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Audiovox customer service is ranked #233 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Audiovox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


23 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 85.19%.


4 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 14.81%.

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  • Audiovox

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 43.81 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 23 negative comments (85.19%)
    • 4 positive comments (14.81%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.0 Cancellation
    • 4.5 Friendliness
    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Don't know what this is.

I own an Audiovox Model T852. I would like to know the cost of purchasing internet and hotspot service. Will you please have someone contact me at (808) 250-2935 or by email

Posted by Anonymous

I'm having problems with my audioVox Xpress Xmas radio. Can someone please call me at thank you John Dickey

Posted by Anonymous

Regarding customer assistance for RCA Amplified Digital Indoor Antennas, there was no help available via the phone number given out over the phone

Posted by [email protected]

Jus purchased RCA indoor antenna for HDTV..not search not finding place on wall, for,no signal.
Office closed..number given for support is incorrect!

Posted by Ryguy347

Just bought Terk trinity amplified indoor HDTV antenna and can't get any channels. My $9.00 HDTV antenna works a ton better! What a rip off. I am gonna tell everyone I possibly can that this sucks!

Posted by gary1000

the absolute worst customer service in history I was told my remote start system was no longer in service because it one of the systems that use an I phone ap to start the car and cost me about a thousand dollars two years ago and I was told I would have to [purchase another system after being on hold for about 45 min and the person I spoke to didn't even give me his name or offer any help with the situation!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

unbelievable....i spoke with 5 different customer service reps until i located this number. all told me that audivox services the spacemaker undermount cabinet radio/CD.....GE/then RCA/ ???

Posted by Sandy

I purchased two Audiovox 7" Headrest monitor DVDs (AUXmtghr1d)in Dec 2014 for a Christmas gift and had it professionally installed in my daughter's van by Best Buy. From the beginning the one headrest was a bit wobbly but continued to get increasingly so until last month when it literally was laying on its side. I went back to Best Buy thinking it was an installation problem and they showed me where both of the PLASTIC parts that hold the metal stems that extend into the headrest were broken off. The DVD players work fine, it is the headrest component that was defective and I do not really want to take it all apart and have to have it all reinstalled, so wondering if you can just replace the headrest portion?? Please advise. It is only one of the headrests. I have a photo of the parts I am referring to that broke off but was unable to figure out how to attach to this document. The quality of this plastic part is not what I would expect to be in a auto part that is a safety feature - what would have happened to it if it had to withstand a car accident. The kids are 2 years old so are not strong enough to cause this type damage. Please advise on what my options are.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with Chris Leonard. I cannot get past the Audiovox T752 first screen. I have followed all the instruction that are on Youtube, the instruction book to no avail. I have reset the thre tablet many times but it will not got past the Audiovox screen. I have returned the tablet (1) time and it looks like I will have to do it again. Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!! Addie Green

Posted by Audiovox portable DVD kit

I just recently purchased Audiovox "9"TFT display order number SO13856387, Item no.49-9485-00 can you send the model no.and the serial this product so this product can get registered. Thank you for your assistant or where do I locate the two item numbers. Thank you again. Security code, what!!

Posted by Anonymous

I sent my hearing aid for repair a month ago have not heard anything.

Monica Phillips

Posted by Chris

called at 1215 on 10-27-2014 about my tablet that I bought from HSN. I returned twice this last summer but each time it only works appox 1 mo. I believe that you sent a new one on about the 22nd of Sept. It was working great until this past weekend. stating with battery needing recharging to not getting past the Audiovox screen. Very upset with this company and brand, which I understand makes the same thing under different name. Well.....Maybe I should tell HSN TV viewers about my problems with this tablet and with Audiovox. please respond I also left my number when I called to be cued now I leaving for the day. Christine Leonard

Posted by Van

Called twice, no return call. You must not care about your customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I would recommend never doing business with these people Their policy seems to be, if it's ours and it's broken, it's your problem. I will never buy another Audiovox product again. What a POS...for those of you who already have made the same mistake, here's the link to their "customer service"

Posted by Lyngal

The Live chat isn't working. I searched your website and cannot find an answer. I need an instruction/program manual for an older Audiovox auto remote starter, ELVAT8D. Thank you

Posted by ACA250

buy a systeme of recul sans fil pour vehicule. but has much interference and even if not reverse the screen turns to static and off, quite often agradecere comments. dr. humberto gil cuts. sound thanks.


Posted by c

What customer service? Audiovox is an invisible internet company with sub-par products. DO NOT BUY "DICE" or "Advent" products.

Posted by Anonymous

Your subsidiary, code-alarm, sucks or your sales lady on phone lied to me. I bought a replacement electronic fob CATX-MT as the CATX-50 is unavailable. I asked about programming & she assured me that directions would be with it. I received the fob today, 9/30/13, minus any programming directions. This is 1 hell of a way to run a bsns. The fob is useless to me without programming directions.

Posted by Left Coast Tim

No e-mail address or instant chat? And this, from RCA, a ONE-TIME major consumer electronics company? No many so many TV and other devices are from brands one never heard of 10-20 years ago (Insignia, Symposium, other cheap Asian brands). After reading positive reviews, bought an RCA/AudioVox ANT1400 antenna. It's virtually worthless. My old NON-HD TV with rabbit ears got me 6 stations; now, with a new HD TV and this antenna, I get exactly ONE! RCA makes an inferior product in this case and couldn't care less about its customers. This is NOT a way to run a major corporation of any type!

Posted by mrgrinch

i spent an ass load of cash for a remote start and pro installation and the the ca 6550 is a hunk of junk and as for audiovox, you cant get help no matter how you try call and wait of course no e-mail and as for on-line service and support thats a joke try to sign up not in this life time how can you sell products that need so much attention and not have some sort of support line. i wish i could get any kind of support........

Posted by Anonymous

after scouring the Net for universal remote for a home theater dv1202
i call the csr line... Anthony smugly says they don't have remote codes. wtf?

Posted by mtgjudge

I called this week for help troubleshooting an issue with a remote car starter. After remaining in the automated queue for 11 minutes, I was given the option to receive a callback when my place in line came up. I clearly left my phone nummber and a brief message, and never received a call back. I think their offer to call me back is a thinly veiled attempt at culling customers form their queue. All I can say is that they've succeeded at shedding me from both their customer service queue and future patronage. You suck, Audiovox!

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot log in to my account. When I ask to preset my password it says they just sent me an email to proceed. I still havn't recieved that email and its been about 30 minutes.I'm trying to find out when they are sending back my new alarm remote. They have my old one since 12/01/10

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Posted by Anonymous

Thank you so much for your phone advice late yesterday (Larry?). He helped me fix my remote start on my Mitsubishi. Nice work and advice. Put yourself in for a raise and take the day off. Thank you!

Posted by jocko

I want to thank the two individuals that I spoke with this morning concerning my Pursuit PRO 9246R. They were very helpful and the end result was that my problem was solved.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an amplifier that went out after 9 months... Since it was under the 1 year warranty, once I emailed them a reciept with proof of purchase date, they immediately sent me a link with a ups shipping label. Speedy and great support.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I bought a new TV and every gadget that goes with it, Blue Ray, and a sound system. I should tell you we are "technically challenged" so we definitely needed a universal type remote. We purchased an Xsight remote. We tried to set it up on our own but had no luck, so we called for Help! It was our lucky day because we spoke with Scott who could not have been any more knowledgable or patient with us. We were on the phone for about 2 hours, he got us all hooked up so now we just have to push a button to watch TV, watch movies, close for the night, listen to music. It's all magic to me! We wish we had some way to thank him for his assistance, it was above and beyond the call of duty. He is so great at his job, you are fortunate to have him on your staff. Debi Herr

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