my crazy work and school schedule I decided to go with a new car because that way I wont have to deal with any possibility of car troubles and getting ripped off by people who would fix it. Wrong. Here I am; a whole bunch of lost time from school, study, and work. This is just awful! Forget about that "Dent Protect" that was sold to me..."Sorry we cannot fix the dent on the hood of your car. We do not cover the hood, the front the back, the roof, or the back doors"!!!!!

Posted by mobile

I took my Bmw 325iTouring NFY 435 GP to Broadway motors in Witbank for diagnose on the 26/02/16and was promised that i will get the car on the 29/02/16.To my surprise i was phoned and told they are still busy with the car and will be available the following day.i checked on the 02/03/16 and it was not finished.On the 04/03/16 I GO by myself to findout about the car and they just gave me the car without being fixed, covers were not put back and some wires were loose.I felt very sad with the services I received from your company.I hope that I willgetthe response asap.Kind regards N Maleka

Posted by Altamash

So I had leased BMW 328xi coupe that was due to be returned on 2/17/2016. As per policy of BMW I had to get it pre-inspected within 90 days of return to assess any charges for extra mileage or excessive wear and tear. Here are the chain of events and fraud done by their Sales manager - Uwe Pheumer - I brought the car to the dealership on 1/11/16 for a vibration issue and pre-inspection. They fixed the issue for no charge since the car was under full warranty and told me everything looks good from an inspection perspective and the only thing I need is new tires - this was all verbal. As per BMW policy they were supposed to fill out a form and show me details - I was unaware too. I asked the marketing guy later on because apparently they are the ones to discuss the lease end questions, and as per him (I don't remember his name, but recognize him by face), I'll need new tires regardless because he was so confident that the tire depth would have been lower than 4/32 (minimum needed at the time of car return). I didn't say anything and left. On 2/15/16, I took the car to Discount Tires shop in Redmond, WA and had them measure the depth of the tire thread and they wrote it on their official company card that the tire thread depth was 5/32 for front tires and 6/32 for the rear tires. The same day I took the picture of that card and emailed it to BMW financial services via their own customer portal and stated how BMW dealership is telling a lie without even measuring the depth of the tire thread and telling me to spend $1000 approx. for brand new tires. On 2/16/16 I went to the dealership to turn in the car and Uwe Pheumer inspected the whole car for about 10 minutes or so, looked at the car from the exterior thoroughly and even measured the thread depth of the front tire with his own device and said "yes, tire looks good, it's 5/32 depth" and I told him that am leaving the card from Discount Tire in the car itself for their reference and he was ok with that. He then fraudulently made me sign on 2 places on an ipad stating that it's for 1.) Odometer rating and 2.) The fact that am returning the car today on 2/16/16 - that's it and everything else looks good and I'll get the final bill from BMW financial services regarding the disposition fee of $350, which I was already aware of as part of the leasing agreement. A couple of days later I just logged into my BMW account and saw the amount of $2360 that I owe them and I sent them a message regarding this for which they never responded - not even now. I thought they would take care of this discrepancy and I forgot about it. Yesterday (2/26/16) I saw the bill in my postal mail, after which I called BMW financial services and asked them to look into this fraud - they've asked their supervisor to call me back by Monday 2/29/16. The lady whom I spoke with recorded my conversation as required by law for debt collection and sent me the inspection report that was sent to them by the dealership in Bellevue. To my shock and surprise Uwe wrote up the report, with the $$ numbers and showed my signature at the bottom without me being even informed about it - this is a clear fraud and the dealership never gave me a pre-inspection report because as per their own policy I had the right to challenge their assessment and get the inspection done from a 3rd party - which they avoided because they would have been proven wrong on their assessment. They are trying to get me to pay so they can resell the car.
After I called the dealership again, the sales GM sent me an email stating that the tires are a mismatch - which was another lie, because neither did nor the original owner, who drove 19k miles - I even have the email from the original owner stating so. The car was originally leased in Santa Monica and despite me telling the BMW of Bellevue dealership to check with them, they wouldn't do so. Instead, they keep telling me that they are not responsible for the car they didn't lease - this is so dumb! I've leased cars before but NEVER EVER had this horrible experience! BMW is the worst brand!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Wish to thank Phil Meyer who works at BMW of Palm Springs for a great experience! He went above and beyond to make sure we got the car we wanted. Thank you Phil!

Posted by Mike

Very impressive!! Myself and my partner was in the store on Saturday and it was pleasent the welcoming receptionist was friendly, chatty and very helpful and true actrobute to the business.

Posted by Ann

I received fantastic service from your Cooper Croydon on Saturday 9th July, very friendly service from Paul Philbert and Barry Lawman, excellent and fast.

Posted by Chase

Had a great experience salesman was great when I got to finance the finance guy could not answer questions that I had I felt that was very disrespected and he was very rude spending $50,000 I should be treated very fairly and with most respect I don't believe the Sarasota Finance guy should be working there he lost the deal after I spent 5 hours with the sales and you did a great job

Posted by B Lawrence

I recently purchased a 3 series BMW which I LOVE! What I don't love is the fact that every piece of literature, email correspondence, etc. that comes from BMW is addressed to my husband. I did the research and chose MY BMW, I did the test driving, I made the decision to purchase my BMW. Because I wanted the car registered in both me and my husband's name he was included on the loan and registration of the vehicle. This is not 1950, and the last time I checked my kids names aren't Waller and the Beaver.

Posted by Allelign

The most annoying feature of MBW is the outside temprature alert. It is a feature that is not needed at all. Everytime it sounds, I thought of tire damage or something bad thing happened. Noone needs that alert at all!

Posted by Mr Pillay


My Name is Rudi Pillay.

I would like to compliment the BMW Dealership Kunene Brothers BMW for their excellent service and assistance during the purchase of my vehicle, I would like to outline Lee Ann Johns - Used car sales executive, she has displayed outstanding service and assistance, any issues or problems that i have had with my vehicle she has ensured that ive had assistance and folow up calls. I would reccomend this dealership to any customer out there.

Keep up the excellent work.

MR Pillay

Posted by My First BMW

I just got my new X5 BMW in Shepparton a week ago and I am so pleased with the service of Jamie and Lisa. They are so helpful and very patient in answering our queries, it was a smooth transaction and was delivered to Melbourne promptly.

BMW Shepparton is highly recommended.

Posted by Anonymous

I had taken my vehicle for its first service on the 12/04/2013. Everything was fine Bmw service advisor kept sending my messages regarding the status of the vehicle. i fetched my car at 5pm drive to pick my son the there was a terrible noise coming from the right hand side of the wheel.I drove home and immediately phoned the aftersales department. the service i received was very effient.Within 20mins of my call a technician was at my house to sort out the problem. I was really amazed with the service I recieved from Roy The technician. Well done to him for the friendly sevice. i will recommend him anytime.

Posted by 001800552

We feel the BMW is the highest quality vehicle today. This is our second purchase of a BMW, the most recent is a (X5 35i)sport model. Our salesperson Jeffr Bricker from Sam Swope in Louisville, KY was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the features of the car.

Posted by Anonymous

I highly recommend doing business with BMW of Seattle. All of my experience with the staff there was A+.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had a problem with my BMW or my BMW service agent. Yes, I wish they provided loaners without you having to pay for a rental but aside from that all is good.

Posted by hickory hill pharmacy

I just purchased my second BMWx5 from Northpoint BMW of Little Rock and love it!
I have had no problems and was so pleased with my purchase and my sales team.

Posted by bluedane62

I just spoke to customer assistance regarding a warranty on my 6 year old motorcycle with 12k
miles on it. So to make it short and sweet I will be buying the fuel pump for my $19k motorcycle. However they were very polite and professional about the denial.
Disappointed yes but satisfied with the explanation . I knew I was reaching when I called but nothing ventured.

Posted by Anonymous

The BMW service in my area is great. Much better than the sales department. I would recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Hex

After my comment out there on web, I received a call from BMW North America and they listened to the whole case and as the point I was making was a fair one, they called the dealer and made arrangements to fix my car. Vehicle is now fixed (fixed in Jan 2012) been driving it since then without any problems.

Finally, to sum up..there might be a few car dealers who doesn't think your case is a legit one. If you are sure what you are claiming for is legitimate, reach out to corporate - THEY ARE REASONABLE PEOPLE. Thanks BMW North America - you have won my trust back

Posted by disappointed in AC

I am pleased to report that BMW of Atlantic City lived up to its reputation for World Class Service. BMW of Atlantic City has easned a lifelong cusomer.

Posted by Anonymous

When I call everyone is very happy and willing to help. Exactly what I would expect from such a well known company.

Posted by N/A

I am the owner of a 2007 X5, and my concern/complaint deals with the steering wheel. The problem exist with the peeling of the paint/sealant on the steering wheel. I first noticed the problem a year ago and was told by the local dealership that this was an on going issue with a lot of the X5(s). Warranty repaired/replaced the steering wheel at no cost to me. Now, I'm faced with the same problem with the paint/sealant peeling, but my warranty has expired. I think this is a manufactoring problem and hopefully someone will take a closer look at my concerns.


Mr. McCleary

Posted by Erich

I had raised a concern a couple days ago regarding customer service at BMW USA.

I received a call from Nancy, a customer care executive from BMW USA in New Jersey. She was extremely polite, LISTENED to all my concerns and acted very quickly to bring my issue to a resolution. Within a couple hours I received a call from the dealer to bring my car back for further tests/analysis.

I am happy to report that my issue was resolved with speed and in a manner that was more than fair (in fact, giving me all the benefit of the doubt). Crevier BMW, the dealer I took the car to, supported me very well and gave me excellent customer service (as always).

I am glad that I can put this behind because I really like the brand, the vehicles and their engineering. I am planning to stay a BMW customer for the foreseeable future.

Posted by S. Johnson

4730 Auth Place,
Marlow Heights, MD 20746

Dear Sir/Madam;
This is just a note to say how pleased I was with Mr. Daniel Rodriquez, customer service; he was very knowledgeable, helpful, kind, friendly and most of all professional. Mr. Rodriquez and his team of co- workers are always on their game and able to explain the repairs and future maintenance. The employees are so friendly and they always acknowledge your presence. They go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied before you exit their doors. Itís always a positive experience when I use your service.
When I walk into the parking lot to pick up my ride, and I saw my BMW X5 so clean and shiny I was blown away. I am very pleased and satisfied for the. "Excellent service!
You are bless with dedicated and hard working staff in keeping customers safe and worry free. I would recommend this BMW dealership to all my friends, neighbors and family.
Thanks again in making the process so easy.


Sylvia B. Johnson and Samuel S. Johnson
Email ([email protected])
Ph No: 301 499-9490
240 304-6050

Posted by Sarika

I am extremely happy with the service i have received from Ali Mkhize at Cedar Isle Bmw,I have never received such good service from any bmw dealer,and beacause of him i will contine to support bmw,it was my wedding on the 21 aug,and i was let down at the last minute for a car,i just made one phone call to Ali asking if he could help,and he didnt even hestite,i could not belive how helpful he was,i dont think anyone would of did what he did. I hope Bmw can has some incentive for sales consultants that do such great jobs,i will continue to buy my Bmws from Ali only,and because of his service will recommend everyone to them. Thanks Ali,your truley a life saver a really star..From Ashley and Sarika Ramdath..

I would really apprecite it if someone from Bmw can call me,just to let them know about his service.

Posted by Steve61861

BMW Customer Service has always taken great care of me. Just had the pleasure of speaking to Maria and she bent over backwards to be of assistance. Was a pleasure to talk with her and she answered all my questions quickly and efficiently.

Posted by Brigitte

I purchased a BMW 1 Series Convertible in September 2009, and was very excited as this was my first ever soft top, It has now been back to the dealership for on going engine problems, (ie feels like petrol starvation), somtimes the windows comedown slightly after you have locked it on there own (which could lead to theft of the car,)to cap it all in the cold snap that we experienced Jan + Feb I could not get into the car because the door windows had froze to the canvas hood, (as you know the window has to drop before the door can be opened) and being scared of breaking the window I left it and had to make my own way home on two occasions, surely this sort of problem must have been tested for in the design of the car before it was released?
My car has to go in again to be (as they say reprogrammed) which may take two days to complete, and to top it all you are going to charge me £15.00 for a courtesy car when the problem is in your court.
before I bought the car I read in a magazine on BMW cars hosted by non other than Jeremy Clarkson, who called the BMW 1 series; "The runt of the fleet" but I took a gamble and bought the car, but then again what does he know about cars!!!!
I would appreciate your comments.

Posted by Taz

Well I shocked. I've purchased 4 BMW's from Russel BMW and have nothing but great service and excellent customer support. Whole I realize that you can't please everyone all of the time, Russel BMW certainly has pleased us to no end over the past 10 years. Sorry others haven't been as successful as we have been. Maybe you should consider looking at what you may have done or not done to make your experience either pleasant or unpleasant.

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