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Atmos Energy customer service is ranked #402 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Atmos Energy customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


68 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 89.47%.


8 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 10.53%.

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    • 34.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 68 negative comments (89.47%)
    • 8 positive comments (10.53%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

atmos dug up the front of my business left me dug for 7 weeks in aug of 2015 it rained during that time i could not get in or out they told me to send them proof of my lose i sent them pictures and bank statments it took them 1 year to get back to me they said they owed the right of way and i had no rights

Posted by Quin

Worst company I've ever dealt with! I've only had services for 3 months and I wish I could cancel! I read other reviews and they are exactly correct in everything they're saying! Cust service is atrocious! I'm hoping they get a competitor very soon!

Posted by Anon

They have come into the habit of taking 2-3 weeks to post a payment. Wrote check for bill on the 1st; mailed on the 1st; due on the 6th; not posted until the 20th of the month! In the meantime I get a shut off notice saying if not paid by the 28th will terminate service. The last 6 months or so, have been the same story...get bill, pay and mail on the 1st and take 2-3 weeks to be posted.....scam or what?? Why does it take 2-3 weeks to post a payment after it has been made....surely NOT the post office...has to be on their end. Although they will not admit it, and say only that they have not received payment.

Posted by spiegela

I have an account with Atmos and I pay my bill through my credit card. I would like to state that all the companies that I pay bills I am allowed to enter the day that I would like the payment posted and Atmos is the only company that does not use this option. Because of this, I have missed the payment due date! If this option was available, I could enter my payment, with a choice of posting date, the actual day that I receive the bill and I would not be late paying the bill. I pride myself on paying all of my bills on time, that is, with the exception of your company because of the difficulty described here. Having designed different programs for the Electric Utility where I was employed, I am aware this will not take a great deal of programing to accomplish this. I would like to hear back on this matter.

Posted by Brendatx47

Sent my payment the day I got my bill. Even hand deliver to the post office window lady working. 9/13/2016 my gas was cut off. Home all day. No one came to my door. Have had service 43 years. Never before. I had to pay balance due plus reconnect fee. Was told it would be cut on the next day. Well not until Friday. The manager was rude and ask if I was special. Well no but I have been faithful for 43 years. Will be shopping for a new electric stove and water heater. Very poor service.

Posted by hnharris

They claim they mailed out a disconnect notice yet I never received one. Then they disconnect my gas and the only way I found out was that my gas dryer wasn't heating up. No door hanger or phone call or anything to let me know. So I pay the bill online and call the 800 number. The VERY RUDE customer rep tells me that I now owe more than my balance in fees and deposits. That infuriates me! How can anyone get ahead when businesses like Atmos charge so many fees?

Posted by Dissatisfied Atmos Customer

Worst company ever! My advice to you all, take a video of your meter the day before and the day after they read your meter. Because Atmos has a habit of misreading or over charging their customers.I never had gas before, so I don't know what this $68 to start service, and I was told it's nonrefundable. Watch out for extras, such as " The Pipeline Safety/Regulatory Fee" I was told this fee is charged every year in April.I think if all of the disappointed customers come together and boycott this company, we can get some type of resolution.

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening I have a concern, I have a payment arrangement set for Friday, and when I go to use my stove the gas has been turned off. I don't understand how I will beheld responsible for late fees, reconnection, and without gas after an arrangement was set, and it wasn't my fault. I'm on short term disability and me and my family cannot go through the weekend without heat or hot water. Was told that it would take the next working day to reconnect. I need some answers or solutions. I can't understand for the life of me that when arrangements were made but nothing noted on the account.

Posted by Disappointed customer

I Was Looking In The Internet To File A Complaint.but Unfortunately Nothing Since It Is A Monopoly Business. They Really Need Some Competitors. Very Bad Customer Service. I Had An Appointment With A Technician To Turn On My Service. He Didn`t Call Or Ring The Bell. Instead Of That He Hanged A Piece Of Paper On My Door Knob To Call And Reschedule. I Even Called And Asked About The Technician 5 Min Before He Came. When I Called Them Back To Explain This Matter They Didn`t Even Care Instead Of Saying An Apology They Were Yelling Back And Put In The System Not To Give Any Appointments For 2 Days. It Is Very Rude And Bad Attitude. I Will Not Recommend Any Body To Atmos Energy Any More

Posted by James

Their computer system apparently updated itself and now doesn't talk to our bank anymore. The bank has bent over backwards to help us but Atmos is a bunch of jerks and non-responsive low paid tokens.

Posted by Anonymous

It's amazing how ignorant & rude they are. When trying to get information about my bill I had been hung up on 3 times, been on hold for a supervisor for up to 10 minutes, called another time & the dumb girl said we only do gas not electric you must have looked at the wrong bill. Don't freaking tell a customer they don't know who they have for service when they're looking at the bill. Anytime you ask for a supervisor be prepared for a wait or getting hung up on. They have no communication skills and obviously don't know what customer service means.

Posted by Hot in Texas

Atmos energy is the worst and should be fined by the government. They shut your gas off on a Friday and will not send a technician out to restore the service until the next business day...if the next business day falls on a Monday your are really in trouble if you are in need of your service over the weekend for whatever reason.

Posted by Trish

Worst company ever! I had an issue with my bill, i asked to talk to a manager. Never recieved a call back but, my next bill was 800 when i asked how they justifies it they simply stated "we have mis read your meter over the past few months" I had to pay it so my children could bathe in warm water

Posted by Tori

Knocked on my door I came out only to realize that the service guy had already cut off my gas,when the door hanger he left on my door said it would be disconnected after that day,totally pissed off .But what can you do since it's a monopoly and that is the reason they treat you.

Posted by Hannah Burchett

About 6 months ago our gas was accidentally turned off by a service worker for the company while both my boyfriend & I were at work. We received no call, no email, nothing except the blank paper with a blank space where the worker should have placed his name. My neighbors had just happened to notice it hanging from our door & gave us a call. I had to leave my job to come home & wait over an hour for someone to show up to turn our gas back on. The only source of heat we had in the middle of winter. I immedietly made a call to customer service the next morning to request that we be compensated for the great inconvenience this caused not only me, but also my manager who was forced to take over my job for me to leave to get the problem fixed. I expected at least to be spoken to with apologetic concern which is what any customer service representative is payed to do. However, instead she immedietly spit back with a very rude "Well, uhm we are definitely not going to compensate you anything for a mistake." I find that odd considering should we happen to forget to pay our bill we would be paying them a fee for our mistake. I then asked for her credential information & to be transfered to her manager. In which she ignored my request for her information & stated that she in fact was a manager. It seemed she wanted to make an argument more than to help satisfy customers. Eventually after 3 more wasted hours of my time I was told that a request for my next bill to be paid in full was submitted. I then 2 days later received a call from the man in charge locally who made it his priority to get the situation investigated & make sure that it was resolved. He was supposed to call me back that following Friday & never did. After waiting a few extra days I then called the customer service office back to see if any changes had been made. The woman told me my bill had been taken care of. I had a concern about not receiving my auto bill pay emails. She instructed me that everything was set up properly on their end & that she had sent another email thing to me that I should receive in a few hours. I never did, but she had said everything was fine except that I wasn't receiving my information so I went on & forgot about it all. Last night I received an email stating that our account had been declined & that we had an outstanding balance of almost 400$ past due since April 15, an email I didn't even recieve until the 18th!!!! This was the first email I had received since January the 8th, an email stating our transaction had went through properly. Our bill has never been over 35$ a month. We have received not one call, not one email, not one letter in the gap between these emails. It makes no sense. Even if we hadn't played our bill in 3 months that it could be so high anyway. I am so upset with the level of service we have received that I hope o never have to deal with this company again. I can safely assess that this is a very cheaply ran & maintained company.

Posted by teachermama

I have been with Atmos Energy for over 12 years, but only because they have a monopoly in the area. In the past if you forgot to make a payment you received a notice in the mail. Now, no notice, no email (I'm on paperless billing), nothing. Cut service on a Friday with no warning and didn't even leave a doorhanger to let me know when I came home from work (well after customer service was closed). They don't consider it an emergency and they don't send technicians out on the weekends so no stove or hot water until I can reach a person Monday morning to get reconnected. I have enough stress in my life...
When I called the emergency line to reach a person just to see if there is anything they can do, I escalated it to a supervisor who read from a script, had no sympathy or empathy, and hung up on me. They really need some competition.

Posted by Anonymous

Continued to be referred to the Texas call centere. First, I was told different amounts on my bill each time I called to attempt to make a payment. 5 calls later, finally able to pay my bill then told I could not have service restored bc it was past noon. Had to wait 4 days with 2 small children to have heat and hot water, even though it was the call centers inadequate associates that kept me from paying my bill the first time. Was not pleased with the rudeness of the first 2 associates that helped me. Tried to explain the situation, was told by one rep that I could be restored same day if I called back with a payment conformation, then 15 minutes later told by the another rep that same day reconnection was not even a policy, and then told by the third rep that I was 45 mins past the cut off and that it was not their responsibility to try and get that order through. VERY unhelpful and VERY several rude reps. If in fact it was possible to get city gas in our area through another company, I would have switched right then and there.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I have been customers of Atmos energy for over 20 years. I cannot stand them and wish there was another option for gas services. Very rarely have I asked for payment arrangements but today I asked to have one extra week to pay my bill. I was told I would have to pay at least half of the amount owed first. Most companies are willing to work with their customers...NOT ATMOS! Also the customer service rep, Joanna, was not very nice and was pretty confusing with her comments!

Posted by Ronda

after 29 years that I have been with atmos Energy, they charged me a deposit the first time I forgot to pay the bill on time. There was also a $65 reconnection fee the deposit amount was $121. I am disgusted

Posted by cold and smelly

I guess it sucks that they're the only gas company that I could find in my area! I bet if they actually had some competition, they'd (at least) start acting like they care. I've been freezing in my house for 5 days! I've been waking up 2 hours before work so that I could boil water from my electric stove to put in my tub so that I could wash! This is ridiculous! I know most companies don't do same day service...but to wait 5 days for some heat and hot water!? I'm not asking for a cable set up here, I NEED gas! Also when you ask what time your appointment will be for the connection..they don't know! What kind of business are they running here? I understand that you don't have an exact time, but how about a window? I was told sometime between 8am-5pm. I work full time! I have weekends off. I work the same time they do. How in the hell am I suppose to be home for them to set up my services? I could only find someone to come from 9am-1pm so that they can meet the tech..if he comes at that time! If he doesn't, I guess I'll have to reschedule and be cold and smelly for a couple more days! I'm just preparing myself to come home to a blue note on my door. I will not miss a day at work to take the chance for a technician who may not even show up. After reading all these reviews I am pissed. Customer service should be at a high for any company. Why wouldn't you want to make your customers happy? I'm so confused as to why someone wouldn't want to exceed someone elses expectations. What a world we live in. They don't care if we freeze!

Posted by Anonymous

"Being Sensitive to those in Need", - ATMOS
What a joke! They disconnected my service on the day the payment was due... IT WAS 20 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Then they wanted $65 reconnection fee and $145 Deposit(what about the deposit I paid 15 years ago when I first got this account?) What a cash grab! I called them at 9am on the morning the payment was due. I was put on a call back list. When I didn't hear from them by noon, I called back and my service had already been disconnected... they "couldn't" restore service until the following Tuesday... the coldest WEEKEND of the winter season! UNBELIEVABLE! If this is showing compassion for community our country is in REAL TROUBLE!

Posted by ac1234

I I called almost 2 hours ago about a gas leak. I'm being told by Atmos to leave. But if I leave and the technician comes, he'll just turn off the gas without fixing it. I can't cook or use any appliances. So no dinner tonight and I can't leave to get any.

Posted by Mary Sullivan

The pipe replacement project has been going on since BEFORE THANKSGIVING on Buena Vista in uptown Dallas, TX. The constant beeping of the tractors, going back and forth, pounding the asphalt, guys whistling to get a coworkers attention (ever heard of a radio?) and then they dump their trash and cig butts on the street - enough is enough !! It scares me to think these guys don't know what they are doing if it is taking THIS long (two months +++) to replace pipes in one block.

Posted by Pat Brashears

I live in Brownfield, Texas, a small town of approximately 9800 in population. I have a real estate office here and have been in business since 1984. A homeowner from Austin call me and wanted to list his home here. This home belonged to his Mother and she had recently passed; therefore all the utilities had been disconnected. He called the city for the untilties under them. No problem. The only needed someone to be there when they came to turn them on. They said they would call me as their contact since the homeowner lived in Austin. All is going really well. Then came dealing with Atmos Energy. Today was their 4 attempt to get the gas on. The first time they came was 12/31. They called the homeowner in Austin. I called and requested my cell be put in this particular file. They could call me and I could be there in less than 3 minutes. You could get from one end of Brownfield to the other in less than 5 minutes. No, their policy is to let the homeowner know they could be there between 8 and 12:00 pm or between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. I work full time and this was truly a hardship. So today the supervisor agreed to send someone over to turn in on, took my cell number again. So, after 4, I went over to the house and lo and behold, there was another blue "attempt" on the door. No one bothered to call. We are not in the Metroplex. As I stated before, less than 5 minutes anywhere in this town.
I am requesting you review your "policies" to accommodate the area. Please try to be a little more "user friendly". We are small town and everybody goes out of their way to be helpful. Please join in and give it a try. Thank you. Your security code to submit is unreadable!! Doubt you ever get this.

Posted by Unhappy

X We have had multiple issues with ATMOS Energy company their customer service is terrible . Horrible Company.. Money hungry company, what's wrong with America these days. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible---Very difficult to deal with, they have a monopoly and just charge without explanation, Atmos Energy customer service is an absolute joke. our bill has increased every month without explanation. The worst customer service we have ever received.

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Posted by WCOA HOA Board Memebr

I am very please with the quick response from Atmos Energy to a Safety concern in our neighborhood. Late last Friday I reports an open trench in the barrow ditch row adjacent to my neighborhood. This trench resulted from a project many months ago and appeared to be left open accidently for a short length.
Monday morning Sedric Johnson (College Station) as call me and arrange to meet me at the location when I got off work. He was there when promised and today he had the trench filled and row returned to a safe condition. I am very appreciative of the quick and professional service I witnessed on this issue...

Posted by Brendatx47

Thank god for some Atmos people. Very very nice worker that I seen less than a mile from my home. Ask if any way I could get my gas back on instead of Friday. He was so nice. Still sorry customer service.

Posted by j.miller

I made a emergency call to Atmos for a strong gas smell at my neighbors home by the meter.I was taking care of their home while they were out of town. This was . The service tech. was there in about 12 mins.{faster than ambulance has arrived before] He was very professional, helpful, & polite! He had no problem explaining to me what he was doing and the details of what he had 2 to do,this tech name is ---Nathan---- and I believe he is a valuable asset to Atmos ! Iv'e been a lil' put off with the technicians in the past! But I had a change of heart with the service and the attitude I received from Nathan I felt like he enjoys his job and really cares . This sort of service is hard 2 come by these days.. Thank You, Jerry Miller

Posted by Raven

Wanted to say that I had a problem when I was told that I needed to move my meter because of plant growth around it---but the local tect. was very helpful--I called the customer service--and talked to them they in turn, turned my concerns to Robert Shaddox who helped resolved the problem--I was very happy with the quick resolve to my problem--Thank You

Posted by boogerkey

They were very helpful. Bad communication about initially what was going on but I called back and the problem was taken care of immediately which is all anyone can do and all I ask. Very impressed and very thankful for the help. No one is perfect and they fixed the mistake. Yall do good Atmos.

Posted by K Morton

Atmos service Technicians are always friendly, helpful and the best part of Atmos. Ken came by today and was all that and left me with a better impression of a company that I do not have a favorable impression of. The Service Techs save the Atmos execs from customer revolt.

Posted by Angry in Texas

Ok, I finally got a call back from Atmos and talked to a very nice lady who told me that I would not be penalized because the problem is on their end. I am still upset that they put us in this position. I had the same problem, Mesco, with them asking for a 10 digit number that didn't exist. I was told that maybe by Friday, the phone should be working to take payments. Maybe!

Posted by Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Arias

You have a valued employee in Mr. Gus Elizondo. Mr. Elizondo was very courteous, well informed and friendly. In a very short time, he found the problem with the gas line and went on to close the gas line and remove the gas meter for safety sake. On his return visit to replace the gas meter and reconnect the service, he was very courteous and well informed. His job performance was excellent.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Arias
Somerville, TX

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