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Asus customer service is ranked #37 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 81.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 2863 ratings. This score rates Asus customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


1,831 Negative Comments out of 2,863 Total Comments is 63.95%.


1,032 Positive Comments out of 2,863 Total Comments is 36.05%.

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  • Asus

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 81.05 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,831 negative comments (63.95%)
    • 1,032 positive comments (36.05%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 3.0 Issue Resolution
    • 5.1 Reachability
    • 3.4 Cancellation
    • 5.8 Friendliness
    • 5.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Haro

Jowanye B. the best ASUS representative I could have wished for! I have a ROG G6VOX 2009 build, came with Win7, upgraded to Win10 and has not failed me. I contacted ASUS to inquire what new laptop I could purchased that would closely match my current laptop features however with enhanced specs. Jowanye B. worked tirelessly with me finding options that would fit my needs. As there are so many awesome ASUS machines available, he was able to dig deeper into the specifications faster than I could do online. I continue to be so thrilled with ASUS and will continue to purchase their products.

Posted by Anonymous

The Service desk agent, Shaquinne S, that assisted me during my 12 am despair of having an unlit keyboard was a quality example of the customer service industry. She was quick to respond to my requests and provided me with a solution not only in a timely manner but clearly so that my issue was solved as soon as i finished the troubleshooting steps she provided.

Posted by Brian

I received superior customer service yesterday from Shavan W. concerning a router problem I was having with your RT-AC3100. I am a user of this technology only and do not have a technical understanding on how these things work. Shavan hand-held me through everything in a patient and courteous manner while demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the product.

Posted by Ruel D

CASENO=N1803164367 Support specialist Ruel D.

Excellent customer service and a very satisfied customer

Posted by Sherry

Asus: To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my deep appreciation for your employee Jamarco. I want tell how kind, understanding, and patient he was with me the customer. It meant the world to me. I was very distressed and upset when I placed the call to the support line. He didn't treat me like I was crazy or dumb. No he listened, he understood and put me at ease. He was calm and knowledgeable. Waited as I went through the steps with me as figured out the issues I was having. I can't thank him enough for his professionalism. He deserves a raise. I hope as a company you value employees like Jamarco.

Posted by mastrossner

On March 26th I spoke with ODAINE. My problem.....speakers were not working correctly since the last Microsoft update. My tech people had tried several fixes to no avail. Since I used the speakers a great deal for lectures, I was really upset. ODAINE patiently went through several options till he found the right one and improved the performance sufficiently to get me through to the 'next' Microsoft update. I cannot speak highly enough of his patience and knowledge.

Posted by Anonymous

in the beginning my journey with asus was not easy, however after miss andrea took charge of the issue,she resolve the issue,and so my rating is a confirmation of my satisfaction.

Posted by gina

I had such a wonderful customer service from the technical support and supervisor support.
I needed to order a charger for my 2015 ASUS Chrome Laptop. When I'd called the first time to order my replacement charger, it wasn't in stock on their online store. Initially the technical support wanted me to send my charger to give a courtesy diagnostic service but I choose not too due to time. I was considering buying a new computer.
Then.. I get a phone call from Caliph the supervisor from ASUS to let me know they do have my charger available. He walked me through the process of placing the order of my new charger and all the way to the end of my order.
I was pleasantly surprise of the quality of customer service I'd received from everyone that I'd talked to. Thank you ASUS!!!

Posted by jimforjzs

The customer support woman was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Very nice also. I wish the customer reps for T-mobile were as good for sure.

Posted by CFSHomeBusiness

I received excellence in customer service when I called the Asus technical support yesterday. Jameal H. was not only patient but knowledgeable too. Thanks for having him available to assist me.

Posted by Screen Name?

George was knowledgeable, patient, a problem solver, a genuinely caring and available person. He and I accomplished getting my router to work.

Posted by Case Number N180345062

I was at a loss regarding the complete shutdown of my desktop computer. ASUS personnel kindly advised me by using basic terms and technical jargon that was accessible to me so that we could work towards a suitable resolution. At the end of my ASUS customer support phone call, I had a fully functional desktop and all of my family photos were rescued. I was never told that my warranty was up or my purchase was four years ago and I can only use the FAQ pages. ASUS personnel got right into the mess with me and we fought back the grey areas and the BIOS/startup anomalies together until my desktop was fully operational. Thank you, Mr. Seth P. for your patience on my behalf.

Posted by Roberto

Hello, I spoke to Ricardo C. the Manager from ASUS Customer Care, he was very nice, very polite, professional and he helped me a lot, he solved my problem. He finally sent me a Brand New Graphics Card, the ROG STRIX GTX 1070Ti A8G GAMING after receiving multiple used, dirty, not well protected and faulty units. I am very happy with my unit, it is working excellent, above my expectations.

I also want to say thanks to Agent Olga O. from ASUS Product Support, she was very nice, sweat, professional and polite, and she taking care about my problem from the beginning and had all the information needed to solve this problem, she really took care about it, I spoke to her several times and sending e-mail to her and she always replies with a solution.

I want to let other customer know that the problems comes from the Repair Center, those are the ones who need to improved, but thanks to these 2 agents above, problems are being solved. I really recommend to look for these 2 agents, they are the best.

Posted by Anonymous

your employee Dwayne was great and helpful

Posted by Swan Point girl

I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the support I received from Chad D on the Asus chat!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an issue with my ASUS monitor where I had to RMA it. Justin V. with ASUS support was assigned to my case. He set up the RMA promptly and accurately. After sending in my monitor I received the replacement in 6 days, which was impressive to me. The only negative to this was that the power adaptor was not returned so I had to contact Justin again to let him know. He followed up and saw that the adaptor was returned a few days after that. So now I'm a happy camper with a monitor that works like it's supposed to and the turn around time was pretty decent.

Justin did a great job from start to finish.

Posted by Aliana W.

I had an annoying problem with my router that popped up couple of weeks after purchasing. The router was still within the returns period on Amazon but I decided to contact Asus to try to fix it. Based on my experience with customer service at other companies, I did not really expect to get customer support on a Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised when Aliana W. answered the phone. She was professional, patient and knowledgeable. After guiding me through several alternatives, she finally isolated an adjustment to the router setting that fixed the issue. I am really happy with the promptness and the level of support that I received. Way to go, Aliana W.!

Posted by Anonymous

Outstanding work out of Anthony D last night. Out of the several companies I had called, Anthony D was the most professional and quickly fixed the issue I was having in the most efficient way possible. I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends and colleagues.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to commend the outstanding service I received today from Mr. David B. He listened carefully to my problem (a rare commodity nowadays). He then very professionally assisted me with the solutions, taking full ownership of my problem. I found him to be very knowledgeable. But, he also had extremely good "bedside manners" --- polite, responsive and ab;e to explain things in a very understandable manner. Thank you. Dr. Peter Speth, MD, Fortensic Pathology Consultant

Posted by Anonymous

This may sound like an oddball comment, but I actually had a tremendous ASUS customer experience with the customer service department. They picked up the phone very quickly, took little information like serial number, address, name, etc. I had to repeat nothing. next thing I know, I have a Fedex label to print. I ship it. About 10 days later I get w weird email which looks like they shipped the PC. Then, 4 days later the PC shows up and I plug it in and it is just like the day before the screen went dark.

Maybe I got lucky, but I have to say it worked out perfectly. I should add I did spend quite a bit for a UX301L Zenbook, but I truly love this PC. It is very light, looks great, and is very powerful.

Dave Bassett

Posted by Patrick

Marsha was instrumental in providing patient, excellent service and is an asset to Asus. she was able to walk me through a number of issues with my N600 router.

Posted by did not remote in but her name i

Chevelle C. assisted last night with making certain that my ASUS wireless router was set to optimize my 2.4 and 5g coverage. She was patient and knowledgeable and super fun to speak with. You should know that Chevelle is exactly the type of support employee you want on your front-line, customer facing tech team. Investing in your customer service/tech support ensures that you will not only retain customers that but your happy customers will be advocating on your behalf with friends and family. GO ASUS!

Posted by I don't know what

To ASUS management:

I called the ASUS product support phone line today about difficulty I was having making adjustments to my refurbished ASUS monitor. I was having difficulty discerning how the adjustment controls work and I was unable to make adjustments to the contrast, brightness and other settings. The gentleman I first spoke to told me his name when he came on the line but I did not write it down and don't recall it now. For that I am sorry. But he was VERY patient and helpful. He patiently walked me through the process of making image adjustments on screen and helped me to understand how the buttons at the bottom of the monitor have different functions depending upon where you are in a given menu. (That had been the source of my difficulty.) Once I understood that, I remembered that I had previously tried to download a users manual for this monitor from the ASUS website but discovered it only downloaded from the website in the form of a "RAW" file, which I could not open. It was not available as a PDF file (or any other format I could open.) He want to that page of the website himself and discovered that was in fact the case but he did not have access to a program to open or convert a RAW file either. It was at that point he transferred my call to Aaron C., his supervisor. Upon my request Aaron agreed he would download the RAW file himself, convert it to a PDF file and email it to me, which he did within a matter of a few minutes.

I consider this to be exceptionally good customer service on the part of both of these gentlemen and I would like to thank and commend both of them. I apologize to the first gentleman I spoke to for not remembering his name, but I hope you can determine who he is from my case number [CASE NO=N1802132514]. Both of these gentlemen deserve to be remembered and commended.


James WInans

Posted by Chevelle C

RE: Chevelle C

First let me congratulate whoever hired this young lady. You found a real "GEM".

I have dealt with many tech support personnel in my 32 years in heavily using computers in my businesses.

By far Chevelle ranks in the TOP 3 of the hundreds I have dealt with.

First, she knows here product, WOW does she know her product. Probably better that the president of ASUS.

Second, she is highly professional.

Third, she is very friendly.

Fourth, she maintains composure when things just are not working.

If I were the HR Director I would make sure this young lady stays and grows with ASUS.

Her potential is "off-the-chart"

This comes from a man who has been an entrepreneur for 50 years and has started and run a number of successful businesses.

Show her some appreciation. Take her to lunch; give her an Amazon gift card.

J.Michael Palka

Posted by stein571

Aaron was very courteous and listen to my problem and solved it in a very short time. He is one of the reasons why I am very satisfied with Asus.


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