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AutoNation customer service is ranked #865 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates AutoNation customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 19.60 Overall Rating
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    • 18 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Oacar73120

Automation Chevrolet Denver North

I'd like to know the status of my vehicle reapers. Has, service Mgr, general mgr Rich and your Florida office will not return my calls. I dropped off my truck Thursday night for a Friday appt. I need a loaner or my truck back. Your service dept needs to be shut down. This is my experience each time I bring 1 of our trucks in.

Posted by Jdawg

After being told yes we will sell you this truck for 33,000 I drive 60 miles one way to be lied to by union city auto nation of Georgia after that far lie I was told well we will give you a fully loaded ford xlt it was not what I wanted but after the drive I was convinced only to go sit for another hour to be told another lie well we can’t do that either. I got up and walked out with a check for 33000 dollars these idiots let me walk over 2000 dollars after all the lies they told me. I will never use automation again even if they were selling cars for a dollar very bad company and even worse employees how are y’all still in business

Posted by Auto Nation

My truck is now at Auto Nation collision shop in Houston Texas 610 freeway, because of the rude, racist, dishonesty, lying by their representative, I am very worried that I will be treated fairly and the work will be done in a timely, and proper manner. I had also consider buy a car from Auto Nation, but now I worry if this a bad ideal. Base on my internet search it appears that there are many have experienced the same rude dishonest, lying, behavior of your employees,I add, in my experience, racist, bigotry. Discrimination, based on past law suit, rudeness is of Auto Nation history and nature.

Posted by KELLY

Unbelievable, Traded Truck In On New Used Truck, Had A Few Items That Needed Switched Over, Never Got Done, Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares, They Owe Me Money And Owe Me The Items That Got Misplaced Or Stolen!! My Next Stop Will Be The Police Station And File A Complaint For Steeling!!

Posted by Richard McClendon

Hands down the worst customer service experience in my life. The predatory maintenance practices by automation dodge of Fort Worth has turned this life long Dodge guy into a anything but a dodge guy. I started experiencing drivetrain vibrations in my 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW 2+ weeks ago and took my truck into automation dodge DFW as the differential was rebuilt there in June 2017 and was still under warranty. They determined that the carrier bearing was bad and replaced it at no cost as it was covered under the warranty. It took 2 days to replace the carrier bearing (normally a 1 hour job) It seems my service advisor had quit that day and my vehicle was lost in the shuffle. I tried to call the service dept (during normal working hours) that same day and was unable to reach anyone until the next day. I went into dodge the next day and talked to the service manager and was able to get my truck repaired. I went in to retrieve my vehicle and drove it down the road only to discover the truck still had the drivetrain vibrations. I took it back to the service department and was able to get the shop foreman to ride with me during the road test and recommended I have them change the front wheel bearings and that my tires were worn and causing the vibrations, Ok, I�ll play along. Instead of giving them $1800.00-$1900.00 to change the front wheel bearings and take 2-3 days, I purchased the wheel bearings myself and replaced them in 2 hours (same day) for $800.00 then had a new set of tires mounted and balanced at a local reputable tire shop. Drove the truck and as expected, the vibration is still there. At this point, I�m not going back to this place. Then I get a customer survey. I completed the survey (more like vented) and started my new vehicle search thinking that was that and I would never hear from them again when all of the sudden, I get a call from the service advisor. He was very polite and seemed sincere in wanting to �Win me back� he said and repair my vehicle. So I take the truck back in and talked with the service advisor. I stated my concern that the differential is about to go out again and that was where they need to focus their search. I left my truck and waited. I get a call the next day saying they have found the problem and if I could come in, we could discuss a plan of action. We walk back to the shop where and my truck is on the lift with the drive shaft removed and the differential service plug removed. The technician showed me the differential service plug to confirm that there wasnt any large chips/pieces of metal that would indicate if the differential was indeed wearing/failing and we did a hand check of the back lash and it did feel within tolerances 6 to 10 thousands. However, the cover was not removed so we could perform a thorough inspection. And any experienced drivetrain technician knows if the the crush Sleeve wasnt properly torqued during the rebuild this can cause vibrations over time. Autonation was focused on the driveshaft and I received the hard sell to replace the drive shaft @ a cost of $1600.00 dollars. I made it very clear, If this didnt fix the problem, I wasnt going to pay for a driveshaft that I didnt need. The service manager stated...and I quote �I�ve been doing for over 30 years and I know these Duallys and I have seen this before and this will indeed fix the problem�. I agreed to replace the drive shaft...what else could I do? As we walked back to the front I�m contemplating spending more money on a truck with 159000 miles and told them to hold off on replacing the shaft. I informed the service manager that I would like my truck put back together and I would be trading it in. After 2 attempts to trade the truck in and being informed that the vibration would have to be repaired or I could basically give them the truck for pennies on the dollar. So I took my truck back to autonation and informed the service manager that he could go ahead and replace the driveshaft as discussed earlier. I get the call the next day that my vehicle was ready and that the vibration was gone. I show up to pay for my repairs and take my truck when the service manager stated he wanted me to test drive the vehicle and make sure I was happy with it before I paid. I drove the truck only to discover that the vibration was still there, it was as if nothing haad been done at all. I go back to autonation and informed the manager that my truck was indeed not fixed. Now I have the shop foreman going on the test drive with me and once we start passing through 60Mph and up to 75Mph the vibration and noise say everything that needs to be said. It is my hunch that the vehicle wasnt properly test driven or I wouldnt have gotten a call that my truck was fixed. Once back in the service department, it is self evident that these people are out of their element and dont want me or my truck in their establishment. I informed the service manager that I want my old (but still good) driveshaft. The service manager told me he would have to ask the parts manager if that was something he could do. About 5-10 minutes pass and the service manager says that I now own the driveshaft and that the parts manager is in a meeting for a couple of hours but he relayed to the service manager that he would call me before close of business that day and I could leave my vehicle there until the next day. The parts manager never called. I waited until noon the next day anticipating a call that never came, so I drove back to autonation to retrieve my vehicle. I�m an old mechanic from the 80�s/90�s, was even a service manager for a while. Just WOW! What else can I say. When I would get stumped on a repair we would collaborate with other repair facilities to try and get to the problem so a reasonable course of action can be decided upon. But here is the real travesty. If I weren�t a mechanic already and was able to perform some of the dealer recommended repairs myself, these people would have had me spend we over $6000.00 dollars replacing parts on a hunch. As it stands now I�m only out about $4000.00, no problem, right? I had that laying on the floor of the house, all I had to do was pick it up. I dont bad mouth businesses or people...but, if you need anything other than basic services, be careful with this particular dealership. Their lack of experience will cost some (like me) a lot of money. You see, I use this truck in my business, if it isn�t rolling,I�m not getting paid. This little circus really cost me closer to $10,000 in repairs and lost wages. Thank you Autonation Dodge DFW, please dont call me....ever. And I would like to thank you for educating me, I learned a lot these last 2+ weeks. V/R Richard R McClendon

Posted by Jp

AutoNation Hyundai in Buford, Ga is very irresponsible and won’t take action for there mistake. Took my car in for a recall and of a light fixture that wouldn’t turn off on the right headlamp. They did a diagnostic and while they inspected the junction box and took it off it created a spark. They put it back on and only said that it was recommended to replace it. I was told my car was ready for pick up so I drove off. A few miles down the road my junction box went up in smoke and all computer systems malfunctioned. My steering wheel locked up and the horn wouldn’t turn off. All this was happening while I was driving down the highway.

Posted by Alla

I have a Honda Odyssey 2012. After bringing my car to repair a recall issue (2nd row seats) in march 2018 the door on the side of repair started making load popping noises. I contacted the Dealership ( Auto nation Honda in Costa Mesa, CA) 3 times, left 3 voice messages with the Service Manager Steve - and never got a response. Then today April 24 my Honda ket broke. I called the service department in teh same Costa Mesa dealership and spoke with Jeff regarding repairs and making an appointment. Jeff was extremely rude, and condescending. I told him that I would mention his rudeness in the survey that I would get after the service, and also asked to be transferred to Steve the service manager, on whose voice mail I left a message, asking to be contacted about Jeff's rudeness. About half an hour later Steve called my husband's phone number (even though I left my name and my phone number) and told my husband not to come to the scheduled by me appointment, stating that he was concerned that they may receive low satisfaction score on the survey, thus he suggested to go to a different dealership. And that was the only reason why he suggested to do that. our satisfaction and

Posted by Anonymous

Awful sarcastic and unprofessional .. after Customer service driver wanted to leave my son and I in the middle of nowhere because he could only drive 10 miles at first then after that 12 and then when I spoke to manager he said 15 .. junk as people mind you this is my son's first experience in buying a car they are liars .. 271 point inspection pleaseeeee 2 lights in the back were off, radio has a glitch, already needs an oil change, it had no radiator fluid, just a mess lies after lies after lies

Posted by Anonymous

Horrific. AutoNation Littleton Colorado. After receiving a recall notice for potential fuel leak in our Ford, I scheduled an appointment to have the work done. The dealership confirmed the appointment by email. After inconveniencing my family for over an hour to ensure a replacement car would be available for the day, I arrived at the dealership - early - to have the work done. The service manager then informed that the parts were not available. He said he tried to call the night before to cancel the appointment, but there was NO record of any such call or voicemail on my phone. It was confirmed he had the correct number on the service order.

This was the second debacle with this dealership. The first incident concerned lies from the sales department. Always try to give people a second chance.

This dealership is horrible at both sales and service. Avoid.

Posted by Kevin

AutoNation Park Meadows in CO has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The GM there called me and told me to never contact the dealership again. He was the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. Once they had my money that the last the ever wanted to hear from me. All I wanted was some windshield wipers that worked.
This experience has soures me on your company forever. The GM, I think his name is Mark should be fired. I cant even imagine how he reached that position with his attitude

Posted by Ken

Yesterday 3-13-2018 I experiences probably the worst display of customer service in quite some time. Between your Autonation Ford in Englewood CO and your Autonation Honda in Westminster CO. My daughter purchased a Honda CRV last Wednesday, it died in her garage Saturday, Spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get it taken care of. I actually spoke with no less that 10 people, got transfered to voice mail 30 times, received no return call from 7 of them, Got the run around on who was going to repair it and whos' responsibility it was and who was going to pay for it. Meanwhile my daughter is without transportation. It seriously was a huge unorganized mess! Your only saving grace was your service managers at Ford Jordan and at Honda Ken. While I will never recommend Autonation in the future to anyone, you should commend these two employees for handling a situation your managers and other associate found to be outside their idea of and responsibility for any level of customer service or satisfaction. What is your policy " Once the car is sold and out the door we don't have to care anymore"

Posted by carguru

AutoNation Hyundai dealership in the DFW area [located in North Richland Hills off loop 820] are thieves! Did a test drive on Nov. 11 and filled out the required form for a $50 VISA gift card.

Here it is 3 months + later and still NO $50 VISA card after numerous phone calls and emails. Dealership ignored me for months and finally they told me Hyundai Hdq. owes me the $50 VISA card. Hdq. says this is a local dealership promotion and they owe me $50!

Bunch of thieves!

Posted by Anonymous

The Waco, Texas Mercedes Dealership is by far the worst auto dealership I have ever encountered. The sales people are too busy sitting at their computers to help customers. The service department is beyond pathetic, that is IF you can get your car in. Will not be back. I gave you three chances and they were all equally terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

absolutely the worst.. customer service doesn't exist-just robo calls one after another. DO NO PURCHASE from this company!!!!

Posted by Bob

Subaru Auto Nation - Denver Area: Regardless of what is said during the sales process, AN takes no responsibility for any issues that arise post purchase. As was plainly stated by Matt Smith (General Manager - AN Subaru) when I raised a question regarding a $145 suspension repair 1300 miles and 100 days post purchase - "You will need to cover any issues related to the sale, used cars are sold as is...). Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a used car from a large dealership vs. individual assuming there is some additional integrity in the purchase, I would steer clear of AN. Note: I have purchased cars of similar value from competitors such as Carmax with absolutely no issues if a concern was raised.)

I would also mention, that I had originally called AN - Subaru regarding the repair ~60 days post purchase, however they recommended I take the car to AN Nissan for repair.

Posted by Anonymous

There is no customer service. I have been trying to rectify a financial issue where a director stole 6000.00 in my wages. I have worked with the local branch AN Ford in corpus. Jerry salazar stole the money in July Aug & Sept of 2015.

The dealership also threatened me with termination of my contract if I didn't let the dealership off the hook by myself assuming 7000.00 in negativity equity on a auto that wasn't even mine. Brad nor Bruce were rational that day. I had a solution but they were so afraid corporate would find out they wouldn't even give me a chance to present my case. Between Navy Army and autonation coercing me into a predatory loan I will start here.

Posted by Smellswell

I was a contractor and customer at an ford corpus. A manager stole 6000.00 from my wages. I have all documents to prove my case. I have called customer service 4 times now. Fred Vincent,. There are forcing me into a corner that ends badly for me.


Fred Vincent

Posted by Complaint

Never believe AutoNation on their warranty issues even warranty shows job will be covered on Labour and spares charges. They willfind the way that the job is not covered under warranty and hence to pay minimum charge of about $ 135 for diagonose. Bought a used Lexas 350 RX in july 2016. Covered under warranty for two months. Its wipers sensors on auto function does not work. AutoNation Ford in Frisco says that due to small whole in wind screen this will not work and also not covered under warranty. I was never be informed by them at the tome of purchase that this will not work unless i change the wind sheild. My opion is that it should be covered under warranty as the electrical circut is not able to complete to sense and work properly.

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