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BB&T customer service is ranked #757 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 150 ratings. This score rates BB&T customer service and customer support as Terrible.


145 Negative Comments out of 150 Total Comments is 96.67%.


5 Positive Comments out of 150 Total Comments is 3.33%.

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    • 23.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 145 negative comments (96.67%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.33%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.6 Reachability
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    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of BB&T for 40 years. I have used BB&T for all of my banking needs. The complaint that I have is in reference to the closing of the main bank in Glasgow, KY. I have a safe deposit box that I had to close out at this branch and move to another branch approximately fifteen miles further out. I could not find my key (to the safe box), therefore, I had to pay the bank $150.00 to have someone drill open the box. This procedure took about two minutes!! I was still signing papers and writing the $150.00 check!! I realize the bank probably views this as an inconvenience, but, my gosh, they received $150.00 from every person that needed this done. In retrospect, my opinion is that it was more of an inconvenience for me (and others having to do the same thing) because of having to move contents to another bank and paying $150.00 to do so!! I definitely do not feel I was treated as a valued customer! I am considering moving my banking business to another facility.

Posted by Maria

I have been trying to call BB&T for a simple question about my account and seems impossible. This is the worst bank i have ever worked with.!

Posted by Anonymous

When calling your client customer service center, when the call is connected the service center needs to identify themselves as BB&T Customer Service or BB&T card services. I do not feel comfortable entering my credit card number to an electronic answering center who does not identify themselves. Thank you

Posted by Zille

I am a biggest fan of BB&T but I find it very difficult to talk to a live person. I do all my banking online but when I need to speak to a person, I find it easy to travel to a branch than calling a customer service number. The IVR system puts you through several options and a long wait time.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a phone call this morning at 4.55 am wanting me to verify a transfer of $42,000. i know nothing about this. Please call me and let me know what this is about.

Posted by Syosmith147

I opened my 2016 year end statement listing, printed December, them, it would not open any other months for me. I need the other 11 months to do my taxes. Would someone release them, open them, or something?

Thank you.

Sy O. Smith

Posted by Anonymous

COLD and NONCARING. This bank does Not care. If you want not even a 50.00 advancement the answer is NO. Against procedures. What does this bank have to offer? NOT MUCH.We are just a NUMBER. Not a PERSON. Disgusting.

Posted by Anonymous

This bank is horrible and if I knew I'd be locked out of my account all the time when there's no fraud I would have taken my business elsewhere.I don't appreciate waiting to speak with a representative forever to just be hung up on when I never did anything wrong!I HATE THIS BANK! No one should bank with BB&T they are incompetent!

Posted by hmudrak

Held a deposit on friday did not tell me. New tellers. Holiday weekend. San carlo s florida. Could not biy gas for work today. Holding deposit til Sept 13. My customers never returned a check. Hubby went to put gas in car as a favor to me. Now I am in a bad way. Thanks new tellers st san carlos florida. Where are my real tellers.

Posted by Anonymous

You shouldn't have to beg someone to change your address. You shouldn't post instructions that don't work. BB&T has the worst customer service simply because you can't get to them!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible Bank. All they do transfer to different people hold times half hour.

Posted by Anonymous

without a doubt you have THE WORST customer service on the planet. You list a number to speak to a live person then say it is invalid. You accuse me of not paying my mother's final bill when my bank shows you have cashed the check.
My mother passed away, I have paid her last bill, you send unpleasant letters, my brother called to straighten things out and the customer service agent wouldn't talk to him. And you have no email address I can send the copy of the cashed check to which clearly shows I have paid the bill. Please send me an email address immediately so I can clear this up.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently moved to Palencia/St. Augustine, Fl. I've made 2 attempts to open a "simple" acct with BB & t and have just received yet another denial from them. Are you serious???? Yet, I provide Motor Vehicle with the same ID's and get approved in less than an hour....Go figure..I opened my first account online, (my suggestion: sets red flags with auditors immediately and will deny account), 2nd attempt showed an actual FL. license and just got a letter of denial AGAIN...I was looking for the CONVENIENCE but, truthfully, not even worth the effort.. I suggest moving on, not even worth it... I also would like to note, I can now see why their lobbies are always vacant.....

Posted by BANKSonlyCareAboutWithdrawingFro

I'm so ANGRY at BB&T! I opened my accounts many years ago. Currently I don't reside in US. I noticed that since some time ago the bank withdraws money from savings or any other kind of account and every time I ask on phone why, they simply have no answers and get me dizzy with nonsense. Or they never reply to my emails. I'm being taken about $23 a month and still don't know why. THOSE ARE MY SAVINGS!!! I don't get any benefit from the bank so I don't understand why they keep charging me. I keep and keep writing and no answers.

Has anyone experienced the same as I have? Is this withdrawing logical? Even for no-interest accounts like mine (savings)? Maybe I'm so outdated at banking regulations I should simply take my savings away from these people.

Posted by Anonymous

wow really people?! 30+ min waiting for rep to talk with and still waiting... not good people

Posted by tommonte

Worst online banking service there is. Constantly locks-out your account and almost impossible to reset passwords. Phone service is non-existent if you wish to speak to a live person. I'm ready to leave for another bank.

Posted by disappointed cs

This is by far the worst bank ever. They prey on the little people. Their unwillingness to rectify their wrongs shows that this bank has no moral or ethical standards.

Posted by lj

I had a terrible time trying to get a human on the phone, endless automated questions, only to be told (automated again) that there is a long hold time. I have the extra security questions, locked my account for wrong attempts - though I entered the sign on and password correctly. Now I can't see my account of pay bills because it is locked! The girl on the phone was no help, wanted me to go to a local branch - if I do that, it will be to remove my money permanently!

Posted by Dissapointed

BB&T has the WORST customer service I've ever experience! Automated ph service makes is worthless and when finally gets you transfered to a "human" those human are just as worthless with not a brain cell. They messed up my mortgage loan more than once. I will never recommend these clowns to anyone. I can't wait to pay of my loan and never have to deal eeith BB&T ever agsib!

Posted by A Screwed BB&T ex customer

The BB&T branch in Fort Myers is the worst place to do business. I live abroad and they made my life miserable every time I needed something related to my account. Impossible to call them from abroad, they put you on hold forever, switch you from extension to extension or hang up. The lady in charge of this branch, Mrs. MYERS, even refused taking phone calls having her clerks tell that she was off, when I could verify that she was actually in,cans aware of my calls. She went to the extent of rejecting a check I signed from my account, and I was forced to fly to the USA to resolve the issue and close my account. The worse? Nobody immediately above her cares, it appears that they cover each other's Butts, and upper management of the bank ignores how much business they are losing because of this branch and employee. Just read the reviews and their Facebook page reviews too...

Posted by Anonymous

I have a szizeable account at bb&t,but to get a live person on the phone is IMPOSSIBLE. I am tempted to take my money to a bank that's more Customer-friendly!

Posted by TBD

I entered the numbers provided above (4,2,1). Then I entered my SSN & then #, then entered my 4 digit ID number, THEN enter #*, THEN 0. Of course this is only after being hung up on my their phone system several times (it would ring 4 or 5 time) and when it answered, I received a busy signal and was hung up on.
I had to call because on my way home from a motorcycle tip from Fl. I stopped at a hotel to sleep and eat. When I went to pay for my food, my debit card had been declined. This is the 3rd time this has happened without one call from them to ensure everything was ok.
If it wasn't for the awesome people I deal with at the local branch, I would have closed my account after the 2nd time they cut my card off and left me moneyless while on the road!!!
Good luck and be ready to be on hold FOREVER!

Posted by Antje Kipp

There is not BBT customer service OR support. That number is 100% automated and a phone bank. Their ' fraud ' line is manned by real, live human beings. There is a reason for that.

Our employee had her account hacked by Nigerians. They did the whole check-swap thing, depositing 2 checks and withdrawing money. BBT's fraud department began calling the victim. They told the victim she was a conspirator along with the criminals. She tried to find customer support. Again, there is none, merely an endless series of numbers given to her at a ' fraud ' line. The fraud people called her 9 times on Christmas Eve, literally yelling at her. This continues after Christmas. She was a thief, they accused her of being involved in the theft and was responsible for ' repaying ' the money with an ' overdraft ' loan. 5K worth, for people who had never had that amount. Other people became involved. She became suicidal. We tried mightily to get BBT's customer support, thinking this so dire someone would surely listen. There is none. We explained to the fraud people no one in this woman's house had online banking, a Kindle App or knew anyone in Nigeria. She had been told she had all 3. BBT's screaming representative yelled at her, saying she signed her ' name ' hence was responsible. I told her no, all thieves ' sign ' their name. It was a lie regardless. We have a copy of the ' transaction '. It is not the victim's name. We asked for customer support, or anything like it at corporate HQ. It is a phone bank. BBT, in lieu of the ' over draft ', told this woman ( whose husband had his money from work sent to that bank ) they were allowed to swipe ALL money in their account. And they did. First they froze the account, with no notice, then swiped every, single penny this working class couple had. No food in the house, no bills paid, nothing. AND, no customer service. They now owe a ton of money. ALL the other large companies this couple had to deal with as a result of this were extremely helpful. ATT, Frontier, Comcast and PPL and others HAD customer service numbers. People there were very understanding of her situation and allowed her time to make payments.

It has been a sickening experience. I've never seen a company with NO customer service or a bank which yells at customers and literally is allowed to swipe your money. OH, did I forget to mention they accused her of being a thief but oddly did not go to the police? She did. Filed the incident with the state police, since BBT failed to. You would think that would be another customer service job.She is still out hundreds of dollars, the money was indeed taken by BBT, this has never been explained. No one has investigated it despite numerous complaints. The complaints have not been made to BBT however and why? Very hard to leave a complaint with a phone bank. This is a scary, scary bank.

Worse, we had her neighbor, predictably another working cwoman with no resources, come to us saying the same thing. Same story, BBT had frozen her account. Guess what? She could not find customer service to help her. BBT told her that HER account had been hacked and she was responsible for the money.

Posted by Connie walset

This is the crappiest ever. Where are these people ? What do I need to do to speak to a person!

Posted by Connie walser

Trying to talk to someone is impossible. I have tried for weeks. Contact me @. When & what number can I call to speak with someone

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Posted by Anonymous

Matthew (mortgage) & Brittany (insurance/escrow) in Customer Service were both really great today. Phone system to get to them...STUNK! The fact that BBT doesn't accept bi-weekly payments - STINKS!

But neither of those items were the fault of Matthew and Brittany. They were professional, knowledgable and friendly. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to send a possitive comment to amanda centennial from the Gaithersburg, md branch on 467 n fredrick ave she helped me submit a wire transfer after I gave her wrong info but corrected it and it went thru on time.she always does everything possible to help me I really appreciate

Posted by Sue

Cameron Leonard at Cary NC branch is the best. I'm a BB&T customer for almost 10 years. I have no problem with the customer service with this branch. The teller at the drive-through is very nice. Today experience is excellent. I took my friend who doesn't know how to do online banking. Cameron is helped us out with the very clear and throuroughly step by step. Very impressive.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently wrote a complaint concerning lowering my equity line. After a few days of complaining the local branch finally received approval for my request. I have to give my local branch a thumbs up for hanging in there and fighting for the customers.

Posted by naydana

Wow many of these comments are so negative if i was a wanteing to bank with bbt i'd run the other way but I've been banking with bbt for 2years now,, And they have always been great I never having trouble reaching a live person I hit option number one for existing checking accounts, enter my social 4 digit pen number them *# then 0 nd i get a live person i dont even wait for the automated lady to finish i get a rep really quickly... I accidently went into over draft and they waived a $140 fine I turned off Overdraft fee's after that i'd rather my card just get delined than have each debit charged $35. But anyways Their reps have never given me a problem and are mostly helpful.. Oh and i normally call frequently at least one a month or every other months sometimes up to four times.. !!

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