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Audi customer service is ranked #482 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.01 out of a possible 200 based upon 148 ratings. This score rates Audi customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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8 Positive Comments out of 148 Total Comments is 5.41%.

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    • 140 negative comments (94.59%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My Q5 is not brake car price is very expensive but the quality is very2 bad,brake is very important to car any 1 part can lost but the brake cannot lost working,any traffic accident who much conscientious ?

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. They're your best friend until you sign the dotted line and then will ignore you after. Felt like all staff think they are above me and I'm nothing. Really disappointed Audi Australia. Get your customer service sorted otherwise I won't be buying a third car from you! Audi Canberra wake up!

Posted by Vishal

Audi dealer, Hoffman Audi of East Hartford is a crooked dealer, makes false promises and does not keep their word. Inconsiderate and non accommodative. They try to squeeze out money from you in any way possible. Will say anything to get you to sign the lease and will later back out of their word. This dealership ruins the reputation of audi and cannot be trusted.

Posted by Larry

Very Bad Quality. I have a Brand New 2017 model A4 and it has been in the work ship 3 times already for problems. The very latest one is the air-con, it has been in the dealership for over 2 weeks reaching 3. Not Happy At All for a BRAND NEW CAR. Called Audi Australia and the guys answer is " Surely they will get it fixed under warranty" And my reply is "Surely the car is a piece of crap and something gonna wrong again" "Surely you dont care" You be the judge if this is acceptable of a BRAND NEW CAR with 4000km and less than 4 months old

Posted by CX Specialist

So disappointed with recent service communications from Audi, which had been my car brand of choice. Had a crash in which my car was written off. One upside was that the car took all the impact and I was fine. All I needed from Audi was an explanation on something that had happened with my car to reassure me, and I would have been up for a replacement Audi. Instead, every function I have interacted with has been totally silo'ed and only interested in their own task. And central 'Customer Services' night as well not exist - 10 days to reply to first email (& answer putting the onus back on me) and no response to subsequent emails. I wrote a complaint letter, and not even an acknowledgement to date (about Day 11 since I sent the letter). Though someone did ring me to update their records that I no longer had the car (and in doing so, completely missed the point on my decision about a replacement vehicle. Another silo). Better service recently from products less than 100 pounds that I had issues with, compared to a 35k pound car. Astonished that a company that sells such high value items has such poor customer service when things go wrong. Audi have now lost a guaranteed long term customer.

Posted by abderrahmane

worst service I have never seen in my life.
I have a noise on the breaks, they keep telling me it is a manufacturing defect and we cannot do anything about it, but nobody is able to write it by email or on paper.
they do not answer the calls and they do not know what "professionalism" mean

Posted by Anonymous

I was eligible for Corporate Program for Audi Q3, but salesman at AUDI Brisbane mismanaged my account and I only found out about that 1 year service and it requires multiple phone calls and emails to resolve that issue. Then the service centre still not reimbursing my 1 year service charge. Even contacting customer care still does not seem to resolve the issue, never rreturning the phone call. Shame on AUDI!!

Posted by Anonymous

after sales services is very bad. nobody attend when reach to the showroom. vehicle get problem very often, but no solution. vehicle put in to workshop more than drive.
i am disappointed to audi product.

Posted by Wb 6030N

OMG! THere's only 2 service advisors working !! Bad service provided in Chan Sow Lin

Posted by Skm

First time I try a new audi after I been using several benz and bmw
I found service not up to any standard comparable to benz or bmw. Never treat their customers as important person . No one answer call . No response to enquiry and my new audi used for 1 yr acutely break down and cant find them to answer my question and provide service even within guarantee period
Rubbish service

Posted by Anonymous

I took my A6 in to be serviced at Nalley Audi in Roswell, spent over $1300, but then decided to upgrade my vehicle. I explained to the salesman that I was not going to "eat" these costs, so I was told I would receive a credit in the service department for the amount I spent. I was promised this over the phone the next day since the service department was closed when we signed the paperwork. I was told the car salesman would have to get back to me the next day, but that it shouldn't be a problem. I spoke with someone in the service department, and there is no credit for me there. I was told to contact the GM, Paula, but she will not return my calls.

Posted by Henri

I bought an A6 a month ago. It is 4 years old and 103,000 km driven.
After 2 weeks the "Steering Defect" came on.
The Audi service told the whole Steering unit is dead. No signs of any external efffecting that. Audi importer tells it can happen and it is not product fault???
A part which is safety critical, no maintenance is needed to it, user has no access to it, no instructions about it...
It has expected lifetime of 4 years??? Horrible quality issue!!!

Posted by Rana

Audi west london deliberately overcharging and when I confronted them they said I was being abusive and asked me to leave the service manager said she would get back to me by the end of the day with what she termed " all the information you need " but she didn't. Still waiting for some form of contact

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service experience. Dropped the car at service center after closing hours. Took 3 days of making calls to find out where my car was and with whom. On the 4th day got to the service adviser who rudely told me my car was ready. When i asked him -did he not want to know what the other problems with the car were, he goes - the service report does not show any problems. come and collect your car!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a used Audi maybe to quickly! I unfortunatley got a guy named Brandon to be my inbetween guy! He was very short with me and rude. I am not taking this lightly I am actually I think easy to work with...he told me I was difficult and he no longer would deal with me! This was almost immedietly referred me to his manager. I am dealing with my problem with my car with other associates but have huge concerns with Brandon being able to deal with customers...very offended! Wow bad experience will pursue being so mistreated in this situation. I even considerated an up-grade no way if he was my person. Bad very bad experience because of this one person.

Posted by Audi Coral Springs FL - unethica

We recently decided to purchase a new car, since we currently have an Audi 2015 A5 Convertible and having a good experience with the quality of the A5, we decided to continue our business with Audi.

On 08-04-15, my wife went online to Audi of Coral Springs FL and found a pre-owned certified Audi A6 that matched our criteria. She contacted the dealership and made an appointment with Stephanie for 7 p.m. that day to see the car that we wanted, 2015 A6

We arrived a little early, the sales manager directed us to another sales person Richard "Dick" Cumberland. Richard took us on the golf cart to go look at the car that we wanted to see, he couldn't find the car, he said that he thinks that it was taken to the auction to be sold and it was not updated in the database, I asked him to verify that.

When we got back to Richard's desk, he attempted to sell us cars that were not in our budget. Upon me asking Richard for the fourth time to verify the that the car that we wanted was actually taken to the auction or not, Richard "found" the car.

We inspected the car and decided that we wanted to purchase the car. I told him that we would be putting $20,000 down on the car, which we would be financing approx. $17,000.

Richard said that they (the dealership) had to run a "soft dip" on my credit to see what the interest rate would be. Richard affirmatively stated that it would be a "soft dip" and not a "hard pull". They ran my credit and came up with a monthly payment program for me. I told him that we would be back in about a week to finalize this transaction, that we would keep in touch.

A few days later I was contacted by my online credit monitoring service informing me that there was two (2) hard pull credit inquires made on my credit by Audi Coral. Not only was the hard pull done on 08-04-15, it was also pulled again on 08-11-15 without my knowledge or legal authorization.

We contacted Richard Cumberland about this, he played dumb and said that we doesn't know what the guys in the back, do back there and apologized for the event.

On 08-14-15, we went to dealership with a check for $20,000 to finalize the transaction and take delivery of the car.

Upon arriving at Audi Coral Springs, Richard told us that there was a problem with the car, that it had been involved in a car accident. One of the service porters ran into it with another car causing damage to the driver's door, mirror and front quarter panel.

Richard said that they were not going to file a police report because they didn't want it to show up on the CarFax Report for both cars.

We told him that we still wanted the car and that we would appreciate it if they reduced the car down from $36,999 to $36,000 for the inconvenience of having to wait 7-10 days for delivery and for the fact that it was now involved in car accident.

Richard's Sales Mgr "Steve" came over to play the part of concerned sales mgr, I told Steve that I was really upset with the dealership for deceiving me by telling me that they were only soft dipping my credit and actually did two (2) hard dips. Steve acted shocked that that would have been done and he said that he was going to look into it and then left us.

Richard then went and met with Steve for about 20 minutes, Richard came back and stated that they would not sell us the car for $36,000 or at all, even at the original price of $36,999, Richard said that it was not the right car for us. It would be a bad business decision on their (dealership) part, that it was going to cost the dealership a few thousand dollars to fix the cars and they would be better off holding on to the car and marking it up to $39,000 to recoup the expense of the repairs. Richard said that he had the perfect win-win solution, he would sell us a brand new 2016 A6 for $57k and give us a "stupid deal" on it for $53k.

I got really annoyed with the whole Audi dealership experience, I took our check and left the dealership.

Richard called my wife and few minutes later trying to sway into not making a big deal about this. She told him that we have acted in good faith, we did everything that we said that we were going to do, that the dealership mislead and lied to us.

At the end of the day, Audi Coral Springs did not conduct themselves with integrity or act in good faith. The fact that they are going to hide the fact from the public that the cars were involved in accident is very deceiving and unethical.

This dealership really needs to be investigated on unethical business practices, misrepresentation of credit approval and bait and switch practices.

Posted by Anonymous

this is my third try to put a compliant in to Audi I own and 2014 Q7 TDI and the engine light is on code 8191
I called Audi in Bend OR and was told they may be able to look at it Aug 31
I have to drive 171 miles each way and not sure it can be looked at plus two weeks with out any information in regards to the nature of the warning light. (no car) Web says heat senser. I have canceled our order in Rancho Mirage for new A7 and will not be purchasing any more Audi's just order Mercedes CLS and it will arrive not much longer then your service appointment.

Posted by Willie

Cannot talk to someone at Audi SA that can make a decision. Worst car and after sales service

Posted by JagSingh

As an audi enthusiast and a automotive tech. I hate to say this but audi customer service is the worst.

Never had a good experience with all 3 audis, I have owned. Currently own a 2013 rs5 and influenced a few people and my uncle to buy and audi and he did.

He also says the same thing all audi dealers need to improve their customer service like Mercedes.

This will be my last audi, I supported the design and brand but the brand doesn't support us.

Posted by Not Happy

I had contacted Audi Bromley to book in for some electric repairs for my Audi A3. They said I would have to wait over 2 weeks for a courtesy car which I agreed as I need my car for work. I also explained over the phone that I had an full Irish drivers licence to which I was told was fine as I can use it to be insured in the UK. I went this morning to drop my car and spent over 45 minutes in total with the service advisor. They couldn't verify my licence on the system as it wasn't from the UK. When they got a phone number for the Irish DVLA we tried it but it was incorrect. I asked if she could maybe look up for another one to which the advisor replied 'this was given by the DVLA so it must be correct'....even though the message at the end of the number was that it was no recoginised. I ended up using my own phone to find the correct number and call them in Ireland. The licence was verified as a full clean licence but still the manager refused to give me a car as there was no reference number given. What is worse, the manager sat in his office looking quite relaxed and never came to explain to me himself. He told the advisor he wasn't signing off a car to me. I made my case that this should have been told to me over the phone when I called almost 3 weeks earlier to which I was told they had never dealt with an Irish licence so it never came up. Surely if you make an appointment with someone over the phone who has given all the correct details, it would have been checked at the time. There was no way under any circumstances that they were prepared to help me out in any way. I have wasted so much time with this centre not only waiting almost 3 weeks but also wasting my morning as I had to take time from my work day to do this. They didn't care I was going away with a car that needed repairing. The advisor was also quite arrogant when speaking to the DVLA office in Ireland and made faces at the fact we don't use post codes in Ireland and that the man didn't give her a reference number, I just felt it was very unprofessional. I also asked if I could bring proof of address to confirm who I was etc but they wouldn't accept that and I also asked if I could just transfer my own insurance to the lease car and again that was knocked back. I would prefer to walk than to go back to that centre again. Myself and my husband were looking into getting a 5 door Audi A3 but we will definitely not buy from Audi Bromley. They had one of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Posted by JCBusse

I received the following email from Audi,it led me to believe that if I trated in my car before lease maturity I would not be liable for the wear and tear that they usually hit you up with at lease end.I was hit with a termination invoice anyway. The email are misleading. look at point #4, be careful. I have had 6 Audi's personally and my wife and kids all have Audi cars. Great cars but last experience will force me to reevaluate.
Hi Jorge,

It's XXXX XXXXX the ACS/AFS Maturity Manager for Audi Coral Springs.

I want to thank you for being a Audi VIP Loyalty Customer and let you know that
"Now is the Perfect Time" to get into your New Audi.

As your Account Manager, I would like to Invite You to take advantage the Srong Programs available on the All New 2015 Audi A3, The VIP Pull-Ahead Program runs thru 01/31/2015

According to our records Your 2012 Audi A5 is due to mature on 05/01/2015.

As a VIP Audi Loyalty Customer You Will Receive "ACS Tru Value" Pricing, All Rebates/Incentives that apply as well as your Audi Loyalty Discount.

This program is designed to give you The Strongest/No Haggle Price Model available and keep you in the Audi Family.

Perfect Scenarios

1) You were Thinking about a New Audi but didn't think it was possible to get out of your existing Lease.

2) You drove more miles than expected and are worried about going over.

3) It's time for tires and you would rather put that money towards a New Audi.

4) You want to Avoid the SGS Inspection Process (800-340-4080), Turn in Fees etc.

5) You've had or are going to have a lifestyle change and your needs have changed.

This program is designed to give you The Strongest/No Haggle Price Model available and keep you in the Audi Family.

I look forward to doing everything in my power to make this Your Most Pleasurable Automotive Experience to Date.

"It's the Dealership that Makes the Difference"

Jorge Busse
As your Account Manager, I would like to Invite You to take advantage the Srong Programs available on the All New 2015 Audi A5, The VIP Pull-Ahead Program runs thru 01/31/2015

According to our records Your 2012 Audi A5 is due to mature on 05/01/2015.

As a VIP Audi Loyalty Customer You Will Receive "ACS Tru Value" Pricing, All Rebates/Incentives that apply as well as your Audi Loyalty Discount.

This program is designed to give you The Strongest/No Haggle Price Model available and keep you in the Audi Family.

Perfect Scenarios

1) You were Thinking about a New Audi but didn't think it was possible to get out of your existing Lease.

2) You drove more miles than expected and are worried about going over.

3) It's time for tires and you would rather put that money towards a New Audi.

4) You want to Avoid the SGS Inspection Process (800-340-4080), Turn in Fees etc.

5) You've had or are going to have a lifestyle change and your needs have changed.

This program is designed to give you The Strongest/No Haggle Price Model available and keep you in the Audi Family.

Posted by dug

These guys in Fairfield CT are borderline criminal. Make up charges, fix things and try to charge you for stuff that is not approved in advance. try to scare you into repairing the car. Went to a normal repair shop and they fixed everything Audi guy described I needed done in 20% of the Audi cost estimate.

Buyer Beware. These guys are what you think of if you think dealer service departments are a rip off and are just out to try and take your money any way possible. Scummy.

Posted by Audi Q5

Audi 24 x 7 call centre and Service team need BIG TIME improvement in Malaysia.
i called yesterday evening and told her that my car can't start and indicator reflected 'brake', both the brakes cannot release and noted something fell off from under carriage and I just had my car sent for service on Thursday. Car was sent back home immediately after service and unable to drive on Sunday itself.
I also told her, please send someone to diagnose the issue as I don't like my car to be towed. She kept repeating to send the tow trucker!!
I said please get someone to check first. She responded, all teams on the field. I said, understand, so when can they come? Sounding like a broken record, she said: "I will send the tow truck."
I said NO! tow truck. if they are busy can you arrange for them to come tomorrow?
Her response: "you call tomorrow morning."
What service is this? What is so difficult for her to get someone to follow up tomorrow?
After spending time teaching her basic customer service, I said, please get someone to come over tomorrow by 9:00am as I got appointment.

This morning at 9:10am, my phone rang and asked for location and direction!!
Shouldn't this be done before 9:00am?
I said I am already out of the house, can you come at 3:00pm today? and gave him all the direction to come to the house.

I was home by 2:00pm and called up Audi and check if they can come earlier as lately the weather in the late afternoon is unfriendly. The girl that answered my call said she will check and call me back.
I waited till 3:15pm, not only she didn't return my call; there was no sign on Audi service team.
I called and asked what had happened and the usual response is "I will call you back."
Again, no one return call, so I called again at 3:45pm and insist to speak to a Manager but was passed to a Supervior, Delilah. Had to tell her the whole scenario. She promised to make arrangement and get someone to come by 5:30pm

From the time Delilah put down the phone with me, my phone didn't stop ringing with calls claiming from Audi, One from Glenmarie; another from Damansara and Glenmarie called again different person, asking me questions like "what's wrong with your car? Cannot start, ah?"
Imagine you having to keep telling your stories to a Company with many different staffs and the end result is NO closure?!?

Then, Kamaruddin from Damansara called and said, he can't reach by 5:30pm, his speech surely has no urgently to the plight of the customer.

This is what I told Delilah, if I am on the road with car problem and need to deal with Audi, I would be so gone!

Just when I thought of getting another AUDI, I think is would be my worst decision made in my life

Posted by Consumer

My 2009 A4 is a lemon. It has a severe oil consumption problem. I would never buy another Audi.

Posted by Last Audi

Bought a Certified Audi A4 in July for 43K then paid another 4.5K for extended warranty. In Dec right after an oil change the car started over heating. My wife stopped by the Audi of Bellevue WA and they replaced thermostat and while my wife was there the service advisor stated the car was close to the 50K services check and "This is a required servicing". I had just had my oil changed a few weeks prior, but since this required she had it done. They charged her $850 to for the service and only they I can really find they did was change plugs that weren't bad and check belts and hoses. The Service advisor said that he credited us for the oil change in the bill. This is crazy. I complained to the Audi GM Lisa Hess and she added they lubricated things like the sun room std on these 50K servicing(that makes it worth it. They also stated the car need all new brakes and rotors. The pads were down to 1mm.Now my bills is $2300. The brakes according to my paperwork from the Audi Dealership in Seattle stated the car had 11m just months earlier. I find out the brake light is suppose to come on at 3M(no brake light came on). I asked Lisa several times to explain this and she never gets back to me. I feel this dealership is not honest. And why can't they answer my question. We have spent so much on a certified cars that seems to be a money pit. When asked why do they say it is required 50K servicing when each time they answer oil change to protect warranty. They knew my oil had just been changed. This is Audi way of good business practices. A GM that refuses to answer the phone or return a call. Pathetic !!!!!!!!!

The last Audi I will ever own.

Add your review!

Posted by Neelam


After my horrific past experience with Audi service team, it was like a breath of fresh air this time when my service advisor Mr. Devashish took over. He seems to be hands on in his job, is very courteous and knows his job well. It was a pleasure dealing with him.

Pls do pass on my message to him and to his manager.



Posted by Anonymous

Hi,I wish to compliment your staff,name:Mr Lim and Ms Allicia,both are good coordinators and skilful in customer relationships. They are very reliable and knowledgeable on car repairs components/parts.I am very happy with their services rendered to me. Audi service center at Ubi can be trusted. Tks.

Posted by Jukka Jokinen

Thanks for Audi A6. I'm still alive and my vollet on my pocket. I drive 25. April -13 Audi on road and it loose electricity and engine stopped. Also me stoppped car to bus stop side of the road. Then it start to fire on behind and start on battery because there was some short cut and cables smelt and bunt car. I'm so pleased that it burnt so slow, over minute and didn't left me in. Audi is so safety car and same said Audi dealers here in Finland. If you need I can send all those fire photos to you that you can see how impressive those are. I've to thank Finish dealer to quick contact after our claims to them, they have contacted now after two weeks and quoted test car to us for purchasing 35,5k€ A4 Tfsi rec 6/12 and drive 22 tkm. This is so nice and pleased quotation. It has been so nice to been Audi customer almost 20 years.

Posted by Anonymous

I survived a very bad accident on Thursday, January 3, 2013 in my 2001 Audi A4 2.8 quatro. I was hit in the rear of the car and then hit again on the passenger door then, pushed over the side of the freeway and my car rolled over it's top to the bottom of a ravine! My beautiful Audi saved my life! It held it's frame and did not squash me. When my car stopped rolling over, it landed wheels side down and I literally "ran" away from the car! I know that I would have been killed in this accident if I had been in most of the other vehicles that are on the road these days. I will forever own only Audi's. I am selling my daughter's Toyota and buying her an Audi as well. No one should have to find out the hard way if their car will protect them...unfortunately, I did. If you want to survive an accident like should be in an Audi! I would put a picture of it, but, there is no way to attach a still looks like my Audi...just banged up, but, it was not squashed! I am alive because this car is made so strong...thank you, German engineers, for building this car for me that saved my life!

Posted by Daily

The customer service representative was truly FANTASTIC!!! It was great speaking to a "real person." He was very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable and he found out in seconds my car's history and was further able to give me
detailed advice.

Kudos to AUDI for having this service available on a weekend and also for hiring people with outstanding work ethic. Tt shows that Audi really care for their customers. Thanks very much.

Posted by wpociengel

I've had my 2010 Audi A3 TDI since new and it now has 55,000 miles on it. I bought the Audicare when new and have taken it to the same dealership for each service (Ken Vance in EauClaire Wisconsin).
They have always been easy to work with and so far I've spent a total of $50 for wiper blades.
They have always been very courteous and have taken the time to explain how long the service would be, and at the end, each item on the bill.
The car comes back hand washed, no oil or finger prints on or in the car.
Any time I've had a question they have listened to me and investigated.
No problems, No issues, Nice people who are there for me.

I've taken the car on multiple long distance trips of thousands of miles with no issues with the car.
So far I have been very satisfied with my purchase and the dealership.



Posted by nv

I had a recent incident with my 2006 A4 2.0T which led to a repair bill totalling nearly 4k. With the help of my dealership we were able to contact Audi USA and come to an agreement on the repairs to my vehicle. They reached a very fair negotiation with me, even though my car was far past the warranty period and reduced my bill to 1/3 of the original cost. I am very happy with Audi USA and will continue to puchase their quality products.

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