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    • 269 negative comments (95.73%)
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Posted by Anonymous

The reason for this letter is because I was not satisfied when I rented through Avis. My very first time. I live in Saginaw, Michigan and rented from Avis in Flint Michigan on 12/2/17-12/3/2017. I went to Cleveland Ohio to watch a game. I had the car until Monday, but was returning it on 12/3/17. While driving on the way back, me and boyfriend got into an argument, where I was force to get over on highway, and he assaulted me. Took the rental keys to the car, and took my phone and fled the scene into a wooded area. Before he took my phone, I was able to contact 911 and picked up the signal. I literally was on highway begging for someone to help me, my hands were bleeding. This happen between 3pm and 4pm. Police came took my statement, they contacted Avis for me and the highway that I was on, was a Restricted Highway, where Avis could not come and get the car. So I had to pay $141 out of my pocket. The representative informed the police that I would be reimbursed for that towing. So I had to have the car towed to the next exit and then wait for avis to come and tow the car back to Cleveland, which I rode with the tow driver, which cost me nothing. As I approach the counter in Cleveland, they were aware of me coming, very friendly. I asked about the reimbursement and was told that I had to deal with the Flint Location and talk to the manager. They were very friendly. However, I did not get back to flint Michigan until 3 am. I called the manager at Avis in Flint, Michigan on 12/4/17. She tell me that the keys were returned and at least I don't have to pay $250, not a care in the world about me being assaulted, She goes and tell me that I didn't have coverage on the car. The car was not damaged and Avis paid for it to be towed to the airport. She said they don't do reimbursements. All she cared about was the key was there. My ex boyfriend must have dropped it off. Because the manager indicated that the keys were there and she have to send them to Ohio. All I am asking to be reimbursed for my $141. The Avis tow truck could not go on the restricted highway, so I had to pay 141 out of my pocket, thinking I was going to be reimbursed. This has been a terrible experience for me. Assaulted, had to go to the hospital. Please reimbursed me.

Posted by Debbie B

I recently had the misfortune of using Avis to rent a car in Las Vegas. I paid on line and called the toll free number to make sure that there were no hidden costs. I was told that there were none and the price shown, was the actual cost. When we went to pick up the car, not only were we greeted by an extremely rude customer service representative, but found out that we were being charged $288.34 more dollars than originally charge. When we questioned the representative, she said it was for insurance and that we only paid for basic service. What is basic, we rented a car with unlimited miles and we have our own insurance. We were 1820 miles from home, on our way to the Grand Canyon and was told that unless we paid the additional charge, we could not rent the car. We felt that Avis was using extortion to get what they wanted and we had no choice except to comply. Upon arrival at home, I have now contacted the state attorney general's office of the Las Vegas area, the BBB, and the DMV. I certainly do not want anyone else to go through this nightmare. Avis offered me half of the 288.34 back. I don't want half, I want it all and I want others to be aware of their unethical business practices.

Posted by Ana M

I rented a car on 8/11/17- I flew from Miami, FL to NY la Guardia on a Friday. I rented a car only and only to drive up to NH to pick up my 13 years old child from camp the following morning- I took the car and drove to my sister's home- The following morning, I left her house at 4:40am, and 1 hour and 5 minutes late, I had a flat tire, somewhere in CT. I first called Avis Road assistance at 5:45 am, and they could not tell me if I paid for this service- I then called Avis, and I was told I did not pay for this service. I then call Geico and after 20 minutes talking to Geico, they had to call Avis to get permission to touch the car. When Geico called Avis, Avis told them I did pay for the service so Avis had to come out and help me- This took almost 45 minutes. So I wasted from 5:45 am to 6:30 am, just to find out that Avis had to help me. Then, the night mare began- Several truck companies were called and FINALLY after I was crying in the middle of nowhere, a company showed up at 10:10 am. I was able to drive the car back to an AVIS office at 10:30 am. SINCE 5:45 am to 10:30 am, just waiting and waiting to replace a flat tire. I ONLY GOT this car so I could drive up to NH the morning of 8/12/17, and returning back to la Guardia by 4 pm the same day to get on a plane at 6 pm and return back to Miami. Since it took hours to get help, I never made it to NH; INSTEAD, my 13 years old child had to take a bus from NH to NY. Thank GOD she was ok -- After the tire was re-placed with a small one, I had to turn back to NY driving no more than 50 miles an hour, and only to return the car as soon as I got back to NY- I gave the car at 12:15 pm, and I was not able to use it for the ONLY purpose that I rented the car- I was responsible enough to fill up the car with gas and paid all the tolls- I don't think is fair that I was not FULLY re-inversed after experiencing a HORRIBLE SERVICE from THE COMPANY AVIS USES TO PROVIDE ROAD ASSISTANCE and for the employee at AVIS that told me I did not pay for the road assistance service to begin with and because of that, I wasted an additional 45 minutes waiting for someone to call me- 4 truck companies were scheduled to come and help me and THEY DID NOT SHOW UP or cancel after I was getting text saying "the road assistance truck should have already assisted me- I called Avis and the customer service rep said she could only give me 1/2 of the rental. She insisted that 1/2 of the rental was $30 - I kept telling her that I paid $89 for the rental and $30 was not 1/2- after having a very unpleasant talk to her, she gave me an ultimatum: I will give you $45 and that's it- How in the world, I get a refund for $45, when I paid $143, I also put $10 gas and I paid $14 on tolls, for a trip that I was not able to complete because of the HORRIBLE service provided by AVIS and by the company that provides ROAD assistance to AVIS customer- I want to FAX a letter to the CEO of you company, Mr. Larry D Shon, to let him know about my terrible experience. I work for a Wall Street company for more than 20 years, and my job is to assist clients and provide the best service possible. Avis, you should really improve your training and maybe look for another company to assist your clients- After this experience, I feel I should try to offer a service similar to UBER for road assistance purposes- I should be able to download an app and see how many reps are available in the area, and request help directly as we do with Uber or Lyft. By the way Feel free to email me and I will send a letter directly to your CEO and see what it takes to get my full refund of $143 + 1/2 of the tolls and 1/2 of the gas I put in the car.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible experience. Horrible people. Rented a car at 15055 E Mississippi. Returned the car. Asked the attendant if she was going to inspect the car. She said no, she trusted us. We left - there was no damage. 25 days later a charge for $184 hit our bank account. I called thinking this must be a mistake. No mistake-No phone call, no email, no receipt, claim that there was a cracked windshield. I made numerous calls asking how they could do this. I was told they would refund half - take or leave it.
I will never use this company ever again.. We are honest people, that was robbery - Still no receipt for the repair or any documents what so ever. Just took our money. Furious.

Posted by MD

I am writing to you further to my stressful and unsatisfied experience with your rental company.

Attached are the details and invoice sent to me yesterday (Sunday 21 May 2017).

To give you a synopsis of my experience:

1. Checked into avis counter on Thursday 18 may around 22.00 hrs. Very helpful and pleasant experience

2. Picked up car on parkplatz +4, bad experience. I went to pick up the car from carpark 607 as far as i remember; car was not clean and had loads of stains and dust inside. After travelling 18 hours in a plane one expects more than this. When walked around the car, I did not notice any damages other than a dent and a spot above the rear right side just above the weel. I did not look at the tires as one presumes these to be in order. I went back to report this to the gentleman inside (Dalton or Douglas, i cant remember his name) he was busy with other stuff and speaking to other staff whilst trying to assist me (not good !). He briefly looked at the rental sheet, stamped and signed this and gave this back to me.

3. I drove around around 800 kms in 3 days with the car and returned the car in exact shape as picked up. NO accidents, nor any incidents did occur. I am 44 years and have been driving and owning luxury cars for my entire lifetime and never ever had anything occur to me nor my cars.

I have a clean record !

4. Needless to say than if one reverts the car in a rush on Sunday morning 21st May 2017 around 6am in the morning one can be in a rush and is straight to the point.

5. The gentleman who came out running out of his office when he saw me was rude, unfriendly and the only thing he asked was that if there is petrol in the car and where are the papers. I have asked him about my invoice and told him that i was in a rush. He said that he would send the invoice later and that all was ok as he looked at the car as well.

6. Once landed in my destination and being confronted with first a customer satisfaction survery and thereafter receiving an invoice with the rental + on top of that damages is for me TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

I therefore detest not only the ‘damages’ claim that you are trying to put on me, on top of that I will also detest the rental invoice as this is completely out of order the way I have treated !

Please rest assured that a gentleman of my exposure understands and knows what is customer service and how one should be treated.

Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER rent from AVIS rental car again. My CC was "accidentally charged $2,210. It was to be charged $69.00. How does that happen? This is the 3rd day I am waiting for the pending transaction to be released. They have not offered ANY incentive for the inconvenience and was QUICK to charge the additional 69.00 anyway! They are not concerned with resolving this issue quickly. If you are so quick to make a mistake like this, be quick to correct it. I will make sure everyone I know will never rent from them as well.

Posted by Pissed Customer

April 4, 2017

To whom it may concern:

My name is Rosemarie Monroe and I am a very dissatisfied customer. I previously booked a reservation through Priceline.com to pick up a car for Saturday April 1, 2017 at 2:00 pm. I arrived at 1:48 pm and this very rude young woman named Ima called me to the counter after walking out in front of patiently waiting customers with her cell phone plugged to her ear. She did immediately take the phone away from her ear and address the us, she took her time and then called me to the front.

When I got the counter she asked me if I had a reservation and I advised her that I did for 2:00 p.m. and she asked how I planned to pay, and I informed her that I was paying with a debit card. She advised me As of yesterday we no longer take that as a form of payment. I advised her that I reserved the car days in advance and I chose the debit card option on Priceline and there was no mention that I would have any issues. She repeated what she said which was as of yesterday we no longer take debit card payments.

I walked away from the counter upset that I was basically told that it didn�t matter when you scheduled this reservation and paid for it, we no longer take your payment method and you are dismissed. I went back to my truck and sat and thought about it, I called Priceline and couldn�t get anyone on the line to get my reservation transferred to a site that took the debit cards, so I called Avis customer service and spoke with a young man that informed me that he couldn�t alter the reservation that I submitted via Priceline I would have to call them. I informed him that I attempted to reach someone and there is no answer. I advised him to just go ahead and make me a reservation where I can pay with the debit card and I will get Priceline to resolve the current issue after my trip. He said that they had cars available at the Prudential Drive Avis, and I drove there while he was scheduling the reservation and when I pulled up he informed me that I would be charged 277.00 for a 3 day rental. I advised him that I wanted the price that I was quoted through Priceline and I wasn�t going to be inconvenienced twice in one day.

He informed me that he couldn;t approve the $77.00 3 day rental, I asked for the Supervisor. Now mind you I drove from the airport to downtown Jacksonville while he was on the phone making this reservation only to get there and he quotes me this astronomical price. I spoke with the Supervisor and she listened to me vent about my experience at the airport location with the very rude Ima and she informed me that they were supposed to honor the reservation if it was made prior to the 31rst of March.

I�m really upset by this time, now not only am I almost 2 hours late hitting the road, I have burned unnecessary gas, and I lost my contract for the job that I had lined up in Miami. I informed the Supervisor that I wasn�t pleased and I wanted this investigated and I told her that I was on the way back to the airport to attempt to get my rental. She advised me to call the customer service line back once I got there if I had any additional issues. The same girl Ima saw me coming back in and said to me �You need something?�

I informed her that she gave me some false information about my reservation for the day and she advised me that she didn�t. she stated that I misunderstood what she said. I advised her that I didn�t misunderstand one thing that she said. I informed her that she asked me 2 questions and dismissed me without even trying to offer an explanation, or ask me if I came in on the airline or anything. She told me that she wasn�t going to argue with me and get in line. Now, this girl is half my age, first of all she is very rude and disrespectful and very unprofessional talking to me like I�m her child or something and in front of other customers to boot.

I�m not accustomed to spending my money with a company that hires such employees. She doesn�t have good customer service skills at all, no smile, no empathy, and no humility. I stood in line and she came running over there after I asked the guy at Budget for a Supervisor and checked my car out and I want to let you know that I will never as long as she is employed there rent from Avis or budget again. I say budget because they were checking people out on both sides. She left a nasty taste in my mouth and I really would like something done with hert know if she needs some customer service 101 or some diversity awareness training or what but never again will I spend a dime with you guys if she is still around. I work for a Fortune 500 company and if we treated out customers like that we would be all over the news.

Well considering the fact that I was 3 hours late getting on the road I lost a client and a major contract so to that I say this was the worst experience that I have ever had with renting a vehicle from any rental car company and I plan to let it be known.

Posted by Anonymous

First and last time using AVIS. I rented a vehicle as a walk up. It was explained a $200.00 hold would be placed on my account in addition to the cost of the rental, which was fine. Come to find out after checking my account, not only was there a $200.00 hold, but a day after the vehicle was returned, an additional $200.00 hold was placed on my account for a total of $400.00, plus the price of the rental. When corporate was contact, I was told to contact my bank, its their fault for allowing the additional $200.00 to go through. They were still unable to give me a reason for the additional $200.00 hold. I will never rent from this company again after this experience.

Posted by Hungryaligator

On Jan 5, 2017 I rented car OH license plate at the Allentown, PA airport. I returned it on Jan 7, 2017 at 08:21 AM. It was snowing and I was late for my flight. I left my Garmin GPS on the windshield in the car. I was given a phone number at the Avis counter. It was the number of the Budget. They are at the SAME counter and appear to be able to work both Avis and Budget. Budget gave me the phone number 610 264 4146. Only trouble is, it is always busy. I send in a customer complaint Jan 13. I got a reply saying they contacted Allentown. To this date I have not heard back. Guess it is time to find me another GPS.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a vehicle on Nov 11, 2016. Avis number,blk ford explorer 4wd. It vibrated so bad it shook the entire trip from Kalamazoo, mi to Bellaire, mi. I returned the vehicle to Traverse City, mi, a 2 hour round trip. I notified Osman Gittens about my situation, and he offered me a $25 coupon. That was nice, but with all I had to deal with I e-mailed Mr Gittens that I should receive HALF of my rental. The vehicle should never have been rented. As of today I've heard nothing from Mr. Gittens. Please review my situation. Thanks Craig Cosby

Posted by Ixchelchak

Terrible customer service. I was routed to multiple different numbers and placed on hold for extended periods of time with each person saying that someone else could help me.

Their text messaging service flooded my cell phone.

Posted by Steve Granados

Good Evening,

I have been renting a card monthly starting July 2016. Alex Morazon, Agency Operator at has given me his word a car would be ready for me every month. In the last six (6) this has happened. I am great fully a person word means something. Thank you Alex Morazon for being here for me & keeping your word with a clean car. Enterprise rental is down the street. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Thank you for your professionalism.

Sincerely, Steve Granados

Posted by Don't know what this means

Avis does not care. If it did, it would post a complaint section on its main website. I have a number of complaints related to Customer Service case

-agents would not help solve a problem

-agents refused to transfer a problem inquiry to a manager when they could not solve it

-when I sought satisfaction through the Denver airport location, despite an hour of trying several different departments, NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE

Posted by charge me without give informati

i took the car from avis because of i wants to move from texas to virginia. i took the car and they didn't told us like you have to pay $0.30 per mile. and when i dropped the car they deduct money from my account. that's really ridiculous. if really i want to pay that money they why should i take this car. the flight ticket i ll get cheaper. no body told us, no body inform us. just deduct money. that's what your service is.
how ridiculous is this. if really you want to expand your business then remove that type of disgusting policy. i ll never suggest any body for avis.
if you people really wants to save money then never go to Avis rental car.

Posted by Unsatisfied Avis Customer

I reserved a car through your company 11/17-11/21/16 im a preferred plus customer I been dealing with avis for while over 3yrs. and I think/taught you guys were awesome. So I went to pick up the car I reserved I paid in advance like I always do by using my debit bank card the money was taking out of my bank account. So when I got to the counter in gave my lisence he look at it in told me I was not approved do to they run a soft credit check. Ok so I asked what did he mean I been using avis for 3yrs in this has nevered happen to me so I asked to speak with the supervisor he said he was the supervisor ok so im still in disbeleaf. So the supervisor told me there was nothing he could do. So I asked him why did avis let me reserve a car in take the money out of my account in when I get there it's a different story why didn't you call me before being dropped off at the buffalo airport location by a friend in left to pick up a car in not get it in I live all the way in Niagara falls that's not right that was just wrong. It was my son 16th birthday I rented the car had plans for this weekend in this is how avis treated me when I had nothing but great things to say about your company. I was embarrassed then they had the nerve to ask if I had a major credit card WHY? you already have my money in telling me I will get it back on to my card around thanksgiving that's not acceptable when your (Avis) is in the wrong. If you let allowed me to reserve the car take my money you should have allow me to get the car I reserved not good business at all so disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried six tines ti call the Sacramwnto airport Avis upon seeing oil change alert. Roadside service hangs up on me and the manager does not answer!!!!

Posted by Fooled customer

Below is the answer I got after handing back the rented car with full fuel tank:

"Dear Customer Care,

We have been informed that you have contacted UK Customer Service regarding your rental experience in Portugal, and we would like to be able to support you in all your questions.


Please find in attached the signed Rental Agreement and the final invoice. As you can verify the customer signed for the Fuel Up Front Service.

Fuel Service Option or Prepaid Gas Option is the possibility to pay in advance for a full tank of gas and bring the car back empty. No need to search for a gas station before returning the car. If this option is selected the car should be returned as to empty as possible, because no credit or refund will be given for unused fuel in the tank.

We hope to have meet your expectations towards the resolution of your questions, however should you need further details or questions, feel free to contact us by phone

As this charge has been accepted and signed for as per the rental agreement, I am unable to offer a refund or force the rental agent to do so.

We hope you have enjoyed your time in Portugal and we will be happy to receive you once again with Avis."

I can conclude that this is pure fraud, the only thing I can do as being subject to a crime is to never use Avis services again and publish the facts on every social media channel available. The good thing is that bad "service" spreads very quickly these days and gives bad image and loss of potential customers.

Posted by [email protected] aol.com

On Sept 16 my family and I flew into Denver Co.to attend a family funeral. We had reserved a car with your company. Imagine our stress when AFTER we got on your shuttle to the car lot we were informed there was 2to4 hour wait because you had NO CARS. When we arrived at the lot there was a 2 block lineup of "customers". We waited 45 min. THE LINE DID NOT MOVE. We ended up calling Uber.
Mismanagement at its best. SHAME on all of you

Posted by BKG

I am very frustrated and disappointed with Avis service. I am a life-long Avis customer. In fact, I have never rented a car from any service other than Avis. My problem is too long to write but it has two main components:
1. The office at the Charleston, SC airport NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, answer their phone. I have literally spent hours over several days at different times. The phone is sometimes busy but usually is just allowed to ring. I am dialing the published number which has also been confirmed by Avis headquarters.
2. Avis headquarters says it cannot extend my 1 month rental for another 5 days...that must be done only by contacting the Charleston Airport office - which does not answer its telephone. It was suggested I drive the 1 hour round trip to go there personally to address this.
In fairness, when at the airport to pick up the vehicle, the staff was capable and friendly. (I indicated the telephone concern at the time for their information) and the people at the Corporate level were professional but in the end not really helpful.
I feel like I'm riding on the MTA.

Posted by Bob Lucian

Because I will not be going away for 2 days in October [10/9-10/10] I cancelled my reservation I was told there would be a $50.00 cancellation fee... I never heard of this practice.... & I was not informed when I made the reservation there would be a fee if I cancelled..... I would not have made this reservation so far in advance if I knew about this practice....In view of your deceptive policy I will NEVER rent another vehicle from Avis... I will also inform my friends & family not to use Avis Rental...

Robert Lucian

Posted by Janisa Turner

On this date of 09/02/2016, between the times of 11:00 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. I went into your International Birmingham Shuttleworth Airport and tried to rent a economy vehicle on my check visa debit card at America's First Federal Credit Union and your Avis Renter Car refused the rental and still charged $49.00 to my account. I never rented a vehicle today with you all. Would you please put my $49.00 back on my visa card as soon as possible. Your employee was a bald headed african american male that swiped my visa card. i didn't know that he had charged the $49.00. He told me that you all declined my rental because credit score and gave me back my car & driver's license but, still charged my card.

Prior to going to your Avis there at the Airport I went to Budget Rental Car which is outside of the Airport but near. I made reservation for it 2 weeks prior. When I got there today several caucasian women employees acted as if they could not find the confirmation number and was not going to rent me the vehicle. Then they wanted a bank statement that I get through email because I signed up for it. I had to get a taxi. Go back downtown Birmingham, Al to America's 1st and get a copy of my account and still Budget (Manager Christy-Caucasian female) would not rent me the vehicle. She told me that she would rent it with a utility bill. I asked was a cable bill sufficient? She told me yes. I found a portion of the Charter Cable Bill and she refused that. She came all from behind the desk getting smart with me. At that point I knew that either certain sick minded humans here at the Jefferson County Bessemer Courthouse had networked at Budget Rental as well as your Avis and other rental car places. This is the deal, I met and dated a african american male Airline Pilot for United in 2002. From that point certain police started following me. While dating him I found hair of a caucasian female (red hair) on his shower wall and in his cologne table. I never saw her there. I moved out of the City of Hoover, Al from my apartment latter 2002. He moved from his condo after I moved from my apartment. It says he's in Tampa, Florida. I believe he's been killed because, of Jealousy and possibly because, of that particular female and other's who are highly attracted to those sorts of males. I know what took place. Keep in mind Attorney's here in Alabama know what has taken place. as well as sheriffs. This is not all of it but, I must stop here. Janisa Rosann Turner cell phone

Posted by hlangerhans

Avis has been tacking multiple charges onto our credit card months after the car we rented in Europe was returned. These charges are purportedly due to Avis being requested to provide our contact information to undisclosed municipalities which requested it. Yes, you read that correctly. Avis provides our name and address to some municipalities and then bills us for 50 bucks for each request. Avis is not being fined or incurring any other cost. They are simply giving out our information and then charging our credit card for $50. The implication is that we received citations of some kind in these municipalities, but we got no moving or parking violations during the trip. When I ask them their justification for charging us, they reply that it is in our terms of service. Avis knows that no one reads the entire terms of service, and even if they did no one would ever expect the rental company to brazenly bill the credit card for something in which they incurred no cost and provided no service. Avis may have the terms of service on their side but they have no concept whatsoever of business ethics or customer service. I intend to make sure their costs in lost business exceed whatever funds they are able to extract from us, and also to make their task of extracting the funds as difficult as possible by disputing all their charges.

Posted by Bsmith

idiots at charlotte. trying to say need information not relevant to pay for me and dad's car their insured clearly and admittedly hit. wanting us to provide private customer info, that they have on record, violating federal law to release their customer's information trying to weasel out of state law to pay for the car

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Avis,
On June 18th 2016 I rented a car at the Canton,Ga. Location and the Agency Operator was Brandon Henderson and was totally Impressed with the level of professionalism, Kindness and courtesy that I received!!
I would rent a vehicle there again as he tried to please all the other customer before me with the same level professionalism, kindness and courtesy !!

I went on line to rent another vehicle and the Agency Operator that is there now could care less if you rented a vehicle or not!!
There was no comparison!! I will now look else where when I need to rent a vehicle!!

Posted by MadMax

So my girlfriend and I recently rented a van for vacation from AVIS in Albany, NY. Our plans were to drive from NY to Ohio to pick up my Aunt and then from Ohio to Florida. On our way to Florida after putting only about 700 miles on the van it started shaking at certain speeds, it would settle out around 64 MPH. At one point it started shaking so violently I could not drive it. We pulled over on the interstate and was calling Avis to try and find out where we could get another vehicle, after getting the run around from different locations a vehicle was located in Knoxville. While sitting on the side of the road I just happened to look at the right rear tire and to my absolute amazement I saw the steel belt showing at two different spots on the tire. I then noticed there were 4 different tires on the van. We get the van to Knoxville and we deal with a very friendly gentleman there that set us up in a 2016 Ford Explorer. The rest of the road trip went off without a hitch. Now I get back to Albany, NY and ask to talk to a supervisor. I asked her what was inspected before they allow vehicle to leave. She said everything. So I said everything including tires, and she said yes. It was at this point I show her pictures on my phone of the tire. I told her that AVIS put the lives of 4 people in danger by letting that vehicle pass their inspection in Albany, NY. She took $200 off the bill, and since it was at an Airport I decided not to make a scene. So what this supervisor is basically saying is that the danger Avis put us in is only worth $200. I am not finished with Avis., No, nothing happened, but it could have. And I know what happens when you are driving 65 MPH and a tire blows. Avis you are disgusting and I will NEVER rent from you again. My next step is to call your corporate office until I have the opportunity to speak with the CEO/President of your company. I have pictures but this site won't allow me to post. I am seriously thinking about calling the local news and doing a story, then call a national news outlet.

Add your review!

Posted by Bill W

I rented a car from Avis a couple of weeks back did have problems and roadside assistance needs a review. However I had to deal with customer service and I talked with Alex Flames who was right on point. Treated me as if it was his problem and handled like he would want handled. I plan to share more detail with corporate but for this paragraph I would look to rent a gain from Avis. Problems happen and for me Alex handled them with true professionalism.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently my wife and I vacationed in Arizona. We encountered trouble with our vehicle.We brought the vehicle to the Avis/Budget Airport center in Flagstaff, Arizona.
In short, we were helped by an Agency Manager names Darron Story. Although this was a extremely busy vacation time he was very helpful, kind and went the exra mile to make us feel important and eventually changed our vehicle.
Darron made our vacation complete. I am grateful for the effort and want to express to the Avis/Budget Corporations the fine work and quality employee Mr. Darron Story is.
Respectfully Yours,
Michael and Rosemary La Prete

Posted by Anonymous

I traveled to Arizona in Feb. and had rented a car on the internet thru Avis at their Chandler site on Arizona Ave. I dealt with a young lady named Daniela who was very helpful and professional. I had the car for 9 days and when i turned it in everything was as quoted on the internet to the penny. No surprises and excellent service...I like that.
Thank You
Ingvaar Fors

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and kids broke down in Cleveland,OH, 3 days before Christmas trying to get back to NY. The lady named Cathy at the Shaker Heights, OH Avis location was absolutely wonderful. She made miracles happen to get my kids and husband home, and we are forever in her debt. I wish all places had such wonderful customer service and great people working at them. Cathy made our Christmas and we can't say enough good things about her. She is a shining star!!!!

Posted by Pennsylvania Travelers

We left a suede coat in an Avis car rented and returned to Harrisburg International Airport. We live 25 miles away. Joan, who serves as Avis' lost and found coordinator called to inform us. We offered to drive to the airport to pick up the coat but, when Joan realized that we lived within 5 miles of her, she offered to meet us at a convenient location.

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday (6/23/13)my cell phone was stolen from my rental car. When I realized this, I went back to the Avis location at the ATL airport and your employee Alex worked feverishly to locate it. He brought me back to my car, but it was not there. I was standing at the counter crying my eyes out because my life is on my cell phone. I travel to South FL weekly for work and return to ATL on the weekends. Poor Chad who was working the counter was probably stuned to see this 61 year old woman bawling like a baby. He pulled out a chair and gave me a glass of water to help calm down. Please comment these two fine gentlemen for their kind service. They truly are an asset for Avis Rentals.


Posted by Anonymous

While visiting Kansas City, Missouri, Steve and Rich (North Burlington location), came through for my family with a nice car. I had reservations with another agency,(but because my flight arrived a couple hours late they gave the car away). We were able to drop the car off at their MCI location. Great service didn't stop there either,(our porter was awesome, he drove us right in time to the airport). Can't remember his name, but his sister moved to Tampa. (we hope he sees this) Thanks again Avis,

Posted by Anonymous

We flew into Omaha very late Thursday night, Sept. 13, 2012. We actually got there past 1AM and still faced a drive to Lincoln. Jean was at the Avis desk when we got there late that night. She was so helpful and so friendly. I really appreciated her kindness after such a long day in airports dealing with flight delays.

Posted by Anonymous

my cmments r as old customer of avis more positive than negative, but this time i had a damage at under the car, which i or any member of my family noticed neither by picking up this in harry exchanged car for intially rieceved car, cuse the navigator was not working,nor during the renting time. therefore we were supericed as the lady went directly to it what make the claim doubtfull,furthermore she overestamated it.so i leave it 2 your good services 2 estemated in a fair way, my nr.:102811995

Posted by Teach

On 12/21/2011, I wrote a comment regarding the closing of an Avis franchise and Avis failing to notify me of this. Well, I eventually was able to speak with someone in Avis Corporate in Oklahoma, and my situation was rectified completely to my satisfaction. I spoke with Carla who told me Avis would honor my previous reservation at the airport (which saved taxi fare). The people at the Avis location at the Phoenix airport honored this fare without question and were the most helpful people I've encountered. I can honestly say that my experiences with Avis have returned to the positive side!

Posted by Anne R

I have had a wonderful experience with AVIS . I needed to "transport" my college student to Indiana from NJ. From those of you who have not done in life it is quite the experience. With all the tension and stress of the day the last thing we needed was a problem with the car. DOLLAR rent a car (we used them because they were the only ones available with a large suv) There was a TINY clause that said we needed a round trip ticket. Give me a break I had called prior to the moving day to make sure all was in order. The agent knew what we were doing but never bothered to let us in on his secret THANKS TO AVIS THE DAY WAS SAVED!! THE REPS Claudia Francis and Mario Lopez went truly beyond the call of duty. I don't know what we would have done. DOLLAR Rental SHAME ON YOU God Bless the Avis people

Posted by Anonymous

This refers to my Avis rental at the Tampa airport on Feb. 26. There was some confusion getting all my family members together at the car, so I wanted to single out Janice at the Avis booth for her helpfulness. Her efforts were above and beyond the call of duty, and contributed to getting our vacation off to a good start. Thanks.

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Avis is the worst place to work in the world, management is rude, and abusive.


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