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    • 27.75 Overall Rating
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    • 42 negative comments (95.45%)
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Posted by Mechanical Engineer

Day 1: my Autodesk CFD license just stopped working with no useful explanation or error message except "Autodesk CFD stopped unexpectedly.." This is mission critical software that I pay $6000 per year support and it hits my bottom line when not working so I am very upset and financially affected by this. I reboot my computer 2 times, next I try to stop the license server but it says it cannot stop the license. I give up and go to sleep for the night because support is not available.

Day 2: I called the help line and the first support person shunted me over to licensing and I waited 45 minutes with no answer or even estimate of wait time. I had to go to a meeting and so I dropped the call. I got no call within 2 hours so I called them again after my meeting and waited another 30 minutes. I had another meeting so I had to drop the call and went back to work. I then sent an email in reply to the case number email asking them to call me as soon as possible. I got no call today.

Day 3: I received a call at 1:47 AM while I was sleeping so did not answer but I got a voice mail message on my cell phone from a support person saying he could help me. I got an email at 2 AM in my morning saying he would help me but for another Autodesk product that sounded similar to mine but not the same, that tells me they did not look up my profile and did not even get the correct product. I wrote another email asking them to call me and telling them they got the wrong product. I got no call but got an email at 11 PM when I was asleep saying he could help me through remote session.

Day 4: I did not see last night's 11 PM message until 7:30 AM this mornign but I got right onto setting up the remote session but then I realized his time zone and discovered that he had already gone home for the day. Now it is day 4 of my Autodesk CFD nightmare and Friday morning so my support man has gone home for the weekend and I will not be able to get help until Monday morning.

This is totally unacceptable. I do not need support when I am sleeping, I need it during my daytime and I need it same day the problem occurrs. I use support maybe 1-2 calls per year and they collect $6000 every year for terrible service.

I have a lot of money invested in this software but I am looking for alternatives. I am currently testing out another supplier who I know gives me good call support on the day when I ask for it. I will never buy another product from Autodesk again and I certainly intend to tell everyone about my ordeal. What a nightmare! This company failed me.

Posted by gunnprag

Autodesk's customer service is close to nonexistent. There is no direct number or chat, so you can set up a telephone session for the next day. I was waiting during the entire time frame with my phone at my computer, and subsequently received an email to the effect that my number had been busy for the duration. As it turns out, they had used an 8 year old number that somehow was in their records rather than the number I had given when I requested the call. Now I have to wait another 24 hours IF I can schedule for tomorrow.

Posted by objectman

Can never get a hold of this company! Very to find phone numbers to contact them and their chat boxes on the web they never answer They are A huge company and all they do are buy up small software companies and then don't back them up with proper service. Don't let them by your company!

Posted by Just trying to get support

This company sucks. It is clear that they do not want to talk to you. Nothing screams we don't give a damn like not being able to raise a human being on the phone. This company has brought not caring to an art fourm. And note, the software is not cheap.

Posted by Anonymous

I have Autocad LT my subscription was due to expire on 30th June past. On the 17th May I received an email from Autodesk- "Its time to renew your subscription" with instructions to renew.I thought I would do the right thing and renew early,which I did.On the 28th May I received confirmation from Autodesk.All with the same contract no. as before.Then on the 12th June I receive an email"Auto renewal reminder" -subscription renews on 29th June-I thought that's ok ive already renewed. Then on receiving my credit card statement-Autodesk charged me TWICE! I sent an email about this, and the reply was too bad we don't refund subscriptions! thats ok, then why did you send me a renew notice on the 17th May? what a scam!!!


I have been an Inventor user for long time. I pay to be in autodesk subscription center. I have a lot of doubts continually. but I feel lucky if I'm able to reach any one When I need it. I would love to have a place where I can ask for my problems when I have them and not when I found it some where else or forgot what it was.

Posted by RC

Autodesk is the recipients for worst customer service received in my life. The support staff barely speak, understand or communicate in English. Impossible to deal with for even simple issues

Posted by jcmann

I spoke with someone online about the possibility of certain products and was very specific as to the information I was not interested in that I was able to find on your website. This person did not inform me that this was not possible and I should find a reseller, and instead informed me that someone would call me. The person who then called me was just as useless as the person I was speaking to. They then informed me that I would have to find a reseller in my area to purchase something so specific - Robot, Revit, AutoCAD... I am not sure how this becomes so specific (except you are over selling me) but this would be a pretty good combination for someone working in building design. She then attempted to find me a reseller but after waiting on the phone without any response for minutes - as in the information that I wanted based on the chat couldn't be provided. Go Bentley or Solidworks!

Posted by Anonymous

Stay away from AutoCAD if you can. Their customer support is terrible! You pay a fortune for the software and when you need to re-activate after you changed your computer, forget it! there is no one to talk to.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get help for several hours and so far none of your help instructions address my problem and no one has contacted me to help me get on line to my drawings. I am shut out of the account and so can't access my work or do any.

Posted by Alfred

Simply provide our company profile to their so called authorized dealer without our permission.

Posted by sgwilliams

Have been a customer of Autodesk for more than 18 years, Been with my current employer for the last 10 of those years. The support that Autodesk gives has on average been very poor. They no longer have callback numbers and only allow you too submit tickets via they're website or the community forums. I have recently asked for help and have been waiting for almost two weeks for an answer to a very simple request. I have been as clear and precise as I can be about that the issue is that I would like fixed but they seem to not care. When I post on the community forums site I get a lot of comments but have seen no results yet. I do get a lot criticism from one of the techs because I think I hurt his feelings somehow. I try to not make this personal but I think that ship has sailed. Not helping a customer for 13 days is unforgivable in my eyes.

Posted by designerchk

Well, let's pick this up in 2016 and continue the tirade - like Autodesk cares! You CANNOT reach these people - they have no intention of providing customer service. I've used the product for over 20 years and used the forums frequently for working issues, but I expect assistance when downloads fail. I purchased a desktop subscription that would not load, tried to find some help, tried the knee-jerk fixes suggested, then my product download disappeared from my account. Tomorrow I am calling my bank to tell them I got robbed, and I want them to cancel the payment. Let's see if their collections people have telephones. Worst experience ever, and I thought 20/20 was bad.

Posted by teknoroker

I have been trying to cancel my membership and customer service isn't replying to my emails. when you go to Autodesk's website, the links have you running in circles, and they make it impossible to cancel your subscription. I ended up having to delete my credit card off my profile in order to prevent withdrawls since they refused to help. I even sent screen shots of my recipts for the withdrawls with all the information they needed. Very poor customer service, it matches the quality of the products.

Posted by JhaleCCGWS

I have not had good luck with AutoCAD customer service. They are difficult and impossible to contact. Bad on you guys as it will eventually catch up to you.

Posted by kunjac0945

At least they have nice hold music. That's a nice little plus, considering you'll be hearing it for quite a while.

Posted by boysha

One of the things that drive me nuts for over 15 years is: Hatching. It is the worse developed tool in AutoCAD. Not only that it is sure to give you grief at some point, it is also one of the most annoying tool. I wish Autodesk would make Hatch tool so that if a user once change the layer and hatch type, even if the hatch doesn't work (that happens allot) the tool would remember that setting until the next time a user changes it. Right now, if the hatch settings was not successfully executed, autocad will turn back to the previous settings and that is totally idiotic and counter productive. However, it would be also nice if the hatch would just work after over 20 years of development. After all AutoCAD is not at all that inexpensive to be giving us a hatch tool.

Posted by Palmetto

Leased a license for AutoCAD LT 2016 and after 4 days I still cannot use the product. Have tried numerous requests through the website and been on hold for a live person for up to 2 hours several times as well. The latest seems to be that, as the purchaser, I can not add myself as the user on the account, so I've been transferred to "Customer Care" and after 45 minutes there, nothing but cheesy on hold music. I guess when you have a lock on the market you don't have to give a crud about your customers. Yeah for Autodesk profits!

Posted by CADmonkey

Been trying for 4 weeks to reach a human technical support to help me with an issue that there is no solution for online at any webpage or blog. Never get an answer when the operator connects me to technical support. Leave voicemails, still nothing. IS ANYONE EVEN THERE?! I received one callback within the 4 weeks of constant calling, which he told me he'd send me an email to resolve the issue.... never got an email. This run-around game is really unprofessional. Trying to stay calm but its hard when nobody responds or calls you back.

Posted by Anonymous

It is impossible to make contact with a human-being to help you. Contact and help links lead you around in circles to the same places never getting you closer to a solution or someone human to help you. I repeated myself soo many times through desperate attemps and keep getting autoresponse that I can't reply to or talk to someone. I have tried all options suggested and no result. I am installing Combustion on a new machine as I URGENTLY need to open old projects. The activation code sent to me last time does not work! I tried registering online to request activation code and it mailed me the same old one that does not work. I have received plenty autoresponse emails telling me the same things I have done over and over again and none helping me. Your help/ contact on your website is shocking. I can't get hold of one human-being to resolve this for me. I need one person to help me from beginning to end until it is resolved and not pass me onto someone else where I have to repeat myself and tell them again that I have tried whatever they are going to suggest nor do I want them to send me links to places I have already been. I have been very patient up to now but am extremely frustrated and angry now. I need to do work NOW URGENTLY and can't wait anymore. Very unprofessional!

Posted by Johnny K

Autodesk ONLY cares about the stockholders and buying out other companies so that if anyone does not agree that they are a monopoly today, they sure will be tomorrow. Once they buy out another company (by the way MOST of their products were hostile takeovers), let's say Revit for example, they do nothing at all with it. The worst part is that these programs were brilliant and on the road to greatness but got to about 75 - 80 percent complete when, BLAMO! Autodesk buys them out. So unfortunately, it's not a fully vetted piece of software and would be considered as totally unacceptable for almost any other company out there to make a release. But they do it anyway. So why is it okay for them to drop the ball and no one else? (see first sentence). I assume this is because they fire all of the employees and developers after purchasing a company/new product and then promptly end any development after the buyout. Instead, they have their in-house yahoos just create useless add-ons like Raster Design that nobody asked for (try it!). Most users don't have a clue as to what most of these add-ons are supposed to do anyway because Autodesk gives no information on them at time of a suite purchase. They should be fixing really, really simple issues like the fact that you have to re-select the "Break at Point" tool every time (if you need to do 100 points in a row that's retarded - give it a try!) or the Materials browser in any of their products SUCKS. They're subscription system and navigation in general is horrid. They provide NO tutorial service, well they say they do but really they're just demo videos that leave out all of the crucial information. They are indeed the PT Barnum of GS. It's all just a money making scheme with Hollywood backdrops and unfinished back ends so that when you're down to the wire you're f**ked. Yes, indeed they make me an angry person in general and on a DAILY basis I have to trouble shoot an issue or find a convoluted work around to get what I need. IN THE END I TYPICALLY SPEND AT LEAST THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME TROUBLE SHOOTING AUTODESK'S SOFTWARE AS I ACTUALLY DO USING IT. I have much, much more to say but I just wasted all my time writing this review on Autodesk.

Posted by Radtazzler

Absolutely horrible service. I purchased a digital download of Sketchbook Pro, received an email regarding the purchase and the charge to my credit card and it stated there would be a fulfillment email within 24 hours with the product key and serial number. 2 days went by and nothing. I found a number and called, and spent 1/2 hour being transferred to several different people before being hung up on,I called again and rinse and repeat the whole process again, so I posted on the Installation and Licensing forums and still no reply, its now 5 days later, and no reply to my online support ticket I submitted either. So in essence I have paid out money for nothing and feel like I don't have any recourse.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked with Autodesk, before Windows95. Autodesk is expensive and do not justify their cost through their supposed upgrades. Autodesk has been buying smaller drawing programs, e.g., 3DMax, Maya, Revit. They can afford to buy up the market because they have been overcharging customers. Now they are forcing all to work online which have many disadvantanges:
1.) Intellectual privacy is compromised.
2.) Autodesk now is customizing more programs by spying and copying other peoples procedures. in the early 2000s one could customize AutoCAD, now Autodesk has taken possession of that.
3.) When Autodesk's server or cloud crashes, you are out of luck.
4.) When the customer's server goes down, you are out of luck.
5.) When the transmission lines go down, you are out of luck.
6.) With a stand alone on a non-internet cpu, you used to be able to run AutoCAD with risk of constant upgrading, virus and malware.
5.) There are a lot of classified jobs, that while working online even though supposedly Autodesk's Cloud might be safe, that does not mean your cpu or the routers or transmission lines are safe.
6.) With China stealing America's innovations, this leads to more theft.
7.) Monetarily it pays to upgrade full AutoCAD every 6 to 8 years and get AutoCADLt in between every other year. It was much cheaper and more efficient.
8.) I still have an AutoCAD 2004 that works fine. its off line and I don't ever need to upgrade.
9.) Old AutoCAD files, 1999 and before will no longer work in today's version.
Many buildings do not upgrade their facilities every year or even every decade. When these firms find out that their old archive AutoCAD files no longer work, they will be surprised and frustrated.
10.) Autodesk is for themselves, not for the customer.

DataCAD has been around longer than AutoCAD and they don't have these issues mentioned. I have downloaded DataCAD and will probably change over. I heard about DataCAD in the 90's. It's a British firm; but many engineers vouched for the program.

Posted by DavidD

Had a user lose all of his refs for MEP2014. I called customer support because there IS no tech support number listed. the service agent told me that because I buy my products from an authorized autodesk thrid party vendor he was not authorized to give me the tech support number. My user is now configuring all of his pipe refs, which over the course of 2 years, will most likely take a while

Posted by Diane

Recently started renting Autocad light 2015 for my mac. I was promised phone assistance. NO PHONE NUMBER and when I call back the same number, they send me to the autodesk online area. This area isn't helping with my issues. Pdf issues. opening recovered files won't open in the same program that generated it. cannot get through the basis won't accept my password---i reset it and it won't accept the new password.

i love auto cad but sometimes you need PHONE ASSISTANCE to keep the program going smoothly. This is really very bad service. I might have to cancel the subscription because i cannot afford to work with a program that is totally not offering what it was advertised to offer. Why would Autodesk put this out if it doesn't work.

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Posted by Toast

I received absolutely stunning customer service from their representative monitoring the forums he worked with me tirelessly to solve my problem and was very respectful and I could not have asked for better.

Posted by koij

Awesome customer service! I don't really mind waiting for 15 minutes for a human agent at all, and it was a very pleasant experience. if you ever want customer support from autodesk, just go to their virtual agent ( at the moment) and type in your problem. if the bot doesn't give a solution to your problem or if it doesn't work, just type 'chat' to get a human.

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