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Assurance Wireless customer service is ranked #650 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 56 ratings. This score rates Assurance Wireless customer service and customer support as Terrible.


54 Negative Comments out of 56 Total Comments is 96.43%.


2 Positive Comments out of 56 Total Comments is 3.57%.

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  • Assurance Wireless

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 26.97 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 54 negative comments (96.43%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.57%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Random area code number I got 872 southern Illinois.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called Assurance several times regarding this phone is dropping my calls.
The person answering my complaint continues to state that I am not eligible for another phone.
Will someone from the USA please remedy this issue? Although I receive Food Stamps this issue is troublesome.
Thank you for your assistance.

Posted by don't have one

I rate 0 on my phone customer service very hard to deal with service is horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to switch to Assurance. I currently have a Safelink phone that I am not happy with. However it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach a live person! I have made multiple attempts! I think I'll stay with Safelinks obnoxious,loud phone that speaks all the commands. There is no way to turn the volume down on the voice commands. I appreciate my lifeline phone,don't get me wrong. But it's absolutely ridiculous that you can't get to a live operator!!! ðčś¡

Posted by Fahque

Absolutely saddest joke of a customer service department since there was an 800 number reachable from a concentration camp. For NINE MONTHS I have tried to reach a human being because Assurance pesters me daily to renew. Sometimes four or five times each day! ONLY ONCE have I gotten a goddamn human being, and that once the girl was so startled that she hung up the phone in abject terror. What the hell is wrong with this company? If this is what Virgin customers face, they're the worst company since I.G. Farben!

Posted by squeak1213

Assurance wireless's devices are crap. they sent me a bar phone that looks like a toy. never works and my kids keep running off with it. after it was lost i called and asked for a repacement and explained my issues and asked if i could get a flip phone, slider phone or something that wasnt as cheaply made. they said that they had no contol over what phone was sent and of course I get the same stupid POS phone. so now i have to wait till december to switch to a new company :(

Posted by thunderchicken

Called because I get busy signal when I call my voicemail. The woman that I FINALLY got to talk to started arguing I was DENIED a lifeline phone- even though I had been using it for WEEKS. She put me on hold- then came back and apologized, saying her "screens were slow". CMON! I was in PC tech support for years, and never never ever ONCE did a slow screen come back with BOGUS info on a customer on its way out of the molasses (lol).
By then I was too shaken up to even have her TRY to "help" me.....because I did not TRUST her by then. My phones still messed up- but I was so SCARED that she was going to alter my settings or rights to my phone I was just plain RELIEVED to just hang up- and escape. One way or ANOTHER, she was LYING to me.

Posted by Msleahyw

This company has no live customer service! Waste of time and contacting them through email is a waste as well no one understands English or care to solve the problem!

Posted by princess

I haven't even had my assurance wireless account for 30 days and (at the worst possible time )I am told I'm no longer eligible. I have been calling and searching through the website for help and I'm going in circles. I can't believe that a company like this can be run by idiots. No one can answer any of my questions, I have written down the same 3 bullchit numbers I don't know how many times. It absolutely ridiculous that so many of us customers are encountering the same problem and not one person can explain why it's happening!!

Posted by Anonymous

I received prank phone calls from the phone of my deceased uncle because Assurance Wireless did not wipe the phone before giving it to a stranger. Now this stranger has all of the contact information. Assurance says they cannot do anything about this. Buyer beware..

Posted by Margarita

I am trying to get tech support for my cell phone reps very rude and ignorant can barely speak English keep on hanging on me.

Margarita L. Escalante

Posted by Anonymous

I after using my new assurance for less than a month I tried to switch my number from previous company to assurance made call then customers service they got my complete info regarding pervasive company since that time my phone disconested I lost both the new and previous !!!!the superior of assurance I don't not know you yourself conduct this things in a perpose or some one is doing sabotage from inside you

Posted by Anonymous

I have had service with Assurance Wireless since November 18, 2015 and all of a sudden my phone no longer has service. When I called Assurance and put my number in, I was told that I no lo get qualify for service and I would like to know why since my financial situation has not changed at all and I still receive government assistance? Please contact me and tell me why I no longer have service and how I can restore it.
Thank you,
Kathleen Anne Fargo Preston

Posted by [email protected]

My name is Christina Levinson. Fed Ex tried to deliver my replacement phone but I haven't moved yet. Please deliver it to my current address . Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I got cut off in the middle of hooking up my new cell phone and now it don't work I went from an existing phone and line to a new cell phone and when the man called me back to complete the new cell to my phone number

Posted by Dario

My assurance wireless phone has been disconnected without any reason. Lifeline has already been extended for next year 2017 for assurance wireless service I have . They canceled or disconnected my phone. I am shocked, called for dispute, they insisted to cancel, now second dispute going on . Please help me to get my service or at least my number back. Frustrating. Please help

Posted by Anonymous

I just got my phone replaced after losing it after just getting the Assurance service the first time my phone number I was attempting to get the contacts I had in my initial phone into this new replacement phone but I tapped the wrong button somewhere and now the phone doesn't work at all after I went through getting it set up when I first received it this afternoon. is my phone but I don't or can't get it to work.

Posted by Anonymous

Why Did You Turn Off My Cell Phone Service I Need A Answer Right Now Tina Price 211 Parkview Blvd Mandeville Louisiana I Am Not Allowed Now To Use My Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Service Now Why???

Tina Price I Am Very Angry

Posted by Anonymous

I received a text reminding me that a call must be made every 60 days. I was at a silent meditation retreat and texted back I could not speak or call out until March 7. The teacher of the course let the manager make the phone call for me do I could keep the service. But service was still cut off. Please help resets lush service.

Posted by toya

If I gave my phone to another person and have another lifeline phone will they cut the assurance wireless phone off my name LaToya Tolbert

Posted by Anonymous

Phone number 862-823-1540. I purchased additional minutes in the amount $5.00. I am very aware that there no roll-over minutes, but if I purchase additional minutes why would you not roll-over. I had 102 minutes and lost this time.

I spoke to one of the supervisors his name was Hector, who was no help at all. I feel like he did not handle the situation in a professorial manner.

When I ask to someone who might be able to help me he refused to connect me to the the proper person.

Now I understand that he was the supervisor in charge at the time, but he has no one to above that could speak to.

If I purchase additional minutes why should I loose this time.

The reason I use this service is because at this time I cannot afford to purchase a regular

phone with unlimited minutes.

This $5.00 might not mean much to someone who can afford it, but this is not my case at the moment.

No roll-over minutes, I totally understand is what you specified in your plan, but this why would I loose this. These $5.00 are hard to come by which cause a hardship for me. Unfortunately at this time I have no other choice.

But to refuse to let me speak to or at least make the attempt to see if someone else could help was uncalled for.

I know this person has a supervisor because I was once a supervisor and I always had someone that I had to answer to.

If you check your records you will be able to see the time and date when I made this call.

Very unhappy with this experience.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

Gladys Sosa

Posted by NMad79

If you're in need of a government assistance phone and you are eligible to get one choose any plan other than assurance.
It sucks mainly because they won't let you use any smart phone, They say you can use any pay lo phone but they don't even sell those anymore and if you're lucky to find one on ebay it will be really expensive and still outdated.
There is other companies that offer basic smart phones on the government assistance plan.
Assurance gives the crappiest hardest to use phone for free, they can have it back and insert it where the sun don't shine.

Posted by jaguilar273

i have had this telephone for quiet some time and they just don't work i don't get phone calls inside my house, i get voice messages some times 5 days latte, i ask for a replacement and they keep on sending me the same phone, i call 611 their customers service is socks, they do what ever they feel like, they don't take the customers complains serious well i call today to cancel my service and they hand-up on me.

Posted by Mary Lou

Over the years I have found the Customer Service at Assurance Wireless to be, in a word, USELESS. Polite, yes. Apologetic, yes. Able to respond with a too long, repetitive email, yes. Able to resolve even the simplest of issues, absolutely USELESS. Whether they are inept, incapable or are ordered not to resolve the issues we contact them with, I am still not sure.
Five dollars was extracted from my top-up account on 11/19/15, however I never received the additional 250 minutes that the $5 paid for. Even though I pointed out the simple problem - that my account was listed as a "free 250 minutes and unlimited texts", instead of the "additional 250 minutes for 5 per month", the problem has still not been resolved as of 12/1/15. Sprint reps - who were capable of swift resolution - seem to be no longer available. Perhaps Sprint needs to take more responsibility. My advice is to do whatever you can on your own and do not rely on Customer Service at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I need my account pin to activate my new phone, the number is I'm unable to receive a text message from you please help

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Posted by [email protected]

I'm having trouble setting up my voicemail. The prompt keeps saying enter password, and I don't have one.

Posted by jobuckley43

Mary, was very helpful and very pleasant. Want to thank her so very much for her help.

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