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AutoZone customer service is ranked #227 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 588 ratings. This score rates AutoZone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


516 Negative Comments out of 588 Total Comments is 87.76%.


72 Positive Comments out of 588 Total Comments is 12.24%.

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    • 44.24 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 516 negative comments (87.76%)
    • 72 positive comments (12.24%)
    • 15 employee comments
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    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by I paid for them to not deliver

I purchased a part and they said it would be delivered and I paid and have the receipt and the manager expected me to do his job when fedex didn't deliver. What is wrong with the employees anymore. They are paid to do the same job as the people who retired and actually knew what customer service is or was. Autozone in Paducah on Irvin Cobb are thieves.

Posted by Riccker2

I bought a power steering pump. The store near me did not have it in stock, so I drove 30 minutes to the store that had it. Turns out it was the high pressure hose so I want to take the pump back.
It was unopened with my receipt but they said I have to drive all the way to the store I bought it from. Awful customer service. I have bought there for years and I will not go there again. Never had a problem at Oreileys, so I am going there from now on.

Posted by Rick

These idiot inept morons at Auto Zone Anoka sold me the wrong parts. I brought them back unopened and they refuse to give me my money back. They are going to be vary sorry x 10. I am so angry and will get even x 10. They are going to rue the day they ripped me off.

Posted by Anonymous

4/7/18 I purchased Silverstar Ultra H11 headlights. One the back of the package it states that satisfaction guaranteed for 12 months. If not satisfied just return to store with proof of purchase. I specifically asked the salesman to confirm to policy, and he did. It's now 7/19/18. One headlight burned out. I attempted to return to the store that I purchased it from with original receipt to find that their undocumented return policy expired at 90 days. Very dissatisfied with Autozone on this matter. The store of purchase is in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Posted by Anonymous

4/7/18 I purchased Silverstar Ultra H11 headlights. One the back of the package it states that satisfaction guaranteed for 12 months. If not satisfied just return to store with proof of purchase. I specifically asked the salesman to confirm to policy, and he did. It's now 7/19/18. One headlight burned out. I attempted to return to the store that I purchased it from with original receipt to find that their undocumented return policy expired at 90 days. Very dissatisfied with Autozone on this matter.

Posted by Un professional

The absolute worse experience I had with this company, I went to return an un used batter with the original receipt from my 2003 Honda Accord, and the manager stated he won't do it, and to return it to the original store I brought it from 1 hr. away. Btw I have a company car in case that matters. I will make sure our church/company never does business with this horrible store. The store was on memorial and dairy Ashford, at 9 am on 6/11/18 the gentleman was wearing a grey shirt

Posted by Nat

I walked in to an empty auto zone two employees were in but did not greet or ask if I needed any help..I asked for windshields I was told where to find and what size I needed assistance ..when I came back the employee was checking out a customer and I asked why I needed to wait..he said well they walked in
Store number 2863 Employee name Abraham..

Posted by Shari

I purchased a car battery in 2016 that went bad. Went to your Marina Del Rey Auto Zone store for warranty exchange and was informed by store manager that I was eligible for warranty but not the installation. Installs are only done by staff for "new" customers. I was instructed to purchase a battery for $200, go to a mechanic and have them do the swap and then lug the old battery back to the store. I attempted to contact the area manager, wrong number posted. I called regional manager and left a voicemail, no call back. Horrible customer experience. Also, senseless since your company is now paying credit card merchant fees for unnecessary transactions that are costing you thousands every day.

Posted by Thatclaytho

Returned a power inverter that i Decided I didn't want the same day I bought it (was over my budget) and awaiting my refund to my checking account will keep you guys updated.

Posted by Never again at that location

Desert Inn and Mojave has the worst mgr ever. I was looking at fuel treatment, got a text and he asked me to leave...said I was taking pictures! All the products are online! What POOR SERVICE! NO WONDER they have a very DISAPPOINTING RATING!

Posted by Anonymous

Walked into utica auto zone at 730 pm to get brakes for my car manager was rude and smelled like he had been drinking poor customer service

Posted by anon

I needed to change a headlight bulb in the parking lot. They didn't have the screwdriver I needed to rent/borrow from them, so I had to buy a screwdriver and a bit set. Used it to unscrew and screw 1 screw. They refused to return it because it was a "used" product, even though it was in original packaging and no damage. Now I have trash overpriced autozone tools that I can't return.

Posted by Anonymous

Had to order a transmission filter paid up front lost the receipt and they refused to do anything. I used my debit card and autozone rewards card

Posted by Autozone Cust or Prey

I returned a Ball joint Service set Rental. Returned it March 4th / Sunday, actually the same day that evening. it's March 11th / Sunday, I am still waiting for my refund. Contact bank next business day and I will post again when my Refund will be back in my debit account.
Peace Out...

Posted by badautozone

Lost card I paid with so now I am stuck with parts I can't do nothing with

Posted by Jordan

I return the product yesterday
And i know my return money should take 2-3days
But i found out they took my return money
Now i had to file a dispute
Come on Autozone i buy products from u all the time
Thats shady stuff

Posted by Don pinto

2 years ago I bought a heavy duty 3 core radiator it started leaking so I took it back to the store on Stephanie and windmill street in Henderson Nevada. They ordered the wrong radiator it was only a 2 core Being stranded I had no choice but to accept that radiator I asked the manager should I get change back since is it was a cheaper Radiator he just turn and walk into the back room I never got an answer. I asked the guy that was helping me never got an answer. I call the next day to see what would be done and the girl I spoke to said she would get with the manager and find out about re fun and she would order the right radiator and I can just exchange them when they gave me. 3 calls later and a month and a 1/2 later and I have not heard a thing and can not get an answer. This is why I do not deal with auto zone but I had a warranty so I thought what the hell. Never again while use auto zone not even for a drop of oil problem still has not been taking care of. You owe me the right radiator that I had paid for or a Refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my 2016 Ford Escape to the Grove City Autozone for new wiper blades.The manager told me I had to purchase the most expensive pair they had,he had alot of difficulty putting them on and in the process dropped a pair of plyers on my hood ! Leav9ng a mark and just walked away.

Posted by xx

Your refund will specifically NOT be immediately refunded.. According to Michelle at the Dunwoody Ga store.. Says I'll have to wait up to TWO DAYS!... that is NOT IMMIDIATELY REFUNDED! $372 out of my DEBIT ACCOUNT... So now I can't even order the correct part from someone that actually carries it, up to two more days!!!... I guess that's okay? On WHAT planet?

Posted by Anonymous

In Choctaw,okla.your store has went down hill. I have been a customer for over 20 yrs and in just 6mos this store has managed to lose over half your normal customers. The woman is rude to some and likes to visit with friends while the other service man avoids the front altogether. Then I just called for a part and the young man didn't know what a tail shaft seal on a transmission was or where it goes. So thank you for 20yrs of service but my money will be spent at O'Riley's down the road no matter what the cost. When I say I'm done I'm done.

Posted by Anonymous

Why do live one block away from the byhalia store and have to drive to hollysprings or olivebranch to get a battery tested or ignition module tested do you not spend the time to train the same as the other stores for example my battery was bad but byhalia said his computer was down holly spings took a tester to my car to test my battery which is the usual way of doing it every where I have had it done before and on electronic modules they can't test them yet I go to Olive Branch they check them then tell me good or bad is it your training in this store or failure to train properly by the company heads I hope you take head to what I ask because I'm not the only one who has had the same thing happen an as O'Reilly in down the road in both h spings and obranch if I have to always go somewhere besides right down the road I may as well go somewhere else

Posted by Peter

Can anyone train autozone employee in Derby CT how to check battery not holding charge, They know only how to Charge Battery. Battery lost Charge after 24 hrs. from charge. Battery have bed cells. They can't replace battery, I was told the battery take charge. ????

Posted by Anonymous

I just moved and lost reciept for truck starter. How do I go about returning

Posted by Anonymous

In the Cordova TN store, a black man that was rude to me and another white woman. Having battery trouble. After pulling hood, he didnât offer to open. I tried & couldnt, asked him if he knew how.. He opened, asked how he did it, said he just put his hand in there. Checked battery. Sold me some post terminals. While paying, lady outside called & on speaker phone said she didnât want to leave car running. He said well if ur husband told you not to turn off, I donât know what to tell you. U have to come in and wait in line like everyone else. One, they were not that busy and two he could have said, I have some customers, give me a few minutes. I stayed outside for the lady to go in store. This man had a rude demeanor (attitude) of HE WASNT GOING TO HELP MORE THAN HE POSSIBLY HAD TOO.

Posted by Anonymous

I just left the 50 th and center store in Omaha Nebraska they would t sell me windshield washer fluid rude employees playing in the back no one working the Register

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Posted by Anonymous

I like dealing with AutoZone and asking for troy he is the one that I try to deal with cause he is kool to deal with he make sure your parts r right so I like dealing with troy

Posted by Anonymous

I like dealing with auto zone on New York ave I try to deal with one person and his name is troy he is the best and he make should that I get the right parts that I need he is a very cool guy when i call I make sure troy is working he can answer my question for me if troy can most of the time troy can do it I will deal with him as long he stay at auto zone thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Shannon at the Lafayette location from start to finish went above and beyond my expectations. He showed exemplary customer service and I appreciate it. Thank you again for your help. What an example for others you are in customer service. 5 stars in my book!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the AutoZone on North Main to get a part that I ordered and found out it got cancel. But the manager Chanell B.was very helpful with calling and seeing the reason why and was able to reorder for me. She was very patient with me. Thanks again for the help.

Posted by Anonymous

Came in to the Auto Zone in Thousand Oaks, CA and was assisted by James Dotey. Mr. Dotey was more than willing to help me with the changing of the rear light bulbs of my car. He was very friendly and made the process much easier. Thank you Mr. Dotey.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give a shout out, thumbs up to Jesus at the Autozone on 3783 Maryland pkway Las Vegas NV.89119. I had purchased a shop light for I think 9 or 10 dollars and the first time I used it I left it under the hood and it melted to my manifold, lol. I took it back to the store and found out it was not life time warranty. Jesus was kind enough to exchange it for me at no charge. Great customer service and a great attitude seeing how the phones were ringing off the hook, and several people in line.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the store on Clinton Avenue in Minneapolis, MN (Store # 3099). Salvador helped me, and he was a godsend! He removed my non-working battery and installed a new one in sub-zero temperatures--all without complaint and with a friendly attitude. He also ran a test to see why my engine light was on, even without me asking him to. I was so impressed by Salvador's service and so very thankful for his willingness to help. What an excellent employee.

Posted by Anonymous

Bill from auto zone in east palmdale California has been such a assett he is so helpful n available for everything I just want to thank him n auto zone for having such an AWESOME employee

Posted by B. Parham

Just want to personally give "Thumbs up" and "Thank you Kudos to Brandon Crear, Tyrone Williams and Sabrina (Ms. Bree) at store #155 in Birmingham, Alabama; for the outstanding customer care they provided for me when I went by to ask questions about my SUV startup concern. Mr. Crear politely greeted me at the counter, listened and offered to check my battery to make sure it had a good charge. When he tested it; the reading showed that the battery had "0" charge. He immediately went in, pulled up info pretaining to my vehicle and allowed me to see the screen and select the battery priced at a rate that I could afford. As he attempted to replace the old battery for the new one; he wrestled awhile trying to disconnect the battery cable screw from the post (due to excessive corrosion). He than asked for assistance from Tyrone Williams who worked on the problem for a while; than Ms. Bree came out looked over the problem and gave useful suggestion of spray and tool to use. Everyone was so calm, cool and patience. A less than 10 minute job turned into; about 50 minutes. They went "Beyond" the call of duty with a wonderful attitude.
Thanks So much Autoone, For All that you do for women (like myself and others) with this kind of personal sevice and hiring such great, patience and knowledgeable workers!!!!!!!

Posted by Kate

I stopped by the Autozone on Virginia Beach Blvd off of Rosemont dr today. I was greeted by Frank Santiago, not expecting a hi or hello, since I was just at Napa and since Napa didn't do check engine lights I went to AutoZone, I found out that they did and was helped right away. Frank was not only helpful but very knowledgeable and has trained not only his staff but his customers as well. He showe'd me ways to save money and how to take care of my car so it'll go on longer without expensive repairs. Yes, you might think I'm an employee, but I can assure you, I'm just a student trying to get by with a car that has given me so much trouble for the no reason (ford fusion hybrid '10-bad choice). I am grateful to have such a wonderful person close by, so much, I felt obligated to do this review. Go see him if you need the knowledge of a mechanic but for the price of free!

Posted by Anonymous

Had The Problem Of Cabin On '03 Deville Reaching More Than120 Degrees After Driving 5-blocks Below The Dash Area. Temp Gage Would Climb To Within 1-notch Of Overheating. Spoke With Brock @vegas Drive Store, He Checked The Oil, The Coolant & Advised Me That I Needed As Much As One Quart Of Oil And Nearly A Gallon Of Coolant. He Graciously Put-in Both For Me. I Had Been Quoted By Repair Shop Of Approx $400-$600.00 To End My Dilemma. Thanks A Million & Kudos To Brock.

Posted by Anonymous

The Plainview store has an exceptional young man taking care of the commercial department. He is quick to assist us with anything needed. He is caring, knowledgeable and honest. He is good in his parts knowledge as well as customer service ( extra miler award) . He learns new things daily and assist us with information needed to best handle our business. His Name is John Petty.

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my husband went to autozone in Mississippi and Micheal T. Helped us and he was so amazing! Our car was overheating and he took his time with us and made sure we didn't leave until the car was safe. Very great guy and so helpful!

Posted by Anonymous

Tarpon Spring's, Florida

Tom was the best. Running lights out spent time working on our problem when he could have told us he was closed. Headed back to Texas thanks to him. He needs a pay raise

Ginger Unger

Posted by Anonymous

Very nice and helping. She very good worker

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to take the time to thank Allan a manager at Auto Zone on E Main St. Green Bay WI, he had great customer service and was very patient with me not knowing exactly what the name of the parts I needed were, even took the time to come out side so I could show him what I was talking about. Thank you for the awesome customer service-

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Robert, Stephanie they were so helpful they were the best I had a problem with a lighter in my my vehicle for 5years upon numerous visit s to the store being turn down so many times I just took a chance coming back see new faces I say to my self iwill try once again and walk out of their a happy person I was able to charge my phone they save me from buying something I didn't need there concern and wiliness made my day some my say wow a lighter, that was so important to me I wish u both success Robert was awesome and Stephanie just jump right in and help good team work guys

Posted by Anonymous

I had a pleasant experience shopping at store 4725. The employee rowena was very helpful and patient with me.

Posted by Christmas Eve Rider

I was traveling across states on Christmas eve and while in Marion, Arkansas my radiator busted and all the shops in eye sight were closed I pulled into Auto Zone and explained my situation and Ivy Fowler made multiple calls looking for someone to help put me back on the road. Not only did he find someone to fix my car (I'm sorry up forgot his name) but he help oversee the repair and everything that I needed and they didn't try to scam me or anything. I love them because I found some of the most caring supervisor heroes in the state of Arkansas. I can never express my gratitude for what they did for me and my kids

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to share my experience with auto-zone store# 6471 located in Albany Ga. I came in to purchase a headlight for my Toyota Camry. I had no idea what to get or exactly what was needed. A young lady by the name of Jalyn B greeting me, Ms. Jayln asked who can we help you? I explained i was looking to replace my front head light and had no idea what type of light i needed. Jalyn was nice and friendly and very helpful. I explained what had happen to my head light, she found the correct item and stated she could install the item for me. I also asked about something to clean the smug from the front head light as well. I also meet Mr. Allan C who worked there and during the time that Jalyn replaced my headlights and cleaned the smug from my car Mr. Allan C and I had a nice friendly conversation about living here in Albany. I paid for all my purchase with a card and had no cash on hand to leave a tip for Jalyn, she refused a tip lol but asked that i return to the store for future purchases. Most people will take the time needed to leave a complaint over a compliment but I wanted to make sure that I reach someone with auto-zone about my experience at store #6471. I want to say thank you again to both Jalyn and Allan for your warm welcome and friendly and professional customer service. Thank you thank you and thank you again.

Posted by rondollfraser

I had great customer service by Wendell p at auto zone on utica ave

Posted by MARY

IM THE OWNER OF Franklin Auto Sales in New Brunswick, I would like to thanks Noel Maldonado at the North Brunswick store for the help, excellent service, he provide to us, He is always willing to go the extra mile to be help us with our needs, employees like him make the difference, THANK YOU, NOEL

Posted by Anonymous

Atta girl to Jennifer of the Miamisburg OH (Heincke Rd). A few weeks ago I dropped off a mc battery to have it charged and tested. Jennifer was kind and professional projecting a desire to help. I wish they were all like her.

Posted by Waterpump

I came in the Oak Grove, La autozone, and a girl named Nancy helped me. When I drove up she saw that I was having trouble turning my wheel. She asked me to pop my hood. When I did, she noticed that my water pump pully had broken off and my belt was just there. She assisted me in getting the correct parts for my car and even helped my husband with the job. You have made a customer for life Nancy. Thank you so much.

Posted by Roseycat

Always have the parts I need took care of me when I had a bad battery in fact they gave me a brand new one free of charge the prices are always reasonable I've had a great experience every time I go to Autozone

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Posted by New hire

I recently had an interview for hiring at yours in Twin Lakes Washington location I arrive probably 10 minutes before my scheduled interview and I waited 45 minutes after my scheduled interview time for the DM Juan come to find out he was in his truck for that 45 min on facebook I only found this out after asking a worker they said he's been in his truck I want out to look and sure enough he's on his phone truck running playing on face book on his laptop That is totally unacceptable and unprofessional from what I've heard from the employees there this is a regular thing he pulls

Posted by T

Hi I am a former employee at autozone. Worst place I've ever worked for. They didn't pay me for training. Before I got the job they said it's paid training. Also they pay very minimum wage. Pressure employees if they don't sell enough. I just want my paid training and the payroll told me it's not their problem. So sick of fighting for money I worked for.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee of autozone and they promised full time 40 hours q is not q 'm working and I understand that i am in the company because im nou whath im doin im desepcioner of the company and I need an answer immediately because in other stores you are giving their full hours and I have a family to maintance

Posted by daniel1385

I'm an employee out of store 0011 in dyersburg TN. With my time here I have noticed a great bunch of management except for one. Michael has a very poor management skill, he has shown very poor professional attitude. He will miss use his management status with lower employees with situations he does not feel like doing. He treat employees poorly. Everyone including management feels he should not be an employee of AUTOZONE. He will sit and talk to his friends and completely ignore customers. He has friends help him behind the counter to find products. He does fraudulent returns for friends. He and his friends are loud and they make a seen that drives away customers. I have had to do discounts to make up for his actions to try and keep customers. He makes it known to lower position employees that they have to do what he says and he does nothing. I have had to completely run to store on my own during a busy time so he can talk to his friends and it is an inconvenience for him to answer the phone and gives customers an attitude so they will hang up so he can get back to his friends. I have made a request to not work with him because last time I did I almost quit and I like working there. I was recently retired from the army as a staff sergeant so I know how to lead several people in the most stressful times, and he is no leader. He treats this job as a waste of his time and will give customers wrong information so they will leave and he can get back to his friends that have no intent of buying anything. He give them discounts and will not let anyone help them. He has tried to put me down in front of customers like I don't know what I'm doing and he is wrong. I have an associates degree in automotive and I'm half way through my associates degree in business management. He has no place in parts sales. He is a poor manager and hinders this company.

Posted by oldsman

As an employee with a fayette county pa autozone store if you are looking for a job please look elsewhere i would not recommend any of my friends to work at autozone ... all you are is a body to make autozone money ...

Posted by oldsman

As An Employee At A Autozone Store I Will Be Leaving Autozone As An Employee To Take Another Job With A Two Dollar An Hour Decrease In Hourly Wages ... I Was Always Told If You Do Not Have Anything Good To Say Do Not Say Anything ... Have A Great Day

Posted by Anonymous

as an autozone employee, I can tell you the company hires bodies not individuals with auto mech knowledge. It is very discouraging trying to provide good service and information to customers, as someone that knows first hand how to rebuild engines and trannies, when your fellow employees can't even change a wiper blade or understand which side of a vehicle is "left" or "right". In defense of my fellow employees, numerous customers come in each day and cannot even tell you what kind of vehicle they just drove there in! It is not our responsibility to be able to know every single Obamaphone number you have used for your warranty info. Remember your phone numbers and addresses if you want autozone to locate your files. Personally, I will not sell a customer something they don't need no matter what push is going on...I live on a budget also, but don't hold me responsible for selling you the wrong part based on you giving me the wrong info. Know what you need BEFORE you come in or go to a repair shop first. Required info, year, make, model, and engine size.

Posted by Ray123

I am a former employee of AutoZone who was let go because I was honest and admitted to making a mistake for which I did pay the seven dollars myself. Because of addmitting to the mistake I was told that I was not trustworthy and let go. I was a Commercial Manager on the Central coast of California and because I was trying to increase the commercial share of the market I made a mistake. My area had the highest increase 39% in sales. When I tried to contest my termination I was ignored and never received any responce.

Posted by RocketGremlin a store manager I watched a girl walk UP and DOWN the air conditioning aisle for 5 mins looking for something. When the customer was looking impatient I asked if I could help. He had a part number for AC spark plugs and needed 6 AC plugs R44tsx. I got them, rung him up, appologized, shook his hand, and sent him on his way...then I told the girl to stop looking for his plugs. that I have you attention..HERES THE REAL DEAL!

Well. You are all right. I worked in the stores for 9 years. I already knew about auto parts and was ASE certified b4 I came there so I really only had to be trained on their computer system and retail ways. I have seen the system go from a DOS type green screen to the new mess they call Znet which is like windows. To defend the idiot that has the mouth (I would have fired him long ago), the computer lookup is only as good as the information that is programmed into it. It's seriously 80% right at best. The known correct items are listed at top but if you don't have the know how to read between the lines, the customer will get the wrong parts. It's retail. Look it up at home and bring it with you is your best bet.

As a store manager you are correct. They DO NOT hire people based on what they know about car parts, only if they can customer service skills. Everything is based on WITTDTJR or what it takes to do the job right. This is the tactic that they train "zoners" into UPSELLING. Every go into a zone and try to buy 5qts of oil and a filter, without getting the second degree for not buying an air filter, or Lucas fuel injection cleaner? How about that $5 oil drain pan and useless funnel, handcleaner, and a roll of towels. And the big one. PACKETS! These are the little foil pouches that cost maybe a nickel to make but they add on to your sale because they sell them at $1.29 each. You DONT need BRAKE LUBE. This is where the clueless counterperson will scriptedly sell it to you (with or without your knowledge) to get their points...and the REAL ASE Certified will ASK you if you need a REAL permatex spray brake quiet can whereas you can use it for the next 15 jobs. Employees are TRACKED with reports on how many packets of headlight grease (and other packets) did they sell for every pack of lightbulbs. Another useless item to make a buck. Was there grease on it when you removed it? I didn't think so. Ever walk into a store to buy...say...a $30 air filter and $30 in wipers for $60 and they guy says I'll take care of you...and they ring up like $45 in fuel cleaner or a pack of headlight bulbs and 15 packets? I've seen it, done it, promoted it, trained into it, and this is the way a person pads their "report" for the next days readings. ITS CHEATING and ITS the AUTOZONE way.
Autozone Will take care of the customer AFTER a problem arises. Just a quick complaint to a district manager will get you a $20 gift card or more. AND USE THIS INFO!! ALL grey shirts (management) are very afraid of someone calling a higher up. The management is trained to take care of the customer no matter what BEFORE the customer can call a district manager.

Did you know that some guy fixing your car in the parking lot, working out of his trunk, probably has a commercial account and will get the parts cheaper than you. I mean, he's a legitimate Federal Tax number on file reseller and shop right?
Those brake rotors you paid $48 a piece for... he's going to use the receipt, return them, and rebuy them under HIS account for $25 each. Don't believe me? Hopefully you put them under your phone number when you bought them? See if that transaction is still active and un-returned in a few weeks. When it is...complain that some bogus employee is running though hundreds of warranty files and doing fake returns for your parts. That battery you bought 4 years ago? Probably returned for cash by now.

On a better note, the whole check engine light gag that they do will at least give the customer their diagnostic code for free. Write it down, take it, and thank them. Now go home and google the code. DO NOT stick around for the whole speech and speal about how your lean code needs an egr valve or your misfire calls for new plugs. If you don't understand what your doing, chances are you shouldn't be under your hood in the first place. Go to a reputable mechanic instead. Do you go to the doctor and say "I'm just tired" and he says YEP, you have such and such, here's a script. NO. He diagnoses the problem first, which stems back to the first part of the story.... SO AFTER THAT GIRL IS DONE LOOKING FOR HER AC PLUGS, MAYBE SHE CAN GO HOOK UP WIRES TO YOUR CAR BATTERY OR EXPENSIVE COMPUTER AND TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR CAR.

ps. Unfortunatley I have to report that although Advance Auto's computers are about 5 years behind the rest of the competitors, they are starting to follow suit with the whole packet, upsell, make a buck thing like AUTOZONE.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for AutoZone and I must say you people are real tools. Number one all of you think the employees are techs which they are not. Some of us understand how the parts work and others how to install... But many of us have no technical back ground whatsoever. And dealing with people like you. Customer. Service. How about not being a complete @ss to the person helping you. Get a job and take my place then you'll see things through the employees eyes. and finally be smart and make sure what you buy is what you need and don't install it and try to return it. Would you want me to bring back an open product to your store and tell you I didn't need it? I'm sure you'd laugh at me. Use your common sense or lack their of. oh final thing the corporate office doesn't give a hoot about your problem they just make the store employees fix it because they don't wanna hear your mouth.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work at Autozone and it really wasn't all that bad. I think you people complaining because of how they treated ignorant customers need to get a reality check.
There are a**hole customers out there, I've dealt with them. Now I didn't scream at them but they've sure as hell screamed at me and I've needed a manager to tell them to get out of the store and never come back. When you have a customer screaming at YOU about how 'There's only one f*cking Chevy smallblock, and it's American so it doesn't use Liters!!!', I'd like to see how you stay cool and collected and don't ask the customer to leave.

Don't base where you shop on how a customer is acting, or how some of our policies are. If we can't get you a part or return a part, sorry, there's absolutely nothing we can do, it's BEYOND our control. Call customer service if you want, they probably can't do much either short of kissing your a** and getting us in trouble for circumstances we can't change.

I'm glad I don't work there anymore, the customers made my job a living hell. I had to deal with sexism, just plain STUPID people complaining about the most inane things, angry people who despite my soft voice I could not console... It was horrible.

Posted by i should work for napa

northwest side chicago i work for autozone i have a four year experiance in this business i just became an employe in dec i know my job i just started working there and there and i accomplish the same things that people been working there for over a year even the store man sells people the wrong parts when i asked him about i fixed the problem he said the customer gave me the wrong info but the old part was infront of him dm and regionals they dont c this i bet these guys cant even find the right transmission and engine seals i have experiance from a moms and pops store i worked with the owner of the company i had to learn they need to look at peoples resumes and quit giving these people with walmart or walgreens or jiffy lube experiance managing positions when they do not knw their parts and products i think my store manager is scared that i know so much about parts that he puts me down he told me i was to slow but you know how your name comes out with stars my customer count is always high so whats that about even your grey shirts ask me for automotive questions....

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As an employee of autozone in pontiac michigan. (mini detroit) you have to have ALOT of patience when dealing with the people that come in here. EVERYDAY we have theft. people that walk over to headlights. take them off the shelf and try to return them for money or in store credit. and when you refuse to do so they get pissed because they stole from us. i had this one lady come in *(without the theft alarm going off by the door)* grabbed a head light and tried to return it. and i told her i needed a receipt. so she turned around and walked out *(this time the theft alarm went off.) a minute later a guy came in with the same bulbs and once again the alarm went off. so i went into the back and told my store manager what he was going to do. long story short the black guy got mad at US for not returning unpurchased lights and broke them then spit on my store manager. if you customers realized what crap we go through ALL day and still try to be as helpful and friendly then you would have nothing to complain about. its hard to help hundreds of customers that tell us the wrong vehicle and give them the parts for the vehicle they said and returned them pissed off. or the idiots that try to return OEM parts after buying ours. were not stupid. we look for these things. and why would we want to be super friendly to you after you steal, and try to return bull ***t. but my most favorite thing is when customers come in needing a part and have no clue what there vehicle is and expect us to know what it is. we shouldnt have to go out side to see what it is. nor should we have to wait when we have a long line for you to call someone and ask. i know some autozoners are idiots too. but in my store. we all know our parts and products and even after all the harrassment and threats, thefts, and crap that they pull we still are as nice as we can be. my asst. store manager gave a pissed off customer 50 dollars out of his wallet because someone got pissed off cuz they wanted to return an obviously used part that was used for a long time. and by the way. a warranty doesnt mean you get your money back when the part f***s up on you. it means to swap for a new one. maybe if some of you guys read this then you would have a new understanding for it and stop treating us so bad cuz you dont know what you need or what you have. and we deal with alot. youtube autozone prank calls and you will see how much crap we deal with.

Posted by Joey Ramone

As an employee of this company, I will try to explain why our service lacks substance. This company makes hundreds of millions in profit each year and the largest profit killer is LABOR. So, in order to keep profits high, they reduce labor to a bare minimum and expect the same amount of work and high quality customer satisfaction. Our employees are scheduled to work 5 days a week, with two days off, but rarely two days off back to back, and we usually only get 32-35 hours. To compound the problem, high volume stores are purposely understaffed to generate higher profit margins. These stores take up the slack for the slower volume stores that have the same amount of employees. We all have our limits for stress. All it takes to stress an employee is to be called outside to check/replace a light bulb when there is 7 customers waiting for help and the phone is ringing off the hook and only two employees on the clock in the store. Unless youve worked in this type of enviroment, it would be hard for you to comprehend. As a customer, you just want to be waited on promptly and professionally. But most people nowadays dont have much patience anymore and soon get angry when we pick up the phone 3 times instead of helping them. I dont blame them! How does it feel to work in this situation? Imagine two people trying to dig a hole that 8 people keep filling back up with dirt. Some people, including those in our own company, will say that these are just excuses to a lack of work ethic or pure laziness. I say truth and reality are not excuses, they are just simple facts that have to be dealt with. Our company expects us to be knowledgable, courteous, available, and effective at all times. They insist that customer service is top priority, but dont give us the man power to reach the level they expect. And, just to add insult to injury, they love it when the unemployment rate is so high because they can demand more from us and not have to worry about people quitting their jobs. Look at this companys stock and how it has grown over the last year. It is a direct result of getting more work from less people. This is why corporations are bad for America. They overwork us, underpay us, ruin our social lives, and threaten us constantly to gain the most profits for people who rarely work at all. Just my opinion...thanks for reading!


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