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BBVA Compass customer service is ranked #899 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 23 ratings. This score rates BBVA Compass customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend compass bank to my worst enemy! They just give you the runaround and don't give you back the money they owe you. I don't understand how anyone can work for a company like this and still sleep at night. I've been trying to collect the $2,040.00 that hey incorrectly took out of my account for the last 2 years. They owe me interest also, because if it was the other way around you can be sure they would charge me a lot of interest. Many, many other problems with them. For God's sake stay away from them!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service. Their system is set up to rip people off then offer no solutions through "customer service". Branch reps do not have any authority, customer service supervisors do not have any authority to over ride the "system" They outsource their phone rep jobs to India so you cannot understand what they are saying through half of the conversations....really tired of this being the norm in the USA. Sorry if that offends but it is the honest truth. They do prey on elderly people and slow people. Most banks send out a notice immediately when an account is overdrawn. Not this rat hole! They let my mom's account go hundreds of dollars negative and still never sent a thing. I took over POA on her accounts and discovered the issue, when then found out that no one has "authority" and supervisors say there's no "corporate contact info" in their system..."look online." Then you find that number and they let it ring a hundred times then hang up on you....when they answer, they have no clue what they are doing and that they're even listed as the "corp office." SIGH....then they try to transfer you to the proper "higher up" and you guessed it, the call hangs up AGAIN! ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS?! If they had not stolen more than 10 NSF charges from her account she would not be negative hundreds of dollars. Now they are going to take more than half of her SS check because they need that $38 for a $7 purchase. Thanks BBVA Incompetent

Posted by Ticked

Their service has reach rock bottom. I sent a request via their online banking to change our mailing address. The old and new addresses were both within the state of Alabama. I just received a confirmation that the mailito xxxxxx Gustine, CA 95322 !!??

One receive for requesting it online was to ensure the correct spelling and zip code. What in the world has happened to good customer service in America?

Posted by Mark

I also have nothing good to say about BBVA Compass. I am using my brother's email account to post my comments as I do not have an email account myself. In 2014, I opened an inherited IRA Time Deposit with BBVA Compass. Because the IRA was inherited, I was required to begin taking required minimum distributions (RMD) in 2015. My distributions (I thought), were setup to occur annually at the end of the year. I did not receive my first RMD which was due at the end of 2015. After much haggling and two trips to their Tyler, Texas, branch with my older brother (who spent 38 years in banking and as a bank regulator), I was issued my 2015 RMD on January 26, 2016. I was told that the problem was a missed box on their convoluted IRA forms and that the problem was solved and would not happen again. However, it is now April 17, 2017, and I have not yet received my RMD for 2016. To this day, I have not received a 1099-R for the 2015 RMD. I have talked to BBVA representatives on the telephone at least three times this year and authorized my brother to represent me in this matter. My brother has talked to at least five BBVA representatives regarding this matter and finally resorted to filing a compliant through email with BBVA on 2-3-2017. BBVA did not respond until 9 days later. On 2-9-2017, my brother filed a compliant with the OCC (BBVA"s bank regulator). OCC referred the compliant to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This was an unnecessary agency setup as the result of Obama's Dodd-Frank laws. This agency closed the compliant after BBVA sent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) correspondence (70 days later), stating that they could only deal with the consumer and not my brother. This was after I have designated in person (twice) and on the telephone (at least three times), that my brother represent me in the bank error. My brother told me that BBVA is the most incompetent banking organization he has seen in the last 40 years. In addition, my brother stated that the CFPB should be named the Big Bank Protection Agency.

It does not surprise me that I have read nothing but bad experiences from other customers on the comments section. BBVA does not know the meaning of the word CUSTOMER SERVICE. In my case, it would be simple to correct the bank error that led to my horrible 15-month ordeal. The bank miss-keyed the last two digits of my IRA Time Deposit account number when they completed the IRA Time Deposit Distribution form. My brother told that there is no need for the two forms. He stated the IRA distribution should be a section of the IRA Time Deposit; thus negating the possibility of the bank error that caused my 15-month nightmare. BBVA Compass has now subjected me to 50% IRS penalties on any RMDs not received in 2015 and 2016. To avoid these penalties, I need BBVA to send my 2016 RMD ASAP, and then to send a corrected 2015 1099-R for the RMD I received on January 26, 2016 (that was for 2015), and a corrected 1099-R for 2016 on the distribution that I hopefully receive ASAP. My brother stated that our next action is to seek legal remedy. My advice is to NEVER EVER LET FAMILY OR A FRIEND DO BUSINESS WITH BBVA COMPASS.

Posted by GaryMariadimassi2017

Good morning, this is Gary & Maria Crosby. We have been Compass Customers for years. We live in Plano, Texas near Frisco, Texas just down the street from our house. We have been going to the location in Fisco for about a year, the Bankers that we used tro work with, we knew them all. ALl wear either promoted or had moved on to different companies. So, one day we walked in to the Branch on Preston Road in Frisco. Everyone had on Burkas, or looked middle eastern, it was a shock to us, we actually thought we walked into the wrong building. This was on 03/09/2017. My son has a Purple Heart, and this was a very strange atmosphere. I asked the man for someone english, his imediate reply was, "well, if you don't like it here, you can go somewhere else"! I was stunned! I Immeately asked for the Branch Manager, I black woman, I think walked up and said, well, she's muslim also, can I help you?

I told her, I didn'nt feel conmfortable giving my personal information to muslims, I'm sorry, but that gut over there, dosent have the right to tell me to go to another branch. She apologized, and helped me with my transaction. I told her, I want the District manager to call me a.s.a.p.

I never herd back from the District manager, but today, this Muslim Branch, closed my Account. Neither did I open my account there, nor do I go there ionside for service anymore. This is rediculas. I called customer service, and demanded an answer!

The Rep. called Preston Road, and she said that due to my actions on March 09, 2017 in the Branch, because I made a compalint regarding muslims, they closed my account, and said I couldnt go to Compass anymore, and if I did, it would be considered harassement! This is communisim.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried for days to reach someone in the foreclosure department that could send

me to the superviser. I need someone to call Marc Batson So I can get

information to my attorney to save my house. This has been the worst experience

trying to reach someone to help me.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into a bbva bank in Clearlake on Bay area Blvd and there was this lady who was the MA ager I swear she was so rude and ugly to an employee there a young white girl, that lady needs to take her attitude in the back and not Air it out in front of customers, that one girls does so much there while 2 of the ladies do absolutely not a thing but gripe and expect the young girl to do everything, I will never open up an account there and I will tell everyone I meet about it too

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to work with you guys with you guy's regarding my debt i want to pay my debt i need a job I've been looking since before bbva gave me the line of credit. I have attended school for banking u can work as a T1 what would help both of us and bbva get their money back sooner offer me a job. I am more than willing to pay my debt i need the ability to do so if bbva really cares show it help me work to pay bbva back.

Posted by qzx888

Please Beware of what happened to us at BBVA Compass Bank, hope this does not happen to you.

WOW - Where to Start?

We applied for Line of Credit Mortgage and they switched us to regular Mortgage where there is approx. $4,000. fees - where Line of Credit is 'no fee charge'.

Okay we put in application, it has been over 2 months approx. and we started getting frustrated and emotional asking for service - as we were promised this process would be completed by the time our current mortgage is due. They promised right from the beginning to call us back within 24 hours (also bank policy) - we called over 30 times and never 'received' a return call 'at all'... We had to go to the branch and the branch of the mortgage rep many times to ask our questions... Many times local branch told us this is not right or BBVA Compass bank 'behavior' - (branch rep)emailed and called both mortgage rep and processor - told us they will call us same day - this happened so many times and believe it - they 'Never' called.

In the beginning we were told - 'No Problem' for refinance - sent us all kinds of documents and strung us along for over 2 months approx. - then when we started putting on pressure as our mortgage is coming due in 3 days from this writing - after going to mortgage rep branch again in person to complain and get update - that was Thursday or Friday - Monday we get a letter in mail 'Denial Letter'???

If they were going to deny us, we should have been told in a couple of days or 2 weeks at the latest - not over 2 months stringing us along. During the process right in the beginning with our application taken at branch - one of the forms ask us to sign was for appraisal and payment info. We told branch rep. 'we do not' want to give the payment info until the time appraisal is necessary after everything else is qualified - and 'ONLY' when we 'receive' an 'written conditional offer fro appraisal' from underwriter and we give a 'verbal okay' after reviewing written conditional offer to charge our payment. After talking about 'just' this subject for over 1/2 hour - 45 minutes with branch rep so we are all on the 'same page' ...
Branch rep agreed as told us we must sign with payment info for appraisal to show underwriter we are serious about our refinance. Of course we are serious and with verbal agreement from branch rep 'not to take appraisal money' until we get to the point above - to our 'Surprise' - we found out 'the very next day'- this money was taken ($441.00) 'Without our Permission Illegally' ... we asked branch rep, mortgage rep and processor to 'Return our Hard Earned Money' 'many, many times' including last Thursday/Friday - we checked today and 'Never Returned'... I am sure this is Illegal.

BBVA Compass Bank also 'changed our House Insurance' 'into the bank's name' and as our house insurance year is being renewal in 1 month - BBVA also 'changed' that BBVA be billed for our house insurance - we always pay our own house insurance .... I was wondering why we never received the renewal and payment amount? this is also 'illegal' - we 'only' put in an application - and then denied - so what gives BBVA Compass bank the legal right to change our house insurance from our 'current' mortgage company to their name. They only has the right to verify insurance.

The Hardship - The Extra Stress - is causing a lot of Health Damage
Nobody seems 'to Care' - as of this point at BBVA Compass Bank - or what they have put us through to this point...

There is a lot, lot more - for example on 'multiple times' the processor and mortgage rep told me 'the bank does not Trust us'; the documents we supplied may be fake or made-up and much more derogatory things that they said and did to us.
'This is not any way to be Treated by anyone - never mind a suppose to be Trusted Bank... it makes you feel so low - when you have done nothing wrong - only applied for refinance.

The way we have been treated you would think we are bad people. No we are in our 60's and 'Never' been in trouble with the law our whole lives - over many years credit score is one of highest most bank officers have ever seen. It is very hard and difficult to maintain a high credit score and should show a lot of Responsibility... Being told by processor and mortgage we are 'not trusted' and 'we may be making up fake and false forms' is incredible - why have we been talked down to?

Approx. a month ago we receive a letter, only waiting for one form/letter from HR to complete the approval process. (we have this documented) The reason they wanted this letter from HR - processor told me that 'the pay stubs and W-2 for the last 2 years could be fake and made-up) - we want to know directly from HR that you really work there and your pay stubs and W-2's are not fake-made-up... The company has a private company that verifies these things ask for $19.00 - the bank held this up for weeks as the processor says the bank 'does not' want to pay $19. ???

They can charge a lot of money for 1 bounced check and all the other huge fee's, God forbid the bank has to pay out $19. and make a big deal over it??? Why?
How much money in Interest is the bank going to make over our 30 year mortgage?
I told processor okay if the bank does not want to pay the $19. - just email or fax the forms to us and we will take them to HR personally and ask them to send it back to you directly. Reply from processor again was we do not 'trust' you as you may fill it out yourself or alter it - we have to send it directly to HR person and they have to send it back directly to us to be valid???

What difference does it make who takes it to HR? If the form/letter is being returned directly from HR - you will know if the questions you ask has been altered, you can call and 'Verify' directly from HR person that they actually filled out the form and sent it back... No we 'are not Trusted' is said again.

As I said there is a lot more - all documented

Please Beware of our Experience to make your own Decisions - this is what happened to us, Hope this does not happen to you
Today is 6/12/2015

Posted by Arthur6

My name is Harvard and I am not too tech savy and keep forgetting my password and username for the website, each and every time I forget I have to call the online phone line. I hate calling them because it takes more than 5 minutes to reset my password and they must not know how to talk to old people because I take a long time to type and it seems like the call drags on. Don't blame me for making mistakes or taking a long time, just don't keep me on the phone for a long time.

Posted by Anonymous

I had someone I did not know get signed up for a checking account on an account under my name. BBVA also opened up a credit card for them linked to my name. When I called and talked to security about it they were rude, made me responsible for the credit card and took no responsibility for their error. When I called corporate office all I got was a ringing phone and then disconnected....TWICE. I have two hundred thousand in this bank or I should say I used to have two hundred thousand in this bank......

Posted by Anonymous

If you want to see pure incompetence in action, just call the dispute department and talk to one of the investigators. I had a fraud situation and the investigator called to discuss. He started interrogating me and acting like I was the criminal. It took them over a month to investigate and then denied my claim even though the merchant allowed someone to use my card number and sign with a completely different name than the one on the card. This is still on-going. If you have Compass Bank and want to be protected by your financial institution, take your business somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

They have the worst customer service ever. Their website never updates the value of investments. You can't get tax statements from them. It takes them forever to fix problems. They are a foreign bank that just doesn't care anything about the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

This bank is terrible with getting out 1099 tax statements. They are always 6 to 8 weeks late with getting them to me. I don't know how they can legally do that. You call and they act like they don't care.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible banking for home loans. You have to keep all your records because they don't know how to add and subtract. Unreal and you don't get help, they claim they will call you back and they understand, blah blah blah, never again would I ever get a loan with them. Very sad

Posted by Joann

I have had a PO Box over 20 years at your Jordan Lane Branch in Huntsville AL, I got married and requested name change in 2004 & 2008, I have been signing into the box as it appears on all paperwork that was changed at the Jordan lane Branch but not at the headquarters the request forms are in the folder but was never processed by corporate. Legal office & the branch manager is saying the only way I will be able to go into my box is with a copy of my marriage license, I wanted to close this account on this date, I was not allowed access to the box nor could I close the account they are saying until I bring in a copy of my marriage license I am denied access. The box rent is due on today and will be delinquent after today, your attention to this matter will greatly be appreciated. I will not be doing any business with Compass again due to this unnecessary hassle for what belongs to me and the way I am being treated as a customer.

Posted by Rock Hound

I had appalling service at the Sterling Ridge branch in The Woodlands, TX, followed by the branch manager's attitude that they could care less if they had my account or not. After being a customer for over 15 years I am changing banks.

Posted by xxxxxx

I have had a car loan with BBVA since February 2013. Every month I have had the loan this incompetent company has not been able to get it straight even though I have had them set up auto-pay since the loan started. I have had a phone calls and a deliquent notice every month and I have had to call each month to get it staightened out. I stopped auto pay and they were unable to accept Bill pay. They have had my money for over 21 days stuck somewhere in there system. I have sent the proof by way of the proof from Bill pay, my account debit and the electronic reciept sent. Really 9 months of incompetence and it is still ongoing.

Posted by Anonymous

How your bank remains in business is beyond me. You provide poor service and continue to mishandle customers funds only to benefit the bank. To all who have experienced the BBVA abuse go to Amegy they care about their customers and walk the talk!

Posted by Anonymous

Their mortgage department is awful. They are not very proactive in getting things done. They wait to the very last minute and then don't have everything they need. They have a great first time buyer program but when it takes 60+ days to close a loan for buyers with excellent credit something is very wrong on their end.
If you have time to wait and are a first time buyer then it is a good program but be prepared for major delays when it comes to processing.If you need any other type of loan I would go elsewhere.

Posted by Mary Sprang

I have been a customer for 5 yrs. Our bank is at 99th & bell in Sun City. When we walk in everyone knows us and it has the feeling of a small town bank. Guillermo Gastelum has be a life saver for us on more that one occasion. He is alway there for us even when it has to be done over the phone. We also like the convenience of being able to bank in any city. Guillermo and Miranda Kitts are very good at there jobs. I wish everyone could have people like these at there bank.

Posted by skip

I wrote a 4.50 check the bank took 450.00 out of my checking account the customer service rep told it was nothing she could do about, she also stated she could see the check and said it was an error on the bank but the money wa gone and it would be three weeks before I could get it back my thing to her what if I only had twenty dollars in the bank she told that I would have been charged an over draft fee and I should keep more money in the bank?????????????

Posted by [email protected]

I've been a customer of this bank - formerly Guaranty since 1978. I'm referring to the one on Kingwood Dr., in Kingwood, TX. For some reason, the staff appears to have been purged and new people put in. Nobody knows us any more, but, more importantly, they are abismally slow. I was at the drive-up window waiting for the gentleman in the remote drive-up to get his transaction finished. The clerk left the window area THREE times. I've already fired the pharmacy that I had for 30+ years, and now
I'm disgusted with BBVA Compass. Things were fine. Why do corporations insist on "fixing" things that aren't broken?

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