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Assurant customer service is ranked #429 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 14 ratings. This score rates Assurant customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


13 Negative Comments out of 14 Total Comments is 92.86%.


1 Positive Comment out of 14 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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    • 33.94 Overall Rating
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    • 13 negative comments (92.86%)
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Posted by DontbuyinsurancefromAssurant

Told me my galaxy note 4 phone was out and I would receive a new galaxy note 5 instead so I went and bought the goodies and then the note4 comes not the note5. Their answer was "our way out of that one is..." you're really gonna start a claim dispute with our way out is. Scumbags. I spent 100 on cases and screen covers that are pointless to me now. Thanks a lot for ripping me off and making me waste my money. It's a scam. Don't get insurance from these fags. It's an upsell on Tmobiles part I bet too. I am going to Verizon. Pricks.

Posted by TM50

I've filled out the same form 5 times! the phone was damaged 3 weeks ago and still no replacement! This company is one of the lousiest I've ever used.

Posted by Scsmith336

I would like to first say what crooks. 1st time I've ever had to make a claim. I pay $12 a month (on multiple devices) pluses a deductible of $175 to not be insured for what I purchased. I received my replacement phone and it was the wrong color. I called and the first gentleman I spoke with told me if you damage a tire in an accident you will not get the same brand of tire, it will be a replacement to get you down the road. Then when I say if I get into an accident they wouldn't replace my door with a blue one if my car is white. Makes no sense. I asked to speak with a supervisor that was EXTREMELY RUDE! She told me that I work for the cell phone company I should know their policy. Well no I work for a cell phone company not Assurant. Now I can't even do a warranty exchange to get the right color du to the fact they have already changed it on my account with my carrier. I will not sell or recommend your company to anyone ever again. There are to many companies out there that will love the business. I hope your company folds and your rude customer service representatives become jobless!

Posted by darmor55

T mobile insurance is the wrost there rude donr know there job and they lie right to you i will not deal with T-Mobile if these are the people taking my money

Posted by vdiaz

Beware when you send a damaged device to Assurant they are scammers. Everytime you call you get a different person and a different story. On February 12 a made a claim got replacement on February 13 sent the broken device Feb 15. All was good. I kept the tracking number the sent me just in case. Package was delivered on March 17 here is when the nightmare begins. All of a sudden on my April statement I get a $408 charge on my tmobile account I called assurant 4/24 story was got the package no phone inside open a case with usps, get a case number give assurant the case number and all will be fine. 4/26 gave assurant case number spoke with Jen it will all be taken care of. Wrong. May statement still had the charge. Called assurant 5/11 spoke with Alexis his exact words were "we found the phone. Phone is now on the system you don't owe anything." Days later I get text from tmobile that I had to pay the $408 or my service was going to be suspended. Called assurant 5/23 Brenda "received package 5/17, package is in warehouse waiting to be scanned it will take 1-2 billing cyles for the charge to be removed call tmobile they can call us to verify." Told I thought the phone was in the system per Alexis she said no its in the warehouse waiting to be scanned. Called tmobile told them the situation Karen at tmobile said she was going to handle was going to stop the suspension on the phone service. 6/6 text from tmobile phone suspended. Called tmobile told the story, stopped the suspension contact assurant. Called assurant bye this type I was pissed. Marien at assurant, we got the package empty envelope was unopened. Bye this time I was yelling at the told them I wasn't stupid enough to send an empty envelope I wasn't going to pay as I wasn't pooping money it's not my fault the phone was stolen/lost during the delivery. They were a bunch of scammers as each time I called I got a different story. She told me to contact tmobile. To her the company was bulls... and I hung up. Called tmobile spoke with Amera she was very sorry for the situation was going to handle said to call tmobile 6/20. Here we are 6/19 phone suspended again. Called tmobile said I had no choice I have to pay $408 told them I don't have kind of money it's not my fault it got Lost in transient said she can do payment arrangements. I asked can I do a new claim for stolen phone? I wasn't covered for stolen phones. Let her know I was with AT&T for 15 years never had I had such problem with them. Trying to get cheaper moved to tmobile less than a year ago and I get this service. I guess you get what you pay for. Conclusion when you send back your device please get some sort of proof of mailing if that helps don't want anyone to go thru what I'm going thru. As for me, I'm not paying scammers any money guess I'll go back to at&t.

Posted by Rossana17

Assurant is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I reported my phone lost and paid the $175.00 deductible and they could not find the payment although I emailed and faxed copies of the bank statement and called on 5 different occasions. They have since charged me twice for this payment and have asked that I again send the bank statements. They have horrible customer service they never read the notes and give customers wrong information.

T-Mobile should really consider their affiliation with this crooked company.

Posted by Anonymous

This has to be one of the most b.s companies in business. I returned a replacement phone since the one lost was found. I was told it would take up to 10 business days for me to see the credit. I was told several times I would expect the 175.00 credit today. Today is done and they told me their having trouble getting it processed it may take up to 2 more business days. They are f'n crooked. Again they should be held responsible. Unbelievable and inexcusable.

Posted by Anonymous

I Purchased This Plan For A Tmobile Tablet Which I Have For My Grandson. He Accidentally Dropped It. Almost Five Weeks, Numerous Phone Calls And 4 Visits To A Local T Mobile Store, They Finally Replaced It, Charging Me Half The Value Of The Tablet As A Deductible. It Was The Most Frustrating Customer Service Event I Have Ever Experienced. I Will Never, Ever Purchase This Insurance Again. They Made Numerous Promises To Deliver The Item Within Two Days And Never Delivered, Instead Contacting Me By U.s. Mail Instead Of Cell Phone Or Email. Who Does That, Especially A Cell Phone Company? It Was One Delay Tactic After Another. In Case You Think It Was Just Me, I Talked To A Man Today Who Experienced The Same Time Line And Frustration. Save Your Self The Hassle. Don't Buy It!

Posted by jd

This company gave me extremely poor service. I accidentally returned the insurance plan in an attempt to return a product for repair. I called customer service and the woman told me she would make SURE that the plan was not cancelled. I asked if there was a confirmation she could give me that would let me know that it had been taken care of. She said no, but that they would have a record of our conversation and therefore if there was a problem it would be ok. I got a text at three A.M. informing me that the plan had been cancelled. So I called back the next day and asked why it had been cancelled and they told me they didn't know why, but that even with the record of my call they could not reinstate my protection plan. I asked why and the guy said they he had had the problem before and that once the plan was cancelled, even if he talked to higher ups, they said they couldn't fix it. All this, and the thing that really made me mad, was that all the initial sales person would have had to have done was to tell me to click the cancel refund button and it would have been taken care of that instant (on the first call.) This has been one of my worst customer service experiences EVER!!! I will never buy from this company again. (Unless they can make this right!!!) I am definitely complaining to this company again as I am very upset. 2 years of protection is not what this company is selling.

Posted by Anonymous

There is not one aspect of this company that is satisfactory! You cannot reach anyone that is responsible for processing phone claims and they do not resolve issues in a timely manner. Consumer Affairs has thousands of complaints against this company!! No matter what branch of insurance you have through them, customers are not getting thir claims processed, refunds and settlement checks aren't sent and no one can talk to a person that is directly responsible for ANY matter you want to discuss. Do NOT do business with this company!!

Posted by wilsonguam

On November 11, 2013 I filed a warranty repair claim on daughters LG Nexus 4 cell phone. I was directed by T-Mobile to file the claim with Assurant Solutions Mobile Services. I had purchased 4 new handsets, 3 LG Nexus 4 and 1 Samsung S4 from T-Mobile with an insurance plan.
Sometime September my 13 year old daughter had dropped her LG Nexus 4 phone and cracked the screen. For her somewhat careless action, my wife and I thought it would be an excellent life lesson for her to pay for the replacement cost (deductible) on her own to have the phone repaired or replace under warranty. It took my daughter 1-1/2mounths to save up for the $150.00 deductible doing odd jobs and helping around the house. My daughter and I started the claims process on the 11th of November with Assurant Solutions Mobile Services website; we inputted the requested information asked on their website.
After all was completed and the deductible submitted as payment, I was then given a summary confirmation and a claim number (17901626). On the 12th of November I received a phone from Assurant Solutions Mobile Services stating that the serial number that entered was not correct, I had returned their call later that day and provided them with correct serial number for my daughters phone. After talking with the claims service rept. I notice that I had mistakenly inputted the wrong date of the incident that the damage took place. I tried to explain the claims service rept. of the error but she adamant in stating my claim was “Denied because the phone in question has not been in use past September.” Again, I tried to explain that the phone was not in use because the cracked screen rendered it inoperable. I am currently in a stalemate with Assurant Solutions Mobile Services. After doing a 5 minute Google search on Assurant Solutions Mobile Services, I found out that I am not alone and this situation is not unique to me. This company has a high negative rating with all of the different types of insurance planes they offer; all in all they have an 85% dissatisfaction score from various websites. This insurance plane was not initiated by me, but a stipulation from T-Mobile regarding the purchase of the new handsets.

Posted by mad

I resived a check in the mail from Assurant company for the amount of $425.00 and I whent to the bank to cash it I asked my bank if this cheack was good and the maniger sayed yes it was and the founds was emediaut for withdrall not knowing the next4 days the company put a freeze on the cheack and never sent a letter stating it was a bad cheack this company (ASSURANT) is ascamer and uses your bank to but u in the negative . do not do service with this company. they are liers and a scammer .

Posted by farmergirl

I have a laptop that has been sent out over five times from June to August to get the wireless internet to work.The wireless internet still does not work and each time I lose something else like web cam microphone,cd player, crack in computer case.... They say it works but it doesn't. There is nothing they can do. The phone calls I make get pass from person to person or they are dropped.I was on the phone for over eight hour one day to get it fix. The best was when they said they would check it via the internet!!!!! I have no wireless internet connection on the computer. Still waiting for superviser phone call.

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sirs...I would like to compliment one of your employees, "Minnie" who helped solve an issue with my Jennair cooktop. She listened to my problem with courtesy, patience and professionalism and ultimately found a solution for me. Please let her know what a good job she did for me AND your company. Thank You, Allegra Lavoie case # 20188930

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