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Atlantic Broadband customer service is ranked #306 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 127 ratings. This score rates Atlantic Broadband customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


113 Negative Comments out of 127 Total Comments is 88.98%.


14 Positive Comments out of 127 Total Comments is 11.02%.

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  • Atlantic Broadband

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 38.82 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 113 negative comments (88.98%)
    • 14 positive comments (11.02%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ABC123

Internet went down, again. On hold waiting for a Representative for over 40 minutes. When she answered she spoke half English and half Spanish. Good thing I'm fluent in both. My reply was entirely in English. I'm certain she does this often to throw customers off. After verifying my information, I could hear her opening up a candy/food wrapper and then she asked with her mouth full what problem I was having. Then, in the middle of my explanation she began laughing/talking along with a co-worker. She continued to try to correct the problem doing the same thing - sending a signal to my Router - three times with the same result. She asked to put me on hold for a quick second and yes, you guessed it, dial tone...she hung up on me. No, no return call even though she verified my call back number 'just in case we get disconnected'. Very unprofessional. Way too long to have to wait to speak with a Representative.

Posted by Jcrct2000

Internet customer, appears to be fine, have had for more than a year. BUT Customer service is appalling!!! I can't login in without having to change my PW.Why? It's happening several times.Called CS and they can't see if I have a payment scheduled, how can that be?? No or poor quality info on their part for most questions. Plus they won't take Amex for payment. Would you please add? There's no reason for you not to have Amex.It seems like this Co could care less about the customer. Guess I will just have to change Companies.

Posted by Spasco

I recently had my parents switch over their phone, internet and tv from Frontier to Atlantic Broadband. I was told by the Rep from Atlantic Broadband that I did not need to contact the other vendors (Frontier or Direct TV) to cancel since ABB would do that for us. My Mom received a bill a month later from Direct TV and paid it thinking it was her last bill. Come to find out, Atlantic Broadband DOES NOT contact Direct TV directly...that needs to be done by the customer. We will ill advised and misdirected on the information for cancellation the account. My Mom is now out $123 for payment to Direct TV due to this information (Direct TV will not refund her money since she did not contact them to cancel) I was not spoken to very nicely at all by ABB and am extremely disappointed in their Customer Service to a new customer. I even asked to go back to the recorded conversation that we had with the Rep that misguided us....nope! Unprofessional and unappreciated very much!

Posted by billy smith

If you're building or Association and is thinking about getting bulk contract from this company as your cable provider. I recommend to stay away from them. Association shouldn't be allowed to force homeowners to pay for service they don't want but that another story. It going to be nothing but problems with high fees,taxes,bad attitude with the customer services just like a white elephant. If you are renter or owner in the location that is forcing you to pay for service from atlantic broadband. You are might be out of luck with the overpriced & sometimes non working service.There is no more choices, you can't opt out, and shop around by going somewhere else. Or getting a antenna aka going over the air where there is no price to pay.These contracts prevent a person from shopping around and saving money for cable service through other carrie like satellite or others it basically becomes nightmare and a monopoly & you're building maintenance is going to go up.Assocation should stick to common areas only & leave the owner or renter to decide for themselves of what they want."But there is a way out bulk contracts entered into by the board may be canceled by a majority of the voting interests present at the next regular or special meeting of the association, whichever occurs first good luck with that one.

Posted by Sour on Chesapeake city Maryland

They Suck at customer service $185.00 a month and I couldn't watch the Presidential debates. Figures Canada owns the company and could

Posted by Anonymous

Atlantic broadband sucks when your tv goes out and you call customer service there is a 45 minute wait to speak with a customer service representative and often the information is USELESS. The outage map is crap

Posted by Anonymous

Don't answer the phone; don't give an email where you can contact support; no address where you can complain! They just take your money & disappear into the woodwork!

Posted by Anonymous in South Florida

Have been locked into this service for nearly 20 years & hate it. The worst thing about this company is its disregard for customers. For example, as of today, email for all customers & some streaming has been down for two days, with no estimate on time when it will be resolved... In the mean time, hold times on the phone are well over an hour (I gave up once after 1:15 and my second call dropped after 1:02). This is typical; there is no way to email a question or complaint. If you can't solve it yourself, either wait on hold forever or get in the car and go to the office (if it's open). Then, if a technician needs to be scheduled, it will be several days and you'll have to take off work to be home because they sure aren't going to work around your schedule! I noticed one of the 12 measly favorable comments was about how friendly the employees are when, after holding for two hours, they answered the phone -- are you kidding me?!?!?!? The lack of competition in this area is killing us.... terrible experience, no place to turn.

Posted by bob r

The cable industry hasn't learned its lesson, it going to end like the newspaper businesses. It have been like 15+ year of this.

Enough is Enough i had it with the feeds, the high prices with bad the service from this company. " the shenanigans coming from this company" When cable cost is more then a car payment.It's time to say bye bye good & riddance. You made it so easy for me to cut cord .When you cancel your service don't call them .Take their equipment back to their office. They are going to give you the run around with bad attitude. Remember over the air their no fees,high bill,bad attitude like this company 80+ channels

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. Wake people they are ripping you off.How is this company is still in business?

Posted by Joe Kol

I have never NEVER had a call picked up when on hold with these people.
8/1/16, 12:04pm : talked to customer service rep per instructions provided here. She recommended "callback", would be within hour. I had errands so I gave cell #. Callback was immediate. Since they caught me at home, I asked " Stephen" if he could call me right back at landline, "sure". Ten minutes later, callback on cell again. "Randy" said he would call me right back on landline. 13 minutes have passed. These people owe me for several hours of wasted time.

Posted by cubby bear

after 3 days without phone or internet-more than 2 hours waiting to talk to a customer service[ ha ha]rep after 5 minutes service was restored-when some one called our number they were told we wern't receiving calls to leave a message- a lie-they couldn't admit the service was out-call the fcc and complain i am!

Posted by Pagenotes

They hijack my browser with Atlantic Broadband surveys! When I refuse to take the survey, they just wait a little while and pop up another window. The offending survey website is, The offending organization is their parent company Atlantic Broadband Finance.

Their tech support claims not to know what's going on, pretending that it must be a problem with my virus protection.

Posted by abb

I put my service on hold on april 28,2016. They were supposed to charge $10/month while I was out of the country for 6 months. I was then charged on April 25 ~$202 then on May 25 ~$227 then on June 27 $216. When I called them they said my bank was just sending them my money unasked for. The bank said that was not true. Then they said all the over charges had been refunded on July6 to my account. This did not happen either. They lied right to my face on every account. I believe there is a concerted effort by this company to fraudulently take money from their customers when and if they think they can get away with it. Check your bills from this company.

Posted by Gay

This Internet by far is the worst ive ever had I was promised 70mb because we bought 32 and we never got it learn to run a company

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to switch my Metrocast email over to Atlantic be since Friday. Talked to someone on Friday and on Saturday. My account remains locked out and I have been on hold with customer service all morning. Just want to get it done before tomorrow. What a royal pain.not happy.

Posted by SoffitHoliday

I live in New London, CT and I became an Atlantic BB customer when they acquired Metrocast. Since the changeover my Internet has suffered from constant outages and speed issues. I had upgraded my service to the 120Mbps speed but on a good day I was lucky to get 30Mbps. The customer service is a joke, I was never able to get help when I called and the callbacks always come at the worst possible time. I don't think I've ever been this frustrated with a company. I was finally able to schedule a technician visit to look at my issue and they never showed up. I took a day off of work to me them and they just didn't show. When I called to inquire about the no show I was told they came to the house but no one was home. So I had to do it all over again. The second time I was told the issue was at the "head" and there was nothing the technician could do. When I asked if I could get a notification when the issue was resolved at the head they told me no. The department that works on internal issues does not provide updates to customers... when I asked how I would know when it's fixed the technician just shrugged. Again today I woke up to 5Mbps speeds. I'm done. I've never experienced such incompetence...

Posted by Guest

Had metrocast and while outages occurred they were infrequent. ABB buys metrocast in CT and low and behold my internet speeds vary from 15 to 78 Mbs. Call tech support to find out why and am told "that's just the way the internet works". Uhmmm, that's crap. I never had such issues with metrocast.

Today, in a business environment and the only choice for high speed internet is ABB, the entire state of CT is down. We use this for Electronic health records for our patients (120 skilled bed nursing facility). Thankfully we did not take their phone service as that would be down too without a doubt.

So ABB get your crap together or be prepared to explain yourself to the consumer affairs department of the ST of CT.

I am now watching the internet speeds like a hawk and will be from this day forward. I thought metrocast was pretty poor but ABB absolutely takes the cake on the poorness scale.

By the way Mr/Mrs employee who left comment, sure come out to my house but don't expect me to pay your crap company $40 for the ability to do so.

Posted by RGray

Been on the phone for over 40 minutes and I'm still waiting. Christ, all I need is the password to my e-mail. What do they have, one rep for the entire company? The robo-message keeps telling me they have 24 hour support. I don't know if this means the reps are available 24 hours a day or that's how long it takes you to get through to one.

Posted by atlanticbbdespizer

Why would some one on this massage board want to remove my comments beside ABB, who claims the massages are monitored by the customers - Original post - Who makes the decision on televising football games - This is eastern CT and most people in this area are Patriots fans - So lets televise both NY teams this Sunday - How do humans with the IQ of a sea cucumber get into a position where they make theses decisions - I'm stupid, so that would qualify me as the CEO -I saw where cable companies ( and Atlantic BB is the worst of them ) score in customer satisfaction below congress - I think they meant bedbugs not congress

Posted by mariuorich

Atlantic BB bought out my cable company, Metrocast, a month or so ago. Atlantic rolled out a product/service that they were not ready to handle. When I call their number for support, I hang up after an hour of being on hold. I'm now looking for another service that will do me better or disconnect from cable or any other service. They have been workin g on my password for 2 weeksnow and still haven't resolved the problem, They have "glitches" I'm told. then give us the service free for 6 months in stead of us payi g for what we are not getting.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting on the phone for 28 minutes and counting to pay my bill. Are you kidding!!!!!!!! I am trying to give you your money! This is piss poor and I really like Atlantic Broadband!!! if you can call me so I can pay you!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My TIVO picture is nothing but black lines and I have had this over and over. Your repair people come, the picture is good for a day or two and then it is gone again.
I was "repaired" Friday afternoon 10/23/2015 and the picture is gone again on the 24th and the 25th. We record all we want to see so we can skip commercials, therefore we usually do not watch the day it is aired but the following day or a day or two later.
How do I get a permanent repair and how do I get money back for the many many days you have not provided television service to me?

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is absolutely terrible. Ordered On Demand movie...interrupted 3 times and had to restart. Called customer support for a credit...waited for over 40min with no pickup. Searched website for email address, none.

Posted by John Stafford

If there was any other option in my area, I would have used it instead. I've never been on hold for less than 20 minutes (if every time I call you are experiencing "higher than average call volume," YOU'RE AVERAGE IS WRONG.) I had three outages that lasted multiple days in one year of service and were fixed by, essentially, me waiting a half hour while someone told me he was "resetting" various technical sounding things. I half assume they were just lying. I'm actually on hold right now; I waited for almost 30 minutes, then the hold music stopped and I was disconnected so I'm calling back. I will be pasting this review on every website I can find with a space for it. Even by faceless, evil, greedy corporation standards, Atlantic is terrible. Oh and they're never calling you back with that "schedule a call back" nonsense. That was some sadistic middle manager's April Fools joke that became company policy.

Posted by Anonymous

non existing customer support-emailed-tried calling-on hold they hang up or if you leave a call back# they don't call-i filed a complaint on line with the fcc i suggest every one does!

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Posted by Anonymous

Today I called a service rep and was connected to Susie from the Cumberland,2nd off ice. I had a problem with my new TiVo package.
What a great call it was. Susie was professional,courteous and repaired my problem.
What a wonderful customer service she is in an almost forgotten art.

Kudos to you Susie.

Posted by Ria

We switched our internet and phone service over from Frontier last year and the experience has been very good. While we have had some problems, most were related to power outages and technical assistance has been prompt and courteous. I highly recommend doing business with Atlantic Broadband.

Posted by K

I spoke with Kelly tonight after a two-hour hold.... she is absolutely fantastic!!! Your representative Kelly was able to finally to get me be able to stream with my TiVo, also able to get my channels back that I was missing :) and was just very calm and comfortable to talk to.
She is an asset to your company.
Thank you

Posted by cost2

I have never ever had a problem with the customer service department of Atlantic broadband.

Posted by Anonymous

I am pleased with the service I received from ABB in South Carolina. I had a connection issue wherein my Internet signal was being lost due to my cable being underpowered and oversaturation of the market in my area. ABB was always responsive to my situation each time I contacted them. I was treated with courtesy by all ABB employees, from the techs, to the installers, to the supervisors. Supervisor personally came to my home to check out my problem; techs answered my questions with patience. This was an aggravating and frustrating connection problem, but as of today, I am happy with outcome -- so far, so good. I cannot speak for ABB service in other areas of the country, but ABB employees working here in S. Carolina are good folks who aim to please.

Posted by glenheron

Atlantic Broadband has been helpful whenever I've needed help. They have talked me through issues even when they weren't related to their equipment. This fall, during heavy rains, they reset my modem from their side, called to see if it was all working and when it failed again a week later, they reset it but then came out immediately and installed new equipment. I have found their tech support to be wonderful and their field people to be just as good. We are happy ABB customers. And we have others to compare to.....

Posted by Tom

I moved to atlantic area after having comcast for many years. I am very happy with their service. We rely on the internet connection for work and when there's a problem they come out, most time within an hour.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been extremely satisfied with the phone and internet service from Atantic Broadband. We will be switching from Direct TV to ABB for cable service. We hope this is a good experience also.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in the Clearfield area and my internet works fine. I have never had a problem with their service.

Posted by Dragon117

Atlantic broadband has been so much better then my experience with AT&T. I only use there internet services but my speeds are faster then I've ever gotten on DSL. Calling them can take a minute, but I've had that problem with every business I've called in the 5 years. The customer service was excellent the two times I've called, the girls I spoke with were polite and knowledgeable. Once I had gotten an answer it only took moments to solve my problem completely. I love my Atlantic Broadband!

Posted by craspotnik

Atlantic Broadband usually makes the right programming decisions after what seems likes months and months of indecision.

Alls well that ends well. I just wish that they would be in front of these programming issues. They should have had the Pirates home opener on!

Posted by Anonymous

On January 9th your tech Bill James installed our system and assured us that everything would work as planed well in a word he was right so far we are pleased with the TV, Phone. and Inter-net and hope this will continue in the future.
Bill was very through in doing his job and we would like to thank him for his workmenship

Posted by Anonymous

not very satisfied it feels like im watching basic television with a crappy antenna. Changing the channels is like pointing a remote at a strobe light.
the only thing i am satisfied with is the internet. It is very fast.The customer service was great i had no problems setting up im just not satisfied with the service.

Posted by Anonymous

We had Technician # 6613, Bill Holcombe, at our home this week in Elkton, Maryland, and we were so impressed by his professionalism that we wanted to comment. He was on time for each visit, and he was extremely knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with his outstanding service, and we really appreciate Atlantic Broadband service.

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Posted by Anonymous

After reading many of the negative comments if your not allowing us to come to your house and fix the issue then its very hard for us to help you.
Every customer has a cable line coming into there house which carries a variety of different signals. many of the issues you may encounter are isolated issues that deal directly with your cable line and not the neighbors. If you have internet service and your signal levels are off spec this will cause your modem to randomly drop offline, or not start up at all. That is why we must send a tech out to fix the issue. now maybe the next day it comes back on, but the issue still exists and will happen again because the signals were never adjusted due to your refusal of having a tech come out.
We do charge a trouble call fee, but will remove the fee if the issue is on our end.
Yes there are times when you may have an outage that could affect your whole street, but most outages are restored within the hour. Most of our trouble calls are done within 2 days. A lot of other service providers can take a week for you to see a technician.

If your experiencing trouble please call us and let us know. we want you to call us with any problem you may be experiencing, so we can fix it asap.


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