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AuthorizeNet customer service is ranked #737 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates AuthorizeNet customer service and customer support as Terrible.


30 Negative Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 96.77%.


1 Positive Comment out of 31 Total Comments is 3.23%.

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  • AuthorizeNet

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    • 24.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (96.77%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.23%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.8 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 2.9 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I am based out of india and i dont see an easy way to connect with you guys for an inquiry. I am planning to use your gateway for one of my mobile application. Please email me

Posted by Findanother!

Diabolical customer service. I wanted to give them my online business - they started charging me before we even got open, then said that all the documents I sent, and sent again, were caught up in a 'Spam Filter' and meanwhile, can I still pay for the 'gateway' - you must be joking - - is my opinion of them! Stay clear.

Posted by Anonymous

This is like the Twilight Zone. I call the number. It asks for a Gateway ID, but I can't get it because I apparently don't have the right password. I try to change the password and the email I get says to click a certain link. So I do, but it asks a "secret question" which I have no idea about. Since I always use my pet's name, the "person I first kissed" causes me to draw a complete and utter blank. So I can't change the password. So I look on the site to talk to a person. However, the directions to do just that don't work. So I try to chat - surprise! I can't find the link for the absolute LIFE of me, though the page says I can chat. Come on, I should be able to do this by accident. Otherwise, a person like me ought to be in your website QA department. This experience has been a complete and total waste of time.

Posted by jj

they over bill, lie to customers & it takes forever to get someone on the phone!!!

Posted by Anonymous will bill the hell out of you! They are running a huge scam! I can't believe they haven't been put in prison yet. They make up tons of fees....a cancellation fee of $350 when I've been with them for years!

Posted by Anonymous

We ended up using Authorize for processing internet transactions because our bank at the time, Wells Fargo, had an arrangement with them. We later switched banks and notified Authorize of the change. Although we had set up the account with Authorize ourselves, the fact that Wells was our processor meant that they ended up owning our account. When we left wells, Authorize informed us that we had to start the application process again from the beginning. In the course of this, Authorize set themselves up as our processor, even though I had told them that we already had a new bank. We didn't find out until we started seeing their outrageous fees on our statement.

What is worst about Authorize, though, is their customer service. They keep the E-ticketing system in a hidden location of the site, and for good reason. It's an antiquated and incredibly problematic system. It opens in a pop-up window without navigation controls, if it opens at all. There's no other way to access the transcript of support tickets, and once a ticket is closed they remove it from the history so that you can not look back for reference. Worst, "Support" representatives apparently have no authority at all because they almost invariably refer you to phone support, negating the entire point of an E-ticket system.

Chat support is negligibly better, but the representatives there love to copy-paste walls of text into the tiny window, in answer to simple questions. When you ask them to simply provide the link, they contend that the information is not available online. The entire service is hideously mismanaged.

Posted by quickcommerce.net_can_suck_it

Rude. Unhelpful. I will never do business with or which it seems are the same but not the same... whatever. One quits doing business with you, but the other keeps billing you. And people wonder why we are in a recession.

Posted by artistic

This is for someone considering using as their gateway. Please think twice. Our business was unable to charge any cards due to some errors, nevertheless we got charged a bunch of fees, plus $25 fee. Our account was closed at that time. Horrible customer service.

Posted by chrisphotonic and its affiliate companies are horrible. $99 fee just to see if your 'eligible' for their services. No particular advantage on rates VS paypal when looking at all the fees.

Sales/Support is awful, they disconnect you when trying to transfer from one department to another, and you on hold in the middle of your call several times in a few minutes! It's the strangest phone system, I've ever heard.

I never used the service once, and I yet was billed. Never even logged into the control panel even once. When you create an account, you get other companies that handle part of service. It's a mess. I thought I was waiting for approval for weeks when the sub company was requesting more financial information, even though my 'gateway' account was approved. Now of course you can get a refund because you've exceed the 48 hour mark. I was told my account was approved but locked. Meaning that I couldn't withdraw anything from it till I supplied the paperwork, but I could only put money into it.

Even though you've signed up with one company you've got to track down the scraps of your account that are located else where. They continue to bill you, but pretend not to know about the sub accounts with other vendors. I had to ask over and over to cancel my merchant account. At least six times before the sales person could give me information on it.

When is the last time you bough a car, but the lug nuts were from a different company and that company had separate billing? And because you didn't ask for a refund on the lug nuts they wouldn't let you return the car? That's the kind of service you get with

In my opinion their signup process is a nice little scam. Who else wouldn't offer a refund to you if you didn't use the product, and the account was locked so you couldn't withdraw any money from it.

I've had a paypal account for years and never any any issues like this. I can only imagine what kind of hell those people have had that trust them to manage their online sales.

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!! I canceled service and they are still taking out fees from my account! I had to call the bank and block them. I asked to speak with a manager and he would only give me his first name and Last letter initial. No last name go figure.
Stay far far away.

Posted by Say It Happening

I have a new account with them. I have not any transactions.
After the "free" period they attemtped to bill me and it was denied for lack of funds.
Here is the kicker. . .
Two other other companies that are associated with them were successful in taking money from my account.
Now, I have spoken with both of the two other companies, one had no information regarding my site at all, the second did and said that my billing was for my account for
Now, am I just lame or am I being taken to the cleaners sign up for one account and being billed by 3 different although associated companies for the same account??
Not a happy camper. . .

Posted by ToonGuy

Started a company in 2008. Applied for credit card processing and opened accounts with and Moneris. Venture quickly failed, and we closed Moneris but apparently forgot about Authorize. They have been charging us $10/month ever since. Account has never been used. Zero transactions. We are now legally shutting down the company, and called Authorize to shut account and perhaps give us a partial refund. They refused.

A reputable company would have called after a few months to ask why we haven't started using the account, to inquire if there is a problem.

Posted by foolmetwice

They Stink!!I signed up after going through a lot of paper work I was approved then the first month I get an email saying my account could not be accesed and I am charged a $35.00 fee.Customer service was no help after loseing $ for 3 months my account was mt.They claim I still owe $29 and they are sending coll.after me.
Where are the regulatores??

Posted by omrishemtov

Unfortunately small businesses who are not stable enough to afford a 3-year term agreement with major, more promising credit card services, turn to As a word of honesty, failed to comply with all their proaremises, as to secured payments, fair customer service, or even light monthly charges & fees. I ended up paying on a monthly basis well above what a typical, well know credit card services would be charging me, in addition I received absolutely no coverage. does not stand up for their customers, indeed they see this as a great opportunity to take advantage of the hard working, small business owners who remain helpless after a case of fraud arises. As far as the fraud department is concerned, they could careless if their client is hurt. In fact, at the time of signing the contract- they will assure you of any fraud cases to be fully covered but will fail to keep their word later on as the hit comes. There is a very good reasoning behind major entities NOT using, I would highly recommend saving any additional money to spend on a SECURED credit card services. After all, small businesses can not afford such fraud cases not being covered, and now days when everyone uses credit cards as a form of payments, securing the payments is by far the most important part of 'A SALE.'
Please take this word, whoever may be considering entering a contract, go someplace else and get FULLY COVERED. In addition, they will try to place on charges in the event that you may want to terminate the services before a 3-year term has passed.

Posted by Anonymous

They accepted my account with conditions. and then they sent me a ridiculus list of demands that were unreasonable to complete. So are holding all my credit card payments for 120 days. Everytime I sent them what they asked they asked for something else until they said that my account was not approved. In the mean time I was charged everymonth for 7 months. They did not release any of my payments and even charged me for any refund that I sent out of my bank account instead of taking it from the funds they are holding.

Posted by buyer

MISLEADING!!! They ripped me off and wasted my time. The account rep had an email address . I cancelled my account and asked for a refund. Turns out he worked for and had no jurisdiction over cybersource. SO WHY THE CYBERSOURCE email address and signature??? I found that out two months later after cybersource continued to charge me. He said there was nothing he could do. The RUDE and ABUSIVE staff at cybersource refused to give me a refund or to even let me speak with a supervisor. THEFT!!! GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY!!!!!!!

Posted by geohacker

They enforce their TOS unfairly. does not allow internet tobacco sales, right?


You agree that You will not at any time conduct Your business in any manner that directly or indirectly offers, sells, leases, licenses or displays, delivers, advertises, recommends, or promotes any product(s), service(s), data, information, image(s), text and/or any content which:

1. is unlawful or violates any applicable local, state, federal, national or international law, statute, ordinance, or regulation including, without limitation, Credit Card Association rules, consumer protection law, Internet tobacco sales, firearm sales, unfair competition, antidiscrimination or false advertising.

I'm really curious how there are a ton of companies online selling tobacco using when its against their TOS. I'm wondering what CEO is getting a kickback from these companies. I asked in March 2010 about it and yet all the companies in question are still using for internet tobacco.

Here are a few examples:​-481e-49e8-a93b-fd4718232f17&rurl=http%3A//mia​...​​-b6be-4f59-8cd7-bf476c7a4dd8&rurl=http%3A//top​...​llars/garcia-y-vega-packs-350.html​-3834-4891-aff1-3e2541c28f0f&rurl=http%3A//cig​...

Posted by Roaming Egg

I have been processing with for 5 years. Overall, they have not done a bad job. However, they have now made an error that may very well cost me my business. They will even admit the error they made, but will not fix it because they are following their "policies".

I have (had) two with accounts with this company. One, I have been using for the past year. The second one was an older one that I used with a previous merchant provider that I have not been with for quite some time.

In December, I chose to switch to a new merchant provider. I called Authorize and asked them if I could switch my gateway to a new provider and which of my two accounts I should switch. I was told that I was the full owner of both accounts and changing providers on either of them would be fine, so I might as well continue processing on the one that I had been using up to this time.

The switch occurred without incident in mid December and all seemed ok. On January 1, I ran my primary billing run for the month and all went well. The billing run on the first of the month constitutes roughly 55% of all of my monthly electronic billing. My ECheck transactions (Which accounts for 80% of that days transactions) went into the standard 7 day hold that Authorize puts on such transactions.

On January 3, I again went to run a transaction and found myself locked out. I checked with Authorize and they informed me that the account had been closed. After having an extensive discussion with several customer service representatives and a supervisor (Alan), I was told that the bank I had been previously using was among a list of merchant providers who had the power to close gateway accounts that they set up, even though they did not directly own them. They freely admitted that the original Customer Service person had told me to do the wrong thing.

I called to ask about the funds that were currently in their 7 day hold period and was told that, because the account was closed, the funds would be locked for 90 days!

I spoke with two people in the Risk Managment department, which oversees these holds, as well as the customer service people again. Everyone will admit that it was their fault, but they completely refuse to budge on their policy of holding my money. They did say that I could submit a request for review after 30 days and they MIGHT consider releasing the money then.

In the past I would have given this company a resonably good review. However, considering that they may very well have destroyed my company and refuse to fix their own mistakes: I advise everyone to think carefully before dealing with them.

Posted by AlInTampa

Additionally, if they did have a fire, and it affected their web presence and emergency technical support phone lines, this is the reason one cannot get through to them. However, they certainly, without question, need backup tech. support and customer service located in a different location other than Seattle, Washington. An total no-brainer. Not everyone knows to go to Twitter...obviously.

Posted by Anonymous

The site has been down for a long time now, can't get through to customer support and service is long time gone.

Posted by Anonymous

The issue is not the problem itself... they are working to resolve that. The issue is they have nobody in their office to talk with us customers and let us know what is going on. We're looking for a gateway now with 24/7 support... not banker's hours.

Posted by Anonymous

I hope that there will be some attempt to make information available soon. We are a self-storage and customers pay us at the first. Having no information and no way to contact customer service is a real problem.

Posted by Anonymous

We'll be looking for a new gateway as well. Lost way too much business already this morning.

It would be different if they cared enough to call the customer service reps in to talk to us... just goes to show you that when some of these places get too comfortable they forget who pays their bills... us Merchants do!

Posted by Extrmely Upset Customer

Additional phone numbers for that accept messages.

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Diekmann, Kathleen [email protected]
1295 Charleston Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
650-965-6000 fax: 650-965-6826

Posted by Anonymous

I hear reports that they had a fire in their data center, that's why everything is down!

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Posted by Anonymous

This situation is frustrating. But as our company has weathered a natural disaster in the past, I am willing to give patience and understanding. Previous experiences with customer service have always been prompt and effective.

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