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Asurion customer service is ranked #466 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 149 ratings. This score rates Asurion customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


144 Negative Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 96.64%.


5 Positive Comments out of 149 Total Comments is 3.36%.

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    • 32.56 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 144 negative comments (96.64%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.36%)
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Posted by StaciHi

Contacted Asurion to replace phone when I severely damaged it during a move. Damaged the housing cracked screen glass falling out of the corners of my phone . Cut my hand on the glass and scratched my face. After 11+ yrs of paying for full coverage insurance they don't have my model, Samsung Note 8, in stock it'll be a week or so to replace it their not sure when it will be they'll let me know...huh? Ok then upgrade me to the next device, no we don't do that. We can give you an S8. So you want to downgrade my phone and with something that doesnt even have the same features. No sorry thats unacceptable. Sorry to bad then.... Sounds like I need an attorney. If my grandkids cut themselves on this device, obviously I'll try to keep them from the phone but I don't always see them grab it, I don't usually have to guard it, there will be an attorney involved for sure.

Posted by Bradley

A Representative employ..Name Claire gave me the best phone experience I have had in a long time,after being on the phone almost a total of 4 hours with others trying to get help with my mom P.C Claire got us good in 30 minutes and she was a pleasure and very patient with us..Claire's a STAR

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot begin to express how frustrated and disappointed I am with the service and support I have received, or not received, from Home Depot and Asurion to repair our Samsung Dishwasher. We purchased the dishwasher in November of 2014 and have had issues from the beginning. Multiple service calls and complaints have only resulted in more service calls…and none of them have resolved the problem. We have not been able to use our dishwasher for almost 3 months now, and the technician came today and was again unable to repair it. I want this dishwasher replaced. We purchased a 5 year extended warranty…and 3 years after our purchase it is still not working.

Posted by Sabrina M

I recently left a review concerning my bad experience with Asurion representatives however I have to tell you all. They're not committing theft at all. I contacted the corporate offices via email. I was responded to by one of their higher up customer service professionals. I was assured that I was being asked for an affidavit and ID because of precautionary measures that the company has to take to deter fraudulent claims. It absolutely made more sense than what was originally told to me by an unprofessional associate who just hung up on me when questioned about it. I was also insured that there will be a full investigation about representatives hanging up on customers. Whether accidentally or purposely is the focus. This company is absolutely very dedicated to helping their customers. Nevertheless,they have to be notified of issues or they're unable to handle them. My advice to everyone out there who uses Asurion stay persistent and make sure you're in contact with the right people otherwise you will feel like I did about this company for a long time. So I apologize to you all for my swift and uncalled for lashing out on this company on my previous review and please except my sincere apologies.They resolved my issues, responded to my concerns and addressed them. So I give them 10 stars for superb customer satisfaction. I'm a woman of integrity and by no means did this company ask me to repost my review. Reviews are ours not the company's in which we post about and it's only right for me to give them the credit they deserve for handling my concern. I just wanted to share this with all of you. Always speak your opinion and if you are in error let it be known. Life happens to all of us, it's what we do that matters. Happy New Year's everyone.

Posted by mer

I've spent two hours trying to submit documents. Called customer service and got cut off . got new instructions. I will never deal with this company again.

Posted by Terll18

Absolutely the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with. They will not call you back. They send e mails requesting information they never gave you. They re- Send the same e mails with no real response. It took me three weeks to get someone to our home last month and now, four weeks later, we are having the same issue. It has now been eleven days since I started with the Home Depot and asurion for my Appliance to get repaired again. I told THD to disassociate itself from such an incompetent repair company. Totally useless. FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been waiting for 4 months for Assyrian to reimburse me for a phone I returned to them. I think Social security will kick in before they pay me back. I've heard every excuse known to mankind. Tired of waiting. Rip off company.

Posted by Angry


This service is awful. The people at Rogers who sold me this insurance are going to get an earful. First they don't tell you that you will get a refurbished phone then the phone comes and they don't supply a SIM card. I now have to purchase a SIM card which is not a problem but they could have spared me the headache and told me so when I spoke with them several times. They claim they want to get you connected quickly but it's nothing but a headache dealing with them. Don't buy this insurance. I'm afraid of the problems that might be headed my way by reading all the comments here. What a BS company this is. Certainly don't care about their customers. My phone was stolen which I did tell them so doesn't anyone read the application, if my phone was stolen I would not have a SIM card. I will never purchase this insurance again. I will also consider dropping Rogers at the end of this.

Posted by Anonymous

Just over a month after purchasing my cell and protection plan for $119.98, made a claim for my Samsung. They tell me that they cannot replace the phone because they don't carry them so they would like to cash me out for $220 less $80 handling fee. Even if I can get another phone for the $140, I will have to pay another $119.98 to get new coverage because they won't transfer the coverage to a new phone after I am cashed out. When I bought the phone I was told I'd be covered for two years and up to 4 replacements. But because they don't "have this phone" they are cashing me out and cancelling my insurance. I am now stuck with a 2-year $250 plan, no phone and no ability to negotiate a bundle because I am stuck on the two year contract WHICH WAS SUPPOSE TO BE COVERED FOR TWO YEARS. Also, did I mention, my contract lists the value of my phone at $250 but Asurion tells me they think its only worth $220.

Posted by Frustrated

These people intend to cheat you. First I call in a claim and I didn't know the model of the phone. It turns out it was an Apple IPhone 6 Plus, not a model 6s. I get the affidavit with the model number and verification info. I give them my drivers license. I submit the claim. No response in 3 hours like they promise. I check online after 20 hours and it says my the phone I sent the info online about did not belong to me. I revibtacted the. And they said because the model number we originally guessed on did not match the actual model that we had to start a brand new claim. So I submitted everything again. No response. It has now been 24 hours. The CFPB should look into Asurion's deceptive practices. Or if any class action attorney is reading these posts, I am happy to cooperative. Asurion has procedures designed to cheat people.


I was told by Asurion that once my defective phone was scanned at UPS drop off within 72 hours
I would recieve a gift card from Walmart for new phone. Today I called and they said they received the phone but was put on hold to verify that I sent the correct item back and it would be another 5 business days before I would receive a gift card. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was useless and made the statement that he could not over the computer.
I called the corporate office but no one has returned my call. Asurion is a very poor excuse
for customer service. You buy a phone and pay for the insurance but then get the run around when you have to use the insurance.

Posted by another unhappy customer

At the beginning of the year, I dropped my iPhone while attempting to clean behind the case...and shattered the screen and the camera in the back also cracked. Luckily, I had been paying Verizon for insurance every month and went to file my claim for a new phone. I was shocked to discover that it would be $300 for my replacement, even though I had been paying insurance on my phone every month (for years). I considered just having my screen fixed, since that only costs $90. However, I ended up opting for the Asurion $300 replacement since I used my phone camera on a regular basis. The replacement arrived quickly, but was very clearly a refurbished phone. I was not bothered by that since it appeared to work without any problems. However, about a month later the phone started acting buggy. It would drop calls for no apparent reason and I would randomly hear this awful high pitch screeching noise in the middle of calls. Then after about 3 months of having the replacement it stopped being able to navigate me. This was a huge problem since I used the GPS everyday to navigate to new clients or vendors. After seeking help from both the Apple store and Verizon store, it was determined that it was a hardware issue and I would need to contact Asurion. Asurion once again apologized and sent me a new iPhone very quickly. Well I have now had the replacement for the malfunctioning iPhone Asurion sent me, for about 3 months. The touchscreen on this device suddenly stopped working properly this past week. This is a huge problem bc I also just started a new job and they require us to have a working iPhone. I immediately drove to a Verizon store (since my touchscreen was unresponsive and I could not call Asurion/Verizon). They confirmed the phone was in perfect condition and contacted Asurion to have them send me a replacement for the malfunctioning device they sent me. Asurion promised to ship one out immediately and I would have one the next day. It has now been over a week and still no phone. I have called every day and they give me the same response. Asurion claims that someone made a mistake, but it has now been ordered and I will receive it the next day. I could understand if this happened once or twice, but they have said that to me every single time I call (and I have sometimes called multiple times during the day, this past week). I am so frustrated with this company and Verizon's complete lack of care about their subcontractor's terrible customer service and business practices. Every other company that subcontracts out services, will always make the customer a priority and deal with the subcontractor themselves. Instead Verizon is thrilled to be able to pass the blame onto someone else. The only support they offer is connecting you to Asurion. Now my job is at jeopardy and Verizon claims their hands are tied bc this is now an Asurion device, and Asurion only continues to claim that another phone is on it's way.... After this awful experience, I will be switching carriers and dropping insurance, as soon as my contract is up.

Posted by Anonymous

My computer was sent to you to be repaired. Slow progrmas when on the internet. Claim #9766479. It was an HP All-in-one purchased from Office Depot in Conyers.
I am not real clear what you did. But it is exactly the same as when I sent it in. The problem was not fixed. The only difference I can see is that it was took back to Windows 8 and is nolonger eligible for the free windows 10 upgrade. That was on it when it was shipped. Some of my programs were still loaded, some were not. I just bought me a new computer, since this one aparently can not be fixed.

Posted by KIWI

10/4/16. Made 4 calls today. Phone was hung up on me 4 times. Each return call, I had to repeat all info to a computer. Finally had Verizon get me to a human. She was nice and transferred me to warranty department. Technical Dept picked up phone and told me he would transfer me to warranty. I was told that he did not have authority to replace phone and transferred to another person. He told me that they only honored the warranty the same period as the manufacturer. Waste of money to insure with Addition.

Posted by Tom

The Asurion customer service is awful. They claim my order was received 7 hours ago, when in reality, I have a confirmation email of receipt 24 hours ago! I received an email saying I was ready to take the next step, so when I try to do so electronically, I get the following message, "Your claim has been submitted for review and we are working to provde an update as soon as possible. Currently, your claim has been with us for 7 hours (not true with evidence to prove) and we expect to provide a response via email or automated voice message no later than 10/05/16 at 9:24 PM CST.

Who does business like this? I think we need to boycott all carriers using Asurion. This is horrible service and this is insurance I am required to take by Sprint...bye bye Sprint.

Posted by Asshorion

Rip off artists. They are working hard on getting sued blind.

Posted by SCAMMED

Assurion is awful! They have given me the biggest runaround for weeks about a claim. They say they will call back within 3 business days and I never hear from them! The Monster Cable for an iPhone was missing out of the envelope when they received it from UPS and they expect me to do all the research for them. I've been back and forth between UPS and Assurion (warranty from Target) and have spent hours on the phone with both of them and I still don't have an answer to when will I receive my $39.99 gift card. It has been extremely frustrating!!! No email available for them either. I have to go through the phone menu, which the options don't pertain to my situation.

Posted by Average Joe

Horrible experience! They tried to send me my refund using email like 3 or 4 times it was no successful. Then I told them to mail me the check I was suppose to get it 7 -10 business days. I never received it. Called again the reissued another check. Finally got the check... but when I went to cash it. It would not go through. Bank tried it a couple times then said it was fraudulent. So now I'm back to the phone games. It has been several months soon going on a year.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, horrible customer service. The man who took my call was rude and interrupted me while I was Trying to explain my issue. I asked if I could finish explaining and he was so rude and said go ahead. I asked to speak with someone else and she was happy to listen and assist.

Posted by Anonymous

Please I have been trying to file a damage claim and it will not take my number this is my # claim it will not take my mumble which please called me a I need my and you people is not help me at all I have been trying for 2 hours.

Posted by Stung badly

I filed a claim today for my iPhone 6S 128G which was stolen on my first day abroad and only day in Hong Kong, and I was informed that my model was backordered, and therefore rather than receiving a replacement mailed to me (actually my husband in the States) within 48 hours, there was NO date on which I could expect to receive a replacement. So, I got an Asurion rep through online chat (obvs b/c my phone was stolen, I could not call and speak to a rep) who was condescending, rude, and surly; he even ended the chat abruptly without allowing me to type "thank you" and "goodbye." I explained to the Asurion rep that the color of the iPhone was the least of my priorities and that I would happily take any color at which time he informed that no 128G iPhones were available and then ended the chat. I have been bothered all day about the rep's attitude and every condescending and rude remark or answer he made. I have also been heartsick about the loss of my phone: it is or was my lifeline containing every vital piece of information about my life, my first and only line of chronicling my month abroad through its internal camera and access to social media, and my only device I could use to communicate with anyone (I am borrowing a laptop right now). I still cannot believe when I asked if he had any suggestions on how I could go about getting a replacement to me in China that he told me to go buy a new iPhone. His tenor was such that $900 was some paltry amount, and I was overreacting about having my cell phone stolen. He thought I was "ridiculous" for asking if I could possibly get a replacement while I was here abroad and wondering if they could possibly mail it to me here (at my cost until I learned it could exceed $1000 to have it shipped here). His words were "very inaccurate and wrong' (talk about overkill and redundancy) in regards to the information I received from an AT&T rep that any authorized user of our account could procure a replacement at one of our local AT&T stores. "We make it clear and obvious" that the only way to get a replacement is through the online claims process.

I would have taken this disheartening news at face value, but his attitude niggled and ate away at me all day. It is enormously frustrating and hard to believe that no models are available--they are all backordered--and thus, I have no idea when and if a replacement will arrive. I care because my family will be joining me on Sept 9, and by any reasonable stretch of the imagination based on their promise of overnight replacement, I was thinking my family could bring me my replacement. Finally, I ran an online search on Asurion's policies and customer service/satisfaction. Much to my great chagrin, people have such a difficult time getting their devices replaced. Apparently, the "backordered" status is a standard operating tactic and not a temporary shortage situation that has arisen. The online claim is only the first of many steps one needs to take before the replacement process even begins. There is so much red tape including affidavits that Asurion itself neglects to send to its policy holders. When and if people finally get replacements, they are often not their original models but lesser models or refurbished ones.

Needless to say, it has been a tough day. To learn that Asurion will make it as difficult as possible for me to get my rightful replacement is hard enough to accept, but to have endured such unwarranted and rude treatment from one of their online reps was an added kick to my stomach. Since the inception of the first iPhone model, I have gotten a new updated model every two years, and not once have I ever broken or lost a phone yet I continue to purchase insurance. My daughter has broken several phones, and we used to be able to walk straight into the local Apple Store and walk out a half hour later with a replacement. Why has it come to this? Why are the four major cellular companies contracting with such an uncooperative and unreliable insurance company? Asurion, whose priority is to sell as many policies as possible while avoiding/neglecting as many claims as possible. I hear their annual profits have soared in the last fiscal year while consumer satisfaction has declined to shameful levels.

Will I ever recover from this experience and get a replacement?

Posted by Anonymous

Received a package with a new phone in it at a our business address. It has no name as to who ordered it, we have over 200 employees. You can't email for help to Asurion without knowing the carrier or phone number. When you are finally able to find a phone number after trying several found on Google, you can't get past the automated teller without a phone number for the phone. I have finally found a phone number with a human being, but she can't find anything either without providing the phone info, she has to go through all the carriers and departments to see if she can help me...

Posted by Dora

There needs to be a class action lawsuit filed against Asurion to stop them from continuously getting away with ripping their customers off!!!!

Posted by Dora

Asurion is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I sent my Apple MacBook Pro Laptop to them on 6/14/16 for repair. Their "tech person" took the laptop apart and supposedly fixed it. Well this is the third time I've had to send it back because it's still not fixed and they had the nerve to bill me $89.00 on my AT&T account. Really pisses me off! When I called today, 8/11/16 to check on the status of the laptop the customer service representative contacted the "tech person" and came back on the phone and told me that the hard drive was missing. I told her well then your "tech person" needs to reinstall/reload it or whatever because obviously they did something to it. I'm no tech person and don't have a lot of knowledge with computers and have no idea how the hard drive got removed. Anyways, to make a long story short, I've been dealing with this nightmare for 2 months now with no resolution and all the customer service representatives keep saying is I'm sorry. Well sorry doesn't cut it when you are ripping customers off !!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After two unhelpful assistants at the number I accidentally got connected with Benjamin with Verizon who was clear, courteous, enthusiastic and very knowledgable. He very kindly connected me to another very helpful, clear, courteous and knowledgable assistant, Lauranne with Sprint who provided me with a comprehensive answer to my question. Lauranne definitely stands out in the Asurion customer service department and I really appreciate her assistance. Thank you.

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Posted by Jay

I lost my phone last week. I put in a claim the same day. Less than 24 hours later I got confirmation my claim had been approved. The very next day got my replacement phone. The service was fast, easy and not at all complicated. I highly recommend this service for anyone who loses or breaks phones. I would definitely use Asurion again. Thank you Asurion

Posted by RWS

I dropped my stratosphere and was very happy with how easy it was to file the claim on line. When I recieved my phone, it worked for about a week. I called and the service rep was very helpful. The phone worked again for about another week. I called back and again the service rep was very helpful. My phone was replaced. The Asurion customer services techs are extremely polite and try to be helpful. I am very happy with asurion

Posted by Ricsi

i think Asurion is great, I've already made several claims with them, and everytime they were bold, and quick to replace my damaged, or lost phone...

Thank god for Asurion.

Posted by Anonymous

I cant believe all the negative comments. Complaining about monthly costs and deductibles. Dont be angry about 100-200 dollars to get a phone that you cannot get without paying retail which is easily $400- $600 Like the S3 in my case. Crazy how most people dont get what a phone actually costs. All they know is what it cost them with the subsidized discount/ contract price. Assurion has never done me or my family wrong...

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with them and spoke with two very delightful customer service people. The wait was minimal and they were both very helpful. HOWEVER, the 800 number listed for them on the Verizon Wireless letter was incorrect -- and got me two days of dialing and getting a busy signal. I was immediately successful using 1-888-881-2622.

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