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244 Negative Comments out of 255 Total Comments is 95.69%.


11 Positive Comments out of 255 Total Comments is 4.31%.

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    • 244 negative comments (95.69%)
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Posted by Heather

Hi I'm Heather Hays and I'm an Avon representative...I bought a dress and it's to big I like to return it...

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a dress for about 25 dollars from on line. My entire order was near $100. I got the items and like them but the dress didnt work, way too large so I returned it. Still havent recd a acknowledgement nor the $ in my account that I used to purchase from Avon.
I could use the money. Wont order again until I see if Avon is good for their word!

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it taking so long to get my refund for an item, a dress, I returned a month ago. I bought other items for nearly $100 and paid promptly but you aren't following your refund and returning my $25 asap? Whats going on with Avon. I bought on line so don't have a rep to complain to. Help!

Posted by Avon representative :(

Avon is ridiculous these days.

Sorry to say but the company has gotten real bad and they owe me round figures $80 and have been trying to get that money off of them for 2 months or so now.

They keep going the way they are and not pay me back my money then I will be looking into going to court about this.

I need that money back asap as I have a child to try and look after and this isn't helping me.

Posted by MiniLipstickLady.com

Avon is going & has gone through alot of changes since being sold in the US 2 years ago. Please I luv Avon & have sold now for 29years. Do not be dis-heartened.. Avon is getting better & better everyday! If you need to order or just have ?'s contact me Anytime

Posted by dbuerg

I am an AVON rep and am trying to process a return for Espira products (their new healthcare line). I can't do it online and none of the numbers I have found online, on my rep site or even the ones that a recorded message gives me work. :(

Posted by msutton

I have been using Imari perfume for years but the fragrance has changed. It's not even close to the one that used to come in the maroon spray bottle. It's sad that the company chose to change something that has sold well.

Posted by ShoBurr26

You guys, you have to know that Avon is not what it use to be. They tell us that the customer can return items after 120 days or so, but who needs to take that long to decide if the item is even liked or fit. Call your representative in 5 days and tell her to pick it back up, she will more likely have the refund in cash. Just be greatful he/she is giving you at credit towards the item You really want. After that time frame, I always issue a credit. The shipping and books are not free, so the money is needed on that. As far as returns...it was definitely a hassle in the beginning sending items back,but it is now convienent. It is one free return/ month. It definitely won't hurt to order off their Avon rep's website, so you can get the merchandise with free shipping/ handling with a $40 order and try to get your refund that way if returned. Avon is just getting back to being a lucrative business with the Health and Wellness back in the game now. I been selling Avon now for 7 years and I live their products but their customer service needs alot of help....And INVENTORY...They need to revamp slot of things!!...

Posted by randi

Ordered sneakers month ago 28.00 no back did not like them not fit gave money and snekers and receipt i have nothing

Posted by Aqua

Hi just want to know if the the bra is also applicable for exchange?i just brought a bra and there's a broken thread near the pad.im worried because the price of the bra is not cheap thats why i want a new one for that kind of bra.the item is in complete tags and packaging.but the reseller or distributor said that she cannot replace it because its a "bra"is that true?

Posted by Rose Marcells

I would like to express my concern about merchandise that I returned from last year and still haven't received my refund yet.

Posted by LID

Avon WAS very nice products company in until 90th. What is going on there now, is a mess. I received 2 boxes of kit with same samples. Those samples were good in 19th century! The return is a problem. Will see how I it happens.

Posted by Anonymous

Please give me a working #, to get ahold of someone for a return! I tried 2 diff. #'s and no luck. I am trying to return item without going thru rep., who is in another State. plus it is a very busy time of year. Thank You

Posted by Returning of product asap


I stay in Vasai,city- Mumbai,country - India.

I had bought Avon kit from your representative but due to some skin problems my doctor has ask me not to use any skin product for sometime.

I have not collected my product from representative yet and requested her to return to company but she is not aware of the policy n procedure.

Request you to help me in returning the product asap.

Posted by Rosario

From borongan city,Eastern Samar.purchased this afternoon, 27 of October 2017,to be exact.is it true that we(dealer) cannot return and exchange the item/s purchased?i purchased a medium size 3 in 1 Hanes brief and mouve lipstick.want it change to large size brief and superb plum lipstick,they didn't allow me.i was informed before the recruitment that there is NO RETURN/NO EXCHANGE POLICY HERE IN AVON BORONGAN CITY BRANCH.but unavoidable circumstances sometime do occur.

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot find an address for Avon with a US address so that I can file complaints with AG, BBB and whoever else need to contact regarding your shoddy, unscrupulous way of obtaining "Free shipping with American Express" card information at chechout. But at checkout saying must be "$40.00 or more." Just like anybody else!
Don't trust this business! Forewarned is forearmed.

Posted by ce cee

If you purchase your avon through a representatives e-store it is a different ball game you need to contact avon for return number for e-stores and there is most likely a shipping charge. Better to go through a trusted rep and order it old way for returns.

Posted by ce cee

Avon has a 120 day return policy you can return anything within a 120 days. Go through a trustworthy rep. Also on lipstick and lotion it must be used by c1ustomer in order for rep to send it back other wise rep will have to send it back unused

Posted by ce cee

I am a avon rep been reading the comments. Just so you know a avon rep gets one free return monthly and if you use a consumable product such as lipstick, lotion, etc and are not happy the rep is not required to return the product to Avon. So you can keep your product and receive a credit. One thing I see in the comments are the consumers returning it themselves always return through your rep. Returns work through trusted reps!

Posted by MONA'S

I decided to become an Avon representative and ordered my kit costing $50.00. I found out soon after I wasn't going to be able to continue to sell the product due to personal conflicts in my family life and the business aspect of the company so I called customer service and they informed me that all I needed to do was refuse the package when it arrived and I would be issued a refund to be sent as soon as they got the kit back and processed it. That was on June 23rd and on the 28th of June I refused the kit and UPS proceeded to take the kit back to the store and returned it to Avon. It was received back at Avon the first week in July and I received an email stating they had gotten it back and would begin processing the refund immediately and in 6to 8 weeks I should have my refund. It is now September 22nd and I still have no refund. Upon calling customer service today I have been informed it has not yet been issued and to give them a few more days to find out what happened to my refund. So please if you are trying to get a refund you need to keep on them and make sure they are processing it. DO NOT wait over two months like I did only to find out they do not know what is happening and why it has not been sent. Am very, very disappointed in this company which I have held in HIGH REGARD for over 65 years. Someone has no idea of what is going on with them. I will no longer buy from them and certainly will never again be a representative with this association. They take their money up front but then do not keep their word when it comes to their side of the arrangements. I give this company a minus 100. Good products but very unreliable customer service and moral standards. It is not a good place to be employeed or buy products from. NOT DEPENDABLE OR REPUTABLE AS THEY WERE 70 YEARS AGO. HAVE GONE DOWN HILL IMMENSELY AND YOU CAN'T TAKE ANYTHING THEY SAY TO HEART. THEY ARE LIARS IN THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND REFUND POLICY. CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

Posted by Anonymous Avon rep

Avon tells you that there was a no hassle returns but they charge the reps for returns and if they feel the rep does too many returns they punish them by restricting there access to refunds and exchanges.

Posted by ,dianne

If produce not available and on back several campaigns which was paid for can money be refunded and items cancelled


I Ordered A Lipstick, When It Was Delivered To Me, I Realized That I Had The Same Color. When I Asked The Rep To Return It Or Exchange It, She Stated That She Has To Pay For Any Returns And She Refused To Return It. I Will Never Order From Avon Again. Your Reps Need Training On Returning Products Or Avaon Needs To Make It Profitable For The Rep To Return, But Not At The Expense Of The Rep. Avon Has Lost It's Reputation.

Posted by Carken

I'm a new Avon rep and I need to send a return. There is no return form on the back of my invoice. What now?

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an item from my avon rep; paid via check which was cashed ASAP
The item did not fit.....I returned it..NO REFUND..Rep said I had a 'credit' for a future order...WTH??? a credit???

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Posted by SA chick

Hi, I am a proudly South African young lady. I've been buying Avon products since Ive started working and have always loved them especially buying them as gifts.

I am just a little disappointed that I bought an eyeliner from Avon and had a really bad allergic reaction whereas the following day my eyes would be blood shot red, itchy, teary with crusts on my lashes. I would literally look like a sick/hungover drunk....(by the way I do not drink). This had happened even when I wipe my make up off.
I decided to chuck the product and not make a big deal out it - I've always worn their eyeliners etc... So now I stay far away from it.

Now I have developed a love for their jewellry and sadly now the diamond ear lobe clip (which i lovvve wearing)...but it hurts me after wearing it for an hour - it feels like my ear will fall off!

I'm really disappointed - i still buy everything else, but im sure i'm gonna start hating Avon as soon as one more thing goes wrong...

So AVON...as a loving and loyal customer, please will you reformulate your eyeliners? Your target market are women and they have sensitive skin and blah blah. As for the ear clips - I stopped in my tracks when i saw the new earings and wouldnt buy it. Please will you make the top clip a bit wider? SA women have a lot more of everything on their bodies... my earlobes might just be too thick hahaha.

But please...pretty please. FIX your product.
oohh and I love my Avon rep :)


Posted by Veronica

I would like to say that over the years Avon has become a vital part of reaching so many esspect of customers needs

You have done a wonderful job

But I am a survival of breast cancer

and I use to order many beautiful bras from you

But since I lost both breast

I feel a little let down because you have not tap in on the tremendous opportunity to launch bras for us to feel beautiful and wear

Especially the ones that are for women who just had their surgery

They are soft yet in expensive front button bras with velcro until we heal for the more expensive ones

I thought I would put this out here for you

I believe you have the staff to motivate this idea to your customers and also the young girls who are facing breast cancer can now order colorful bras and feel beautiful

Posted by Narrowroadtravels

I have purchased many items from Avon and returned several. I have always gotten two confirmation emails and a prompt return of my money.

Posted by Anonymous

Now I understand why I have only scams comming in and no real customers for all these years. The complaints out number the good. I have a question is the website really in the eyes of the shopping public? Are we being scamed by the website?

Posted by The Avon Lady

So sorry to hear of alot of the bad comments about Avon. So I will add a good one! I have been selling avon for 3 years. All good! I have a great relationship with the District Manager and she is very helpful. Avon has some back orders sometimes but what company doesn't. It has great training online.. do the training. If you want to sign up you can use rhondavelasquez as your reference code at startavon.com and you will land in my downline. I am available by phone, text and email to answer any questions and I work Avon = All The Time! That is probably why I'm successful. It is my priority. I don't blow off meetings as unimportant. It is part of the job and they are important.

Posted by Anonymous

Just met Tammi Levsen, 100% for product knowlege... free samples w/out asking. If in the area, this is a Avon rep. u want!

Posted by MargieW62

I have used the same Avon Rep since she started. Occasionally I do end up with a couple products missing here and there. She will correct it and usually notifies me before the products are here. She also emails Avon and tells them she's missing products and wants them IMMEDIATELY! It's funny a supposed "backordered" product they tell her about will be in her mailbox in 1-3 days. She's also very upfront. She works full time and just sells Avon on the side. I've never had a problem with her and have gotten her multiple customers and they all agree with me that she's a great rep. You can shop her online store at youravon.com/brandibigou. She also gives a 10% discount for life to her online only customers, you just have to let her know before you place the order. She's vey honest and reliable.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I was so disappointed to learn that Avon Instant Vacation fragrance. That fragrance was renamed Tahitian Holiday but the ingredieats remained the same and it was delightful. I know you are now selling the Mark Instant Vacation but the label includes a different blend of ingredients changing the beauty of the original scent. The origianl Instant vacation was like the first breath of summer, refreshing, unique and delightful. Please reconsider and offer the original product again. Thank you for your time. sincerely a disappointed customer.

Posted by avonshopper

Avon bends over backwards to get every item out to every rep. Sometimes there are shorted items, especially at Christmas, but what other company doesn't experience the same thing? I have never had a problem with their customer service. A Representative is an independent sales person, she is not an employee of Avon. Avon has a customer service number, 513 551 2866 and a returns address for customer returns if you can't locate your rep to get a refund or an exchange. 181 Progress Place attn Customer Returns, Springdale, OH 45246. You include the information inside about you and your order, and whether or not you want a refund or an exchange, and they promptly process it for you. Reps who complain about Avon do so because they don't know how to run a business or use their customer's money to pay their own personal bills. Ordering online eliminates any of the hassle of dealing with such an individual and the service is outstanding!

Posted by hi

Fantastic overall.

Posted by akaribear

Unfortunatly I have to agree with everyone on here about how Avon uses their reps & don't take care of them well. On the other hand the only way I have EVER dealt with problems with them is online. I don't like contacting any manager or people on the phone. I ONLY contact them if need be (like the very last question I answered for the screen name jouphillluton on here at 11:33 AM on June 29th, 2011. It is possible to do it all 99% of the time online & get the job done properly. The only problem is that it's hard to get anyone to spend their money online. I've tried to over a year & a half now & I'm so very much in the hole on this thing that I'm trying to let everyone know online that there IS a good rep out there that WILL get your orders done properly. I don't give up & Avon has ALWAYS fixed what they've wronged me. They just can only do it properly when you're online, but the online customers aren't there. I just wish I could get a chance to show people there's a REAL Avon Lady who cares in Mobile, AL & she's more than willing to help you. If you want to see for yourself please contact me at [email protected] . You can also see my site at youravon.com/kcarter3168 . I'm in this for the long run. I've put this much into it & I refuse to quit. There is 1 person left for sure who's ready to make Avon what it used to be.

P.S. I put product/service knowledge as a 10 because if I don't know the anwser I research it TIRELESSLY until I find that answer. All of these 10's an Possitive ratings are what I personally can give you. They haven't messed me over yet after a year & a half & I will not tollerate them messing an order up.

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Posted by O.O

I am an Avon rep. who is tired of all the things we reps. have to put up with Avon. Yes, what all you people are saying it is true. I am on the black list for returning stuff my custumers don't like, don't want because they are big or broken or damaged. They say Iam on the list of the person who returns more products nationaly. Sorry, but that is your policy "AVON" not mine. And I still have to be the one that has to pay for the returns. I have to wait and wait until they give me credit for those returns. After 7 or 8, I don't see my earnings or my business growing.

Posted by Lea

I am a new rep at Avon. I was expecting a direct deposit into my account for commission, instead they sent me merchandise. Now I am stuck with merchandise and was told sell the stuff to your customers and keep what you sell. Some of the stuff I will never sell. Where is my commission??? I got ripped off that's what. I started because I needed extra INCOME that translates to CASH, not MERCHANDISE> I am so disappointed and feel ripped off!!!
I hope Avon reads this comment and makes good on their "promise"

Posted by Anonymous

I am a part time employee of the Zanesville plant in Ohio. I have been there over two years,I was told I was going to be one of the first people called in for full time. I wasn't which isn't a big deal now that I know how the hiring process at the plant is unethical. I am also a college student and have a HR class I am doing a paper for. To that end, I have a question. Do all of the other plants openly and admittedly go against company policy to hire the people they want before they hire the people who followed the procedures to get hired or is it just Zanesville? As I said it's no big deal because I have no intention on accepting a full time position with the company because of the hiring practice. I am only asking because I have a paper due in my HR class and it's on company ethics. I have chosen Avon, and would like to be able to use a reliable source since it's obvious that won't come from the Zanesville plant.

Posted by Avonboutiquegirl

I've worked at An Avon Boutique for about three years now, and it's awesome. I love my Job. I love Avon's Products. But I HATE their service. It's sucks on so many levels. If they aren't sending me damaged products, they're back-ordering everything on my list,Or cancelling crucial items on my orders without even telling me. I had a customer who waited almost a month for her back orders, only to be told at the end that they were completely unavailible after all. Just the way they pack the boxes is awful. everything just thrown in with no regard to breakables or organization. Once I recieved a bottle of Naturals vanilla body spray, and the Plastic bottle was almost FOLDED IN HALF. it looked like it had been run over by a forklift. I can't sell that to my customers. My delivery man isn't much better. awhile back we had a really good delivery man. he was always on time, never left a single box outside the door, or where it wasn't supposed to be. then Avon switched delivery companies or routes or something. and now we have a new delivery man. he's nice. but he never does what he's supposed to. Once he got to the store before we were open, and he stacked my WHOLE order outside in front of the door, where anyone could have walked right up and stolen all of it. he has special instructions for if we're not there.They have the code to the doors on record at avon. and he should know how to get in. even right down to the handles on the sides of all the avon boxes. they say right on the handle "NOT for delivery use. for represenative use ONLY" and he still uses them... Like I said. I love the products, just can't stand the service. They need to get their act together, and start figuring out how to be better at their Jobs. this is ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

i was a rep. thinking it would be a good way to make a little extra money on the side. i didn't make any money so i closed out my account feb 1 2013. returned the extra stuff i had. was told after 30 days of closing my account that i would get a refund within 2 weeks after the 30 days and still haven't gotten my money. now i'm being told that my website wasn't closed till the 5th of march and it would take 30 days after that.

Posted by HappyAvonLady

I have been a rep since June of 2010 and don't regret a minute of it! I have a great upline that is always available to help, a wonderful DM that is also always available. This year I will have made President's Club for the second time and have met many great people along the way. Yes, there have been some frustrations along the way but all in all, so far it's been a very enjoyable experience. I have always been treated well by anyone I've contacted at Avon and truly do feel appreciated. I've never encountered anyone, either potential or current customers that have had anything negative to say about Avon.
Avon and reps like myself provide customers with quality products at very reasonable prices. As a rep, I'm rewarded for the work I put into my business and have earned many nice rewards.

Posted by Avon Rocks

I've had a great experience with Avon, my neighbour signed me up last June. The only problems I've had is 1 order mess up, 3 products which were not ordered and after phoning about that, I got to keep them.
Their lines are usually busy, but thats because there are 1000's of reps to serve, just keep trying!
Great deals always capture my customer's and I's attention and it's up to the rep to have good customer service and offer deals, don't let the rep ruin the company for you, just find a friendlier rep to deal with.

Avon is great with customer service when phoning and help out a lot.
Avon is now changing some things to make selling even easier and better!

I'm thankful with my experience with AVON and plan to continue in a successful business.

Posted by BIBI

Was A Representative, Avon Takes The Products U Returned Then Bill You For Product. They Are Too Expensive. Don'tsell Or Buy Avon.

Posted by Danalyn

ladies I am so sorry that you had bad reps. I have been with Avon for 5 months now and have had just about every customer imaginable. I do think I need to clear up a little bit of your concerns. First off we have to place a certain amount down when we place an order hence the reason why some reps ask for your payment before hand. also some reps were screwed over when they trusted other customers to pay later and was stuck with unpaid product. another reason if your rep is like me and Avon is her main and only income she needs the money right away to pay Avon at the time of ordering products. Next comment, the one about why didnt you recieve your money back, if your rep is like me she should of given you a credit. also the credit reestablishes the relationship between rep and customer or she should of at least offered a free product of equal or same value to compensate for the missed product. As for the customer service the majority of our customer service is placed outside of the US so yes we do have language barriers and it takes us forever to get anything accomplished. i hope this answers some of your questions. oh the other comment about the lady who ordered online thru a rep, you need to be careful when you order online cause if you do not offer your contact information we have no way of getting things to you. also when you order online we are not alerted about an online order, it just shows up in our order and we have no idea who it belongs to. you do have the option at the time of placing your online order to have the items shipped straight to your house or have your rep bring it to your door. i hope this helps


AVON SUCKS !!! I used to be a Avon Rep and EVERYTIME I ordered something for my customers they NEVER HAD THE ITEM !! very fustrated and I quit selling Avon I had it Try calling customer service to complain they would never listen to you & you get the same person on the phone all the time when you called customer service, try sending products back what a JOKE, then my Manager would always say you will get more sales you dont need them and she tryed to say just give them free items to make them happy I lost customers because of that reason ...while you wait and wait and wait for your items to come in ...and the items never come in ..so I got tired of waiting and left AVON !! I do not have time to play there games ...

Posted by Anonymous

i have been doing avon for two months now and havent received any payment it is ridiculous if you wanted me to work for nothing i would have joined oxfam.

Posted by Anonymous

Avon Representatives should be the most important asset the company has. However, they are treated so poorly. There is no help provided at the corporate level. The process is a scam to make money off of Reps that are trying to run a profitable business. New Reps beware; make sure you talk to someone who is a PAST Rep about how they were treated before starting this questionable business.

Posted by coloradoproud1971

I currently sell Avon and I have had problems getting order issues resolved. The worst happened today, December 21, 2010. I ordered the Outspoken by Fergie Gift Set for my two girls for Christmas. The set was to include perfume, pendant, lotion and a gift bag. I received my order a day later than I was suppose to and I was missing the perfume part of the gift set - the main gift! I called customer service and they said they would ship it right away. I'm thinking great! I'll get it in time for Christmas...WRONG...their right away means it will ship on Monday, December 27th!! and I won't receive it until December 31st! Really? Most other companies if they messed up they would overnight it or something to make it right...but not Avon. If they treat their own sales reps this way...I don't want to be associated with them. So I quit!


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